• Published on Nov 17, 2018
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  • VidaroFakhar3000
    VidaroFakhar3000 Hour ago

    7:48 I love how gordon just calling him just to say look at gordon then say fuck off 😂😂

  • bronyferien minuet
    bronyferien minuet 4 hours ago

    Hes a nice guy.

  • Etienne Macintyre
    Etienne Macintyre 5 hours ago

    I’m pising my self 😂😂😁

  • Shaggy From scooby doo

    You stole this video from the Gordon Ramsay rage montage

  • mia karen
    mia karen 8 hours ago

    5:49 r.i.p

    gordan came for that mans whole career, life, and morage😭😭😭(︶^︶)💀💀💀💀

  • mia karen
    mia karen 8 hours ago

    3:20 im in tears XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD "pick that f**king thing up.


  • Skyler Delacy
    Skyler Delacy 9 hours ago

    “FUCK OFF”
    “yes chef”

  • Dunkskins
    Dunkskins 9 hours ago

    Dick face.

    LYCHEE 10 hours ago


  • Damion Sell
    Damion Sell 11 hours ago

    Where's the lamb SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • wyatt banks
    wyatt banks 11 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey is literally if teachers could go off on kids

  • Aniket Belsare
    Aniket Belsare 11 hours ago

    It's MasterChef
    Not Masterbate

  • Bo Shredd
    Bo Shredd 11 hours ago +2

    Not gonna lie I'd deck him the second time he insulted me because I messed up a little

  • Aniket Belsare
    Aniket Belsare 11 hours ago

    I think people in the hotel don't come to eat food, they come to watch him insulting everyone 😂

  • Dylan Kerin
    Dylan Kerin 17 hours ago +1

    Gordon eats ice

  • kelvin monteiro
    kelvin monteiro 18 hours ago

    This man very disrespectfull he deserves a big asswoping

  • Xenomorph Biologist - XX121

    Romantic dinner? More like romantic funeral

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 21 hour ago

    I bet Gordon Ramsey's wife is scared Everytime they have sex LoL 😅

  • project 6135
    project 6135 21 hour ago


  • Supreme Eric
    Supreme Eric 22 hours ago +3

    I understand why he’s so mad. I bet Friday’s probably has better food than them.

  • XxAdvancedProXx
    XxAdvancedProXx 22 hours ago

    Me takes out pizza from last night and eats it cold

    Gordon: WHaT ThE FuCk iS tHis ShIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Jaden Marquez
    Jaden Marquez 22 hours ago

    Did I hurt you? Sue me motherfcker

  • paolo gnt
    paolo gnt 23 hours ago

    Me: That looks tasty, i would eat that...
    Me: well, yep, its disgusting yep yep yep disgust...
    Gordon: *RAAAAAAW!!!*

  • Hamilchu
    Hamilchu 23 hours ago +1

    Gordon Ramsey: *This is Master Chef, not masturbate!*

  • Stefan Micic
    Stefan Micic 23 hours ago +1

    2k subs 2M views
    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

  • Bfd Cluberlang
    Bfd Cluberlang Day ago

    You scare me....😂

  • CapitalTeeth
    CapitalTeeth Day ago

    I can just imagine Gordon picking up some ice cream and then yelling *_"THIS IS TOO COLD!!!"_*

  • Digital Qoutes
    Digital Qoutes Day ago

    When i go to that restaurant. I might enjoy the roasting than the eating.

  • Andrew Montoya
    Andrew Montoya Day ago

    If gordon talked to me like that i would knock his ass out

  • jimi
    jimi Day ago

    Did it hurt? THEN FUCKING SUE ME!

  • Lovely Gacha
    Lovely Gacha Day ago

    "Are you happy!?"
    Gordon: **in anger** *IM FUCKING HAPPY*

  • Lillian dahmer
    Lillian dahmer Day ago +1

    If you survive gordon in the kitchen you can survive anything 😂🔪🍔

  • Crusta Fan
    Crusta Fan Day ago

    I wonder WHEN Gordon gets an heart attack

  • Tre Gamer Rollie Trolly

    The chefs come in thinking they're all tough and stuff but then they realize the challenge they put themselves up for cooking and Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen

  • Motion HD
    Motion HD Day ago +1

    When Gordon dies he should be cryogenically frozen and a plaque with the words “It’s fucking frozen” should be placed on it

  • dark side
    dark side Day ago

    Well... I burnt pasta.
    Gordon's daughter *cooks lamb without the sauce*
    Gordon:mmm you just need to work on it
    Adult*brings chicken slightly overcooked*
    Gordon:this chicken is UNDERCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKED!!!!!!

  • Mjw0721
    Mjw0721 Day ago

    Gordon HAS to be on some military grade blood pressure meds 😬

  • SKYSUPA 14
    SKYSUPA 14 Day ago

    8:29 LMFAO

  • Peter Duignan
    Peter Duignan Day ago +1

    This is stress at work

  • SJJB Studios
    SJJB Studios Day ago +1

    9:28 the way they look at him like dude you f ed up

  • Tan Pham
    Tan Pham Day ago

    It’s MasterChef, not masturbate. I fking spit my food out 😂

  • Skye Brailsford
    Skye Brailsford 2 days ago


  • Виктор Викторович

    Its masterchef,not masturbate
    Fuck...I just searched something to masturbate to

  • wintz
    wintz 2 days ago +8

    *Simon Cowell Making people cry*

    Gordon Ramsay: Hold my beer

  • Justin Anthony Sitjar
    Justin Anthony Sitjar 2 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsey: hey you!
    Cook: gotta find a new job

  • Leones Sapientia
    Leones Sapientia 2 days ago +3

    *I like how boss music plays whenever someone challenges Gordon.*

  • Maria T Heutink
    Maria T Heutink 2 days ago +1

    'Yes chef it's coming right now baby!'
    *it's coming BABY?!*
    *GET OUT*

  • lil Xan
    lil Xan 2 days ago +2

    4:21 so me whenever I go out in public realizing my outfit I picked ain't fresh at all.

  • Billy damme
    Billy damme 2 days ago

    If no1 likes this comment FUCK OFFF !!!

  • abhdul jackol salsalani

    it's masterchef not masterbait.

  • cupcake love
    cupcake love 2 days ago

    i watched this and stared crying... gordon reminded me of my abusive exes

  • I like Pineapple juice

    His favourite word is definitely Fuck

  • Antidisestablishmentarianist

    And u: Shut it and watch what he's doin'.
    Yes chef.
    Shut it!
    Yes chef. xD

  • Antidisestablishmentarianist

    12:15- Gordon got so mad he went thru puberty.

  • lucy boynton
    lucy boynton 2 days ago +1

    Geez, I'd be afraid to serve Gordon a glass of water😥

    "It's FUCKIN' COLD, you STUPID DICK!!"

  • Antidisestablishmentarianist

    3,3's are wut?
    ... Da fuq?

  • Antidisestablishmentarianist

    It's coming right now baby.
    Gordon: da fuq u just sai 2 me

  • Aidan Gauci-Galvez
    Aidan Gauci-Galvez 2 days ago +1

    How dose this not have age restrictions....

  • I am nugget
    I am nugget 2 days ago

    CLEAN IT U F*@#'NG C!&T

  • Ameya Vilankar
    Ameya Vilankar 2 days ago

    You You You You You. F***ck Offf!!!!