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  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
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    From the makers of Sherlock, Claes Bang stars as Dracula in this brand new mini-series inspired by Bram Stoker’s classic novel.
    Dracula | Trailer | BBC
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Comments • 787

  • Ahmed Junaid
    Ahmed Junaid 46 minutes ago

    Episode 3 was my least favorite and director and writer could have done a better job. For example how Dracula survive underwater in coffins for 123 years and the role of the Jonathan foundation and Zoe/blood line of sister van halseing and missionaries; and the role of the lawyer. Lawyer role could have been more and better. The residence of Dracula in 2020 they could have shed some more light and background story in that. Ending was very good the way episode ended, very last dialogue.
    All in all excellent show, amazing acting between Dracula and sister Agitha. Loved sister agitha accent and over her role.
    I also enjoyed enjoyed non American actor for Dracula role.
    I also enjoyed he didn’t have 2 pointed sharp teeth.
    I also enjoyed the castle plot and Johnny Harper role when he was in the convent.

  • Ultar Aemaeth
    Ultar Aemaeth 5 days ago

    the music made me think it was a teenager movie

  • Fernando Lyrio
    Fernando Lyrio 8 days ago

    I can safely say, without exaggeration, that this show was one of the worst things I've ever watched.

  • LEGIT Brigade
    LEGIT Brigade 10 days ago

    I'm just Undead. I'm not Unreasonable.

  • Mr Gossamer
    Mr Gossamer 10 days ago

    Looks shit and revisionist. Just lost a possible sale to me.

  • Cinema Fix
    Cinema Fix 10 days ago

    Brilliant horror television! The second episode 'Blood Vessel' was just perfect gothic TV! Claes Bang and Dolly Wells are amazing in their respective roles. Here's my review:

  • offspring890
    offspring890 11 days ago

    One of the finest Dracula epics i`ve seen , as a hammer house horror fan from the 70s i really loved it

  • Danny McMillan
    Danny McMillan 12 days ago

    Just watched the first episode loved it

  • Proxel
    Proxel 12 days ago

    Its great

  • long-time listener , first-time caller

    *this was fkng **_garbage,_** hard skip* edit to add: dogshyte audio engineering, that guy needs to face sanctions for malpractice

  • Pradipta Misti
    Pradipta Misti 13 days ago

    I love u drakula....I want a bf just like u

  • N L
    N L 14 days ago

    Just watched the whole thing....boring nonsense

  • Alex Davies
    Alex Davies 14 days ago

    A big disappointment ☹

  • O Youtuber Por diversão

    Chamem o Trevor Belmont para matar esse arronbado

  • Renata Zanzoni
    Renata Zanzoni 15 days ago

    Excelente serie ! Adorei ! O ator Claes Bang esta incrivel !!

  • Skyboss006
    Skyboss006 16 days ago

    she is CURSED

  • Skyboss006
    Skyboss006 16 days ago

    she is a half cast STINK

  • fred
    fred 16 days ago

    Thought it was silly. Jumped about all over tne place. Too far fetched and the ending was daft.

  • Dark Matter
    Dark Matter 16 days ago

    One bit which tickled me in episode 1 was when after the main character, in conversation with a nun, says, “oh...I didn’t think of that.”, she replies, “Of course not. You are an ‘English’ ‘man’...a combination of presumptions beyond compare”. 😆

  • TheZzzznake
    TheZzzznake 16 days ago +2

    Review: After a good first episode, with a memorable scene at a covent, all logic, believability and finesse is suddenly out the window in order to accomodate the modern standard BBC attack the "evil" heterosexual male, especially white, and try to squeeze in as much wokeness as possible. It is hard to describe how bad the last episode is, and it is directly related to this bigotry that comes from adopting a type of storytelling where political signalling is much more important than telling an amazing story. The nun that is, sort of, the lead, is some form of god-hating super-victim, desexualised and proudly declaring how she is better off without men, manufactured by the BBC screenwriters according to the manual of modern woke female stereotyping. BBC should not receive any TV license funds anymore.

  • marilyn buezas
    marilyn buezas 17 days ago


  • Adam Darren
    Adam Darren 17 days ago

    I think Steven Berkoff - a vastly superior writer to Gatiss and Moffat, said it all, _"‘I fear Bram Stoker will be joining the undead, writhing and twisting in his coffin, after the criminal abuse of his iconic novel."_
    Berkoff thunders, _"To rewrite Stoker’s very finely written text, replacing it with cheap sub-Noel Coward dialogue is barbarism.

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 17 days ago +1

    noooooo ! christopher lee did it so much better !! and his mum was a real italian countess !! how cool is that !! the dark knight.

  • Tyke Man
    Tyke Man 18 days ago

    Im in total shock that the BBC didn't cast the count as a black neutral gender vampire.

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd 18 days ago

    Enjoyed watching this on iPlayer. Stylish, completely crazy, but got style.

  • Alex Soul
    Alex Soul 18 days ago

    Wow...WOKE Dracula, who is now gay, Van Helsing a feminist woman and you morons call this show “brilliant”? the movie industry is running out of ideas, what’s next? Werewolf a gay “black englishman” from the Victorian times? Frankestein a deformed creature made of men (and women)parts from all races for the sake of "diversity"?

