Top 10 Unforgettable Jess & Rory Moments

  • Published on Apr 2, 2018
  • Top 10 Unforgettable Jess & Rory Moments // Subscribe:
    There are lots of great Gilmore Girls couples, but we're looking at Jess and Rory’s relationship in both the original series and 2016 Netflix revival. We’ve included the sprinklers moment when Jess comes to Rory’s rescue. Another great moment is Rory & Jess' Car Ride! That's when Rory lets loose and lets herself enjoy hanging out with him. From that she realizes that they share many things in common and might actually be compatible. We also love the time Rory visits Jess in NYC!
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Comments • 254

  • Chloe birchall
    Chloe birchall 9 days ago

    In season 8 was I the only one that got 4 episodes ???

  • Jem Bird
    Jem Bird 17 days ago +1

    Idky but I hate her outfit in no 5 it was so not Rory and it was too childish and always catches my attention and not in a good way and I liked her hair long not short basically I love her hair in 3 it was well nice xxx

  • Reily Garcia
    Reily Garcia 20 days ago

    aside from being Team Rory, Team Jess is my bet 💕💕💕

  • Aleeza Javed
    Aleeza Javed 24 days ago

    i hope she end up with jess...i hope thats jess's baby shes pregnant with.

  • Isabella Puyana
    Isabella Puyana 27 days ago +1

    ok she wasn't "technically cheating" she did cheat.
    Also I thought Jess was a jerk in the first few seasons but he really matured and changed and I loved that. Rory on the other hand...

  • danielamoreiraa
    danielamoreiraa Month ago


  • lauren packett
    lauren packett Month ago

    What are you guys talking about , Jess was SOOOO toxic for her and treated her like shit lmao what

  • msbond700
    msbond700 2 months ago

    I think they should just come back on cw

  • Aletha Cates
    Aletha Cates 2 months ago

    Loved it!

  • Beata Ziecina
    Beata Ziecina 2 months ago

    Team Logan.... sry

  • Anna Murphy
    Anna Murphy 2 months ago +1

    "Why did you drop out of Yaaale?"

  • Nicole Jones
    Nicole Jones 2 months ago +2

    anyone think that Logan is Rory Christopher and Jess is Rory Luke??

  • Zaruhi Gharibyan
    Zaruhi Gharibyan 3 months ago

    Jess was a jackass in the series and treated Rory liked dirt. I have no idea, why people shipped them. Some girls liked him as Rory's boyfriend, cause there are a lot of girls who are into bad boys . Dean was the best of all Rory's boyfriends, and the cutest. The two others don't even stand close to him.

  • coco sophia
    coco sophia 3 months ago

    they should have been the endgame

  • Nicole Salinas
    Nicole Salinas 3 months ago

    What about dean?!

  • sunnysolaris23 Bakerstreet

    Rory should have definitely ended up with Jess! He completed her in a way Dean and Logan never did! And yes, he was a jerk and he f* things up with Rory. But I always thought that this whole bad guy thing was something he just had to grow out of. I mean, he grew up with an overchallenged single mother who hadn't even found her own place in the World yet. And you just got the feeling that he was an angry and confused kid who got told a little bit too often that he's difficult and will never make it in life and so he started, self-prophecy like, to live up to this expectation. And don't get me wrong, that doesn't excuse him from being a jerk! But the more he wore off the whole angry teenage me-against-the-world shell, the more the great guy with the big heart that he really was shined through. Actually the opposite of Dean, who had a good mannered nice-boy-next-door shell hiding a very bad temper. Just think of his reaction, when Rory wasn't ready to tell him she loves him back. Or how bad he behaved towards Lindsay, not just cheating on her, but generally treating her like crap. And Logan... He was ok, I suppose... He had enough good and sweet qualities to distract from the fact that he was basically an entitled, spoiled rich kid with no real ambition or goal in life who tried to fill this void with expensive and risky pleasures all the time. But he brought out the worst in Rory, just like Jess later brought out the best in her.

  • Trinity Cox
    Trinity Cox 3 months ago

    Jess + Rory = true love 😍😘😚😗

  • D NIED
    D NIED 4 months ago

    They actually dated offscreen. what happened there? They were onscreen the most compatible. When she turned Logan down, they should have written Jess back in, maybe as a Karoac type character. Meeting her on the CAMPAIGN trail.

