TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE! | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
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    Reactors Try not to eat! Watch to see their reaction!
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    People vs. Food #99 - TRY NOT TO EAT CHALLENGE! | Teens & College Kids Vs. Food
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      STEPHEN VINSON Year ago +1

      REACT l

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago

      REACT the wolverine movie x-man tv show

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Year ago

      Kylie Alane wolverine

    • Kylie Alane
      Kylie Alane Year ago +1

      Do elders make slime. Or teens make slime with eyes closed. I have another idea. So you split teens out into teams and one person draws with their eyes closed and the other person had to guess what it is

    • Lolhun04 Gaming
      Lolhun04 Gaming Year ago +1

      REACT sponser by cruncyroll you kiding me 😐

  • Fernando Junior
    Fernando Junior Year ago +16

    Really? Food wars? That's the name of shokugeki no souma in USA?

  • 13
    13 Year ago +20

    But what did the winners get..

  • wewetan1
    wewetan1 Year ago +32

    Screw this challenge, I'D EAT ALL OF THEM.

  • Alfonso Gonzalez
    Alfonso Gonzalez Year ago +7

    More videos like this

  •  Year ago +2

    Darius is a god

  • Youngban Chaser
    Youngban Chaser Year ago +1

    I'd lose and also lose the body challenge

  • S B
    S B Year ago +6

    I'd throw this challenge.

  • cj dungca
    cj dungca Year ago +50

    You know what? the real losers here are the viewers because we dont have the choice to eat the food

  • Kitsune Draco
    Kitsune Draco Year ago +3

    i havent watched Food Wars but as soon as the 3rd season ends im definitely binge watching it

  • Kean Goh
    Kean Goh Year ago +11

    Who went to the kitchen after this video

  • Dra Fru
    Dra Fru Year ago +12

    i'd probably eat all of them

  • Bozio
    Bozio Year ago +7

    i hope people that didn't eat it have some kind of... prize

  • Jan Limark
    Jan Limark Year ago +6

    Shokugeki No Souma

  • Aveloid
    Aveloid Year ago +3

    ahh man i wanna loose that challenge too!! I love soma

  • proxgaming
    proxgaming Year ago +5

    so unfair they have awesome food why im suffering

    • Andrei Piatra
      Andrei Piatra Year ago

      its not awesome. watch "what the health". thank me after.

  • 沈柏亨
    沈柏亨 Year ago +3

    I can't decide if their lucky or not....but I'm so gosh darn jealous!!!!

  • Cringe
    Cringe Year ago +4

    Can I get an amen for Tom? He’s my favorite!

  • max
    max Year ago +4

    Only challenge i would lose

  • se se
    se se Year ago +12

    id probably eat it all and not care about winning too

  • se se
    se se Year ago +4

    seth guy though 😍 he cute

  • Eh Tha Law Htoo Shwin

    They didnt go naked?

  • smøl bean
    smøl bean Year ago +9

    I thought the winners are going to get all the food for holding those damn foods
    Help me

  • Mark Burgos
    Mark Burgos Year ago +2

    Who love tom 😁

  • Heather Natasha
    Heather Natasha Year ago +2

    if I'm in this challenge. I'm gonna lose all. LET's EAT

    Meg YOUTUBE Year ago +3

    I would totally win this! I'm a really fussy eater soo. The only one I would maybe eat is the pork roast

  • mont murillo
    mont murillo Year ago +4

    There's actually sites and videos where you can cook food wars' food

  • Kingg Marcus
    Kingg Marcus Year ago +3

    😭😭😭 I want the food 🤤🤤😭😭😭

  • Asia Beason
    Asia Beason Year ago +2

    honestly looks like im finna win a free meal like....

  •  Year ago +2

    Do a try to guess the food blindfolded

  • TheDarkWatch
    TheDarkWatch Year ago +6

    and Im just sitting here...eating ramen noodles like a poor man...

