RazörFist Arcade: HITMAN 2

  • Published on Dec 9, 2018
  • Sean Bean Must Die!
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  • Bobcat
    Bobcat 2 months ago

    Crouching against the wall, elite edition.

  • High Brow Comedy
    High Brow Comedy 4 months ago

    Switch exclusive deadly premonition 2

  • Random WhittyName
    Random WhittyName 8 months ago

    Ugh, this game is a challenge more of patience then anything else.

  • MusicisLife8393
    MusicisLife8393 11 months ago

    Games moving into Skyrim < games moving into Witcher territory. I see no problem with games (RPGs) moving into Witcher territory lol. I'd have more problems with games moving into Skyrim territory.

  • MusicisLife8393
    MusicisLife8393 11 months ago

    Which Punisher are they talking about? Season 1 is amazing. Season 2 is good but not as good as 1.

  • IronPiedmont1996
    IronPiedmont1996 Year ago +2

    My favorite historical general would be Nathan Bedford Forrest.

  • Derrick Bonsell
    Derrick Bonsell Year ago +1

    I got to Episode 2 of Punisher. God I love the genius hacker trope /s

  • S Ø R E N
    S Ø R E N Year ago

    The racecar lady looks so much like a pretty Megyn Kelley, its kinda scary.

  • 1389
    1389 Year ago

    What about Trancers, Tremors, Phantasm they all have bunch of films in series

  • Goku MGTOW
    Goku MGTOW Year ago

    love razor fist game play full punisher style

  • Muck006
    Muck006 Year ago +2

    1:47:00 "Running pew pew sticks to the french" is easy ... just buy the Kalashnikovs at the factory in the Balkans (they are not yet in the EU [cant remember which country] BUT the EU is greedy and WANTS that country to join, just like Ukraine) and smuggle them across the EU border. The terrorists do it and it has been proven easy by journalists too.

  • Muck006
    Muck006 Year ago

    1:20:20 Actually the question will be ... "Have I c(u/o)me yet?"

  • Muck006
    Muck006 Year ago +2

    Shouldnt you be wearing a ski mask? This shaven white head is making hiding in the dark a bit harder.

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva Year ago +1

    The audio quality on these first target's voices is horrible, what the hell??

    KAOS NATION Year ago

    29:45 What is that? What kind of nonsense ability is that? Looking through walls? So tired of modern AAA games.

  • Nick the Italian Mick

    Album of the year for me is Immortal-Northern Chaos Gods

  • Mute Gamer
    Mute Gamer Year ago +1

    This stream convinced me to buy this game plus the legacy pack so I can play both.

  • neuemage
    neuemage Year ago +2

    Can you play Minecraft with STYX??

  • Dovah Kanye
    Dovah Kanye Year ago +2


  • Tadokat
    Tadokat Year ago

    As much as I love blasting Firepower, Thunderbolt is clearly the superior imo. Far more variety in the style and has better consistency in quality throughout the album. Though I will say that the peaks in Firepower were greater than the peaks in Thunderbolt.

  • Steffen Bolz
    Steffen Bolz Year ago +1

    Raz0rfist, couldn't the Timothy Olyphant play Garret? He's about the right age and he's a terrific actor, the first hit man movie was "meh" but I still bought and have watched it since because he made it decent.

  • keller blair
    keller blair Year ago +3

    On a sad note Mr Perfects father Larry the Axe henning died yesterday he was 82

  • Frank F
    Frank F Year ago


  • Dossie Bigham
    Dossie Bigham Year ago

    Hey Razor have you heard or seen the trailer & pre alpha gameplay for Ad Infinitum a WWI horror game being developed by a small German studio strix labs i believe is how its spelled?

  • Zeebor Garreckel
    Zeebor Garreckel Year ago

    Damn, Razor's reaction to my three part stupidity was cut off. The one night I choose to donate then come back the next day. Well, that was a depressing use of $25.

    • Zeebor Garreckel
      Zeebor Garreckel Year ago

      @The Rageaholic It was just a 3 part break down on how the Game Awards were actually their most tolerable this year for me. Still not good, but it at least fulfilled it's TRUE purpose of being essentially a year-end mini-E3. No one ever cares about awards themselves; personally, the stop-motion fan that is me is still pissed Yoshi's Wooly World and Kirby's Rainbow Curse were never nominated for Art in their years. No, Pope knows it's all about the trailers, and this year I got Crash Team Racing; my first video game ever, back in fancy HD, Koei-Tecmo and Nintendo making a sequel to aMarvel game made by an Activision studio (I'm just curious as to how the fuck that happened), and at the very least someone I voted for actually won their category. SonicFox is bat-shit insane, but dammit if he can't whoop-ass basically blind-folded. That was the original point of the suit: to limit his abilities to show off. The speech? Eh, when was the last time anyone gave a good speech at an awards show?