  • person i am
    person i am 5 months ago +6

    i want her with jess....!!!!

  • The_under grape Weakley
    The_under grape Weakley 5 months ago +6

    “22.8 miles.”
    “How’d you know that?”
    “Do you Yahoo?”
    I was born in 2005 but I grew up with technology so I’m just like HAHAHHAA 😂

  • Iris vlogs
    Iris vlogs 5 months ago

    Jess and Rory breath

  • Megan Marti
    Megan Marti 5 months ago


  • Abigail Tsolaki
    Abigail Tsolaki 6 months ago

    Who does she end up with? That’s my question

  • Manna-San
    Manna-San 6 months ago

    The revival sucked

  • Moo Monica
    Moo Monica 6 months ago

    Why they dont make this type of drama now

  • Khyathi Beduduri
    Khyathi Beduduri 6 months ago

    I am so in love with Jess and Rory..I want them to be together..I want them to get luke and lorelai..

  • Lara Ayoubi
    Lara Ayoubi 6 months ago

    dean and Rory from the beginning were just... no

  • Jay Hollow
    Jay Hollow 7 months ago

    Can we all agree how bad the revival was every TheXvid video I saw on it did not like it and based on the comments I read we all felt the same they did Rory wrong in the revival and Jess was too good for her

  • Jay Hollow
    Jay Hollow 7 months ago

    I really wished ASP got to do her ending the when the show originally ended and not end the revival bc if she didn’t nothing in the revival would’ve probably happened Luke and Lorelei would’ve already gotten married and Rory would’ve had her baby and probably her and Jess would’ve been endgame in the revival bc ASP did say the way she ended the revival is how she wanted to end the original series

  • Kallisto Indrani
    Kallisto Indrani 7 months ago


  • mona Stratton
    mona Stratton 7 months ago +1

    Jess was so cute...that other kid that liked. rory was ungly

  • Sissy Richards
    Sissy Richards 7 months ago +2


  • abella nhan
    abella nhan 7 months ago

    Honestly, she deserves logan because Jess deserves better

  • Bog_Guy or dragonclae
    Bog_Guy or dragonclae 7 months ago +5

    Imagine Jess and Paris.... talk about oil and water

  • Ciará Castex
    Ciará Castex 7 months ago

    Let's have her get Jess and leave Logan to me 😂

  • Ciará Castex
    Ciará Castex 7 months ago

    They had so much things in common !

  • Chitchat
    Chitchat 8 months ago

    Ok so you know how people have obsessions well I may be obsessed with Gilmore girls I may be that obsessed person.

  • Jerseybrat1989
    Jerseybrat1989 8 months ago

    I loved Rory and Jess together, but in the reboot everyone knows Logan's is Rory's baby father and Jess is going be Rory's Luke is going to be a little weird because they are step cousin.

  • Maytal Acedo
    Maytal Acedo 8 months ago

    Oh screw this couple their the wrost couple I ever seen.

  • Sara Flayhan
    Sara Flayhan 8 months ago

    0:42 me 😂

  • Sloth Love
    Sloth Love 8 months ago

    Rory really is a long time cheater. Emotionally, physically... you name it. It's disappointing. Especially since they had such an organic connection. He basically being her Luke and all.
    In my humble opinion, Jess deserves better than her.

    • favour obami
      favour obami 5 months ago

      I agree,the emotional cheating on Dean was the one that got me most but that doesn't mean he's better. He treated everyone like dirt including Rory,never appreciated Luke and would just disappear. Adult Jess however is a total catch and could help pull Rory out of the mess she's become

  • HelloXrancidkitteh
    HelloXrancidkitteh 8 months ago

    honestly, Rory and Jess should have started back up in 'The Year in the Life Of' and ended the Logan thing once and for all. I never liked Logan as a bf/lover for Rory. it never made sense and they would have been better as just friends. I really didn't like how he was using her in the revival either, cheating on his fiance just for sex and not even wanting to even at least leave his fiance for Rory, which made it clear he was just using Rory. plus in the revival, Jess seemed to have his life together and clearly still had feelings for her and he actually GETS her and supports her. Idk, how the revival left off, MAYBE they're thinking of making a spin off with Rory as the main and it'll be kinda like Luke-Lorelai-Christopher thing where Jess is Luke and Logan is kinda like Christopher in this scenario.

