Easy To Serve Chicken Parmesan Poppers • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Be the hit of the party and feed a hungry crowd with these Chicken Parm Poppers!
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Comments • 286

  • sunny B
    sunny B 16 days ago

    i think there's enough cheese inside, no need to add on top lol

  • Rachel kline
    Rachel kline 26 days ago

    I made these with a couple twists, I used jalapenos instead of cherry peppers and tried both mozzarella and cream cheese in the middle. Cream cheese was by far so much better. These were AMAZING!

  • Lorld's Best Wrestler
    Lorld's Best Wrestler Month ago +1

    Къв е тоа клефук?

  • David Martin
    David Martin Month ago

    Seems like it would take 2 hours to make for a very little amount of food....

  • Sharmin Chowdhury
    Sharmin Chowdhury 2 months ago

    Nice and warm yummy 😋 like 🔥 it stunning

  • April K
    April K 2 months ago +1

    Why can't you bake them ?.. I'm gonna try it but bake them instead.

  • azrielic_
    azrielic_ 2 months ago

    im hungry

  • Humnah Ibrahim
    Humnah Ibrahim 2 months ago

    i'm just going to sit here and binge tasty videos knowing that i'm to lazy to make any of them

  • Sonicfan The Nightfury 5099

    Now I want Parmesan Chicken

  • Abbie Rice
    Abbie Rice 2 months ago

    227 comment

  • Glory Moon
    Glory Moon 2 months ago

    Is this fortnight?

  • Steve Logan
    Steve Logan 2 months ago +1

    If only could be done in 3:10 real time, i like the speedy video, no nonsense talking, but the speed can be deceptive for recipes in real time, and this is one of them, although it looks good.

  • William Thomas
    William Thomas 2 months ago +1

    Looks like too much work and too many steps! There has to be a faster, simpler way! Work on this, Tasty !

    • Steve Logan
      Steve Logan 2 months ago +1

      I agree friend, the speediness of the videos is deceptive in real time on some recipes, and this is one of them. If it could only be prepped in 3:10 for baking, in real time. This one will take a while.

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  • Ferhana Farooqi
    Ferhana Farooqi 2 months ago

    Tasty = cheese

  • Scott Zies
    Scott Zies 2 months ago

    such a good idea. love it.

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy 2 months ago +1

    Ngon quá

  • Brian the Trainer
    Brian the Trainer 2 months ago

    Maybe they should've processed the parmesan cheese so it would stick better and have more on it

  • Armen Paul Hovsepian
    Armen Paul Hovsepian 2 months ago


  • Simon Woodhouse
    Simon Woodhouse 2 months ago

    That is not parmesan, those are thin ribbons of hard plastic. NO

  • Destic
    Destic 2 months ago +1

    ok now im hungry

  • Sanjay Athawale
    Sanjay Athawale 2 months ago +1

    Thank goodness we are done with the vegan stuff

  • Itzz_Heartz Channelz
    Itzz_Heartz Channelz 2 months ago

    Watching this made me hungry and jelly im to lazy to cook😂😂😂

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 2 months ago

    Any quick pizza ideas?

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player 2 months ago

    are Tasty going to open a restaurant?

  • Kendrick rivera
    Kendrick rivera 2 months ago

    How to make dishes by tasty:
    Take cheese, wrap it up in meat WITH CHEESE, then cover it with even MORE CHEESE and to top it all up add EVEN MORE CHEESE. Of course this wouldn't be complete without a CHEESE DIP also your forks are made of cheese. EVERYTHING'S CHEESE

  • Kylie Burg
    Kylie Burg 2 months ago

    *i haven’t eaten since ten hours ago I need some help*

  • SoulFood And Renee
    SoulFood And Renee 2 months ago

    Faith and foodies. Please watch and subscribe to my TheXvid channel. Awesome guests and recipes!!

  • Jason G
    Jason G 2 months ago

    This looks like a delicious way to burn every inch of skin off the inside of your mouth

  • Carrie Henderson
    Carrie Henderson 2 months ago +1

    I really like this recipe but if you don't eat peppers can you replace it with like to Tomatoes or something else. Thanks love your videos

  • Tasty Travel
    Tasty Travel 2 months ago +2

    The food was pretty, the editing was neat, and it was like watching a well-trained gymnast play.
    Thank you for watching the great video.

  • unboxing experience
    unboxing experience 2 months ago

    Really good way

  • intrstella
    intrstella 2 months ago +1

    “Bitch why you mad? Because my parmesan pops severely and yours don’t???”