  • Tahsin Ahmed
    Tahsin Ahmed Year ago +1

    Best one so far

  • Blade BloodStorm
    Blade BloodStorm Year ago +1

    Real life foodgasms

  • Troll Gang guys
    Troll Gang guys Year ago

    Poor people

  • Landon Crelia
    Landon Crelia Year ago +4

    What if one of them was vegan

    • Thuyy
      Thuyy Year ago

      Landon Crelia Okay? And

  •  Year ago +6

    At least they got to try,we can't even smell

  • RhodainChristJesus
    RhodainChristJesus Year ago +2


  • TheKeller101
    TheKeller101 Year ago +8

    I was fine until the gotcha pork roast
    I. Love. Pork.
    Then they added bacon...

  • Momo Sonoda
    Momo Sonoda Year ago +4

    I’m Japanese so my mum makes this all for me... so yeah, I’d win

  • Lavetrix
    Lavetrix Year ago

    I would eat all of them

  • Girl that cant Sing
    Girl that cant Sing Year ago +2

    I would straight up fail

  • TheBoringRandomness
    TheBoringRandomness Year ago +2

    I'm jealous. I wish I wasn't a picky eater so I could enjoy such things. Darn my cuisine disgust. I want I want I want i want ;-;

  • Rian P
    Rian P Year ago +1

    Still waiting for a ramen with tempe (indonesian food) on it

    • alayka
      alayka Year ago

      Rian P ey tempe

  • T Brazy
    T Brazy Year ago +1

    They easily could’ve just eaten it off screen

  • Santos Arellano
    Santos Arellano Year ago

    I need more of this

  • Earth Magic User
    Earth Magic User Year ago +4

    i'd grab every single plate and run.

  • Blank Sword
    Blank Sword Year ago +4

    If you want to watch anime for FREE go to kiss and you can watch anime dubbed and subbed for free

  • Flabby man
    Flabby man Year ago +4

    If you already ate once why try not to eat anymore you lost either way

    • Santos Arellano
      Santos Arellano Year ago +1

      Flabby man whoever eats the least u can eat and still win

  • Corn
    Corn Year ago +4

    Ill just eat everything even if it is a challenge like frick that Im eating it.

  • Hailey_May 1313
    Hailey_May 1313 Year ago +4

    I wouldn't even care about loosing, all of those foods looked and sounded delicious. Now I'm hungry...

  • Uni dearest
    Uni dearest Year ago +1

    They are so lucky 😩

  • Do yu kno da wae jimin ??

    do try not to eat challenge 2!

  • Littlepeeteir
    Littlepeeteir Year ago +3

    they should just eat it because its there only chance to try it out

  • Skitso The madman

    I made some of these before btw so so yummy

  • Joshua howles-bowker
    Joshua howles-bowker Year ago +10

    try not to eat challenge? just give me the food and no one gets hurt

  • Sun Kim
    Sun Kim Year ago +5

    They got nothing wow then i would eat all of it

  • where's my rooptoff

    No Mapo Tofu from Angel Beats?

  • Gabriel Pichette
    Gabriel Pichette Year ago +4

    Did the winners win at least 1 million$$$$???? cause otherwise hell no it wasn't worth it xD

  • Judey Saleh
    Judey Saleh Year ago +4

    This is like rattitoui on steriods

  •  Year ago +15

    idk why they would want to win, when the greatest reward was failing the challenge...

  • Incuriso 21
    Incuriso 21 Year ago +4

    So this is what true hell looks like

  • Cheshi’s Corner _
    Cheshi’s Corner _ Year ago +1

    My life is food. But I’m almost very stubborn so no matter what I’m not eating anything. I just stuff myself after

  • Chris O
    Chris O Year ago +1

    If I was in that challenge idk if I failed that food looks SOOO GOOD

  • BeeBubbles
    BeeBubbles Year ago +5


  • GoldenTrust 7
    GoldenTrust 7 Year ago +3

    I Love to See a Part Two

  • Harris Azlan
    Harris Azlan Year ago +27

    Why are these people so reluctant to lose. If I'm getting free food,then I'm getting free food

  • Wagner027
    Wagner027 Year ago +2

    can you guys get gordon Ramsay to do this guys please and thank you

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez Year ago +3

    If I was there I would have eaten all of them
    I wouldn't care if I lost I got to eat food tho thats why :3

  • JASON 1400
    JASON 1400 Year ago

    After win eat!!!!!!

  • Candy-k
    Candy-k Year ago +1

    I love this anime