The Galaxy S10's Incredible Display!

  • Published on Feb 26, 2019
  • Literally everything new about the Galaxy S10's new display!
    Galaxy S10 First Impressions:
    That wallpaper:
    Optical fingerprint reader scratch test:
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    Intro Track: AllttA - Connery
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  • Wolfie
    Wolfie Day ago +1

    Oneplus is so overrated. Samsung beats Oneplus in hardware in everything except 90hz display and Samsung One UI is actually really good(without Bixby)

  • G Cart
    G Cart 2 days ago

    Much prefer a pop up camera and a physical fingerprint scanner on the back.

  • Nicholas Cordrey
    Nicholas Cordrey 2 days ago

    I got the regular S10 three weeks ago and I absolutely hate it. The fingerprint sensor works nothing like that and there is a vast amount of scratches on the screen and where the edges slide of

  • Robel Lessons
    Robel Lessons 3 days ago

    The s10 works with the s10 screen protector

  • Y A
    Y A 5 days ago

    Nh I have an iPhone 7 and the touch ID sucks

  • Y A
    Y A 5 days ago

    Wish I could afford this

  • Raul Gutierrez
    Raul Gutierrez 5 days ago

    Why wouldn't the sensor work with a screen protector when it's common procedure to put a screen protector on a phone.

  • Niki 9ine
    Niki 9ine 8 days ago

    Why is my front facing camera just 1 hole not 2 lenses ??? I have s10

    • Kes
      Kes 8 days ago

      He says s10 but it's actually the s10 plus

  • Fakefirstname Fakelastname

    So the S10+ could have 3D facial recognition, theoretically

  • CryCLL_Violin
    CryCLL_Violin 9 days ago

    10 months later: Is there any screen burn?

  • Caribbean 876
    Caribbean 876 9 days ago

    Watching on my S10 plus

  • Pako
    Pako 13 days ago

    Which Tempered glass would you suggest i use on my s10 Plus ?

  • 3D ASIAN boi
    3D ASIAN boi 17 days ago

    I've been bragging about my s10+ having dual front camera and now I just realized that it's just a depth sensor 😭🤣

    • dev
      dev 15 days ago

      3D ASIAN boi typical Asian

  • christian sijin Saji
    christian sijin Saji 19 days ago

    Plz don't use any phone's near by waterfall ...

    NICE NIGHTCORE 19 days ago +3

    Instead of "TOP NOTCH" it's "RIGHT AT TOP NOTCH"

  • Penjaga Hatye
    Penjaga Hatye 22 days ago

    Whos care now in november with s10.?? I dont care

  • R g
    R g 22 days ago

    1:50 no shit, this guy got so lucky with his job, just remember you won the lottery bro, very minimal talent in this one

    • Brian Kim
      Brian Kim 19 days ago +1

      Still smarter than you

  • Maxx Viintage
    Maxx Viintage 23 days ago

    7:58 how many takes before you got that right with a straight face...

  • Maxx Viintage
    Maxx Viintage 23 days ago

    6:54 the struggle to put that on...looks great...something different...

  • Truman Callaway
    Truman Callaway 23 days ago

    God I love my s10q

  • Ish
    Ish 25 days ago

    when he reached for the phone, the sweater was gone and he turns white

  • elnour abdalrsol
    elnour abdalrsol 26 days ago

    Best channel in TheXvid ❤

  • Sardonic1981
    Sardonic1981 26 days ago

    what sort of battery time would you get when set on full resolution?

  • Aadam Hussain
    Aadam Hussain 26 days ago

    would you rob my phone because your black

  • Mike en Mike
    Mike en Mike Month ago

    4 MLN

  • Alex Blanco
    Alex Blanco Month ago +2

    I've heard that you have to re-register the fingerprint for the sensor to read your fingerprint

  • Try sky
    Try sky Month ago

    True news

  • Gamer_Boiii 77
    Gamer_Boiii 77 Month ago

    I don’t know what ppl love wat Touch ID and they prefer it over Face ID. For me Face ID is as fast as Touch ID, and it’s works more often than Touch ID

  • by: N
    by: N Month ago

    I just removed the pre-installed screen protector, is it ok for the screen against scratches?

