WEIRDEST 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown Romance?! | Best of Dictionary Corner Pt. 1

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
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Comments • 604

  • Michael McCann
    Michael McCann 7 days ago

    Nick Helm is painfully unfunny even Sean Lock has no reaction to him!!

  • Ne Á:kwe'ks
    Ne Á:kwe'ks 8 days ago


  • Charlie Blackett
    Charlie Blackett 10 days ago +1

    At 4:24 Nick Helm sounds like Petyr Baelish.

  • Sketch Armslong
    Sketch Armslong 10 days ago

    ......because.... it...

  • The-Dapper-Scrapper
    The-Dapper-Scrapper 11 days ago

    Fucking hell, Nick's kinda scary man O_O

  • greyztone
    greyztone 11 days ago

    Guessing that there's at least one girl out there who knows she was the inspiration for Nick Helm's comedy act.

  • Corrie De Beer
    Corrie De Beer 17 days ago

    Sounding a little rapey there pal.

  • Brandon Whitaker
    Brandon Whitaker 17 days ago

    11:45 Find someone who looks at you the way Susie looked at that Malbec

  • mohamed salah
    mohamed salah 20 days ago

    2:14 looking at this guy makes me wana throw up

  • Christy Burdett
    Christy Burdett 23 days ago


  • Christy Burdett
    Christy Burdett 23 days ago

    i just love endlessly watching these vids

  • madison machen
    madison machen 23 days ago

    Rhod and the bee (aka fly) is always going to be my favorite

  • quark E
    quark E 23 days ago

    No David Mitchell? Weird.

  • diagoros melos
    diagoros melos Month ago

    the guy with the black beard is not funny. skipped passed all the shouting and bullshit. found only a few good bits, thanks... dick with the beard! Spoiled a good 8 out 10 cats. (prick)

  • Miss Piggy
    Miss Piggy Month ago

    "... and a consonant please" 😂😂😂

    WAISY Month ago

    "And a consonant please" im dead 😂😂😂

  • Josef Aikman
    Josef Aikman Month ago

    People keep saying that Susie is uncomfortable.
    No. She's acting.

  • Donncha Gilley
    Donncha Gilley Month ago

    Suzie at 12:22 biting her lip while Nick shouts at her. I think he might have chance.

  • Rebecca Stanage
    Rebecca Stanage Month ago

    The pure joy when that fly landed on nick "THERE HE IS!!" 😂😂

  • Daniel Cannata
    Daniel Cannata Month ago

    9:45 most innocent moment in all of Countdown! ^_^

  • Billy Everyteen
    Billy Everyteen Month ago

    You know what never gets tiresome? Comedians who seem to think yelling is a good substitute for jokes or punchlines.

  • Gau Thier
    Gau Thier Month ago

    Jimmy is such a beautiful man!!

  • Gau Thier
    Gau Thier Month ago

    Please eliminate that Nick guy!!

  • checky monkey
    checky monkey Month ago

    Poor man why won't she love Nick

  • Rascal W.
    Rascal W. Month ago

    As soon as i see nick helm I have to change to another vieo... Not funny at all.. In my opinion ..

  • Julian Dale
    Julian Dale 2 months ago

    Do a best of Rhod moments

  • Joseph Bellamy
    Joseph Bellamy 2 months ago

    i really love Joe Lycetts's reaction at 10:08, so organic.

  • disposable157
    disposable157 2 months ago

    I really, really hope he cleared this with SUsie first.

  • Linkeschamlippe 69
    Linkeschamlippe 69 2 months ago

    what, why am I here ? I´m still thinking "Glory holes"....

    KING RAZER11 2 months ago

    "Shut the fuck up" im in tears 😂😭

  • Outland
    Outland 2 months ago

    0:56 "Lady in the glasses" 🤣

  • Mass Debater
    Mass Debater 2 months ago

    Paul Doherty is as funny as blue waffle

  • Vinicius Villatore
    Vinicius Villatore 2 months ago


  • Vinicius Villatore
    Vinicius Villatore 2 months ago


  • VillaFanFTW
    VillaFanFTW 2 months ago

    David O'Doherty is so unfunny...