  • Arkamedix
    Arkamedix 18 days ago

    Typically BBC's "woke propaganda" who killed another franchise : a black Lucy adored and loved by everyone because of her unimaginable beauty (no offense, but the actress is ugly in my point of view) accompanied by a white gay male (who acts as her best friend replacing the usual standard of female best friend) who praises her "black beauty" because why not,that's the role of white gay males nowadays...and a Dracula who is insecure of himself (because white males should be insecure,this is the new standard in 2020) and lives according to "old rules" (fear of sun, fear of cross,etc) but in the end realises that everything was in his head only and is awaken to reality and realises that everything was "false beliefs" .
    I am curious if british people would enjoy a Sherlock movie (taking in consideration that Sherlock is a genuine british icon), where the Sherlock is born in Namibia, is black and gay and he comes to UK from Namibia to solve everything what "white british" can't resolve (because white british are too dumb to do it)....would you enjoy it? Or why not...let's make a movie with a black Jesus...because we are in 2020 and today everything is possible...
    It's not a racist comment, i don't have anything against blacks or other colour, orientation,gender,etc people, but it's annoying to see how original stories are "altered" or "modified" to fit a propaganda. There are movies where black actors fit perfectly (one very good example is "Black Panther", one of my all time favourite), there are movies where gays fit perfectly (a good example is "Call me by your name") , there are movies where "diversity" fits good ("Avengers" movie for example) and there are failures where idiots want to enforce us a woke propaganda by destroying a entire story, just because they can.
    Good job BBC...keep it this way...you're doing it very good.

  • lilricho24
    lilricho24 18 days ago

    I have never seen a show take such a massive plummet in quality in one episode as this show has. First two were near perfect and then.... this

  • shahad ali
    shahad ali 19 days ago

    listen to this song its awesome

  • Apollyon
    Apollyon 19 days ago

    1st episode was good then it went down hill with your political agenda and messing with the characters and story ....

  • Yash Verma
    Yash Verma 19 days ago

    Anybody here after episode 3

  • Nicegy019
    Nicegy019 19 days ago

    Series was very good up until the 3rd episode and then it just fell flat. Even the conclusion at the very end wasn't very entertaining and it felt like a let down.

  • Just Jordan
    Just Jordan 19 days ago

    And yet an other thing we loved is dead now, death by Snusnu for all Memberies.

  • sammimitsu
    sammimitsu 20 days ago

    I found it boring and contrived in the third episode. Mark Gatiss can be a bit too clever for his own good.

  • John
    John 20 days ago +1

    Starts off so good and then nose dives towards the end. This show could have been amazing.

    • John
      John 16 days ago

      bia p They didn’t have to drag it into modern times. The show loses its character.

    • bia p
      bia p 16 days ago

      John I knowwww it feels like I’m missing something. It was so amazing at the first episode I’m so upset about it

  • Sam Cher
    Sam Cher 20 days ago

    I dont say ble ble ble

  • B grg
    B grg 20 days ago +3

    first episode was great. quickly went downhill after that.

    • bia p
      bia p 16 days ago +1

      B grg I’m genuinely so upset, first episode was just amazing. And the third episode makes me wanna make the show again with his character. He played so well

  • YourBroBlogan
    YourBroBlogan 20 days ago +1

    I didn’t see a trailer and glad I didn’t because this makes it look like complete ASSS

  • AngstEyeTea
    AngstEyeTea 20 days ago

    I hated the last episode

  • Jortiz
    Jortiz 21 day ago +40

    “Johnny, There isss nooo baby”.

  • Brad Hoover
    Brad Hoover 21 day ago

    BBC sucks.

  • DRACula
    DRACula 21 day ago

    Who else came from The billboard from ig?

  • Azri Faiz
    Azri Faiz 21 day ago

    Is it the same series that aired on Netflif?

  • Matt C
    Matt C 22 days ago

    Do yourself a favour and don't spend the 4.5 hours on this. The first two are really good and then the last episode descends in to utter farce. They've tried to be really clever and changed the setting and it's majorly backfired. It MAYBE could have worked out had they not tried going for more comedy and spent more time trying to answer all the questions that led up to the final "battle" (was it a battle?). I guess they've tried to be "haha the jokes on you Dracula" but it's kinda cool for like two seconds before ending on a really rushed and rubbish note.

  • Rajat Khotele
    Rajat Khotele 22 days ago

    Does anybody know the Rap song playing in club after Lucy Westenra is introduced??? Been looking for it everywhere but can't find it. Also no details about it in the official soundtrack release.
    Thanks in advance!!

  • Sharon Carter
    Sharon Carter 22 days ago +1

    Fabulously done!!!!! I loved him!!!!!