  • Margarida Baptista
    Margarida Baptista 9 months ago +2

    What about when she suggests him books and he calls her a book tease? That's so cute

  • Lisa. Danley
    Lisa. Danley 9 months ago

    Jess & Rony coming in a boyfriend and girl friend video

  • Maria Jose Rincon
    Maria Jose Rincon 9 months ago

    Jess 😍

  • Mariam Memon
    Mariam Memon 9 months ago

    Team Jess ^_^^_^

  • Sade Mills
    Sade Mills 9 months ago

    I’m so mad that they didn’t end up together I really hope something happens were they end up together cuz they’re literally so cute and jess is perfect for Rory

  • Sade Mills
    Sade Mills 9 months ago

    Jess is the best boyfriend she’s ever had!!

  • Rose Newman
    Rose Newman 9 months ago

    You should do a Luke and lorelai moments video or something about Jane the virgin

  • tamar even
    tamar even 10 months ago

    do luke and lorelai

  • Aly A
    Aly A 10 months ago

    I don’t mind either Jess or Logan, just not Dean.

  • elastic_luv
    elastic_luv 10 months ago +1

    Honestly all the honorable mentions were better than the moments in the top 10 though.

  • elastic_luv
    elastic_luv 10 months ago +5

    I know people take issue with Jess and some of his action and attitude but seriously him and Rory had some of the best moments together.

  • Nike _Chanclas
    Nike _Chanclas 10 months ago

    Since it's a reoccurring circle.... That means EVENTUALLY Rory and Jess will end up together 👌

  • Shannon Moran
    Shannon Moran 10 months ago +155

    ALWAYS team Jess! I was so pissed when she lost her virginity with dean and got back with him for like the 100th time. Jess was always the right guy. When she said no after Logan proposed that almost solidified that her and Jess were endgame, especially after the revival

  • jaylin
    jaylin 10 months ago

    cries in team jess

  • ADdison Hunt
    ADdison Hunt 10 months ago +9

    Am I the only one that wished that Rory and Tristan would have dated... but I am 10000000% team Jess I just would have liked to see wear it lead with Tristan

  • Madison Taylor
    Madison Taylor 11 months ago

    TEAM JESS!!!

  • Alana Aquino
    Alana Aquino 11 months ago +1

    Rory and Logan please

  • missE weasley
    missE weasley 11 months ago

    Yeeeeees. Team Jess

  • Jessica S
    Jessica S 11 months ago +11

    Their first kiss is also my favorite - still giving me chills.
    I think as a teen you can totally relate to the feelings and all you wanna do is what she did: just kiss the boy. But hardly any girl at that age has the guts to do this. It was so fascinating to me to watch this - especially as I was a complete sucker for Milo Ventimiglia. 😍#allthefeels

  • Alissandra Parrino


  • Alissandra Parrino


  • Ainsley Miller
    Ainsley Miller Year ago

    Jess and Rory forever

  • imperfectlypretty
    imperfectlypretty Year ago +8

    I will once again take issue with the "This Isn't You." scene being held in such high esteem since a lot of fans blame Logan for Rory's changes during that time which is not right at all. Yes, Logan's father Mitchum was the one that got Rory upset by telling her she was cut out for journalism (and perhaps he was right given what happens in the revival) but Logan was not okay with what his father said, and Rory was old enough to drive, vote, drink, join the military basically do anything she wanted to do and when she told her mother that she was rethinking her career choice which is not uncommon for a college student, Rory was told by her mother that she had to stick to the plan that she'd made at 3 years old and her mother stopped talking to her basically saying that Rory was not allowed room to change or grow or discover herself, all things that are a part of the college experience so because Logan did not yell at her about those things even though he felt that she was making a mistake by quitting Yale, Logan gets blamed for doing things like being supportive of his girlfriend, trusting that she was a big girl who could make her own decisions and also that it was okay for her to make mistakes because he knew she was smart enough to learn from them for future experiences. Yet, Jess comes in, yells at her, and gets credited with her going back to school. So Rory's mistakes are blamed on someone else and her triumphs are also given in part to another... where does Rory come in when making choices about the things Rory does or does not do?