  • X seyji
    X seyji Month ago

    The supersonic fingerprint is good for people with sweaty hands

  • Sonal Punchihewa
    Sonal Punchihewa Month ago

    Should I go for the S10 or the iPhone 11, Idk wt to choose 😂

    • Faizanul Islam
      Faizanul Islam Month ago

      S10 For Price To Performance And iPhone 11 For Camera And Lookd

  • iwokeuplikethis
    iwokeuplikethis Month ago

    why do they cutout a hole in the screen protector for the fingerprint reader when they could just replace the film on that one area with regular screen protector material and have the rest glass

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood Month ago

    Fingerprint scanner is trash on this phone. It takes me 3-4 tries before it reads my finger. TRASH

  • Slayer 96 DA 2ND
    Slayer 96 DA 2ND Month ago

    iPhone 20 2027 will have underscreen fingerprint sensor.
    Samsung Galaxy s18 will have dna sensor.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago

    Watching from my Note 10. Hole punch becomes forgotten.

  • Sean Renzi
    Sean Renzi Month ago

    The only people who could hate this display is iPhone fanboys the galaxy s10 display is great the best on the market apples display is great too but I think Samsung makes the best displays

  • Jeff Banfield
    Jeff Banfield Month ago +2

    Ultrasonic finger print reader : More secure.
    Ultrasonic finger print reader: Gets hacked by a simple case hack.

    • Ted
      Ted Month ago +3

      Jeff Banfield fuck off

  • Dr. Pepper
    Dr. Pepper Month ago

    I have the samsung galaxy s10 😍

  • CIvillain129
    CIvillain129 Month ago

    Pls revisit this phone now that iphone and pixel 4 all dropped

  • Atobrhan Be
    Atobrhan Be Month ago

    This phone is so good it hurts,,, but the price is...

  • Andrew Murugiah
    Andrew Murugiah Month ago

    Bro this is an S10+

  • Entertainment world
    Entertainment world Month ago +1

    if samsung give dual pop up camera setup s10 plus looks more better

  • Im here because im bored

    I never knew to just tap the damn finger print sensor that works so much better,

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre Month ago +1

    Biased boy

  • Dylan
    Dylan Month ago

    Is the regular s10 oled

  • Vuk Dragic
    Vuk Dragic Month ago

    “And i’m getting a good ‘ol “Not getting recognized” “

  • BenzGamer
    BenzGamer 2 months ago

    I tried turning down my screen resolution to hd on this thing and then I went on twitter and I couldn't even stand it.

  • AlexBTW ;D
    AlexBTW ;D 2 months ago +17

    Is anybody watching this on their s10?
    I am :D

    • Nasreddineツ
      Nasreddineツ 29 days ago +1

      Me to loving this but the battery for my feeling is meh how about your battery?

  • Yavvana Bleu
    Yavvana Bleu 2 months ago

    Hello, I have purchased the Samsung galaxy s10 5G and have a question. I have just converted from Apple to Samsung and am trying to customise the phone to what I’m used to. Is it possible to push down home screen dock to the bottom of the screen similarly to how IOS is layed out? Because to me the home screen dock is too far up on the screen and I would like to relocate all the way to the bottom of the screen. Is this possible ?

    • Praveen Puvvula
      Praveen Puvvula Month ago

      yes it is possible. Just long press, drag and drop.

  • Tryeasy.
    Tryeasy. 2 months ago

    The hole punch is so bad

  • 2006의진짱
    2006의진짱 2 months ago +1

    Never press the Read more button.

    You pressed it.

  • Jeremy Sabelli
    Jeremy Sabelli 2 months ago

    why does he bust out a whole bin of water to dip his thumb ahaha

  • [\^/] 343 Guilty Spark
    [\^/] 343 Guilty Spark 2 months ago

    Am I right to assume that T logo is beside R logo ( Relay Pro ) is a subtle Tesla Roadster easter egg :)?

  • Luke Luke
    Luke Luke 2 months ago

    I. Like. Phones. Guys. Yup.

  • Luke Luke
    Luke Luke 2 months ago

    By far and a lonngggg mile....the best phone I've ever owned. Keeping this thing until it dies

  • Mystearicia
    Mystearicia 2 months ago +1

    kinda irks me there's no tempered glass coz im paranoid over dropping my phone xD

    • John Green
      John Green Month ago

      Does tempered glass really work?

    • Jordan
      Jordan 2 months ago

      You can still use a glass screen protector you just have to redo your fingerprint in the settings after you apply the screen protector

  • 日産スカイライン

    I'm happy to see Samsung finally has a good finger-print reader. Because when they introduced it back when - it was total shit.

  • Ar Pa
    Ar Pa 2 months ago

    Thanks for the display review

  • Andreas Papadopoulos
    Andreas Papadopoulos 2 months ago +1

    Is that a Tinder like back? 8:32

  • Kingsley Boerz
    Kingsley Boerz 2 months ago

    Top notch 😂