  • Ujwala Salunke
    Ujwala Salunke 2 months ago +2

    People: chicken permission
    Chicken: ok go ahead

  • Paulina Dackiw
    Paulina Dackiw 2 months ago

    Oh! look's sooooooooo good!!!😋

  • Aikano9
    Aikano9 2 months ago

    Unlike buzzfeed, this is genuinely good content

  • الورده البيضاء

    حلوو مبين عليه لذيذ😋😍

  • cute work
    cute work 2 months ago

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  • Marina Kostic
    Marina Kostic 2 months ago

    Why i watch tasty when i'm hungry?!

  • Crimson Hunter
    Crimson Hunter 2 months ago

    Can you do a koshary recipe video?

  • Probinsyanang Kinaray-A sa America

    Yummy!!!!Thumbs up!!!!

  • Arshi Expert Dresses
    Arshi Expert Dresses 2 months ago


  • ziljin
    ziljin 2 months ago +1

    Looks amazing!

  • Tottenham Fanclub
    Tottenham Fanclub 2 months ago

    Bruh what shit is this

  • InserTroll
    InserTroll 2 months ago +1

    0:40 Parmasean has milk in it

  • Carl FortniteRoblox
    Carl FortniteRoblox 2 months ago

    try to hire gordon ramsay please, im not saying tasty is bad but we would see much more for tasty

    • Joey Mama
      Joey Mama 2 months ago +1

      Stop obsessing over Gordon Ramsay please.

  • Nhã Lê
    Nhã Lê 2 months ago

    Hello crishtay

  • Michelle
    Michelle 2 months ago

    this isn't parmesan

  • dementedfurbie
    dementedfurbie 2 months ago +1

    I'd never heard of cherry peppers until this video.

  • Ljupkina kuhinjica
    Ljupkina kuhinjica 2 months ago


    PRAJWAL VIJAYKUMAR MALI 2 months ago +1

    *Hard work*

  • Hastings Dogg
    Hastings Dogg 2 months ago

    Raiden and i say hello

  • Elsjepelsje
    Elsjepelsje 2 months ago

    i would have gone for tinier shredderd cheese

  • Afsana hoque Chowdhury
    Afsana hoque Chowdhury 2 months ago

    It looks yummy but I don't have those ingredients for make this yummy food 😭😭😭

  • Lil Sagna
    Lil Sagna 2 months ago

    poppers huh

  • closed account
    closed account 2 months ago

    way too much cheese. gg

  • Sadia Islam
    Sadia Islam 2 months ago

    So yummy

  • Nakshatra Balachander
    Nakshatra Balachander 2 months ago

    If there is a job to taste test these foods in tasty please lem’me know😎

  • Miniature Worlds
    Miniature Worlds 2 months ago +1

    Great video ✨😊

  • Mes Voyages à la Cuisine

    Love parmesan with chicken.

  • Terri Harvey
    Terri Harvey 2 months ago

    Ohhh no! And what were the cherry peppers for?

  • Celtic
    Celtic 2 months ago

    Hey Tasty, can you please make a giant Karelian pasty. It's Finnish pasty with rye crust and it has rice porridge in it. They taste good, it might sound a little ugly tho.

  • Rahul Dhargalkar
    Rahul Dhargalkar 2 months ago


  • Billy Saputra
    Billy Saputra 2 months ago

    Please can you collaborate with how to basic soon?

  • Bihari's Kitchen
    Bihari's Kitchen 2 months ago

    Wow what a nice recipe

  • Summerlove
    Summerlove 2 months ago +8

    I am not hating I love tasty but I feel like all they do is fri a majority of their recipes or stuff the items or use puff pastries for everything they make is it just me ?

    PRECIOUS STARS 2 months ago

    It's really yummy and amazing

  • tina andersen
    tina andersen 2 months ago

    Finally. Two new videos.

  • American Baker in Germany

    Yum! Look at all that cheese! ❤
    I decorate cakes on my channel.

  • Jerpon Emyce
    Jerpon Emyce 2 months ago



  • Saif Tutorials
    Saif Tutorials 2 months ago

    You can also use 🍕 chesse to get stickines and taste.!!
    Also Cooking Channel!!

  • colours of kitchen
    colours of kitchen 2 months ago

    Looks Delicious! Good one!

  • DoveLove 00
    DoveLove 00 2 months ago

    Looks neat but really lacking in seasoning..