  • girlfromars
    girlfromars Year ago +86

    Jess was the one. He was always the one. And he will always be the only one. He knew her better than anyone.

  • Jude Gharaibeh
    Jude Gharaibeh Year ago


  • pineapplekweensings sings

    I really hate Jess. Team Dean all the way.

  • Christiana Kritikos

    best couple on Gilmore Girls that join Luke and Lorelai, Emily and Richard, Paris and Doyle and Lane and Dave

  • Selly219
    Selly219 Year ago +3

    The writers really messed up this show w the revival. How could Jess and Rory be together when she's knocked up with Logan's baby? Jess was only in town for a couple of days, so he is def not the father. A well-planned reunion between Jess and Rory would've been the best ending for the revival, not: "I'm pregnant"... and its Logan's even though he is engaged. Like really? Smh... :-(

    • yinloveyang
      yinloveyang 5 months ago

      The woman who made the show wanted to repeate the same story with Lorelai cause she was pregnant with a man who she didn't get together with either.... which means Jess is someone like "Luke" to Lorelai..... they dated together but they had never slept together..... so now they can be a good friends and if things are doing well for them.... one day maybe something could happen and they would end up together for good....
      I actually think/imagine they did....just like many others.

  • xghost _ of _ ziamx

    For me, it'll always be Jess haha no matter how it ends, I'll always be #TeamJess.
    He opened up her eyes, everyone should be thankful.

  • Nicole Alcivar
    Nicole Alcivar Year ago


  • Nicole Alcivar
    Nicole Alcivar Year ago

    4:42-4:53 love this part

  • diamond wilson
    diamond wilson Year ago

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  • Rosa Schot
    Rosa Schot Year ago

    i love them but Rory can be annoying as fuckk

  • Emma Greaves
    Emma Greaves Year ago

    who doesn’t love jess and rory

  • Rosh elle
    Rosh elle Year ago

    It's like they belong together, but they don't realize it yet. They miss each other everytime.

  • Melanie Pineda
    Melanie Pineda Year ago +4

    Y'all should do a "top 10 times the guys from gilmore girls were the worst" because honestly every single one of their love interests would be on that list lol

  • Meagan Earls
    Meagan Earls Year ago +36

    When I was a teen, watching "Gilmore Girls" every week, I was pretty much in love with Jess. (Now, I am pretty much just in love with Milo Ventimiglia. haha) Also, during the original run of the show, I truly wanted Rory to end up with Jess too! But now, as an adult, looking back at her inconsistent character in the original series, and observing her terrible behavior in the revival, I'm not sure she deserves him. Jess has grown as a person, and has become the incredible man we always saw the potential for, whereas Rory has embraced her worst qualities and has regressed as a person. Now she's an absolute mess, behaves like a bad person, AND she's pregnant, with a child that is pretty much 100% guaranteed NOT to be his (which, though not a deal breaker for Jess, I'm sure, IS an added challenge, should they choose to get together, that could have been avoided if she had made better choices, instead of acting so recklessly, and :::clears throat::: cheating... ) So, unless Rory can get it together, Jess honestly deserves better. Don't get me wrong, I still think Rory and Jess COULD be endgame, and probably SHOULD be endgame, but something has to change! Believe me, I would love to see another outing of "Gilmore Girls" on Netflix (or wherever); one where Rory finally redeems herself and becomes the outstanding person that all of her loved ones always saw her as, and hoped she could and would be. I'm not sure it will happen, but I would love to see it. I mean, just seeing her become a good person finally would almost be more satisfying for me than her and Jess actually getting together at this point. (Who am I kidding? No it wouldn't! haha) :::sigh::: I don't know... I just want her to be worthy of him, because he is so dreamy to me. But maybe that's the problem; perhaps Jess belongs with a character more like ME than Rory, but Rory's all we've got. Hmm... I think I've thought about this way too much. haha

  • Gise
    Gise Year ago +1

    So agree with #1

  • Karla González
    Karla González Year ago

    Team Jess 4 ever!

