The Most Expensive Bike In The Tour de France? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 81

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • This week on the Tech show we look at the most expensive bike in the Tour de France peloton, the truth behind the team Ineos Pinarello and some new bike tech from GH and Fizik.
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    Do you think the UCI should introduce a price cap on bikes?
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Comments • 756

  • GCN Tech
    GCN Tech  Month ago +100

    Do you think the UCI should introduce a price cap on bikes?

    • Ka Es
      Ka Es 4 days ago

      Yes a price cap on bikes should be max £25000 and min £13000 because I want see what they are able made😆

    • Rosie Ansell
      Rosie Ansell 10 days ago


    • Gumangang
      Gumangang 16 days ago

      genius idea

    • Nick F
      Nick F 18 days ago

      No. The most expensive bike still needs the best athlete.

    • Dude On Bike
      Dude On Bike 18 days ago

      Yes. The race needs to be entered, ridden and won by rider MERIT, nothing else. Power to weight is the decisive factor in the race; weight is reduced the furthest by the highest price. Thus a price cap is a good idea. (But it should really be a budget cap. If you have budgets ranging from $100k to $5M, it tilts the playing field FAR TOO MUCH.)
      Look at college football. This is a competitive environment that promotes athletic monopoly and discourages competition. Parity is a long-lost idea in this arena. The perennial powerhouses lead in recruiting, pay and budgets, as well as facilities and winning records. It would be one thing if this were status quo in the NFL, it would be understandable. They're the pros, after all, and making money and staying on top is the goal. But even THEY have a draft to address disparity and encourage competition.
      Money pollutes everything, so putting a cap on bikes is only a start. Budgetary constraints should also be employed so that teams aren't outgunned by money alone.
      Let the athletes win on their strengths and merits, not the whim of a billionaire.

  • Matt Locascio
    Matt Locascio 22 hours ago +1

    5,000$ is a lot, id do 1 massive gear, comfy seat, and cup holders, and just ride like hell

  • Mae Virtudazo
    Mae Virtudazo 3 days ago

    I like it! Payakap

  • Ka Es
    Ka Es 4 days ago

    Price cap on bikes should be max £25000 or no limit and min £13000 because I want see what they are able made😆

  • Andrew C
    Andrew C 5 days ago

    Did you guys run a cat through the gears?
    Everyone knows that for a Pinarello you must use a microfiber cloth for the last stage of a wipe down ;)

  • rob98652
    rob98652 6 days ago

    #askgcn How about a feature on race radios? How much do they weigh, what is their range (i.e. are solo attacks after climbs "out of touch" for long), etc.

  • Steven Perry
    Steven Perry 8 days ago

    You can always find a good deal if you look hard enough... "Trek has no knowledge of the sale of any team bikes to purchase drugs," Trek said in a statement issued earlier this month.". -2010

  • Mike Polen
    Mike Polen 8 days ago

    Notice these are the most expensive...not fastest. See Cruzbike Vendetta (

    • Casualguy 939
      Casualguy 939 2 days ago

      @Mike Polen Yep, I hear ya. Kinda like how electric cars were passed up decades ago for petrol cars by the auto industry because they wanted to get as much out of them as possible before having to eventually go electric.
      Triathletes are looking at ways to shave seconds off their times, but can you imagine if recumbents were allowed in triathlons? Make a separate category for them, but I say let them ride recumbents.
      I saw one guy, the developer of the Bird of Prey bike, do an event and while the bike could be tweaked to make it more comfortable, it too was a pretty fast bike.

    • Mike Polen
      Mike Polen 2 days ago

      @Casualguy 939 That explains, to a small degree, why they are not more prevalent in the market, not why they are banned by regulation from UCI/USAT etc... It is as if only a small part of the bicycling world has can see these wonderful, far more comfortable, faster, and in many ways safer bicycles. The rest of the world is stuck in some UCI declared "frozen since 1 Apr 34" myopic view of bicycle design. Imagine if aircraft design had been frozen after the Piper Cub...

    • Casualguy 939
      Casualguy 939 5 days ago

      Public perception. A few guys realized recumbents were faster than DF bikes and carried the baton for a very long time, making them old men, fast old men, but the damage was done. Riders didn't start out on recumbents when they were young, and were less than eager to switch because of their pride and ego. IOW, no one wants to be looked at as the old man on the funny bike ;)

  • Andis Aboltins
    Andis Aboltins 9 days ago

    talk about mopeds and you get dislike..

