Alec Baldwin Says He ‘Didn’t Pull The Trigger’ In First Interview About Rust On-Set Shooting

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Alec Baldwin tells ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that he ‘didn’t pull the trigger’ on the firearm that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of ‘Rust’ in October. Baldwin’s interview airs Dec. 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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  • Matt from tinder.
    Matt from tinder. Month ago +31

    Imagine having an attorney that would allow you to do this interview?

    • .AccessoryAddict.
      .AccessoryAddict. Month ago +4

      Knowing how arrogant he is I'm sure he didn't listen to his lawyer and thought he could tap dance his way out of responsibility. He was wrong.

    • AA
      AA Month ago +6

      Alex Baldwin is the kind of jerk that doesn't listen to anyone.

  • Cracked_Knuckles
    Cracked_Knuckles Month ago +70

    Someone who didn't know shit about guns loaded a gun and handed it to another person who didn't know shit about guns and then another person who didn't know shit about guns said "action". I know! Let's blame the gun!

    • Mike Hunt
      Mike Hunt Month ago +9

      They tried to blame President Trump. Lol. These are sick people.

    • Bucketus, Lord of Buckets
      Bucketus, Lord of Buckets Month ago +5

      Seems the people who are anti-firearm are the morons who won't learn how to properly ha for them. Those that are pro-firearm (from what I've seen) tend to be the ones who are big on safety. Except the jackasses of course.

      Funnily enough, the anti-firearm people tend to cool off or go pro-firearm when they learn about this stuff.

  • scott shannon
    scott shannon Month ago +217

    His first version of the story was he didn't know the gun was loaded when he pulled the trigger, Now his story is I didn't pull the trigger at all. The media is working hard to help him smooth this over.

    • Jim Butler
      Jim Butler Month ago

      This is not a complicated case. There were professionals on staff who had literal RESPONSIBILITY for the firearms.
      Baldwin was doing what he was told to do by others, including those professionals.

      Making a case against someone for NOT believing the professionals who are hired to have responsibility (for any task) is a difficult case to make.

    • Moira Rae
      Moira Rae Month ago

      @Lone Prepper says the person who lives in a country thats so famous for multiple shootings at schools, your kids able to access your guns. Is why you all have shit happening. My country has strict laws in place if wanting to even purchase a gun. And we anti gunners have more sense than the stupid ones with guns. 🖕

    • Moira Rae
      Moira Rae Month ago

      There's nothing to smooth over Scott. I know Alec is innocent no matter what version, so sit your empty brain on ice and leave it to the ones who do know. And u Have a great day.

    • Tyler Chambers
      Tyler Chambers Month ago

      In the beginning of the interview, he said the loud bang of the gun going off was deafening because nobody expected to hear a gun fire so they had no ear protection... But then he goes on to say that he didn't even think that the gun might have had a live round in it and assumed the woman he shot "fainted or something", in his own words ... He says he didn't realize he had shot her until an hour later when the police showed him the bullet they pulled out of the one guys' shoulder. So... then what did Baldwin think the deafening bang was that he himself described, if the idea that the gun went off with a live vs dummy round was so beyond reason? He knows dummy rounds don't do that, so this is one of many just straight contradictions in his statements; it doesn't make any sense. Wtf did he think the bang was then? What did he think the recoil of the gun in his hand was then?

    • Yachatonlinetv
      Yachatonlinetv Month ago

      @WeeberDeeper are wrong.

  • the-wanderer4
    the-wanderer4 Month ago +71

    Anyone holding a weapon, driving a vehicle or operating dangerous machinery is responsible. Safety Protocols.

    • Jean-Marie Etienne
      Jean-Marie Etienne Month ago

      @the-wanderer4 You don't seem to understand . Many times you have to trust other people's work , you can not do again what others have done before you use an airplane for example, that would be absurd .

    • the-wanderer4
      the-wanderer4 Month ago

      @Jean-Marie Etienne I don't understand your analogy. A hammer of a 6 shooter has to be physically pulled back. It should always be pointed in a safe direction. A person always has to treat a weapon like its loaded even if it's not.

    • Jean-Marie Etienne
      Jean-Marie Etienne Month ago

      @the-wanderer4 If an airline mechanic tells the pilot that the engine is working , do you think the pilot has to take it down himself before departure ?

    • Margaret Matuza
      Margaret Matuza Month ago

      @TheBananaThug where's that fit in here... You spew utter nonsense

    • the-wanderer4
      the-wanderer4 Month ago

      @Antony 24 Who knows, I was not thinking about politics. I was thinking of keeping people out of harm's way.

  • Kenneth Bowers
    Kenneth Bowers Month ago +49

    One of his tweets said there should be a police officer on set reviewing all the firearms to make sure they're safe, but since he was the producer of his own damn film he negated to do such.

    • My Emperor
      My Emperor Month ago +8

      So good to see this slug's fake tears.

  • Grignak01
    Grignak01 Month ago +29

    I know what he could have done, he could have learned proper gun safety and checked the gun after it was handed to him.

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman Month ago +1

      That would make too much sense.

    • RosaRa Vello
      RosaRa Vello Month ago +2

      Agree! And he could have kept his mouth shut and wait for justice to solve the case.

  • Amy Bharadwaj
    Amy Bharadwaj Month ago +73

    So a bullet killed the victim without the trigger being pulled for the gun to be fired?! How is that even possible?

    • Amy Ahlquist
      Amy Ahlquist Month ago

      @AA Not deflecting I also never stated wether or not I thought he was innocent which I don’t think he is completely innocent he deserves to face some consequences at minimum for negligence and for his career to be over. I’m just noticing how unbalanced everything is.

    • exponent mantissa
      exponent mantissa Month ago

      @Pastel blue I noticed he said he was in the process of cocking it and let go of the hammer, that was when it went off. There are two legal issues. The first is who is criminally responsible. The second is who is civilly liable, the producers and thew director could be found liable. That creates a legal oddity in that one of the victims (the director) is also liable at the same time. I would like to know is what was the chain of custody on that gun from the last time it was empty. Baldwin got it from the AD but where did the AD get it from?

    • Pastel blue
      Pastel blue Month ago

      @exponent mantissa I agree that may be the only explanation. But doesn’t the Colt SA of the time have 4 positions? It cocks way back. ?? IDK.

    • AA
      AA Month ago

      @exponent mantissa IT's still nelgent homicide.

    • AA
      AA Month ago

      @Amy Ahlquist - your attempt to deflect Baldwin's lies about killing the lady with the recent school shooting is pitiful and without merit. This video is about Baldwin not a school shooting. Baldwin is a lying idiot who killed the lady.

  • Andy Freeman
    Andy Freeman Month ago +62

    No responsibility taken. Just blame shifted.

    • Andy Freeman
      Andy Freeman Month ago

      @AA Seems to be true.

    • AA
      AA Month ago

      He's a democrat they always blame others

  • Rod Wilson
    Rod Wilson Month ago +8

    The Authorities (Sheriff's Office) told him not to discuss the details or the ongoing investigation, yet Baldwin agreed to the interview. He believes as he has for years that he is the smartest man in the room. It's behavior likes this that will get him indicted.

    • cb cb
      cb cb Month ago +1

      Typical narcissist

  • RC 591
    RC 591 Month ago +10

    Lol as someone who owns a ton of guns they will never go off on their own unless you drop it on its hammer he's just trying to avoid responsibility.

  • Forty In The Streets
    Forty In The Streets Month ago +12

    He didn’t pull the trigger, the gun waited till it was pointed at someone then decided to go off on it’s own🤡

  • John B
    John B Month ago +5

    HE is such a hypocrite. He talks smack about everyone else and then it comes time for him to step up and take responsibility... he talks to a lawyer and changes his story.

  • Sheila Kitson
    Sheila Kitson Month ago +85

    What the hell? Alec, come on now! How did you story change that quick? I guess you started listening to your lawyer, huh?

