F1 2013 Gameplay Monaco 100% Race Lewis Hamilton

  • Published on Oct 6, 2013
  • F1 2013 Gameplay Monaco 100% Race Lewis Hamilton. I have never finished a full race around the streets of Monte Carlo on a Codemasters F1 Game before. Can we do it today?
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  • Bob Scrob
    Bob Scrob 8 days ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Element Black
    Element Black 14 days ago

    Damn it looks weird without the halo

  • dpk
    dpk 24 days ago

    Why does TheXvid recommend me this in 2020

  • Ajwin F1
    Ajwin F1 Month ago +1

    Who is watching in 2020 :)

  • Eron Sebastian Ermino
    Eron Sebastian Ermino Month ago +1

    Thats f1 2012 look at the nose of the car

  • Shivansh Priya
    Shivansh Priya Month ago +2

    I still my remember my first game 😂😂😂 couldn't even count the spins..

  • Max Verstappen
    Max Verstappen 2 months ago +2

    He hasn't changed

  • Xbox Player
    Xbox Player 2 months ago +1

    Ben you sound so young here

  • Brodie
    Brodie 3 months ago +2

    I forget how good this game is

  • Rs9sharkboy 1
    Rs9sharkboy 1 3 months ago

    WhOS Watching iN OcTobor 2019 XD

  • Casey Douds
    Casey Douds 3 months ago


  • Hermann 1111
    Hermann 1111 3 months ago

    the graphics are surprising good

  • Blood-Artist
    Blood-Artist 3 months ago

    The cars acceleration sooo good back in the day

  • Felix
    Felix 4 months ago

    When you play without car damage😑
    So bad

  • MrClawz
    MrClawz 4 months ago

    24:34 R.I.P Jules Bianchi. 1989 - 2015.

  • Louis Guidotti
    Louis Guidotti 4 months ago

    Whoa! 3:00 corner cutter!

  • Frost qwerty
    Frost qwerty 4 months ago

    such a game in 2013? wtf?! I thought it is 2019 XD

  • Zach Boyd
    Zach Boyd 4 months ago

    Still waiting for that cookie.

  • Macauley Plays
    Macauley Plays 4 months ago

    This vid was made at my birthday 🍰 in 2013

  • Jimmy Peeters
    Jimmy Peeters 4 months ago

    Excactly what I thought also:
    "Take it easy in the first corner"-goes three wide
    "Let's make sure to not get involved in any accidents"-proceeds to make contact with basically every car in the field, and the wall
    Bouncing against the wall and pushing against every car to make his way to the front... Not excactly simracing...

  • FE4RR Supreme
    FE4RR Supreme 4 months ago +1

    I'm from the future

  • Kamryn C.
    Kamryn C. 4 months ago


  • Bridget Malme
    Bridget Malme 4 months ago

    I loved this video

  • Nathan Lever
    Nathan Lever 4 months ago

    RIP jules

  • Hitoshi Beats
    Hitoshi Beats 4 months ago

    2019 ?

  • Markus Rustand
    Markus Rustand 4 months ago

    Man getting mad bc the pit crew doing nothing but earlyer in the vid he got a panalty. 🖕😡

  • The Braking Point
    The Braking Point 4 months ago +9

    15:31 Still faster than the Mercedes pitstop in Germany 2019!

  • Machine Man Guys Esports
    Machine Man Guys Esports 4 months ago +1

    Came back 5 years later to just hear this thin teen voice

  • ViPERxMarS
    ViPERxMarS 5 months ago +2

    who got diss recommened diss in 2019, lol

    • Dean Pearce
      Dean Pearce 26 days ago

      ViPERxMarS I’m in 2020 get on my level!

  • je suis fudgeman
    je suis fudgeman 5 months ago

    F1 2013 looks so much weirder than I remember, but its so nostalgic

  • Eva 1
    Eva 1 5 months ago

    It's hard to win at Monaco, right ?
    And it is hard to drive on the rain, right ?
    That's why Senna is the G.O.A.T

  • The gun dog vlog
    The gun dog vlog 5 months ago +1

    Anyone 2019 xD

  • Koby-jack Qqerty
    Koby-jack Qqerty 5 months ago


  • Sporotium Channel
    Sporotium Channel 5 months ago

    Bianchi... F

  • Csanád Kardos
    Csanád Kardos 5 months ago +1

    Oh man seeing Bianchi again brings back memories...