  • Eden Gallagher
    Eden Gallagher Year ago

    Also when Rory comes to Jess's work thing and he kisses her, even though she's still technically with Logan it's such a sweet moment and it made me want them together again

    • favour obami
      favour obami 5 months ago

      Yeah. It made me ship them more cos tho Logan was cool cos he brought out an adventurous side to Rory,she became awful along the line and their relationship was no longer cute. The fact that she ended single keeps my hope for Jess alive

  • Olly Enriquez
    Olly Enriquez Year ago

    I love Jess. Hate logan

  • Марина Смаль

    I don’t like this couple but the sprinkles scene really got to me.

  • LadyRoryGilmore2205 NV

    Jess has always been the one for her! I really hope that they will end up together , if there will be new episodes

  • Jasmin Abrego
    Jasmin Abrego Year ago +228

    I feel like the Food Care package is worth more than an honorable mention, not just because he brought her some food on his own merit but because of the way he got along with Paris and included her in their conversations in a way that Dean or Logan never did.

  • Mahi Viera
    Mahi Viera Year ago +9

    I was so excited about the Revival but I feel that the writters blew off the only one chance they have to make a great comeback, the characters didnt feel like themselves, the story felt so forced, like if they were trying to fit in this New generation

  • Magnisky B
    Magnisky B Year ago +6

    I hated Logan. He was just a rich prick. Just because he was charming coz of the moola does not make him the right person for Jess!

  • PhoenixPsilence
    PhoenixPsilence Year ago +6

    When she cheated on her men I lost total interest in her as a person and character. Hookers are just that.

    • WG 17
      WG 17 8 months ago

      That made me like her more. Made her seem more real. Cheating happens all the time. People just make it a big deal for nothing.

  • Lucas Lindgren
    Lucas Lindgren Year ago

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  • karoletti
    karoletti Year ago +24

    it's funny to see how they changed roles over time. Starting as an egoistic a**hole, Jess made his way and became a cool adult, who knows who he is. Starting as a smart and self-secure teen, Rory ends up being a cheater, being knocked up and has yet come to another turning point where it seems like she has know clue what to do with her future. I think if there is someone who could help her with this mess, it's Jess. :)

  • Lien D
    Lien D Year ago

    Team Jess for ever. They really should end together. :) Loved the 'hey hey bye bye'- scene in 3x08 as well.

  • Ninon Barbier
    Ninon Barbier Year ago

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  • C BM
    C BM Year ago +5

    In the episode when they met and Rory quoted Oliver Twist and Jess susprisingly knew it. That was a very cute moment

  • prokrastinátor 2.0

    Loved Jess as her teen love but she should've ended up with Logan :D

  • Kayen Keagen
    Kayen Keagen Year ago

    Doesn’t have when Rory & Jess had their very last kiss

  • Cinnamon Rose Caramel

    But he treated her horribly and then she turned into a trashbag

    • favour obami
      favour obami 5 months ago

      +WG 17 It's actually true. Their best moments came when they were not together. I shipped so hard but after they got together it sucked. He never even apologized for ditching her,Grown up Jess however has my support

    • WG 17
      WG 17 8 months ago

      Your whole comment is wrong

  • Sevyville
    Sevyville Year ago +102

    While I agree that Jess was probably the worst boyfriend during the relationship, I feel he's one of the only characters that really grows up and evolves throughout the series-especially considering the little amount of screen time he got compared to to other recurring characters in GG. He was the one Rory had the most in common with, someone that could keep up with her not just in wit and pop culture references but also in literary intellect. I feel like if Rory had dated Jess in the later seasons their relationship would have been as close to perfect as a relationship could be-with ups and downs, sure, but they would have handled them a lot more maturely... to the same token though.... it's because of rory in the beginnint that jess became who he did in the later seasons and in the revival.....

  • Ashleigh Jane
    Ashleigh Jane Year ago

    Genuinely the best thing to happen on television screens in a long time was the shot of Jess staring longingly at Rory in the revival ❤️ that and the “you’re still a contender” line 😂

  • Mafe
    Mafe Year ago +5

    #TEAMJESS He was the one❤