    • Antony 24
      Antony 24 Month ago +6

      Now that deserves an Oscar, His next movie should be liar liar 2 LOL

    • Emacs
      Emacs Month ago +1

      @LegendLength He can't because the investigation is ongoing.

    • Lyle Swan
      Lyle Swan Month ago +8

      @LegendLength My guess is he just now sobered up.

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago +17

      Also if he didn't pull the trigger why wait 2 months to tell everyone?

  • toasterlord toasterlord

    If you think those tears are real lets first remember that he's an actor lol.. This guy is saying everything he can to try and get off.

  • MaryamMure
    MaryamMure Month ago +53

    Y'all do know the director of the movie said Alec pulled the trigger which means the dude was on set and saw Alec do it. So he's getting more guilty by the moment. Guilty as hell. Wow. SMFH

    • RosaRa Vello
      RosaRa Vello Month ago

      @Bmrjkt xxVid 🤣😂🤣

    • MaryamMure
      MaryamMure Month ago +2

      @Christian Rivas yup. Remember when he said Trump had blood on his hands. Well looks like Alec is the one who has blood on his hands not President Trump.

    • Christian Rivas
      Christian Rivas Month ago +2

      I would back in time and advise alec not to disrespect our President Trump

    • MaryamMure
      MaryamMure Month ago +3

      @Bmrjkt xxVid 🤣

    • Bmrjkt xxVid
      Bmrjkt xxVid Month ago +7

      Alec Baldwin didn't pull the trigger, the invisible man did.

  • The SemperFiGuy
    The SemperFiGuy Month ago +150

    According to the investigation, the gun involved was an FD Pieta Colt .45 Revolver first produced in the 1870's time frame. This is a single action (as opposed to double action) revolver and can only fire a weapon if the hammer is fully cocked and the trigger pulled. Someone (Alec) set the hammer and someone (Alec) pulled the trigger. Someone (Alec) didn't verify that all rounds were blank rounds. This guy is unbelievable. Given that this is an active investigation, he should not have been on that program. And if he chose to be on, he should have had legal counsel. In earlier interviews, he claims he didn't know the gun was loaded when he pulled the trigger. Operative phrase, "when I pulled the trigger." Now he's all of a sudden claiming he "didn't pull the trigger". You really got yourself caught up on this one Alec. You're lying through your teeth and because of your lack of knowledge of firearms, you have essentially, by default, allowed the world to see that you did, in fact, pull the trigger and worse than that, you are lying about it. Jail time Alec, jail time................

    • Martin W
      Martin W Month ago

      @Sir Greedy

      When did he admit physically pulling the trigger? Do you have a link to the interview where he said that?

    • Sir Greedy
      Sir Greedy Month ago

      @Martin W He already admitted to pulling the trigger previously. He's just lying now.

    • The SemperFiGuy
      The SemperFiGuy Month ago

      @Charles W Farley Did you watch this video ? Look at the 1 minute mark. C'mon now.................

    • Charles W Farley
      Charles W Farley Month ago

      @Your Access To The Red Carpet! While rare, guns can absolutely go off on their own. Ever heard of the 5 rounds in a 6 gun? Most modern ones don't and I wouldn't have even addressed it with you if you weren't such an ass in your reply.

      And not disputing, was asking to be pointed to the quote, but yes... referenced the wrong quote. I was referring to "didn't pull the trigger" quote that isn't part of the video.

      So to be clear, the poster references a quote. The video has a second quote. I incorrectly reference the quote when asking for a quote to be compared... while even referencing the contradictory information. And you can't tie any of that together? ...and then include a broad falsehood as an immediate retort? You're awesome!

    • Charles W Farley
      Charles W Farley Month ago

      @The SemperFiGuy I had his actual quote stuck in my head when I typed that. I meant to ask about the "didn't pull the trigger" quote you attributed to him. Can you point us to that?

  • Bentriverrusher
    Bentriverrusher Month ago +102

    It would seem that none of these people had the knowledge to make this kind of film. Guns are simple and the rules are simpler in order to keep them safe. Never accept a gun without checking it yourself.

    • Courtney Ette
      Courtney Ette Month ago

      @Martin W at the end of the day you can make fun of me you can think whatever you want if you want to think I'm five you can think I'm five but yes I will repeat and I have every right to thank you for thinking I'm so youthful.

    • Courtney Ette
      Courtney Ette Month ago

      @Martin Wyou're making excuses for his actions and for what transcended because of the situation you should be his defense attorney move on with your life

    • Martin W
      Martin W Month ago

      @Courtney Ette

      "such a victim."

      Huh... I never said anything about him being a victim. lol!

    • Martin W
      Martin W Month ago

      @Courtney Ette

      "thank you for thinking I'm so youthful"

      The alternative is moronic. 🤣

    • Courtney Ette
      Courtney Ette Month ago

      @Martin W so you take what your friend says as scripture. So you probably take everything that is told you is scripture so going back to what I said before if someone hands you a gun and says it has dummy arounds in it or it is not loaded you're good you're going to take that as scripture just like you did with your friend who worked on movie sets who says they don't usually check so you take anything that said to you as scripture

  • A.C.
    A.C. Month ago +28

    I didn’t eat the sandwich the sandwich ate itself, can I get a refund? Yeah it doesn’t work like that.

  • Cali Den
    Cali Den Month ago +22

    He really thinks he can save his career like this just isn't you screaming and being abusive to people in NYC.He's a narcissist of great proportion and a pathological liar.I hope he sees prison time.

  • MsTadpole77
    MsTadpole77 Month ago +76

    Is he not worried about incriminating himself? I thought this whole ordeal is still an active investigation. I wonder why he has no legal representation on a televised interview.

    • rm
      rm Month ago +1

      @Eddie Mac- thank God i am not american. Thx for explaining.

    • Lone Prepper
      Lone Prepper Month ago

      @EricoChico oh this will end up being a $20 million + settlement. Look what law firm her husband is employed as a attorney!

    • EricoChico
      EricoChico Month ago

      @Lone Prepper at the end of the day, he probably pays her husband a few million in a settlement. He can afford it.

    • Eddie Mac-
      Eddie Mac- Month ago

      @rm ok non American man, yes some movie sets have real guns, have u seen the movie Lone Survivor? So yes it happens, Brandon Lee, Brice Lee’s son was shot on a movie set with a live round that’s how he died

    • Lone Prepper
      Lone Prepper Month ago

      @rm maybe you should look into that.
      The great majority of firearms used on movie sets are actual real firearms!

  • Horr Hiunioj
    Horr Hiunioj Month ago +83

    An absolute fantastic performance once again by Baldwin

    • Pirate King Thaszar
      Pirate King Thaszar Month ago +1

      @Libby Sosa that has nothing to do with it. Alec was actively pointing a gun at another human being, had the hammer pulled back and shot someone. It's man slaughter at best.

    • John LA
      John LA Month ago +1

      @natalie Walton Still a murderer.

    • John LA
      John LA Month ago +2

      @Libby Sosa Nothing ... Still a murderer.

    • Mario Garay
      Mario Garay Month ago

      No the snl trump skits are the best of his acting

    • Alp taman
      Alp taman Month ago +1

      @Libby Sosa İ think his phscyology is corrupted thats why

  • ginvr
    ginvr Month ago +67

    If you would never point a gun at someone, how did someone get shot

    • Sir Greedy
      Sir Greedy Month ago +1

      @S4 Dreamland Dude, get real. Stop shifting blame. The buck stops with Alec. He is responsible, nobody else.

