The Jeffree Star PETS Brand Reveal!!! 🐶

  • Published on Nov 19, 2021
  • Hi everyone!!!! Welcome BACK to my channel... Today is SO exciting because the STAR family and I are releasing our very own PET BRAND!!!!! LAUNCHING on BLACK FRIDAY NOV. 26TH... Jeffree Star Pets™ is starting off with ALL dog products! 🐶 And of course, not just for small dogs! This line is for all shapes and sizes! It's only fitting that the very first launch is FULLY a dog moment. 💖 We have custom leashes, food bowls, toys and an array of products! You will be able to shop this brand extension on the newly OR and buy makeup at the same time!

    ⭐️ Star Plushie -
    Small - $9
    Medium - $12
    Large - $13

    Ice Cream Plushie -
    Small - $9
    Medium - $12
    Large - $13

    Donut Plushie -
    Small - $9
    Large - $13

    Star Rope Pull Toy -
    Small - $13
    Large - $15

    Rope Ball Toy -
    Medium - $12
    Large - $14

    Pink Rubber Lipstick Treat Toy - $18

    Pink Rubber Star Toy - $18

    Lipstick Plushie - $13

    Pink JSP Collar:
    Small - $8
    Medium - $10
    Large - $14

    Pink JSP Leash:
    Small - $14
    Medium - $15
    Large - $17

    Custom Star Bowl Set w/ Rubber Mat:
    Small - $40
    Large - $60
    Key Feature(s): Silicone mat and fitted bowls for easy meal time and clean up

    Pomeranian Hand Mirrors - $30
    - Drama Star
    - Delicious Star

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Comments • 5 759

  • David J
    David J  +7

    “I love animals a lot more than people.” Couldn’t relate any more.

  • Bribe
    Bribe  +802

    I don't even have a dog but this makes me wish I did. Loving the happy & healthy energy 👏

  • Madison Courtney

    Off topic but Jeffrey looks like he’s healthy and thriving. Love to see it 🥰

  • Mariana Giménez

    Say whatever you want about him, he loves and cares for his dogs. And the dogs look so healthy and happy! This project seems so fun and healthy.

  • Corisa Brown

    Can we talk about how you can just tell how excited Jeffree is with his pet line! I love it.

  • Amarildo Kill

    That’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen in days …… I love it how her dogs are so well mannered and spoiled at the same time

  • lorna cochran

    This is a real passion project and you can tell how much Jeffree loves it all and how much it means to him. I think it’s all beautifully done and really if I had a dog I would want it all! It is so lovely to see Jeffree so happy and excited and so proud of his babies. I hope these all sell out straight away for him. Looking forward to seeing more from Jeffree and the Fur Babies.

  • Kimbeee Elle

    This is not what I would have expected if someone told me Jeffree Star made a line of toys 🤣 it's cute though! Congrats

  • Jenny Cee
    Jenny Cee 14 days ago +19

    I love that all his dogs are comfortably chilling in different parts of the couch. Love it so much!

  • Christine DeD

    Love the fact that he launched his own pet line as I’m an animal lover. Love that he tried to include for all size dogs but, my boy is big and none of that will work for him,. He’s also an aggressive chewer and he would shred all those toys in seconds flat.

  • Carrie Thomas
    Carrie Thomas 12 hours ago +3

    He has never looked more at home and happy. Love this journey for him! The way someone treats animals speaks volumes about them.

  • foodie junkie

    I love how passionate jeffree is about his fur babies you can tell he is so in love with them and they are his world ❤🐶🐶🐶 I really wanna get the leash, bowl and one of the mirrors for me

  • SniperStormG

    If don’t nobody else love Jeffree, his dogs do! This is really cute. I wish I had a furrbaby so I can get all of this! I’m super happy for you Jeffree and this is so your lane too. Your babies are so cute and God Bless you!

  • Leo Sandoval

    I love animals more than people! 😂 I agree with you 🐶

  • M'Lisa Burrow

    Already sold out! I will be getting some when they restock! This is amazing!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Letícia Souza

    The dogs are so well behaved and beautiful!! You can tell they’re well taken care of😍

  • Destinee M

    This is so awesome!! I was just thinking not too long ago, “Jeffree should make dog toys” I even thought of doing a plushie lipstick! Haha.


    I support everything you make Jeffree, been following you since the first Jeffreestar liquid lipstick. So proud of you and the growth of your company, inspired many young hustlers out there!

  • Connie E

    As an animal lover too, Great to hear you did something like this, so happy for you.

  • Talia Janette

    Bruh. Say what u want about Jeffree.