  • Steve Newton
    Steve Newton 5 months ago

    i would predict a 1 stop

  • ItzAyush
    ItzAyush 5 months ago +170

    2013: Nope
    2014: Nope
    2015: Nope
    2016: Nope
    2017: Nope
    2018: Nope

    Edit: Thx for the likes :-)

    • Ivan Alexander Laca Jara
      Ivan Alexander Laca Jara 14 hours ago

      for me its like...

      2013: Nope
      2014: Nope
      2015: Nope
      2016: Nope
      2017: Nope
      2018: Nope
      2019: Nope

      Lol #2020

    • Mr. S.E.A
      Mr. S.E.A 23 days ago

      @Chocolate Rocket he means the youtube recommended

    • Chocolate Rocket
      Chocolate Rocket 3 months ago

      What are you even talking about

    • Mitchell Borg
      Mitchell Borg 3 months ago +1

      That makes no fuckn snese

    • WSD CMK
      WSD CMK 4 months ago +1


  • samsunggalaxy 10
    samsunggalaxy 10 5 months ago +5

    Uploaded in 2013
    Gets recommended in 2019

  • Smeppie Dad
    Smeppie Dad 5 months ago +8

    Why did this come in to my recommend in 2019

  • anonymous gamers
    anonymous gamers 5 months ago +1

    Ofc this is in a lot of ppl's recommended... TheXvid is not biased at all

  • Amos Gee
    Amos Gee 6 months ago +1

    2:59 dude you cut the chicken!1!1!

  • C Man
    C Man 6 months ago +2

    Bought this game in 2013 still did not open it up ......original .wrapping gaming OT tonight ........looks great .....2019 no REASON to even consider buying a PS4 ...

  • Abraman12345
    Abraman12345 6 months ago


  • Burak Uğur Cantekin
    Burak Uğur Cantekin 6 months ago +1

    It's literally 22nd of July 2019, why this 6 years old video is recommended to me. I have relatives who born later than this video man

  • Tibo Mouton
    Tibo Mouton 6 months ago

    ik denk dat hij een pitstop moet maken

  • Johaan Jai Mittra
    Johaan Jai Mittra 6 months ago

    July 2019 ?😂😂

  • matt 32575
    matt 32575 6 months ago +1

    Why is this being recommended to me in July 2019

  • SCOP
    SCOP 6 months ago

    2013 or even 2010 looks more realístic than 2014. Looking to 2014, what i see is plastic toys. The brighty black wheels looks like a toy wheel. Someone feels the same??

  • Pon Dog
    Pon Dog 6 months ago

    Starting watching this thinking it was 2019. Had it on 144p so didnt notice for few seconds. Then heard your voice!!! You sound like a 12 year old!

  • Mateo el Feo
    Mateo el Feo 6 months ago

    Wow you're terrible and talk WAYYY too much

  • Darragh Lecat
    Darragh Lecat 6 months ago

    The viewsss in 2019

  • Football with the Boys
    Football with the Boys 6 months ago

    What level AI?

  • Sasha Little
    Sasha Little 7 months ago

    I subscribe

  • Sensation
    Sensation 7 months ago +1

    Low-key I think instead of the 2019 game I’ll probably just get this one lol it’s good for it’s age

  • Ebube Osaje
    Ebube Osaje 7 months ago +1

    3 pit

    • Ebube Osaje
      Ebube Osaje 7 months ago

      De laatste keer dat ik het wel. Ik ben in orde te krijgen. De volgende dag weer naar de mogelijkheden van het jaar een groot deel te nemen. Dit kan ik het niet

  • xdmcpasty
    xdmcpasty 7 months ago

    11/6/19 boi already watched it ten times so 11th time is go

  • OzcarPlayz
    OzcarPlayz 7 months ago

    wait i used to watch you a really long time ago. But then i stopped, now i found your channel again and i did not know you were the same person, only remembered it from this intro...

  • Kachebele Phiri
    Kachebele Phiri 8 months ago

    If only you kept quiet

  • DieselDan09
    DieselDan09 8 months ago +1

    Why is this video so popular??????????????? ¿?????? ¿????? ¿?????

  • Skuad NepesitoYT
    Skuad NepesitoYT 8 months ago +1

    May 2019???.