  • Mr. Hack - Satire Videos
    Mr. Hack - Satire Videos 2 months ago +2

    Thanks... I’m fat enough, and now I see these delicious poppers... 🤣

  • Berburu Jajan
    Berburu Jajan 2 months ago


  • Avea Illium
    Avea Illium 2 months ago

    They look delish and easy!!!😁😁

  • Poonam smart kitchen
    Poonam smart kitchen 2 months ago

    Looks so delicious 😋

  • TreyVro
    TreyVro 2 months ago

    imagine ur about to take a fat ass bite of chicken and you bite into a pickled pepper 😬

  • David Castaño
    David Castaño 2 months ago

    One of the best meatball in the world

  • God Himself
    God Himself 2 months ago

    Ok these didn't pop I call clickbait

  • Шедевры Вкуса
    Шедевры Вкуса 2 months ago +1

    So delisious

  • tangolobo
    tangolobo 2 months ago

    Holy Crap... those things look awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • TheLivingRequiem
    TheLivingRequiem 2 months ago

    Any suggestions on substituting the peppers? I'm allergic. Rest of the Recipie looks fantastic though

    • Tylisha Hopkins
      Tylisha Hopkins 2 months ago

      That sounds like a winner minus the marinara sauce. Would have to add a cheese sauce, if any.

    • TheLivingRequiem
      TheLivingRequiem 2 months ago +1

      +Tylisha Hopkins Sounds good! I actually considered using a slice of honeu ham and making it cordon bleu parmesan

    • Tylisha Hopkins
      Tylisha Hopkins 2 months ago

      Just do a stuffed meatball with only the Mozz. no pepper

  • Primitive my lifestyle
    Primitive my lifestyle 2 months ago

    Please,I eat

  • Azzah Alhwati
    Azzah Alhwati 2 months ago

    it's delicious

  • Jarin Orin
    Jarin Orin 2 months ago +1


  • Jeremiah Charles
    Jeremiah Charles 2 months ago +1

    hi im Jeremiah I was wondering can you make me the biggest chewyest sweetest brownie ever

  • ethan derr
    ethan derr 2 months ago


    • ethan derr
      ethan derr 2 months ago


  • ethan derr
    ethan derr 2 months ago


    • ethan derr
      ethan derr 2 months ago


  • Msbrownknowsbest
    Msbrownknowsbest 2 months ago

    More Parmesan please

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 2 months ago +13

    I don't know why everyone just has a block of Parmesan. Am I the only one that doesn't have literally fresh parmesan.

    • AceTheMemeLorde
      AceTheMemeLorde 2 months ago

      I never even have like the real stuff, I usually just get the kraft parmesan that's in a can cause I'm broke

    • LeBron James
      LeBron James 2 months ago

      Oh thanks+JonasFeyhart

    • Joey Mama
      Joey Mama 2 months ago

      I always keep a giant wheel of parmagiano reggiano in the pantry.

    • JonasFeyhart
      JonasFeyhart 2 months ago +1

      you can buy the fresh stuff in a container, you don't need a block. you'd probably buy the specific products for this appetizer. :P

    MESSI & FRIENDS 2 months ago +1


    I woke up to this😂

  • Jessica Holloway
    Jessica Holloway 2 months ago

    So good!!!🍗🧀🌶️

  • Anny Glufo
    Anny Glufo 2 months ago

    Ya con ganas de preparar unos así

  • Prayagraj viral videos
    Prayagraj viral videos 2 months ago


  • EA
    EA 2 months ago

    All that work for something that I’ll engulf in less then a second and keep wanting more yet I won’t be able to have because I can’t put so much effort in again. THANKS BUT NO THANKS

  • cassie middles
    cassie middles 2 months ago +92

    Why didn't you use grated parm? It would've stuck better and blended with the flour and panko :/ feels wasteful to only get an 1/8 of what you added to the breading

    • sunny B
      sunny B 16 days ago +1

      Cassie I thought the same thing

    • Matt W
      Matt W Month ago

      Green can parmesan is good. Real parmesan isn't much better. Just a waste of money

    • cassie middles
      cassie middles 2 months ago

      +- Lils - maybe they have a surplus they need to get rid of 🤔😂

    • cassie middles
      cassie middles 2 months ago +5

      But the parm they used was pre made. It looked very dry and too perfect to be hand grated xD

    • buzzerguy
      buzzerguy 2 months ago

      They might be afraid people would use the stuff in the green can. Showing shredded parm is a visual cue to, you know, not do that. Grating it yourself can be difficult on many box graters, and I don’t think Tasty assumes people have a rasp-style (Microplane) grater.

  • TheEm0LonerInYourShadows _

    *I’ll stick to my pop tarts* 😭

  • grokiz
    grokiz 2 months ago

    Very good ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍😘😘