A Queen Sacrifice with Interest | Using the Clock as a Weapon #18

  • Published on Jun 14, 2019
  • In this video, I play five blitz games (3+0) on Chess.com. My goals in this series are to 1) stay even or ahead of my opponents on the clock, and 2) trust my decision-making. Follow along as I try to avoid perfectionist tendencies and apply pressure with the ultimate equalizer in competitive chess: the clock! #Chess #BlitzChess #ClockAsAWeapon
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Comments • 76

  • John Bartholomew
    John Bartholomew  Month ago +85

    Blitz games: 5/5. NBA Finals prediction: 0/1! CONGRATULATIONS to the Toronto Raptors, 2019 NBA Champions!!

  • Ari Cortez
    Ari Cortez 8 days ago

    Very solid player. Nice to watch.

  • Noah Smits
    Noah Smits 11 days ago

    5:49 black had Qxe4 threatening smothered mate. Free pawn I think

  • DwightUIgnorantSlut1
    DwightUIgnorantSlut1 28 days ago

    Kawhi 👋’ed them up... karate styleeeeeee

  • Dallas Boring News
    Dallas Boring News Month ago

    You should have sacrificed your bishop for the pawn on h3

  • Mohammad .A Poormousavi

    Nice games! By the way in the last game looks like your opponent is a cheater, dont you think so? :))

  • John Tatum
    John Tatum Month ago +1

    Hi JB, I'm a warrior fan, too, but they really needed a healthy Kevin Durant to win the series...that is why the Raptors won the championship...eh? With Curry, Thomas and Durant healthy they would win it..just sayin...love these clock as a weapon sessions...:) 5/5...always great JB!

  • Bruyneel
    Bruyneel Month ago

    I really enjoy your good quality content, John! Sometimes I talk to myself about some move, and then you start talking about it as well, like a reply. I love it...

  • Jesse Zochert
    Jesse Zochert Month ago

    John, the new piece style is very upsetting.

  • Mr. Jack Straw of Witchita

    The fourth game was grandmaster play, u just crushed him with the c pawn, against the benoni- the QxB was grandmaster stuff. The first game was grandmaster stuff too.

  • michael perkins
    michael perkins Month ago

    2nd game is pure class!

  • Hisashi Cole
    Hisashi Cole Month ago

    Thanks John you truly are one of the best personalitys when it comes to streaming chess

  • William Squires
    William Squires Month ago +2

    Naw, I think the Warriors are going to choke under blitz time controls and hang a queen, followed by a smothered-mate on the back rank. 😏

  • Sara Trabeih
    Sara Trabeih Month ago

    Wow, nice session

  • NoM vanhoutte
    NoM vanhoutte Month ago


  • R H
    R H Month ago +1

    Hey John, I play that Bf4 / e3 line for White as well when facing the Benoni. I think I learned it from some old Yasser games I saw. I have seen you play it a few times. Could be awesome if you were able to investigate / present it with some more theoretical detail?

  • number94
    number94 Month ago

    Just excellent

  • Shhs Shsh
    Shhs Shsh Month ago

    hey man. I messaged you like 8 months ago on lichess asking for a game. You never responded.

    • Shhs Shsh
      Shhs Shsh Month ago

      @Y M wooosh.... You my friend missed the joke.

    • Y M
      Y M Month ago +1

      @Shhs Shsh There are a lot of simuls on lichess done by GMs and Ims so join one of those

    • Shhs Shsh
      Shhs Shsh Month ago

      @John Bartholomew Story of my life.

    • John Bartholomew
      John Bartholomew  Month ago

      Sorry, I don't check my lichess messages often, and I don't take game requests.

  • AronFigaro
    AronFigaro Month ago

    RKBR Bartholomew's Gun?

  • MarlonBrando661
    MarlonBrando661 Month ago

    Seeing you win on time is satisfying lol

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Month ago


  • Benjamin
    Benjamin Month ago


  • sepehr jafari
    sepehr jafari Month ago

    Gm john is coming

  • Tenkay Baduk
    Tenkay Baduk Month ago +2

    10:54 it's always a great video when that accent of yours comes out John!

  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas Month ago

    U rock John

  • Cnd Brn79
    Cnd Brn79 Month ago

    #Raptors #Wearethenorth

  • sudarshan n bhat
    sudarshan n bhat Month ago

    Sir can you please name some of the great endgame book

    • Saint Dufus
      Saint Dufus Month ago

      @sudarshan n bhat Be warned though: _Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual_ is an *advanced* book. Most beginners will have an easier time with the Silman book.

