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  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  9 months ago +3

    What are your predictions??
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  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar 9 months ago

    Pogba will get sacked before Mourinho. Pogba is a poison to the club

  • slingerlanger
    slingerlanger 9 months ago

    Tottenham fans gassed about beating United away then lose to Watford week after 😂😂 shit houses

  • Rolls Reus
    Rolls Reus 9 months ago

    2:40 man said Mkhitaryan was good before United he was always shit that award was some fraud shit

  • stephen armstrong
    stephen armstrong 9 months ago +1

    José out why he's managed big teams plus he knows were to look for players and he's determined to keep the right people on

  • steven middlehurst
    steven middlehurst 9 months ago

    the reason you dont wanna come son is because your from london lol the exspense and says it all . very much the same as liverpool fans outsiders no manc accent there lol

  • Bob Yiddo
    Bob Yiddo 9 months ago +1

    Jose mourinho should stay at Man Utd and make them play terrible football .
    Fans who hate Man U are loving it !!!
    Spurs winning at Man U great 👍🏾
    Jose is not special any more when your players hate you .
    He’s a bully manager cos he’s got money to buy any one he’s at a massive club like Man Utd
    Love to see wot he does at a poor club he won’t manage poor clubs ..
    Football is ruined cos of wealth look at Man City now

  • Ali Rezaei
    Ali Rezaei 9 months ago

    Sack Jose Mourinho? never
    I hope he stays forever. Boom

    EDUMU FEDINARD 9 months ago

    TY almost nailed it.

  • Tanveer Hasan
    Tanveer Hasan 9 months ago


  • Younger Po
    Younger Po 9 months ago

    Real ones remember guns and pork

  • adeking 121
    adeking 121 9 months ago +2

    Low key the black bald guy makes the best point. Pogba dead Sanchez dead Mikhitaryan dead Lukaku dead martial and trashford dead. Name one good player under mohrinho.
    Guy in the hat thinks for a seconds

    Scott Mctominay

  • James Richards
    James Richards 9 months ago

    This show is dogturd

  • Am Cha
    Am Cha 9 months ago +4

    That’s not Robbie Lyle that’s Robbie from arsenal fan tv

  • Wonga Repayments
    Wonga Repayments 9 months ago

    Man like big shev from Manc uni on the vine brap brap shout out dar man Dem big shev
    He ain't a cockney like the raaasclaats say bruva

  • The Adventures Of Beef
    The Adventures Of Beef 9 months ago

    Ty's a nut. Who wants Maureen to go? Only united fans!
    Maureen IN.

  • WOLVES19861
    WOLVES19861 9 months ago

    Cockney Man Utd fans 🙄

  • Clarence Ong
    Clarence Ong 9 months ago +3

    My man Robbie squeezing every dollar from youtube

  • Stoned Turtle
    Stoned Turtle 9 months ago

    The disrespect for mourinho is too much...
    Only manager better than
    mourinho in the league is pep (and he was backed).
    Not klopp or poch even sarri.
    All these fans saying Jose out are forgetting how bad united have been since sir Alex left..
    Wasn't di maria poor at united as well?
    You give him ashley young as left back, Valencia at full back, smalling and Jones..
    And he still finished 2nd with the best defence in the league. Behind a city team that was arguably the best team ever..
    He asks for DEFENSIVE improvements and he doesn't get them and your surprised United's defense is garbage??
    Give him a solid defence and he'll win you trophies.(something klopp and poch haven't brought to their teams)

  • FTL
    FTL 9 months ago +2

    Shadrack Finally freed from the jailhouse

  • Kobir Uddin
    Kobir Uddin 9 months ago +8

    Mourinho deserves all the time he needs at Man U
    Jose IN

    • stephen armstrong
      stephen armstrong 9 months ago +1

      I want/ need him back in Chelsea because he did the best there admit it even if your not a Chelsea fan

  • yahye Abdirahman
    yahye Abdirahman 9 months ago

    Lukaku and jose Out

  • Badrul Islam
    Badrul Islam 9 months ago

    Sanchez played fantastic football under Wenger. But look like he finish under moriniho.

  • TheRon Legend
    TheRon Legend 9 months ago +1

    This guy is trying to be troopz

    • Sly 19
      Sly 19 9 months ago

      He is actually Troopz really old mate.

    • Kivzyy
      Kivzyy 9 months ago +1

      nah bro he's been doing it from young he's troopz bredrin

  • Charlie Warner
    Charlie Warner 9 months ago +2

    Big up Flexspressions

  • Jimmy Casuelle
    Jimmy Casuelle 9 months ago +1

    Not really a reason to bleep out "daggering gyal", Channel 4. Come on man 😕

    • Franny Darko
      Franny Darko 9 months ago

      Jimmy Casuelle Dafuq does that mean anyway???

