Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Before You Buy

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (PC, PS4, Xbox One) aims to reclaim the glory of good single player Star Wars games. How is it? Let's talk.
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  • FlashVids
    FlashVids 22 minutes ago

    Cal looks like Jerome valaska from Gotham

  • starkiller baby
    starkiller baby 5 hours ago

    U sound like the guy from Zombieland

  • Farkas471
    Farkas471 5 hours ago

    Star Wars Sith: First Order but you controlling a sith not a jedi i would like it

  • Malik Lee
    Malik Lee 6 hours ago

    They found a mix of playing it safe while still giving you new additions to the force powers you see. The game felt a bit short but that was about the only problem I have. Had no regrets and loved the game.

  • f4 legend
    f4 legend 7 hours ago

    Fam keeping wakies in is insane

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson 10 hours ago

    I want a Star Wars game where you start off as a Jedi Youngling and progress possibly up to a Jedi Master on the Jedi Council.

  • Jason Woelfel
    Jason Woelfel 14 hours ago

    I think Ubisoft needs to make the next Star Wars game. Like AC: Odyssey but in SW universe.

  • Steven .M
    Steven .M 15 hours ago

    5:50 game explained in a Nutshell. Enough said.

  • Graham Grubb
    Graham Grubb 15 hours ago

    This really looks like the star wars version of the new God of War

  • GooseSkywalker
    GooseSkywalker 16 hours ago

    I almost guarantee there will be DLC, likely in the form of new story expansions or quests, but time will tell.

  • Time Rider
    Time Rider 17 hours ago

    I just finished it. What a piece of trash! The grownups that made mandalorian or rogue1 director should had made It.

  • Puma D. Ace
    Puma D. Ace 18 hours ago

    Any idea when price drop will happen?

  • 3vE Apex
    3vE Apex 22 hours ago

    No multiplayer

  • Mad lad
    Mad lad Day ago

    im triggered he said lazer sword


  • The Expert
    The Expert Day ago

    okay help, I don’t like Dark souls(sorry) but is this worthy of a buy

    • WiLL 7_7
      WiLL 7_7 9 hours ago

      The Expert definitely. there’s a lot of difficulty settings that make the game way easier than dark souls

  • Alpha Alloy
    Alpha Alloy Day ago

    If they did add micro transactions, they should make it for new story missions to further the story and add new things

  • What the FoX Play
    What the FoX Play 2 days ago

    Everybody compares SW: Jedi Fallen order with Sekiro+Uncharted, but for me, this is the mix of Sekiro and Prince of Persia xD

  • Walked Rocket
    Walked Rocket 2 days ago

    if companies stopped making single player games with awesome stories, I think alot of people will stop being gamers including me

  • Walked Rocket
    Walked Rocket 2 days ago

    can we say now that EA cameback ?

  • Adam Gillen
    Adam Gillen 2 days ago

    I have a PS4 Slim and a regular Xbox One. I can't decide which version I should get. Which one is best?

  • Keenan Nakogee
    Keenan Nakogee 2 days ago

    Is it true the game is like Dark Souls?

  • Zyklon 1488
    Zyklon 1488 2 days ago

    The world wants another Star Wars RPG like KOTOR. Make it happen.

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez 3 days ago +1

    Fallen Order proves that EA was wrong about people only wanting multiplayer games and not solo games cx

  • Northern Perspective

    If only it wasn't 10 hours long and no dying and repeating the same encounters over & over is not a good way to expand that time.
    The fluff of no fast travel between rest points is frustrating padding as well. . . .
    Feels like EA built it this way specifically to shut people up.

  • Idris
    Idris 3 days ago

    This game is good

  • Zach Luger
    Zach Luger 3 days ago

    Is it worth buying if I dislike Star Wars as a whole?

  • Erik Allison
    Erik Allison 3 days ago

    I pirated due to mistrust in EA. 5 hrs in and I purchased. Holy shit. I think it's pretty awesome

  • Jilly bob95
    Jilly bob95 3 days ago

    How long is the game

  • AR0CK Miller
    AR0CK Miller 3 days ago

    I hadn't bought a new game for Xbox one since Fallout 4 and I like solo adventure games like this one. I stop buying halo because they stop making a great campaign game. Diffenately picking this game up.

  • ardoise63
    ardoise63 3 days ago

    "Guys Just use *PRIMEFY .CLUB*

  • Smit_ty
    Smit_ty 3 days ago

    Not only are the visuals great but the AUDIO 🤤

  • Malik Matthews24
    Malik Matthews24 4 days ago +1

    They need make mandalorian game

  • Dr Phoenix
    Dr Phoenix 4 days ago

    Do you think they’ll add a dlc update eventually?