  • Lady Daydream
    Lady Daydream 2 months ago

    I love how the camera cuts to Miles everytime Nick is talking, his laughing is priceless

    • Lady Daydream
      Lady Daydream 2 months ago

      Also with his shouting voice, he would be amazing in a rock band

  • craig murray
    craig murray 2 months ago +1

    Susie is so cute

  • Gongasoso
    Gongasoso 2 months ago

    I'm not proud to admit that Nick's behaviour is landing uncomfortably close to home...

  • ZombieDerpster
    ZombieDerpster 2 months ago

    'Pretender to the throne!!' will never not be funny to me XD

  • Kundalini12
    Kundalini12 2 months ago

    Nick Helm: trying to make humour out of sexual harassment.

  • Kyto Bytes
    Kyto Bytes 2 months ago

    Lololol she looks so traumatized

  • cold monkey
    cold monkey 2 months ago

    I think we are all miles juppe during the Nick helms poems.

  • A Jarjis
    A Jarjis 2 months ago

    10:04 I love watching Joe's realisation of what Susie just said

  • Gentian B
    Gentian B 3 months ago

    Best "SHUT THE FUCK UP !" on television history (3:35) :D

  • georgia erangey
    georgia erangey 3 months ago

    But the butterfly it flits and my love goes unanswered
    Why butterfly why? why must you flit?
    But the butterfly does not answer for it

  • soloseraphim Heartsong
    soloseraphim Heartsong 3 months ago


  • ChimKook_ Trash
    ChimKook_ Trash 3 months ago

    "Don't shit while you eat..."
    - Nick Helm

  • hughtubecube
    hughtubecube 3 months ago

    I think Miles has a crush on Nick Helm.

  • The Ablution Room
    The Ablution Room 3 months ago

    Poor Susie

  • Clive Sullivan
    Clive Sullivan 3 months ago

    I preferred nick helm more unkempt and overweight

  • Susanna M
    Susanna M 3 months ago

    that guy is so weird

  • A C4th
    A C4th 3 months ago

    Love miles jupp - he's always cracking up.

  • Will Hewes
    Will Hewes 3 months ago

    He makes me so uncomfortable

  • Jack Tyrrell
    Jack Tyrrell 4 months ago +4

    "If I shout louder, then it'll be funnier!"

  • Marcus Gotti
    Marcus Gotti 4 months ago +1

    Susie is so sweet lol

  • AngusMitchell
    AngusMitchell 4 months ago

    Favourite ninja turtle!!!!

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 4 months ago

    I love how Suzie sells all of her interaction with Nick so well 😂 especially at the end, it made it so much funnier.

  • Killian Barrans
    Killian Barrans 4 months ago +4

    “ I mean, look what your dealing with “
    *cuts to joe

  • NefariousPorpoise
    NefariousPorpoise 4 months ago

    I can't believe people find this shit funny. It's the low-hanging fruit of comedy.

  • chuck sellers
    chuck sellers 4 months ago

    Susie reminds me of Linda Evangelista. They look like cats (not in a bad way like that rich plastic surgery woman from NY) and are also pretty, but they don't look alike. I guess that they are different breeds of cats.

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick 4 months ago

    ...and a consonant, please.
    Just as I was wondering how they were going to bookend that final bit of booming OTT drama, Jon's tiny voice chirps in.

  • olavrell
    olavrell 4 months ago

    Not a big fan of Nick Helm when he appears on 8 out 10 cats, but his heckle towards Jimmy Carr, in a story Jimmy Carr has told a few times in other tv-shows is still my favourite heckle of all time. "Hello, Jimmy, I don't laugh when I come to one of your shows."

  • Ed Eranged
    Ed Eranged 4 months ago +1

    Susie's never looked so longingly cute.
    She must be a doggy style lovin', anal obsessed, 'don't take it out until I scream' freak in the sheets.

  • evlredsun
    evlredsun 4 months ago +3

    good video, aside from nick.

  • Emmet Daly
    Emmet Daly 5 months ago +1

    Nick Helm is not funny. All he does is shout.

  • Blue Icecream
    Blue Icecream 5 months ago

    3:35 though

  • Char A
    Char A 5 months ago

    Pastys. Queen no.

  • RoboBongoCuckooCop
    RoboBongoCuckooCop 5 months ago

    Berlin via New York? lol

  • Paul Thoresen
    Paul Thoresen 5 months ago


  • kreemkrackered
    kreemkrackered 5 months ago

    Susie dent is just so damn cute!