    • S4 Dreamland
      S4 Dreamland Month ago +1

      @Zenik Torres this is the plausible meeting someone on the street with a coffee in your hand..Your gabbing about whatever and the coffee hand is moving around ..In his case the " prop" gun was likely handed to him already cocked..He didn't notice because they were mid conversation about the scene and distracted. He's waiving his hand about and he is a bigger man so just the hand size and hand movement was enough to put the two pound pressure on the trigger to set it off ..A prop gun not properly prepared , no due diligence performed by the Armourer. His lawyer should have been on top of this to tell him not to give interviews . He's making a real accident into a Sherlock Holmes mystery. On a side note if the Armourer on Saving Private Ryan or Django Unchained had have been negligent there would have been bodies everywhere. I don't believe he is acting one bit here, just honestly trying to go over again and again to try to figure out what went wrong and that someone he did care about is gone. He's burdening himself too much instead of getting angry and saying I will be taking the whole of the accident in my heart and head but minimal part on the cause and laying that in ' prop prep pro's hands .

    • Zenik Torres
      Zenik Torres Month ago +1

      He could of been waving the unchecked gun around, like a fool, and when it fired, it happened to be pointing at her. There are some who know what happened.

    • bad74maverick1
      bad74maverick1 Month ago +8

      @Charlie Watertown that's a BS cop out. They know that the shooting occurred between scenes. He had no business pointing a gun at anyone at that point.

    • James Frederick
      James Frederick Month ago +10

      He also says he didn't pull the trigger. None of it makes any sense.

  • Assoma muhamed
    Assoma muhamed Month ago +28

    its unbelievable that he didn't pull the trigger and defiantly hard to prove it.

    • John Doe
      John Doe Month ago +3

      It’s actually incredibly easy to prove that he not only pulled the trigger but that he also cocked the hammer on the gun as he was using a colt single action army which literally cannot be fired without both priming the hammer and pulling the trigger.

    • Trevor Westerdahl
      Trevor Westerdahl Month ago +3

      It can easily be proved that Alec pulled the trigger. The pressure it takes to pull the trigger can be measured. Alec is an idiot trying to sell this whopper of a lie. Guns don't just go off. We would also have to believe he somehow accidentally aimed it right at the camera where Halnya was shot.

      Alec was responsible for checking his own gun. There is no legitmate gun safety training that doesn't inform you...anyone who holds a gun... its YOUR job to check it.

      Brandon Lee was killed by a blank. Even blanks can kill, at close enough range. There are bulletproof shields and one should have been in use. Multiple staff left the set and quit due to poor safety practices and poor wages.

    • RosaRa Vello
      RosaRa Vello Month ago


    • 🌲appeal to heaven🌲
      🌲appeal to heaven🌲 Month ago +7

      @Cricket Aus his lies are still "injuring" people... imagine being the family and listening to this clowns story change a million times and try to point the blame at everyone beside himself.... he is a coward

    • Cricket Aus
      Cricket Aus Month ago +3

      He injured couple of others but they survived.

  • Strawberry MOI
    Strawberry MOI Month ago +22

    If he had not been a famous actor, he would’ve been sentence to life in prison.

    • Alexander Nev
      Alexander Nev Month ago +1

      @T J Actual firearm LAWS over rule Hollywood prop handling rules. The one with the actual gun in hand is ultimately responsible . Had this been a "prop" gun that cannot fire actual bullets this wouldn't be a conversation and someone wouldn't be DEAD.

    • Strawberry MOI
      Strawberry MOI Month ago

      @T J ok then go defend them in court, I won’t stop you. Go ahead.

    • T J
      T J Month ago

      @Strawberry MOI good to see you don't have an agenda like me. If this happened to Keanu, Biden, Trump, Depp and even Heard. I would 100% defend them. Just to name a few celebrities. The reason I do, is because it is not their responsibility to check the firearms, it is the props people. Halyna Hutchins own father said the exact same thing.

    • Strawberry MOI
      Strawberry MOI Month ago +2

      @T J I’m sorry but yes, That’s how the Law works. just because they are famous doesn’t mean they couldn’t be treated equally.

    • T J
      T J Month ago

      @Strawberry MOI if this happened to Keanu Reeves, would you still stand by your statement?

  • Nbou Bnei
    Nbou Bnei Month ago +53

    Today Alec: I didnt pull the trigger.
    Tomorrow Alec: I didnt aim the gun at her.
    2 days from now Alec: I wasnt even there.

    • Pirate King Thaszar
      Pirate King Thaszar Month ago

      2 weeks from now Alec: it was the ghost of John Wilkes Booth!

    • Marie-Laurence
      Marie-Laurence Month ago

      😂😂😂 so true

    • JAY9CTC
      JAY9CTC Month ago +2

      @Greyhith7 5 days from now: she did it

    • Greyhith7
      Greyhith7 Month ago +5

      4 days from now: Trump did it

    • Theresa Singh
      Theresa Singh Month ago +3

      Lol. Best comment ever. I am so puzzled!

  • A.I.
    A.I. Month ago +111

    This man is the very definition of "elite, rich and privileged".

    • cromerbeach
      cromerbeach Month ago

      And a liar too

    • Ivan Krushensky
      Ivan Krushensky Month ago

      @luis amoa the point??? It's ironic that the hardcore leftists are actually the epitome of everything they pretend to hate. We call that virtue signaling. They actually don't hate it...they love it and live it. But they want to pretend to keep the lights pointed on others. They supposedly care so much about others, yet they have no issue have several millions of dollar homes, wasting cash and items they just want to show off, etc. They are the example of everything that is wrong with America...right next to corporatism (not to be confused with capitalism). The only time you'll see any of these fakers do something decent is when there is a camera around so they can show everyone "how great they are" (wink wink). If they cared so much about homeless, health and the starving, I've got a little piece of advice for them. Hollywood is a several BILLION dollar industry spread amongst very few people. How about you each take a share of that and clean up your slums, you can start right in Skid Row? They will all do just fine owning 1 several million dollar home instead of multiple....I believe in them.

    • Bmrjkt xxVid
      Bmrjkt xxVid Month ago +1

      @A.I. The only one who is going to prison is the invisible man who pulled the trigger.

    • byerh
      byerh Month ago

      @Natalie Rozean It was not a PROP gun! That is mainstream media propaganda. It was a real gun, capable of firing live rounds. Prop guns are not capable of firing live rounds.

    • Lone Prepper
      Lone Prepper Month ago +2

      @Matthew what do you expect from a liberal

  • robert gwynne
    robert gwynne Month ago +3

    What insane level of narcissism have you reached when you can lie like this, I mean does this guy really believe his own BS? If he truly believes this, he's maybe a psycopath, not a narcissist !

    • Daniel Parsignault
      Daniel Parsignault Month ago

      It was easy to lie, he was aiming at the camera, not at the d.p. standing right behind it.

  • Alex McCamy
    Alex McCamy Month ago +35

    “I would never point a gun and pull the trigger,” well, you did. Guns don’t just go off. You can deny all you want, but your mistake killed a person.

    • Charlie Watertown
      Charlie Watertown Month ago

      @Alex McCamy yes Alec takes the full responsible for Halyna's death, but the one who should take the blame more again, it's the people who made the gun for him. It's not like Alec bought a gun on some store and use it for a movie. Movie sets have professional people handling the property especially weapons. How come Alec was given a gun that could kill people surrounding him?? His job is acting, the people who made the gun for him should be making it very safely. Instead they took the wrong lesson from it. The police themselves who investigated the case says that Alec used a prop gun. Alec request a prop gun for his scenes, the people who made the gun gave it to him, he fires it based on director's order and suddenly killed the cinematographer and injured the director. Who to blame for that? He's still innocent at this point but he should atleast be honest in his interviews

    • Alice W
      Alice W Month ago

      I agree that is a weird statement and will hardly work in court. Why does he claim that? Of course something made the (a) bullet go off, could it be from another gun at set.?I do not live in the US, so have quite poor knowledge about the incident, other than a few lines in news.

    • Alex McCamy
      Alex McCamy Month ago

      @Charlie Watertown I never said, or implied, he shot her on purpose. How were the crew using the gun to shoot targets during breaks? Again, this was not a fake gun made for the movie. This was a real gun, that shoots real bullets, used as a prop in the movie. I’m not sure where you’re getting the information that this was a fake gun incapable of firing real bullets, made at Alec’s request.