    • sudarshan n bhat
      sudarshan n bhat Month ago

      @Jacob Arnold thank u sir

    • sudarshan n bhat
      sudarshan n bhat Month ago

      @Keshav Ramamurthy thank u sir

    • Jacob Arnold
      Jacob Arnold Month ago +1

      Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual

    • Keshav Ramamurthy
      Keshav Ramamurthy Month ago +1

      silman's complete endgame course This should help a lot with endgame

  • MazeMouse
    MazeMouse Month ago +1

    Let's go Raptors!

  • Daniel Blasco
    Daniel Blasco Month ago

    20:45 In retrospective, was it better f5 and then Nxf6? Eliminating his dark squares bishop and taking his light squares bishop out of play at the same time?

  • Andro Krpan
    Andro Krpan Month ago +4

    Great work John! I love your patience, articulated advice and demeanor.

  • Nael Muhamed
    Nael Muhamed Month ago

    Nice 5/5

  • robert82747
    robert82747 Month ago +1

    John,I am inspired by these great chess masters,I never tire of the brilliancy.

  • Mokhtar Fal
    Mokhtar Fal Month ago +9

    24:20 this move made my day 😍. Thank you John for the daily posts 🙏🏼🌹

  • Skull - Agar
    Skull - Agar Month ago

    Hey John Ggs heh btw, when you played the bennoni a4 usually is a mistake if black did not play a6, cuz then that happens black retrieves and play Na6 and stick the Knight on B4 which is a really good outpost

  • robert82747
    robert82747 Month ago

    John,I love Ireland's greatest living player ,he has such patience for learners ,IM Astensh.

    • robert82747
      robert82747 Month ago

      IM Alex Lopez Astenah,love ye're patience.

  • robert82747
    robert82747 Month ago

    John,,I love your London system.

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson Month ago +1

    I don't want to say this anything close to definitively, because the evidence isn't that solid, but: was that last guy cheating? The combination of the positional crush (which lasted until he got into time pressure) on someone ~300 pts higher rated, plus the oddity of thinking a bunch on the recapture move, makes me wonder.
    It at least seems his thinking times aren't that constant, so he at least has that in his favor.

    • Andro Krpan
      Andro Krpan Month ago

      Perhaps, John considered connection trouble, but you might be on it.

  • azk
    azk Month ago

    10:12 lol you idiot

  • Care Cup
    Care Cup Month ago +2

    John I'm a straight guy and I have to say you are a very handsome man and I really enjoy your videos. Cheers.

  • John Quill Taylor
    John Quill Taylor Month ago +1

    I assume you are "capturing" or streaming this live, but it would be nice to include an engine or at least a strength "bar" in the posted video to allow us to see where each side is/was ahead.

    • irei1as
      irei1as Month ago

      I guess we could just check the games in chess.com in his profile with the engine.

    • Spencer Corneliusen
      Spencer Corneliusen Month ago

      John Quill Taylor he can't play the view live with that he'd have to replay the game to get the advantage bar. It's unfair to display computed advantage in game.

  • nyjah haslam
    nyjah haslam Month ago +6

    Queen sac was sick

  • Dan Jeory
    Dan Jeory Month ago +1

    In the first game, 34. Qd8+ looked good.

  • rene saldana
    rene saldana Month ago +8

    I’m just here to make fun of you. I don’t even follow basket ball though 🤷‍♂️

  • Skewtzz
    Skewtzz Month ago +2

    Big win for the rapts. GG!

  • FourOne Two
    FourOne Two Month ago

    Not going to make fun of you. Warriors lost Thompson. They probably win that game if he's still out there in the 3rd and 4th.

  • Avenged foREVer
    Avenged foREVer Month ago +1

    Hey john, i just realized that i used to use right click to drop a piece back to the original square when i change my mind instead of putting it on an illegal square or the original square. Does that still work? Because ive noticed that sometimes you misclick it onto a legal square and blunder. You didnt this time so good job lol, but ive noticed it in the past. Also ive had a shot or two of alcohol, so im sorry if im rambling or dont make sense lol. Example at 12:25 where you reconsider doubling rooks for g3.

    • John Bartholomew
      John Bartholomew  Month ago

      Right-cling does indeed cancel a move you're considering on Chess.com. I always neglect to use this feature, though - it's not something that's muscle memory for me! I may have to train myself to do it.

  • Chaldean King
    Chaldean King Month ago +2

    We the North!!

  • SharperEdgeTechniques

    Haha the Warriors LOST!!!

  • Señor M
    Señor M Month ago +4

    The good ol' John, great to see you again

  • SneakyWalrus_
    SneakyWalrus_ Month ago +26

    Blundered the NBA analysis! You might have better luck with chess lol

    • Uranus
      Uranus Month ago +5

      Yeah this John guy looks like he might have some potential with this chess.

  • Skyler Grid
    Skyler Grid Month ago +1

    i clicked the like button even without checking the vid first... LOL

  • Guillermo Blanco
    Guillermo Blanco Month ago

    Awesome! I was expecting this!