• Published on Nov 13, 2021

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  • The Wrong Choice

    I like how Zola is just naturally fit with a six pack lol. Im jealous 😆

  • Nobody
    Nobody  +603

    Bro that Gorilla is jacked. Id imagine 10 men with bats would still lose.

  • Ghost
    Ghost  +565

    He's more human than how most people behave in public.

  • Fajita tacos

    That walk 😄

  • Marsha Moore

    Love his punk hair style on his arms!

  • Michele Poitras aka shellie

    Watching them walk upright is the cutest

  • dudewhoisdead

    Bruh his workout routine must be sick ASF.🦍

  • James Barcliff

    Love his reaction when he saw it and walked up and grabbed it and then the way he walked away like when your trying to get away from your brother before he sees you've got better snacks lmao

  • susanlbk
    susanlbk  +45

    The way he's looking around like to make sure no one is seeing him collect the food is so cute ❤

  • MickDundee81

    Fully developed abdomen and never left the cage…God is great

  • Looaxe
    Looaxe  +74

    I'm just not realizing how powerful they are.

  • finster444k

    He’s freakin terrifying. Imagine getting on his bad side ? I’d quit working at the zoo that day !

  • Dirk Diggler

    An absolute unit!

  • Dave Hill
    Dave Hill  +11

    He could benchpress 5 Dwaynes, 2 Arnies and 1 Sylvester.

  • Anthony B.

    Its really is crazy how human like they truly are seeing it naturally.

  • JeepZJ 101

    He's got sweet abs 😂

  • To The Horror
    To The Horror 19 hours ago +2

    The Gorilla fitness program involves walking on all fours everyday while the diet is mostly vegan with termites as protein.

  • Sameul L Jacson

    I wish I had those muscular genetics. It's called Myostatin & humans have a fraction of what a gorilla has.

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz.  +62

    Amazing creatures. Just like a human

  • Lynn Gold
    Lynn Gold  +22

    Zola is so CUTE! Look at his sweet face!💜🦍💜😉