  • BlackM
    BlackM 9 months ago +4

    I swear that’s Shadrack from Shadrack and the Mandem

  • darkcarlos 79
    darkcarlos 79 9 months ago +1

    I really hate how much Expressions rates his Kane to much 🤦‍♂️. He is a world class player (Kane) is a world classes player but he abuses Kane a lot

    • darkcarlos 79
      darkcarlos 79 9 months ago

      ChilledCroc don’t lie he does 😂. But I like harry Kane as a player

    • Alex Medori
      Alex Medori 9 months ago

      darkcarlos 79 shut up u mug😂

  • Joe Hill
    Joe Hill 9 months ago +3

    1:06 the black troopz

  • ryan moss
    ryan moss 9 months ago +1

    Does anyone actually watch the show?😂

    • The Adventures Of Beef
      The Adventures Of Beef 9 months ago +1

      No, for 2 reasons. You can see enough of it here. And midnight on Thursdays isn't working for me.

    • Franny Darko
      Franny Darko 9 months ago +1

      ryan moss No..Lols

  • GistTech
    GistTech 9 months ago


  • Adam Alexander
    Adam Alexander 9 months ago +22

    1:26 who's the btec troopz fam?

    • Jxxx 123
      Jxxx 123 9 months ago

      Adam Alexander can’t lie he’s better

    • Franny Darko
      Franny Darko 9 months ago

      Adam Alexander Mamadou Sakho

    • Shiroharu Guy
      Shiroharu Guy 9 months ago

      Adam Alexander expressions 😂😂 some funny ute can’t lie

  • Rob 7
    Rob 7 9 months ago


  • T ekemere
    T ekemere 9 months ago +2

    1:28 why did the censor what he said? All he said was “I can be in London daggering gyal” when did daggering become offensive?

  • Rustee Trombone
    Rustee Trombone 9 months ago +4

    It’s so cliche but you don’t have to make it up. HAMMERS fans - East London, City fans - Manchester, Wolves fans - Midlands, Yoonited plastic tourist - CROYDON #typical 🤣

  • Finn Miller Musset
    Finn Miller Musset 9 months ago

    Seasion 😂😂😂

  • Master Mind
    Master Mind 9 months ago +53

    I'd rather Jose stayed, that way Utd can be a mid table team. If he goes they will improve.

  • Advenco
    Advenco 9 months ago +15

    Damn even Lukaku wants Mourinho out

  • We all love Moschino
    We all love Moschino 9 months ago

    U need to get some lower league teams on there like championship, league one or even non league

    THE DAILY LAUGHS 9 months ago +5

    Cardiff 2 Arsenal 1

    • The Adventures Of Beef
      The Adventures Of Beef 9 months ago

      Lol I do like a good joke.

    • Will Hooper
      Will Hooper 9 months ago

      The laughing factory yeah and you know how Arsenal is they’ll end up scoring against us but I think we’ll win it 2-1 #COYG

    • Baller 88
      Baller 88 9 months ago


    • Ilyas Osman
      Ilyas Osman 9 months ago

      The laughing factory Cardiff can’t even score against 10 men Huddersfield so how can you say 2-1 cardiff

  • Dylan moeller
    Dylan moeller 9 months ago

    big up the robert

    SPIKY 9 months ago +79

    Why is lukaku on the thumbnail 😂

  • Sean Whitmore
    Sean Whitmore 9 months ago

    That spurs fam, sorry fan, is a dickhead.

  • Craig Smart
    Craig Smart 9 months ago +14

    Neil warnock will get you up, but can't keep you up. Pause.

    • burkey 86
      burkey 86 9 months ago +2

      Craig Smart My ex girlfriend was like that aswell

  • LunaT
    LunaT 9 months ago +3

    City Fans wanting Mourinho out 😂😂😂 Nothing to be happy about because that’s what most of our fans want

    • Forever Righteous
      Forever Righteous 9 months ago

      Trust me most City fans love what's going on at United currently.

  • charlie jackson
    charlie jackson 9 months ago +5

    Give mourhino more cos man u are shite with him so that make me happy

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen 9 months ago

    Mourinho deserves more time

  • JAndrew Fenwick
    JAndrew Fenwick 9 months ago +9

    Don’t know why everyone hates Mourhino

    • stephen armstrong
      stephen armstrong 9 months ago

      I'd love to know

    • esther ns
      esther ns 9 months ago

      Ask Eva n iker why people hate jose

    • The Adventures Of Beef
      The Adventures Of Beef 9 months ago +1

      Because he is a disrespectful self important asshole!
      So funny hearing him talk about respect when it's something he has never been!

    • Clarence Ong
      Clarence Ong 9 months ago +1

      Biggest eye gouger and hypocrite in world football. The man has no class. Deserves all the shit he's getting right now

    • Franny Darko
      Franny Darko 9 months ago +2

      JAndrew Fenwick Because he brings it on himself when he manically starts rambling in tongues.Should make a new NEFLIX series because its the best comedy show on TV imo