      Again, this was an accident, not on purpose. Alec is still responsible for killing her.

    • Charlie Watertown
      Charlie Watertown Month ago

      @Alex McCamy yeah he's a producer and he definitely told the prop team to make the gun that he wanted. Heck again why would anyone bring a real gun on set, it's always prop gun just like Brandon Lee's incident where a prop gun killed him. As a producer yeah I can see people suing him for lack of safety but about the accident, the gun was not his responsibility. Again, he was given a gun, he didn't make the gun there were people on set who made the gun for him. It's obvious that before filming he talked to some of the prop guys to make a prop gun for him. This is an accident, the people who go to jail are the ones who made the prop gun for him, not Baldwin himself. Even Halyna's father can agree on that, Alec have been really close to her family for a while and explain everything that happened to Halyna. You seemed like saying Alec shot Halyna on purpose when everything was just an accident. He had no intention to kill the cinematographer, it's just human error on the prop gun, the people who made the gun for him. His job as an actor on set is just following director's orders, the team who made the gun for him has to make sure the gun was safely before even giving to his hands. Right now people are constantly blaming him for Halyna's death when all of this was an accident and he was handed a gun that he didn't know the gun could people surrounding him. I'm mostly blaming on the people who made the gun for him, not Alec himself. People can sue him whatever they want cuz he's a producer and the lack of safety but for killing Halyna, that was not his fault

    • Alex McCamy
      Alex McCamy Month ago

      @Charlie Watertown I think the point your missing is prop gun doesn’t equal fake gun. The prop gun here was an actual real gun. Don’t forget, Baldwin was not just an actor, but a producer. He wants the title, he caries responsibility. The AD handed him the gun, not the prop master. Another reason to check. Overall they tried to cut cost corners on the film, and had abnormal ways of doing things to save money. That led to a death. I could see if Baldwin was just an actor, but he was also a producer. If he didn’t know he should have known.

  • Brian Bartoe
    Brian Bartoe Month ago +45

    Treat every firearm as if it’s loaded.. mistakes happen but can be avoided

    • bad74maverick1
      bad74maverick1 Month ago

      @M G Well if you could read you would see that I do follow the universal rule 1. As I stated multiple times on how I treat an unloaded firearm once I know it is. It's a hard thing for a person of your mentality to understand as you're on the same IQ level as Pelosi. Your hypocrisy has completely voided any argument you ever had but that hasn't stopped you yet. But then again that's kind of your thing Nancy.

    • bad74maverick1
      bad74maverick1 Month ago +1

      @M G well you do that. I've been around guns my whole life and for over 30 years enjoyed them and shot them both leisurely and semi competitively. The rules I stated, you are the only one to disagree and not follow number one. Never said I played with them said I enjoyed and messed with them while on my couch in what you specifically referred to as the known unloaded state. Collectors of fine expensive guns do that. They enjoy the fruits of their few thousand dollar labors. But then again it's do as I say not as I do for you, you are obviously better than everyone else.
      It seems you have been "Self" taught gun safety and are very hypocritical, so much to the point you say you do one thing and chastise others for doing the same. It's obvious you think you know more, and better when you can't even comprehend the basic of rules. You can call me Alec or whatever you want, I'll just stick with referring to you as just hypocrite instead of including moron or idiot.

    • bad74maverick1
      bad74maverick1 Month ago +1

      @M G Yeah, haven't you ever just sat and enjoyed a vintage rifle or pistol? I don't just keep them in the safe. I get them out and look at them, operate the actions. Who doesn't?
      It's you who doesn't seem to understand, and seem two sided. 99% of people quote that as their top rule, or top 3. You're the first to ever argue the wording of it ever. You said after you check the gun you can do what you want with it, then you chastise me for doing exactly that, enjoying my firearms, which tells me more than enough about who you are and how hypocritical you are. "If you check your gun and you know in that very moment it's unloaded, of course you can treat it as unloaded."
      OMG you have terrible gun safety because you sit on your couch with a checked unloaded gun and enjoy it and it's beauty.
      ROFL yeah what ever, I guess some people need to be that way.

    • bad74maverick1
      bad74maverick1 Month ago +1

      @M G (... and if your gun is out of sight/hand/mind for one second you don't know anymore - that's a given too of course). And that's exactly why rule one is 100% correct. You know that gun is unloaded. until you turn around, I know that's an extreme case but none the less you know what I mean. I also think you are taking the rule a little to literally. You know your own guns, you know when they are and aren't loaded and if you're like me you know if it's loaded down to the brand of cartridge be it Federal, HST, Hornandy, Speer, Ect, even still when you pick up that gun you know is unloaded you check it, even though you know it isn't loaded (You just practiced Rule 1) which also intertwines into rule 2. When you look at your 1911, Glock or M1 and the slide or bolt is locked back, do you still drop the mag and check or peer down into the mag well? I do. That's rule 1. How many times have we heard about people just dropping a slide forward and cambering a weapon and it accidentally going off? quite a few. but not too often either.
      So when I say treat ever weapon as if it were loaded whether you know it is or it isn't, doesn't mean after you check it you can't mess with it or clean it or anything like that. Hell I watch war movies on my couch while messing with my M1 or my 1911 or my 41' Johnson rifle. So why don't I say "UNTIL" you know it isn't. because too many people violate rule 2 after they have checked it, and it is unloaded and point it at things they shouldn't. Then it becomes a very dangerous bad habit.

    • bad74maverick1
      bad74maverick1 Month ago +1

      @M G That's asinine! you treat every gun as if it were loaded whether you know it is or isn't! You are taking it WAAAY too literally with your "decocking" and "cleaning" statement and I think you know it! You treat every gun as if it were loaded even when you know it isn't. I.E. don't point it at anything you don't intend to shoot (it's part of rule 2 which is a fail safe for rule one)!
      And do you know why? Because it's the time you KNOW it isn't loaded and your pointing at something you shouldn't is when it goes off! when a gun is unloaded you still maintain muzzle discipline, and check your surroundings. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger off the trigger unless testing the mechanism, all are part of rule one!
      Come on man these aren't my rules these are the golden rules of gun ownership. If you ever own a gun these will be drilled into you and you will understand.
      Rule one is by far the most important, if all other rules are ignored but the first, the chance of someone getting hurt is almost negligible.

  • John Haley
    John Haley Month ago +23

    What a good Democrat. Never take responsibility for your failures. The cause had to be racism, global warming, or Trump.

  • Jax 77
    Jax 77 Month ago +15

    Once an Actor.................always an Actor.

  • Zee
    Zee Month ago +25

    He looks like he hasn’t had a good nights rest since this happened

    • phantomreaver85
      phantomreaver85 Month ago

      @Jaffar yea as said someone with ptsd isn't gonna go on television interviews to talk about the act that supposedly caused their ptsd after such an insanely short amount of time.

      Any truly bad experience can cause it but not with everyone but when it happens it leaves lasting triggers in your mind, when something activates those triggers its like you are reliving the entire moment all over again as if it was the first time...all the same feeling rush back and for a few moments you are literally like a prisoner of your own memories.

    • Girl Has No Name
      Girl Has No Name Month ago +2

      Well the woman he shot got a permanent nap. Hope he never gets a good nights sleep again.

    • Jaffar
      Jaffar Month ago

      @M G The word "crazy" wasn't the appropriate word. I meant "Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"

    • Jaffar
      Jaffar Month ago +2

      @M G Did you kill someone before? Even a trained soldier will become crazy after the war ends

    • Deedee
      Deedee Month ago +1

      To me he’s always looked like that

  • Joe Brands
    Joe Brands Month ago +13

    So, he had a single action revolver. Only one question then on how it happened. Was Alec Baldwin holing the gun that "went off" and killed someone? If the answer to that question is yes, then Alec Baldwin is responsible for that persons death, PERIOD.