  • Dušan HRUŠKA, jr.
    Dušan HRUŠKA, jr. 9 days ago

    Please, for the future, put your right side of the not fitted glasses down to your ear. It will look much better and also much professional...

  • Marius Van Deventer
    Marius Van Deventer 10 days ago

    No! Why...?

  • mike holt
    mike holt 12 days ago

    Be great to see a champion win TDF using a just a grands worth of bike with all the usual team back up against all the top teams, riders and their mega machines.

  • Mike de Garry
    Mike de Garry 12 days ago

    AG2R are not on the Merckx 525, they are riding the Stockeau69.

  • Scott in Texas
    Scott in Texas 13 days ago

    I’m disappointed you guys didn’t include the Schwinn Apple/Orange Krate in your discussion. Now that is a classic bike style that should be on the tour, so much cooler than todays bikes!

  • E F
    E F 13 days ago +2

    You guys should have included the Team Cofidis Kuota one of the more affordable bikes in the pro tour

  • James Knight
    James Knight 13 days ago

    How do you submit your bike? Is there a bike vault e-mail address?

  • rayred74
    rayred74 13 days ago

    hahaha - all that cash and it doesn't even have suspension LOL

  • Gnarly Waves
    Gnarly Waves 14 days ago +1

    you missed out pinarello bolide

  • Cecil Williams
    Cecil Williams 14 days ago

    Great show, you guys are always entertaining. However, I can't believe no one else has brought up the obvious elephant in the room here; the maximum muzzle velocity of the M48 Patton Tank 90 mm gun is just less than 3800 Feet Per Second, NOT meters.

  • BirdArvid
    BirdArvid 14 days ago

    So, loads of tech is trickling from F1 into bikes. Fantastic, since F1 is a dull parade of "who's got the biggest budget" and bike races are super-exciting!

    • Len James
      Len James 13 days ago

      These guys really shouldn't of said that. Auto racing is restricted to some degree...engine,frame and weight.

  • Ludvig Bang Bentzen 9Y Sct Hans Skole

    In Denmark we don't say a toilet in to a castle

  • Juan Diaz Molina
    Juan Diaz Molina 15 days ago

    What about the price of the Bianchi?

  • Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes 15 days ago +1

    Where are all the cool bikes without the dog ugly disc brakes? Bianchi, Colnago, Ridley etc.
    Why show the Ineos Pinarello F12 with discs? They don’t use them, this channel must be paid so much by the industry to force them onto us, they aren’t needed on road bikes.

  • Shaun Williamson
    Shaun Williamson 16 days ago

    What would the Colnago 64 cost then?

  • Tom Meyer
    Tom Meyer 16 days ago

    No price cap, the bikes are part of the allure, plus we want them. The pros don't have to pay for the bikes...

  • Ricky Wood
    Ricky Wood 16 days ago

    The guy on the right is a d**k.

  • David Sánchez
    David Sánchez 17 days ago

    5:43 Rotor 2InPower. The best cranks!

    • David Sánchez
      David Sánchez 2 hours ago

      @cliff cox You did right, soon will see your gains :)

    • cliff cox
      cliff cox 15 days ago +1

      I just got them and demand my MARGINAL GAINS!!

  • Dom Fou
    Dom Fou 17 days ago +4

    If you pay 15k for a bike you need your head read!

  • Ryan Gee
    Ryan Gee 17 days ago

    Cap the payrolls....not the bikes. Hate tocsay it but Bernal/Ineos would still have won withcthat team on Cannondale

  • Ryan Gee
    Ryan Gee 17 days ago

    You guys are throwing out prices as if a) these teams actually pay this and b) regular people actually pay this. I cant remember the last time a retailer (ive visited) was selling a bike at "list price"
    Feels like a cheap way for one bike maker to day they are better than competitor. Cuz you know....price = quality ;-)

  • Joseph Thompson
    Joseph Thompson 18 days ago +1

    ‘Sailings all about the best boat’, literally all of the Olympic sailing classes are ‘one design’ so there’s no kit advantage as everyone essentially uses the same kit (with minor manufacturer variation).

    • David Moak
      David Moak 14 days ago

      That's not the sort of sailing they are referring to. Thanks though, wasn't aware of how the O ran things.