  • bee1978
    bee1978 22 days ago +4

    As an Asian i HAD to laugh at the diversity box ticking in the second episode. We had the Asian guy (bbc diversity box ticked). Asian guy who happened to be a doctor (roll eyes for stereotyping) . We had the unnecessary black guy (bbc diversity box ticked). Black guy who happened to be gay (bbc diversity box ticked). Looks like modern Britain represented in 18th Century Britain. Good ol BBC 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄🙄🙄

    • John
      John 20 days ago +1

      I agree that there wasn’t a need for black and Asian actors in the second episode. It didn’t seem like the right setting for them considering what time it was set in. I think they were there to meet a diversity quota which makes me quite angry because more suitable actors would have lost the opportunity just because of their skin colour. The BBC is a very racist organisation.

    • sammimitsu
      sammimitsu 20 days ago

      @John yeah I also found it dull.

    • John
      John 20 days ago

      bee1978 I would have been happy if they scrapped the third episode all together.

    • bee1978
      bee1978 20 days ago +1

      @John there was no need to have asian or black characters. they should have kept that for the 3rd episode.

    • John
      John 20 days ago +1

      bee1978 don’t forget that the black guy was very insistent to point out that he wasn’t a servant as if this portrayal is somehow shameful and not reflective of the time. Also they had to chastise an 18th century vampire for not knowing what woman’s rights are! He’s a vampire, we don’t need to know his political stance on woman.

  • Steve Whyte
    Steve Whyte 22 days ago

    'Ok who gave Dracula the Wi-Fi password?' An actual line from the show said un-ironically. Its like JJ Abrams wrote the first two episodes and Rian Johnson wrote the last. And yes it is woke to put the icing on the cake. There are some great ideas in there and the Van Helsing character made me yearn for her to have her own show but the Dracula is cookie cutter, the third episode could easily have been an episode of Dr Who which Steve Moffat seems not to have been able to get out of the mindset, he's tackling Jekyll again next (having written a mini series in 2007 about him) lets hope he and Mr Hyde don't get the same woke treatment. I can only hope Moffat wrote the sensible parts of the script and someone else is to blame for the nonsense, it does come across like that, as if there's a good story which someone embellished with nonsense!

  • pelegrines 2000
    pelegrines 2000 22 days ago

    Perfect casting, perfect script, costume,photography etc ...

    • pelegrines 2000
      pelegrines 2000 22 days ago

      @C47FORCE well you make it! Show us how its done!! 🤣🤣

    • C47FORCE
      C47FORCE 22 days ago

      Lolz no. Worst everything.

  • 4 P
    4 P 22 days ago +1

    He is so hot wasn’t going to watch glad I did

  • TR-8R
    TR-8R 22 days ago +2

    I'll save your time and tell you they made Dracula gay for this show

    • Katt W
      Katt W 20 days ago

      They didn't make him gay. He's absolutely for equal rights when it comes to whose blood he drinks.
      In the original Bram Stoker novel, which the series is loosely based on, Dracula doesn't use his powers to get raunchy with people. It was described quite nicely in this interpretation as the "kiss of a vampire being akin to an Opiate". The word "kiss" is not used in the literal sense but is a more romantic term for Dracula sinking his teeth into his victims. He feeds on men and women equally, it's not about sexual orientation at all.
      In terms of personal opinion, I appreciated that they made Dracula a slave to his blood lust with a genuine psychopathic streak as that fits the character's origin as a remorseless Warlord far better than him being portrayed as a more modern "sexy vampire".

    • C47FORCE
      C47FORCE 22 days ago +1

      Yea , another tiresome diversity push.

  • ian caldeian
    ian caldeian 23 days ago

    I thought the poetic license taken for this production was brilliant. The first episode was terrifying the next two were lighter. I'm glad that it wasn't just a 21st Century portrayal of the same novel. This production took several elements and fitted it into a new narrative. I'd give it seven out of ten.

  • armjos1
    armjos1 23 days ago

    What a load of shit. Really disappointed

  • splinterbyrd
    splinterbyrd 23 days ago

    As with all Mark Gatiss' work, this is quirky, campy, funny, good visuals, but not remotely scary. Someone should tell Gatiss that _Dracula_ by Bram Stoker is actually supposed to be a horror story, not _The Rocky Horror Show._

  • DementedVinny
    DementedVinny 23 days ago

    Don't put really punky positive music in your horror unless it is a corny comedy, the video is good but the music ruined the scary atmosphere I was hoping for.

  • Ged Burns
    Ged Burns 23 days ago

    Episode 3 was a complete f... up. Episode 1 was decent. 2 was better again . You cant beat a witty sarcastic vampire. But 3 . Why oh why ? Should have stayed as it was. Not bring the King of the Undead into 2020. But i do think Mr. Bang was a good Drac. I liked the way that every person he killed or vampirised he took on their persona which now explains his change of accent through the series

  • Rover Coupe
    Rover Coupe 23 days ago

    I liked it. M.

  • Manea Solomon
    Manea Solomon 23 days ago +5

    It's like a modern version of Harry Potter for adults, but for poor souls.

  • Yurac Hunt
    Yurac Hunt 23 days ago

    i loved this, personally; the trailer doesn't do it justice

  • viciciiic viciciiic
    viciciiic viciciiic 23 days ago

    Will be a season 2 or new episodes?