    • AA
      AA Month ago +2


  • Deighton S
    Deighton S Month ago +15

    Nice try Alec, too hard to believe that your life-long hot-tempered self didn't point & pull that trigger, who came up with that defense? ridiculous! Own it & accept the consequences!

  • skipp
    skipp Month ago +3

    But it didn't "happen" to you, Alec. It happened to an innocent woman who lost her life. It happened to a young boy who lost his mother. It happened to a young husband and father who lost his wife and mother of his child. Nothing "happened" to you, Alec.

  • AvniStar
    AvniStar Month ago +3

    This interview makes him sound more suspicious. I think he did intend to shoot someone. He’s purposefully trying to create this victim persona

  • ikas808
    ikas808 Month ago +1

    You literally have to break 2 of the 4 basic gun safety thats taught in a gun safety course for begginers. There are 8 other safety rules that follow like. Know the condition or your firearm or make sure your using the correct ammunition. The person who hild the gun is the person responsible for whatever happens

  • Eric Douglas
    Eric Douglas Month ago +16

    No one throws easier softballs to guilty liberals than George Stephanopoulos

  • salma al-shaoily
    salma al-shaoily Month ago +69

    Alec twitted in 2017, "How it must feel to wrongfully kill someone" fast forward few years later he's allegedly accused of doing same thing that is eerie as hell. I just find it just crazy eerie coincidence.

    • Cricket Aus
      Cricket Aus Month ago

      @Marinatyr Those family is just corrupt as DC politicians. They got get paid 🤑🤑🤑🤑 and Alec is now white washing using liberal trash medias. More interviews are incoming.

    • Lone Prepper
      Lone Prepper Month ago

      @poets dreams “poetic anti-gunner justice”

    • 650Wendy
      650Wendy Month ago

      @Marinatyr so how do you know he was paid?

    • Kenneth Raymond Moore
      Kenneth Raymond Moore Month ago +1

      @sij 80 That's called irony.

    • poets dreams
      poets dreams Month ago

      @sij 80 I man I completely agree.
      However I was not speaking about Halyna Hutchins. I very much hope that family gets proper justice and the man that shot her locked up in prison.
      Please go back and read the very first initial comment that was directed toward Alec Baldwin and his past 2017 statement he made.
      My comment is a reply to THAT question. One person commented Karma. I replied poetic justice.

  • jorejaha
    jorejaha Month ago +2

    Show me the footage of him holding it otherwise I say this is a cover-up. He is guilty of negligent homicide.

  • Lars Dahlen
    Lars Dahlen Month ago +25

    Revolvers do not just go off.
    You must pull the hammer back and pull the trigger .
    Tho only way to hit something is to point at it.

    • Your arse is mine
      Your arse is mine Month ago

      @Adam Davis
      Ah yes you’re right, wtf is going on, why the bloody hell would he pull the trigger

    • AA
      AA Month ago

      @Your arse is mine - BS

    • Adam Davis
      Adam Davis Month ago +1

      @Your arse is mine renowned for firing by themselves isn't quite the case

      Standard practice was to load five and leave one empty as the firing pin was integrated into the hammer. This with a live round under the hammer it had a chance to fire if struck sharply or got caught on something

      Imagine on horseback or carriage everything bouncing around. There's where the risk was and why many only carried 5 vs 6 shots

      However. It takes considerable impact for this to happen. Alec would have had to have been slapping the gun or smacking a rock against it for this malfunction to occur.

      When the gun is resting there isn't enough pressure to ignite the primer and let a round go off

    • Your arse is mine
      Your arse is mine Month ago

      Wasn't it a Colt SAA? Those things are renowned for firing by themselves.

    • T R
      T R Month ago +2

      It was a single action gun also, it needed its hammer cocked to fire.

  • ImVeryFatAlso O
    ImVeryFatAlso O Month ago +36

    You know what Alec, billions of people didn’t pull the trigger but you did.

  • Bruce Parker
    Bruce Parker Month ago +25

    By saying that he didn't pull the trigger on a single action revolver, he's made things much worse for himself.

    • basket of deplorables
      basket of deplorables Month ago +1

      @Adam Willis this was not a modern firearm. It was a replica of a colt single action army, which is well over 100 years old. Most of the replicas were made exactly like the originals. There are some that they did put the extra safety in(transfer bar) the replicas. Don’t know which one was used in this situation though.

    • Adam Willis
      Adam Willis Month ago

      @Juanita Chronowski I can not think of a single action revolver that was made in the last 70 years which would be able to fire from the hammer alone. Modern firearms have safety mechanisms in place to prevent that exact scenario. Even if that wasn't the case (which it is), he would be just as responsible for manipulating the hammer as he would be for pulling the trigger. Either way, it would be a highly negligent thing to do with a gun pointed at someone.

    • Adam Willis
      Adam Willis Month ago +1

      @Dilbertron As a mental health professional that specializes in bullshit, I believe that other mental health professional is full of shit.

      In all seriousness, it's irrelevant whether or not Baldwin has done the necessary mental gymnastics to convince himself that a single action revolver just 'went off' in his hand with no interaction on his part, and that it coincidentally cocked back and fired on it's own at the exact moment that he was pointing it at someone.

      What matters is that his current excuse has no basis in reality, and reality doesn't reconfigure itself based on the amount of trauma an individual has endured. He may very may have deluded himself into legitimately believing his own nonsense but that has no bearing on his guilt or innocence.

      The bottom line is, that guy requires two distinct human inputs in order for a bullet to be fired from it. To suggest that it just spontaneously fired while he had it pointed at another human, without any physical interaction on his part is an insult to all of our intelligence.

    • Juanita Chronowski
      Juanita Chronowski Month ago +1

      That is what I was thinking you can fire those thing from the hammer with hardly any pressure on those triggers. It is how they get hair triggers fired. Pulling that hammer back IS firing a single action gun.

    • Dilbertron
      Dilbertron Month ago +1

      @Sami Khamash So you are saying you know more about mental health than this person? Cool

  • Big Daddy Kane
    Big Daddy Kane Month ago +12

    He's a liar! Guns don't go off by themselves.

    • T J
      T J Month ago +1

      @Big Daddy Kane I suppose time will tell what he meant by that statement.

    • Big Daddy Kane
      Big Daddy Kane Month ago +2

      @T J I don't think it was intentional, however, it was reckless and irresponsible. Unfortunately a woman is dead because of Baldwin. To say he never pulled the trigger is a lie and Baldwin was probably told to say that from his lawyer. He deserves a few years in prison for his reckless actions that resulted in a death.

    • Tsuki to Hoshi
      Tsuki to Hoshi Month ago

      Old Revolver does, theres a problem with a hammer of it. And sometimes guns shoot when you drop it.

      Who expects a live gun on set?🤔 The Armourer should have directly warned.

    • Robert Butler
      Robert Butler Month ago

      @Steven Rivers easy I'm pulling my trigger all the time.

    • Steven Rivers
      Steven Rivers Month ago +1

      @T J But how does a gun pull its own trigger. Come on. gimme a break.

  • Docteur Doome
    Docteur Doome Month ago +6

    This is going to be the best Lifetime documentary ever!

  • Stratmaniac
    Stratmaniac Month ago +2

    He knows his ass is gonna get sued for alot of money 💰 he's making this interview and try to get everyone to believe him his attorney coached him threw this whole interview if he didn't pull the trigger or do any action to the gun she would still be alive Alec great actor putting it on displays here 😪😪😪😢

  • Kevin Dugan
    Kevin Dugan Month ago +13

    Let's not forget how Baldwin talked about Cheney after the shooting. Keeping in mind Cheney didn't kill.
    Baldwin had nothing nice to say about VP Cheney and was loud about having him put in jail.
    Do not let this liar get away with this

  • Jim F
    Jim F Month ago +1

    these two both deserve an emmy!!!!!!!

  • Bmrjkt xxVid
    Bmrjkt xxVid Month ago +18

    Alec Baldwin: " I didn't step on the gas pedal, the car sped off on its own."