  • PandaZ Members Only BadVibes


  • Uncle Nuar
    Uncle Nuar 18 days ago

    If you limited the bikes then this sport will be as boring as F1

  • Friendly Robot
    Friendly Robot 18 days ago +1

    Thing is, a $30,000 bike wouldn't be twice as good as a $15,000 bike. It might only be about 5% or 10% better. Considering the rider IS the engine, that extra 15 grand would probably be better spent on diet or training?

  • Zeadon Jamil
    Zeadon Jamil 18 days ago

    What they mean by biggie smells?

  • Dude On Bike
    Dude On Bike 18 days ago +1

    Sweet to hear reference to the '87 Tour! It came through Bad Cannstatt the year I worked and lived a summer abroad in Germany. What a treat to have the Tour come right by my apartment. Even better was getting a back stage pass to wander among the riders at the Stuttgart Start/Finish. And then jumping on a train to Pfortzheim and doing same in that town. What stupid luck that the Tour happened to start in Berlin that year for its 750th birthday.

  • Victorious Pauper
    Victorious Pauper 19 days ago


  • Bode Welch
    Bode Welch 19 days ago

    the thing is Canyon is a direct to buyer brand and cutting out the shop makes Cayon super cheap, for example, the S Works Epic FS ($11,000)costs twice as much as the top end, Canyon Lux ($7,000)

  • Jared Duggan
    Jared Duggan 19 days ago

    Your logo is strikingly similar to CN Rail (Canadian National Railway)

  • Barry Stewart
    Barry Stewart 19 days ago

    But where is the beauty ? Shimano and Campagnolo should have collaborated and created the Holy Grail of bikes .

  • Andy Dallibar
    Andy Dallibar 20 days ago

    That is a 105mm not the original 90mm gun.

  • Naturalhighz
    Naturalhighz 20 days ago +2

    I've never heard that saying in Denmark xD

  • 32Fossil
    32Fossil 20 days ago +2

    Expensive for stuff that is all made in China.

    • Anthony Melidy
      Anthony Melidy 15 days ago

      In Hockey, goalies all have custom Made in Canada equipment but if you go retail, 98% is from China. I suspect bikes are the same. I suspect bikes are the same. My son has Canadian made goalie equipment and my bike is NOT made in China.

  • Hector Bolivar
    Hector Bolivar 20 days ago

    Priced it in Bitcoins

  • Steve Lucking
    Steve Lucking 20 days ago

    Why is the South African flag on that Lotus 108 superbikes chain stay? at 15:01

    • Donkeh McDonkey
      Donkeh McDonkey 18 days ago

      If I remember rightly a fair few were made in South Africa as at the time it was more cost effective?

  • Manetty6
    Manetty6 20 days ago

    In the end all these numbers are useless. Average joes will buy a car priced high end bike and they will pay for it (and even more).

  • Bob About
    Bob About 20 days ago

    These expensive road bikes are all about desirably of minor technical gains and what you can sell it for, rather than value. Any motor vehicle has much more content than a road bike but cost relatively very little in comparison. The major bike brands make 10,000 it not 100,000s per year of each which is similar to car production level for many manufacturers. Frame prices are all about what people will pay for a few grams saved not cost to make. It driven by fashion, ego and nominal gains.... The design is established, aero tested, tooling manufactured, so the cost changes by carbon type used, "the lay up" time, will make little cost to make difference. That said I really want a pinerello with di2, special paint, Rapha, a McLaren, Ray Bans, a Sunseeker... like GCNs wort👍

  • Joe Gaun
    Joe Gaun 20 days ago

    how much do the weigh and don't they ride different bikes for different stages of the race?

  • ironman tooltime
    ironman tooltime 20 days ago +2

    Suddenly my supersix doesn't seem so bad 😂

  • Ivan and Kell's Part of the Adventure

    Is the uploader broken?

    • GCN Tech
      GCN Tech  20 days ago

      Nope, what's the matter Ivan and Kell?

  • kingg457
    kingg457 20 days ago

    me: *crying with my 80$ walmart bike*

  • G. S.
    G. S. 20 days ago

    Chamonix is a ski resort indeed but its more known as an alpinism spot, probably one of the most famous in the world (its located just at the foot of the Mont-Blanc)

  • philip norton
    philip norton 21 day ago +8

    Those custom paint jobs cost more than my bike!