  • Swiper LeFox
    Swiper LeFox 4 days ago

    Do yourself a favor, play on Jedi knight or either Jedi master!! Gameplay is much better, more fun, and most importantly...TAKE...YOUR..TIME!! Don’t rush it, and you’ll love it

  • Hyrax
    Hyrax 4 days ago

    instead of buying it, go to igg games and get it for free

    Your welcome

  • LEGO Plays
    LEGO Plays 4 days ago

    The game is good but after the story there is legit NOTHING to do. No online multiplayer. After the story you either quit the game or play the story all of again. I kinda regret getting the game for that reason because I love this game and I want more to do than just the sory over and over again. I should've bought battlefront 2.

    • Donato Tusi
      Donato Tusi 2 days ago

      Or at least ng+ I couldn't care less about MP tho

  • ipetloudog
    ipetloudog 5 days ago

    I regret buying this game.

    • ipetloudog
      ipetloudog 3 days ago

      @GalBeanie I don't enjoy the combat at all and the movement is janky to me. It just doesn't feel good imho

    • GalBeanie
      GalBeanie 3 days ago

      how come?

  • iTzJohn BrO
    iTzJohn BrO 5 days ago +1

    Great game, 0 replayability.

  • ScorpyKing
    ScorpyKing 5 days ago

    i really liked this game but i was also a litle bit disapointed after the end i was hoping we could get kinda like a different type of Story from ouer Chosing after completed the full Story. But it is what it is over all i loved this game but hoped it would had ben longer.

  • willow
    willow 5 days ago

    god i hate star wars. the movies were 40 years ago and somehow bigwigs found a way to sell us the same shit for all that time.

  • Mason Kelly
    Mason Kelly 5 days ago

    Kindof looks like a ratchet and clank dark souls mix.

  • King
    King 5 days ago +3

    I just wish the game was longer bc once it’s done, other than exploring, there aren’t many enemies that I found myself really looking to go fight or at least have as much fun fighting against as I did in the story. Probably bc there’s a mission and you need to get past them as opposed to just looking for something to do after the game is done.

  • Chay Galarce
    Chay Galarce 5 days ago

    Personally its day 2 of playing and I have to admit it's the best star wars game to me besides that all out battle one from ps2 which I can't remember the name right now but my favorite place to battle was tantowin that as it may the exploration and the way it follows cannon is amazing at least to me it star wars game!!!

  • Iciee
    Iciee 5 days ago

    Currently played the whole game with Jedi Master, only time I turned it down was the Malicos and Trilla (final) fights

  • Соɾу ℛ.
    Соɾу ℛ. 5 days ago

    He really say "EE EX PEE"?

  • Cory Davis
    Cory Davis 5 days ago

    Does anyone know if this will be released on the switch?

  • Trickster GA
    Trickster GA 6 days ago

    If anyone says this game is trash. THEY ARE RONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BitterGamingTv
    BitterGamingTv 6 days ago

    At the end of the game u fight darth Vader he’s to powerful so you run from him. Ha ha I spoiled it

    • TomatoNut
      TomatoNut 4 days ago

      My dad is a White hacker prepare to get ddos

  • Ryder Racer
    Ryder Racer 6 days ago

    Before you buy nba 2 k 20

  • Jacob Pehrson
    Jacob Pehrson 6 days ago +3

    I say they just make a force unleashed

  • lil D0g the seven
    lil D0g the seven 6 days ago

    I wouldn't consider this game linear because most obstacles have two or three ways that you can get around them

  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia 6 days ago

    Are there different effects for lightsabers?? Or just visual stuff??

  • David Doyle
    David Doyle 6 days ago

    It’s a bit PG with regards to combat effects. A laser sword goes through a foes torso and they are still in one piece 🤔

  • The Dehdbehr
    The Dehdbehr 6 days ago

    I played about an hour at my aunts house and fell in love with this game I really needed another story based solo game

  • Lukey Boy
    Lukey Boy 6 days ago

    The only bad thing is once you have finished it there isn’t much to do

    • zzzrizma
      zzzrizma 5 days ago

      Is there any online multiplayer??

  • ScopeKing1994
    ScopeKing1994 7 days ago

    Been a while since a game made me cheese and giggle. Proper single player game confirmed

  • ScopeKing1994
    ScopeKing1994 7 days ago

    Also when the game is giving tutorials, FOLLOW the tutorial unless you wanna face unlimited waves of enemies

  • miss_yogibear_23
    miss_yogibear_23 7 days ago

    6:05 🙄 Uhm IS definitely a video game. Are you seriously complaining about a video game having video game mechanics?!

  • MooieMoo11
    MooieMoo11 7 days ago

    Thank you so much for this video, I'm going to follow through and buy it right now

  • John Wick
    John Wick 7 days ago

    I just beat the story. Its a satisfying game I think. The saber customization is great. A lot of the ponchos are kinda bland. But whatever. I hope they DLC in some new saber blade colors. There are 7. We need like 12 or so. Maybe white, orange and some others. Other than that its great. The story is too short for sure. Was hoping it would be longer. I bought the game Friday morning and just finished it at 6am Sunday morning Central. Playing on Jedi master.