    • Michelle
      Michelle Month ago

      This is perfect 👍🏼

    • 747Heavy Boeing
      747Heavy Boeing Month ago +1

      "I didn't call my daughter a pig the phone did"

  • Lone Prepper
    Lone Prepper Month ago +27

    I just love the stage lighting🤣🤣🤣 “I didn’t pull the trigger”….the gun demon pulled the trigger😉. Apparently he’s too stupid to know that the firearm can be inspected and test fired , since it seems he’s going to be using the “ghostly discharge”

    • Jean-Marie Etienne
      Jean-Marie Etienne Month ago

      @Ray He said so and with no consequence because he's Drumpf .

    • My Emperor
      My Emperor Month ago +2

      Trump did it... Let's go Baldwin.

    • Ray
      Ray Month ago +3

      @Philip Martin Trump fired the gun!

    • Philip Martin
      Philip Martin Month ago +7

      Apparently he is auditioning for the role of Sgt Schulz. " I saw nothing! I know nothing"

  • Frankie Bruan
    Frankie Bruan Month ago +5

    The guy has a history of telling people holding cameras that he is going to murder them...Karma is a beach.

  • Don't Care
    Don't Care Month ago +72

    He's a good acter. Crying without tears it never ends with this guy.

    • Lone Prepper
      Lone Prepper Month ago +1

      Hence the staged lighting!

    • nick
      nick Month ago +1

      @Dismal Just a martass Dsmal.

    • P K
      P K Month ago +2

      @smtbigelow just like bullies will pick on anything on others.

    • smtbigelow
      smtbigelow Month ago +8

      @Dismal When you don’t have an argument, default to spelling.

    • Tom Beacher
      Tom Beacher Month ago +6

      Call them what they are, professional liars

  • praizzzeGod
    praizzzeGod Month ago +4

    I guess what he's saying is He shot the sherif but didn't shoot the deputy

  • Ellie C
    Ellie C Month ago +28

    Must be really hard interview an actor and know whether they’re lying or not. 🤔

    • scott shannon
      scott shannon Month ago +1

      Trust me ABC doesn't care if he's lying. They probably told him what to say.

    • poets dreams
      poets dreams Month ago +1

      @Abandonedin Afghanistan I agree with you dude. Baldwin should not have pointed said gun at anyone. Period. And he did in fact pull the trigger. Funny how now he claims he didn’t pull the trigger. There are about 7 people who WITNESSED him pulling the trigger and shooting the woman.
      Baldwin is trying to keep from getting sued and arrested. And man he’s laying it on real thick. This is called (bad) ACTING. Hope he’s arrested soon. And convicted.

    • Abandonedin Afghanistan
      Abandonedin Afghanistan Month ago +1

      @UC_VPXRNs4Fe4KpVfhUbI2rA imagine being the fucking idiot who pointed a gun at someone, and pressed the trigger without checking to see if it was loaded.
      And the people at TheXvid need to look at the comment I'm replying to, before they delete my account

    • gtas321
      gtas321 Month ago +1

      Imagine being an actor who didn't internd on killing anyone and was just doing camera shots as usual but some fucking idiot put live ammunition in the gun?

    • iTzYoMaster
      iTzYoMaster Month ago +2

      The interviewer talks about Alec telling him everything that happen but doesn't what happened. Why doesn't he say what happened? Why did he point the gun at her? Why wait until now to say he didn't pull the trigger?

  • Jamie
    Jamie Month ago +17

    He's a great actor what do you expect

  • Moira Rae
    Moira Rae Month ago +2

    Praying for you Alec, I know your cut up over it, I too would be.. you gotta be strong man, God's got this, and whoever did do this is seriously in deep shit with God man. So sad for you Alec...but everything will be will be..

  • MoOn ChiLd
    MoOn ChiLd Month ago +16

    I believe Alec must be absolutely traumatized by this event.

    • Qron Tron
      Qron Tron Month ago +2

      He still did it!

    • Kenneth Raymond Moore
      Kenneth Raymond Moore Month ago +2

      Evidently to the point of stupidity. If I were his attorney I would have resigned after how much he keeps running his mouth when he's in legal hot water.

  • Luis
    Luis Month ago +1

    “The trigger pulled itself.”
    -Alec Baldwin, 2021

  • Freedom Patriot
    Freedom Patriot Month ago +44

    Poor gun safety practices can kill....he blames someone for bringing a bullet on...but he can only blame himself for not checking the gun and for pulling the trigger.

    • Mason Horsley
      Mason Horsley Month ago

      @My Emperor I'm not attacking you, I'm pointing out inconsistencies in your argument

    • My Emperor
      My Emperor Month ago

      @Mason Horsley Also, I can't like my own comments... 3 times... grow a brain.

    • My Emperor
      My Emperor Month ago +1

      @Mason Horsley I don't like my comments or anyone's comments.

      I iterated what I said because you obviously are not a lawyer and clueless about the law...

      As for your baseless attacks, have someone intelligent explain the following to you:

      "When a debate is lost, baseless accusations become the tool of the loser."

    • Mason Horsley
      Mason Horsley Month ago

      @My Emperor stop liking your own comment, mate, it doesn't strengthen your argument. Also doesn't help to repeat your argument. Its clearly an open and shut case of incompetency, if the woman had done her job right, she could have prevented this, however, if she did her job right and this incident happened regardless, then your argument may have relevancy

    • My Emperor
      My Emperor Month ago +1

      @Mason Horsley BOTH are responsible... mostly Baldwin (shooter and producer).

      Life and death maybe a game for woke folks like you and Baldwin... For normal people, you should never point a gun at anyone you don't intend to legally kill (in self-defense, for example)... If, for any woke reason, you don't intend to kill, make sure the gun you're recklessly pointing at anyone does NOT have a bullet... This homicide is either reckless homicide (60 years) or intentional homicide (life without the possibility of parole.

  • moroccoboy
    moroccoboy Month ago +23

    Wow this trailer looks so good! Cant wait for the movie

    • soyhard deren
      soyhard deren Month ago +1

      xD i just thought that this is all a bit too sensationalistic... "I didn't pull the Trigger" BAM Coming Soon... what does this even mean... on the one hand i want to belive baldwin, on the other hand it may sound like something that his lawyer said he should say. i dont know

  • Liquid_Shadow
    Liquid_Shadow Month ago +4

    Give this man an oscar. Great acting!!!

  • Girl Has No Name
    Girl Has No Name Month ago +15

    "I would never point a gun at someone and pull the trigger" Well Alec, there are at least a half dozen movies you starred in in the past that show you ....Pointing a gun at people and pulling the trigger. His lawyer must be pooping himself lol.

    • Martin W
      Martin W Month ago


      "NO camera angle made that gun kill the lady. He had to be pointing it at her when he pulled the tigger."

      As I said, down the lens perspective is common in movies. But in this case the weapon was probably traveling in an arc, as Baldwin was practicing a cross draw. Could have been discharged at any point in that arc. So not necessarily deliberately pointing at anyone.

      And of course he claims he didn't pull the trigger. You can decide for yourself if you believe that but I did read an interesting comment from someone yesterday, who told of an experience his friend had with a holstered single action pistol. The hammer got caught on something and was pulled part way back. Far enough to have enough impact to discharge the bullet but not far enough to lock in place. So I think it its possible that Baldwin didn't pull the trigger.

      You see, before we cast blame on anyone (which is easy to do on social media) we should consider that this stuff is not as simple as many think. There's lots of complexity to deal with. So until the final report is in and we have the facts, we wont really know. So I think we should refrain from placing blame for now.

    • Martin W
      Martin W Month ago

      @Ivan Krushensky

      " is it common to point a gun at the cinematographer and/or director??"

      Baldwin was practising a "cross draw" so we can speculate that the gun was traveling in an arc. So not necessarily pointing at anyone. It could have discharged randomly at any point in that arc. Hammers can get caught on clothing or other obstructions and be partially pulled back but not enough to lock in place.