  • Jesse Peters
    Jesse Peters 21 day ago

    The best car in F1 rarely wins

  • TimothyJFLd
    TimothyJFLd 21 day ago +2

    None of these are expensive, this is a relatively cheap sport compared to many. I think the UCI should remove the weight limit, then stress test for safety. We'd see an explosion of technology.

  • King Robert
    King Robert 21 day ago

    bla bla bla after 3 1/2 minutes I gave up. Not one mention of a price.

  • Uly Lucard
    Uly Lucard 22 days ago

    If you reference the work of another commentator (like cosmo) please add the link, it helps the community.

  • pizzagorgonzola
    pizzagorgonzola 23 days ago

    if you limit the price of the bike it would have the reverse of the desired ? effect, it would be MORE about the bike !

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 23 days ago +2

    Those bikes are not with 15,000. I spent $1,100 on a cannondale Synapse that is a smooth ride. The most I would spend on a bike probably would be $3,000.

  • Gustav Meyrink
    Gustav Meyrink 23 days ago

    14:30 a competitive touring car will set you back around £500 000 and a rally car between £500k and £1million.
    They only look like a souped up mass produced cars but underneath everything is changed.

  • Omniscient man being erased

    The Fastest Climbing Bike In The Word is Made In China For $400. Chinese alibaba carbon now is faster than anything, even the expensive dogma costing 12x more. Strava watts don't lie! Look up the LCR007 frame.

  • jim dandy
    jim dandy 23 days ago

    I miss my 2007 Cannondale System Six

    • jim dandy
      jim dandy 19 days ago

      STOLEN along with 2 other nice bikes, fortunately I had insurance but still doesn't replace the affection I had for it/them--System Six had some SERIOUS frame stiffness, mine was black and silver, 2007

    • daAnder71
      daAnder71 19 days ago

      Was it stolen or did you crash it?

  • jim dandy
    jim dandy 23 days ago

    Did I miss the team that using LIGHTWEIGHT Meilenstein? I thought I saw ZIPP on that team

  • Daniel Bowen
    Daniel Bowen 23 days ago

    What about the Argon 18's from Astana?

  • Cool Story
    Cool Story 23 days ago

    It costs

    too much

  • Julian Allen
    Julian Allen 23 days ago

    John's voice is much easier to listen to on my laptop now!

  • Dean  Cooper
    Dean Cooper 23 days ago

    on shoes , im traditional with toe straps ..because unclipping can be a problem ,,if you cant unclip at a junction,, your on the floor ..embarrasing

    • Michael Hencher
      Michael Hencher 15 days ago +1

      Dean Cooper sorry chief I’m no expert. I changed from Shimano to Look as I found them far easier to clip into and felt like. Got a better power transfer but I guess it’s trial and error and see what suits you best?

    • Dean  Cooper
      Dean Cooper 20 days ago

      @Michael Hencher i am thinking of getting some spd,s with shoes to match,, what would be best type ect ??

    • Michael Hencher
      Michael Hencher 22 days ago +1

      Dean Cooper you should practice and think ahead of junctions. the feeling once u get used to it is awesome

  • Dean  Cooper
    Dean Cooper 23 days ago

    the tour bikes cost is silly money

  • Dean  Cooper
    Dean Cooper 23 days ago

    kgi ride a bmc bike , slr03 frame , 20 speed nice bike , weighs in at 8kg

  • helolumpy
    helolumpy 23 days ago +4

    I noticed that the Bora is sponsored by Ceramic Speed but I don’t know if you figured improved BB and jokey wheels (over Dura Ace) into the price of the bikes.

    • greywolf276
      greywolf276 18 days ago

      SW bikes come with Ceramic Speed BBs

  • Magic Ricky
    Magic Ricky 23 days ago +2

    How much are the Lapierre bikes from Team Groupama-FDJ?

  • woden20
    woden20 23 days ago

    I can't afford a bike i'll stick to my 4x4

  • Juan Osorno
    Juan Osorno 24 days ago

    Very entertaining watching you guys... I was laughing.... hope you got a discounted rent!!!!!

  • Priceyknight
    Priceyknight 24 days ago

    On first glance I thought that was a neilpryde bike lol

  • Stuart Cook
    Stuart Cook 24 days ago

    Harsh comments about Donny