    • The Rageaholic
      The Rageaholic  Year ago +5

      Sorry about that, man. Repeat it, and I'll do my best to answer here.

  • Magnus Våge
    Magnus Våge Year ago +1


  • Benjamin Rood
    Benjamin Rood Year ago +1

    Darksiders is Joe Mad.

  • speeddemon847
    speeddemon847 Year ago

    Mexico: they camouflage their dictators pretty well
    Well no shit, hiding a brown man in a desert doesn't seem too hard

  • Scowler
    Scowler Year ago +2

    Electric Groove actually describes Hitman pretty well...

  • Sly Mason
    Sly Mason Year ago

    Rat poison will make people sickly depending on the person. You could still die if ingested.

    • NoFlu
      NoFlu Year ago +1

      Also depends on the brand/type of poison.... just good that the Rat Poison production is a monopol in Hitmam......

  • alexsanchezbeato
    alexsanchezbeato Year ago

    Intro Song?

  • Sir ForeverAlone
    Sir ForeverAlone Year ago +2

    Almost forgot. 28:03 -> AAHHH! STUPID SEXY RAZOR!

  • Sir ForeverAlone
    Sir ForeverAlone Year ago

    Geez so many Sabaton questions! What's next, asking about Powerwolf?

  • Domino Godbane
    Domino Godbane Year ago

    Killing people in this fucking game is so much fun lol

  • TrainerRED Charizard

    Yo Razor..can You Play some MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE at somepoint? Or since MK 11 is Coming a MK game?

    • TrainerRED Charizard
      TrainerRED Charizard Year ago

      @SoldierOn Yeah..i meant that would be cool to see razor play MORE of UA.The first one since he has played it already a bit and second one when he can

  • Dean Medcalf
    Dean Medcalf Year ago +3

    Please review insurgency sandstorm on the 12th with mouse and keyboard as expecting greatness. Will see if the developers finally got there.

  • Phil Burnell
    Phil Burnell Year ago +20

    *Internet connection required to access most of Hitman 2
    *Forced to wait 3-9 months (Elusive Targets) to use a freaking suit with gloves
    Glad to see my favorite stealth franchise keeps fucking up.Its a shame because the game looks super solid.

    • Raving Dave
      Raving Dave Year ago

      @Electric Boogie You can just pirate Hitman in ten years then because people can always patch a full inventory into it.

    • Raving Dave
      Raving Dave Year ago

      @Blonde Guy It's even better than definitive edition. I wouldn't worry.

    • Electric Boogie
      Electric Boogie Year ago +2

      @Raving Dave Lmao except we're talking a matter of years. Games you paid for unplayable in a decade or two. That'd be like if you couldn't play Thief 2 right now. How is no game future proof? You will never not be able to emulate Super Mario World unless there literally is no electronics left on earth, so what the fuck do you even mean? It is not rare for online only games to be unplayable a decade after release. Are you really going to forgive that with "we'll all die" as an argument? Are you that much of a fucking sycophant? There is literally zero reason for this shit to be arbitrarily connected to the internet to access most of the game. At least with Steam you can download the game to your machine and permanently keep it on a hard drive and then store it somewhere even if the servers are shut down (if it doesn't have some always online component). There is no reason for a company to make a game that is intentionally unplayable when they inevitably pull the plug, faggot. Being all hostile because I pointed out a fact. You are why video game corporations shit on the consumer with your apologism and brown nosing, constantly giving them positive feedback when they do anti-consumer shit like this.

    • Blonde Guy
      Blonde Guy Year ago

      I've been playing Hitman: definitive edition on the ps4 and I absolutely love it. This one looks off to me for some reason.

    • Raving Dave
      Raving Dave Year ago

      @Electric Boogie One day we'll all become dust and then we'll be fucked. Steam will shut down and then we'll be fucked. Climate change will destroy the Earth and then we'll all be fucked, etc. You didn't exactly respond to what I said, you just said "but what about in the future?!", like no shit we won't be able to play it forever no game is future-proof. Then again, maybe if you actually contributed to the sales they'd be more likely to patch in a full offline mode at the end of its lifespan.

  • The Spaz From Rainman

    fuck I missed it.