      I'm speculating of course.

    • AA
      AA Month ago +1

      @Martin W - the bullet traveled directly at where he pointed it

    • AA
      AA Month ago +1

      @Martin W NO camera angle made that gun kill the lady. He had to be pointing it at her when he pulled the tigger.

    • Ivan Krushensky
      Ivan Krushensky Month ago +1

      @Martin W is it common to point a gun at the cinematographer and/or director??

  • Mr Nashville Talks • Larry Ferguson Host

    I bet her family loves seeing this on tv. Sad.

  • Craig Finnegan
    Craig Finnegan Month ago +21

    Another reason for Baldwin to keep his mouth shut now - even in saying the "right thing" he's asking for serious trouble if it doesn't match with other "right things" he's already said. Clearly he's succumbed to the temptation to defy reality to try to save his conscience, image and career. This reeks of contrived. The TV network, which Baldwin has too many past ties with, is obviously implicit in this mini-propaganda effort. As for Baldwin not pulling the trigger, bullets don't fire by spontaneous combustion, and Baldwin's a little too old for immaculate discharge. The good news is that we all get to see him squirm, Hollywood-style.

    • phantomreaver85
      phantomreaver85 Month ago

      Nah dude has no conscience to save its all about the image. Hence the fake as hell crying with none of the associated body language.

  • Ronbo710
    Ronbo710 Month ago +1

    He goes from *"Who gave me a hot gun?"* to *"I didn't pull the trigger."* Yeah right Al

  • Moira Rae
    Moira Rae Month ago

    God Bless Alec. God's with You and your Family

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk Month ago

    Man 1...was on the table. Thanks to the ABC interview; 2nd or 1st degree murder definitely being filed (IMO).

    1. He verbally spoke out each step of the
    murder to "appear" not to
    know what he was doing.
    2. Had a "shooters" grip on a weapon. Strong
    enough; to absorb the "kick-back".
    3. Proved mental anticipation. A person not
    expecting a BANG! from a "revolver" (Big
    flash no suppression..smoke) would drop
    the weapon.
    4. Failed to render AID. Continued to control the
    the weapon after he killed her. Classic
    involuntary act of someone with intent.
    5. "What just happened!" repeated 3x. Looking
    around to fake surprise. Again, victim not on
    his all.

    Body language experts can tell the victim and Baldwin had something going on. Our non-blind butts noticed the photographs all had the pair
    together. Somebody could not take no for an
    answer or "blackmail"? Hence; the appearance the movie was the prop for murder.

  • Stella Morton
    Stella Morton Month ago +9

    He got on camera TO CRY AND NO OTHER REASON.

  • Jemand
    Jemand Month ago +14

    The explanation how he shot someone without pointing the gun or even pulling the trigger is pretty easy:
    The victim ran towards the gun at the speed of a normal bullet while the bullet fell out of the gun horizontally by accident.

    • Pretty Good Lookin
      Pretty Good Lookin Month ago

      @Amanda How do you feel about Donald J Trump ?

    • Crouching Tiger
      Crouching Tiger Month ago +2

      @Ana Lukic You disturbed pleb. There is nothing funny about any of it.

    • Amanda
      Amanda Month ago +2

      He's a good person who needs to be forgiven--mistakes could happen to any of us--actors have nothing to do with props so I am fully confused as to why he is being blamed at all for this horrible accident . Seems he has bad attorneys ill-advising him. Remember--we will be accused at the rate (and more-so) by which we accuse. Everyone in this story now needs love and prayers. Not hatred and judgement.

    • Pretty Good Lookin
      Pretty Good Lookin Month ago +1


  • Teresa Foster
    Teresa Foster Month ago +7

    Interesting so the weapon just went off by itself? At the very least as one of the Producers he and his 2 Co Producers are accountable for this tragedy.

  • Joboo Luvs
    Joboo Luvs Month ago +1

    What a liar plain and simple he won’t take responsibility he’s a coward

  • W K
    W K Month ago

    What fantastic acting! Like OMG!! This guy is a, total POS!!! I just hope he is held accountable to his actions! Because I don't give a 🤬 what he says, he killed 1 & almost killed another human being! We need to put him in prison, where he can entertain the incarcerated. For the next 30 years!

  • Nicholas Garrick
    Nicholas Garrick Month ago +17

    Politics aside they weren't even supposed to be live gun on set. Someone has some explaining to do.

    • Itsbeencoldlately
      Itsbeencoldlately Month ago

      *Cough* hannah gutierrez reed

    • Frankie Bruan
      Frankie Bruan Month ago

      Nah, they are going to sweep this under the rug, pay the family off, MSM will continue fluff pieces and Alec will be unironically calling 2A supporters murders within a month or so.

    • Kathleen Hebert
      Kathleen Hebert Month ago +2

      yeah he does have some explaining to do! Like why did you pull the trigger without checking the gun first? Not to mention the fact that the same didn’t call for shooting the gun!

  • Rick Cimino
    Rick Cimino Month ago +1

    I love the guy, I really do but one question I have is that a couple weeks ago when he confronted the media in Vermont he said he was not able to answer questions that the police had told him not to talk about the case. Yet here he is. Has something changed? Or is it that he has set the agenda so now he's speaking out?

  • Stoic Savage
    Stoic Savage Month ago +2

    This is the same as saying he drove his car without starting it.... pity he's such a bad actor

  • Muthrfuqrjonz
    Muthrfuqrjonz Month ago +4

    And you killed her !!!

    Being funny has its consequences lefty !!!

  • American Dreamer
    American Dreamer Month ago +25

    Such a great actor! Oscar worthy performance!

    • John LA
      John LA Month ago +2

      @natalie Walton Nothing ... Still a murderer.

    • natalie Walton
      natalie Walton Month ago

      So, you think hes cool with what happened??? What would he gain by killing her???

    • Alexander Nev
      Alexander Nev Month ago

      B movie at best. No Oscar's here folks. Just alot more bad acting.

    • American Dreamer
      American Dreamer Month ago +2

      @JAY9CTC hopefully they lock up that red Ford Focus in Waukesha for driving through that parade! 🚗

    • JAY9CTC
      JAY9CTC Month ago +2

      @American Dreamer so do knives and cars and bats I know a few that are locked up, my best friend is a katana ⚔️

  • Wayne *
    Wayne * Month ago +8

    So, he didn't pull the trigger? Does anyone believe that?

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago

      He needs to hire Alex Jones as council

    • Joel Valdez
      Joel Valdez Month ago +2

      Nope. No we do not.

    • iTzYoMaster
      iTzYoMaster Month ago +3

      Why don't they say what happened? He pointed it at her but didn't pull the trigger? It just happen to go off when he pointed it at her? Like come on man!

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman Month ago +1

    It's mechanically impossible for the hammer to come in contact with the firing pin and ignite the cartridge unless the trigger is depressed. He pulled the trigger, whether he realizes it or not.

    • Pastel blue
      Pastel blue Month ago +1

      And it’s not rocket science. He should just fess up and take an ah-sh*t on this one.

  • Made to Crusade
    Made to Crusade Month ago +8

    So now the gun just went off on its own😂 this is getting ridiculous

  • Agent 47 MAVRICK
    Agent 47 MAVRICK Month ago +8

    Best acting he's done yet

  • Wendell Shelton
    Wendell Shelton Month ago

    At the end this reporter tells all the great things about his interview and his years of experience with interviewing, don’t know that I believe his personal reenactment of who Alec Baldwin is, how many interviews has he done with

  • Jerome Jackson
    Jerome Jackson Month ago +42

    Let’s not forget he’s an actor. If he didn’t pull the trigger then who did?

    • Cody Taylor
      Cody Taylor Month ago

      @natalie Walton LA Times had an article on reports from crew members a month ago. Have to actually follow stories rather than listen to millionaires that are paid to lie.