  • Andy Merrett
    Andy Merrett 5 months ago

    10:05 Four second reaction to the "polls/Poles" joke, because Joe Lycett forgot he was supposed to laugh at that point in the script.

  • gary doherty
    gary doherty 5 months ago +3

    Nick helm is an utter waste of skin joking or not poor susie looked terrified. He needs doing in for that barbaric bordering on insane display.. utter bully and coward....

  • Oshada Kurukulasuriya
    Oshada Kurukulasuriya 5 months ago +5

    Joe's face just after Susie said 'polls' was amazing

  • -Shadowjj8006-
    -Shadowjj8006- 5 months ago

    2:30 3:30

  • Dan Best
    Dan Best 5 months ago

    11:45 what's your favourite flower 😂

    • Dan Best
      Dan Best 5 months ago

      +Tappy Tappy that's the family stand

    • Tappy Tappy
      Tappy Tappy 5 months ago

      then why do you have clappers

    • Dan Best
      Dan Best 5 months ago

      +Tappy Tappy our south stand has been called best ultras in england by many teams

    • Tappy Tappy
      Tappy Tappy 5 months ago

      no team that have clappers can have good home support, your away support however is probs decent

    • Dan Best
      Dan Best 5 months ago

      +Tappy Tappy huddersfield have clappers and we have good support

  • fourbypete
    fourbypete 5 months ago

    It looked like Susie was going to break at one point there. I realise they were acting but that was really harsh. I genuinely felt for Susie when he was yelling at her.

  • b funky
    b funky 5 months ago

    The Irish geezer ain't funny one bit

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 5 months ago

    "WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER?! Screaming at Susie!!

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 5 months ago +1

    Nick Helm! Hahahahaaa

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 5 months ago

    Tim Key is hiiiiilarious!

  • Aegon Targaryen Changed The Rules

    Is it just me that finds the Nick - Susie bit weird?

  • Leander Svendsen
    Leander Svendsen 5 months ago

    Final burning why general emotion consistent fence play serious.

  • minners71
    minners71 5 months ago

    God I hate that guy in dictionary corner he has to be the most annoying unfunny dick I have ever seen. Seriously is shouting all you have to do to get on TV these days.

  • Dawud Bryant
    Dawud Bryant 5 months ago

    That guy killed it

  • martin fitzpatrick
    martin fitzpatrick 5 months ago

    I laugh but he terrifies me

  • Michael Hedworth
    Michael Hedworth 6 months ago


  • J A
    J A 6 months ago

    Joe Wilkinson looks like a baby sasquatch trying to pass as human by shopping at a women's charity thrift store... and I love him every bit for it.

  • Asparagus
    Asparagus 6 months ago

    This is so cringy tbh

  • William Baxter
    William Baxter 6 months ago

    I would love to spend a night with Suzie i bet she's a filthy one :)

  • Gravypot Media
    Gravypot Media 6 months ago +2

    Jimmy is brutal lol

  • ilveutube
    ilveutube 6 months ago

    Joes face when Suzie says "there's always these poles" is hilarious

  • Eric Jacobson
    Eric Jacobson 6 months ago

    "butterfly has no lips" would have been a better way to end that poem than "butterfly has no mouth"

  • Sydney Hensley
    Sydney Hensley 6 months ago

    I'm in tears

  • Mick Hack
    Mick Hack 6 months ago

    Damn susy is so fine

  • Fintan111
    Fintan111 6 months ago

    Kathy Burke is just 4 months older than Susie Dent. Take that in for a moment.

  • Sean Dring
    Sean Dring 6 months ago

    Anyone else find Nick helm just not funny?

  • bowser515
    bowser515 6 months ago

    Nick Helm is genuinely brilliant in uncle. Everybody should watch it ASAP. But he always comes across fairly awkward (more so than intended) and unfunny on here for me. New routine required maybe.

  • lorofcb3
    lorofcb3 6 months ago

    Jon asking for a consonant at the end is everything 😂

  • Pandakush
    Pandakush 6 months ago

    Nick is low-key hot af

  • alyxi
    alyxi 6 months ago

    The LEADJER of the gang