    • Bolt Lightening
      Bolt Lightening Month ago +4

      @natalie Walton I know how it did not happen. Firearms do not point themselves and go

    • Andrew Wiggin
      Andrew Wiggin Month ago

      Orange Man?

    • natalie Walton
      natalie Walton Month ago

      How da fuk do you know that happened the way you claimed??

    • Cody Taylor
      Cody Taylor Month ago +1

      @natalie Walton no one says or claims he meant to. It's a question of how careless he was. He's lying about pulling the trigger, he was a producer on a film that had many complaints/concerns of safety, and he pointed a gun at the camera crew leading to ending one's life and injuring another. People can blame the armorer all they want, but Baldwin's company hired her, he didn't check the weapon, and he was careless.

  • Kelly Conroy
    Kelly Conroy Month ago +53

    This is the best acting he's ever done.

    • Kelly Conroy
      Kelly Conroy Month ago +2

      @Mario Garay You must be easily amused.

    • Mike Walker
      Mike Walker Month ago +4

      @Mario Garay everything woke turns to shit

    • Mario Garay
      Mario Garay Month ago +1

      No his snl trump acting is the best

  • Alicia Brown
    Alicia Brown Month ago

    I would have waited a bit more to do this interview maybe after after all the legal situations were over. This is just opening the wounds again!

  • drgrdrg
    drgrdrg Month ago +4

    waiting for more hilarious episodes of “Match Game”
    looking forward to more spot-on impressions on SNL
    come on -> ABC & Disney // NBC & Comcast

    BUBBLE GUM GANGSTER Month ago +10

    The title is called Alec Baldwin unscripted because it’s sooo scripted lmao

    • Bmrjkt xxVid
      Bmrjkt xxVid Month ago

      Noticed when Alec Baldwin cried, no tears.

  • Milo X
    Milo X Month ago

    Here's the thing. Single action firearms have to be manually cocked and then fired. Doing this in combination with a quick draw requires a great deal of practice as the trigger discipline is much more difficult to master with all of the activity. I was onsite when a man drew his handgun from a holster too quickly for his ability, put his finger on the trigger inadvertently and fired a slug into his thigh. Clearly Baldwin didn't intend to fire the gun and maybe he didn't even intend to the pull the trigger. But he clearly cocked it and pulled the trigger. But the cardinal sin here is not pulling the trigger. It's pointing a firearm at someone, especially on a gun he did not personally clear.

  • W K
    W K Month ago

    What fantastic acting! Like OMG!! This guy is a, total POS!!! I just hope he is held accountable ror his actions! Because I don't give a 🤬 what he says, he killed 1 & almost killed another human being! We need to put him in prison, where he can entertain the incarcerated, for the next 30 years!

  • Bekah Phil
    Bekah Phil Month ago +23

    Whose ever in charge of props should be held responsible!

    • Steven Rivers
      Steven Rivers Month ago

      @Tammie Page They have been doing that since the start of this🙄

    • Steven Rivers
      Steven Rivers Month ago

      @Tammie Page They have been doing that since the start of this🙄

    • exponent mantissa
      exponent mantissa Month ago +1

      Ultimately the director and producers are accountable. It happened on their site under their management by a person that they hired.

    • Tammie Page
      Tammie Page Month ago +1

      That’s the thing they need to investigate that person whoever does the props they need to investigate them

  • Woody Allen
    Woody Allen Month ago +17

    Alec: I didn’t pull the trigger!! It was a ray gun like the ones on Star Trek. Those don’t have triggers.
    George: So u vaporized her??

    • MrBdiddypop
      MrBdiddypop Month ago +3

      Yeah, he didn’t pull the trigger. The bullet just decided to come out of the gun on its own. This guy can’t take an ounce of accountability.

    • LegendLength
      LegendLength Month ago

      In theory it's possible that the quantum states aligned in superposition and caused the trigger to pull back by itself. And then for the gun to aim itself at the directors.

  • Itsbeencoldlately
    Itsbeencoldlately Month ago +5

    Alec 💔 I’m still with you!! Praying for Helena’s family too

    • Pirate King Thaszar
      Pirate King Thaszar Month ago

      @Gilbeau 52 gun safety rules 1 and 2: Always treat a firearm as if it is loaded and never point a firearm at something you do not intend to destroy. Alec deserves every ounce of heat he is getting.

    • Gilbeau 52
      Gilbeau 52 Month ago +1

      I’m conservative and never cared for his politics but I don’t think he deserves this. He’s going through hell over this and people don’t realize that. Guns go off accidentally all the time. This feels like a witch hunt against him. Especially since someone put live ammunition on the set and they can’t explain why it was anywhere near there.

    • Gilbeau 52
      Gilbeau 52 Month ago +1

      I’m conservative and never cared for his politics but I don’t think he deserves this. He’s going through hell over this and people don’t realize that. Guns go off accidentally all the time. This feels like a witch hunt against him. Especially since someone put live ammunition on the set and they can’t explain why it was anywhere near there.

  • mtmta2009
    mtmta2009 Month ago +2

    If Alec said he didnt pull the trigger then we should believe him.

    Believe all Baldwins.

  • Ashlee Thompson
    Ashlee Thompson Month ago +2

    Never trust prop guns just like Brandon Lee while filming the crow movie 😖

  • Casey Creason
    Casey Creason Month ago +12

    You may have been to inebriated to know what you're pulling the trigger or not. The video tape will tell the true story.
    Everything to say will be used against you in the upcoming Court trial.

    • Casey Creason
      Casey Creason Month ago

      @Ed Lo Presti they originally said they were video taping. According to the first report on this. None of this BS matters. He had responsibility (anyone who knows anything about gun safety) to personally check the gun himself that it was not loaded with live ammo. All this is about trying to divert responsibility away from him.
      He should have been arrested the day it happened. Anybody else would have been under the same circumstances. At the absolute minimum it's involuntary manslaughter.

    • Ed Lo Presti
      Ed Lo Presti Month ago

      I don't believe there is video tape of the shooting. And there were no set cameras filming at this time - the objective being solely to check camera angles and related. Alec wasn't supposed to draw the firearm at this time.

  • Bracan
    Bracan Month ago +7

    One of the two: he is speaking the truth of "not being guilty", or he is gonna win the OSCAR and LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT , for the BEST PERFORMANCE OF HIS LIFE. ( liar). Hate me. But I don't believe he is telling the truth

  • He Who Shall Remain Genderless

    It’s hard to believe a gun fired without a trigger pull from the active possessor of that firearm. We are already to believe that the location and timing of the shot to be one in a trillion and on top of that it came from a gun that wasn’t initiated by the active possessor?

    I don’t blame Alec for anything in this interview, and we can’t know the proper information to truly blame him personally for the shooting. But as for this interview it all seems like legal counsel advised talking points. “I never pulled the trigger”, “that bullet shouldn’t have even been on the set”, etc…

    It all seems oriented towards maintaining a level of separation of blame for the Producer and overall manager of the set and film, Mr. Baldwin. And I think it’s a sensible maneuver. Probably effective as well.

    There is already a degree of sympathy revolving around this case in the air so to speak for Mr. Baldwin, thought some journalists are sort of feigning a hard nose stance on this because of the public outcry. I also understand Alec has his own share of detractors based on his past activities and treatment of others, as well as a certain role he played on Saturday nights from time to time. That’s all meaningless as to the legality of his responsibility here. I don’t think it requires much to ensure no legitimate charges be brought here, and these answers seem to be geared toward ushering that likelihood to its destination.

    I do however see a potential lawsuit and settlement. And someone’s gotta pay. A woman lost her life. So needless.

    RIP Helena

  • NO.
    NO. Month ago +1

    Charges need to be made

  • Doherty 2jz
    Doherty 2jz Month ago

    Imagine, not knowing how to clear a firearm IRL (handgun) and using one to "shoot someone" in a movie

  • Soul Quest Healing Music

    So he didn't pull the trigger.
    In the next interview, he will say he wasn't holding the gun.
    The interview after that, he was in Vegas, nowhere near the set.