How To Perform To a Crowd | Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes

  • Published on Oct 29, 2019
  • Public Speaking - Rule Number One: Imagine the people you're talking to are naked...
    (Don't tell the people you're that this is what you're doing - it's a little bit creepy)
    The Official Channel for the biggest face in British comedy (literally the biggest face - it's like the moon.)
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  • 79Sarwar
    79Sarwar Month ago +5

    2:03 There was actually a down syndrome lady in the crowd. 🤦‍♂️

    • Raycheetah
      Raycheetah 19 days ago +1

      And she was probably delighted that Jimmy wasn't being exclusionary. =^[.]^=

  • Jack Byrne
    Jack Byrne Month ago +1

    That Down syndrome joke was funny until you realise at 2:01 there is one in the crowd 😂😂

  • Jac Crystal
    Jac Crystal Month ago

    Jimmy was conceived who would want to know where and born at the off centre of the earth.

  • D. F.
    D. F. Month ago

    Down’s syndrome roger Federer...I’m dead.

  • Crazy Mo
    Crazy Mo Month ago +1

    I always thought he looked like roger federer

    • Arwen
      Arwen Month ago

      Yes! Me too! My husband can't see it.

    EDGE SKYWARD Month ago +2

    woman in the pink looks hella fine

  • James Ofori
    James Ofori Month ago +15

    Central Comedy:Our jokes are nice
    Jimmy Carr:hold my beer

  • Kur Norock
    Kur Norock Month ago +5

    Yep. Those girls were attractive indeed.

  • Not Lacazette
    Not Lacazette Month ago +1

    2:05 oh snapp

  • Richie Hops
    Richie Hops Month ago

    Savage mode 100!

  • kris guntner
    kris guntner Month ago +1

    OH.......MY...........GOD....... 2:04
    Is that who/what I think?
    You maaayyyy not want to do down syndrome jokes anymore.

  • Sleepydog
    Sleepydog Month ago +1

    I need more........... =)

  • SpikeFlea
    SpikeFlea Month ago +1

    0:40 I wonder what would have happened to poor Jimmy if she had stood up and unleashed those tatas like at a Mardi Gras parade?

    • kitemanmusic
      kitemanmusic Month ago +1

      He would love it and so would I! I would give her a pearl necklace!

  • Alan Lipesky
    Alan Lipesky Month ago

    Yea this guy great makes me laugh

  • rodney kitchen
    rodney kitchen Month ago +1

    This bloke about as funny as a oil on the arse

  • juan vargas
    juan vargas Month ago

    You're a fucking legend!

  • Digger Dawg
    Digger Dawg Month ago +1

    OCD Alert - please correct your description and omit the first ''you're'': _Don't tell the people __-you're-__ that this is what you're doing...._

    • Mikey McMikeFace
      Mikey McMikeFace Month ago

      @Sandra Worden Being "anal" is not a thing. Look it up before trying to put someone down. No, it isn't.

    • Digger Dawg
      Digger Dawg Month ago +1

      @Sandra Worden - Yes, I must admit I _am_ a bit anal. In a _grammar_ way though, and not in a George Michael or Freddie Mercury way...

    • Sandra Worden
      Sandra Worden Month ago +1

      Digger Dawg're anal...

  • graham parker
    graham parker Month ago

    Wish everyone in the world has a sense of humour like him,,,it would certainly stop wars hahah

    • Manah
      Manah Month ago

      Not really!

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago

    Anyone else have to google "Roger Federer"?

  • fgafootball
    fgafootball Month ago

    I don't understand why people find this guy funny so yeah how do you do this for a living lol

  • pizzafrenzyman
    pizzafrenzyman Month ago +1


  • thejasonbischoff
    thejasonbischoff Month ago +3

    His face seems quite normal actually.

  • Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen


  • Ok Cool
    Ok Cool Month ago

    I used to live near skegness. Is the fat dude running down the beach known around the UK??

    • Gary G
      Gary G Month ago

      No, that's why that joke died on it's arse. I know what he means but don't know who the bloke is

  • Ripardo Filho
    Ripardo Filho Month ago +1


  • Rocarlos Davis
    Rocarlos Davis Month ago

    Homosexual old 55 year old men..CREEPY😥🤨🤮👩‍💼👨‍🔬🗣

  • New Message
    New Message Month ago +1

    What If I'm screencapping and photoshopping you so you ARE naked, though?

  • Snakewhisperer
    Snakewhisperer Month ago +4

    WOW. She was cute.

  • Dazzies Travels
    Dazzies Travels Month ago

    Do you have any new or old untested material you can record at home and upload.

  • Random, Family man
    Random, Family man Month ago +6

    I perform on your mum every night

  • ile84
    ile84 Month ago +33

    It was quite accurate about looking like "Down syndrome Roger Federer", now I cant unsee that :D

    • Maxi Delevingne
      Maxi Delevingne Month ago

      And there was a girl with down syndrome in the audience.. jesus

    • Ritchie J
      Ritchie J Month ago

      I’m dying lol

    • Rocarlos Davis
      Rocarlos Davis Month ago

      Zombie and 84 feet of glish 🤨😡🤬👽🙂

  • Shailesh Rana
    Shailesh Rana Month ago +15

    The naked joke was brutal

  • Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift Month ago +1

    Hey Jimmy Car I almost watched all of your vids
    do you have something new?? hehe

    • Rocarlos Davis
      Rocarlos Davis Month ago

      Only proud homosexuals type hehe😬..Taylor 😍

  • Psychotic Bob
    Psychotic Bob Month ago +4

    So the commercial that proceeded this video was of men getting their periods and asking each other for tampons and sanitary napkins and ended with a man and woman about to kiss where he tells her "I'm on my period" and she says, "Me, too." WTF???

    • H M
      H M Month ago

      I know its 2019 and all, but....seriously?

  • Filip Pecovski
    Filip Pecovski Month ago

    I look like a down sindrom roger federer.


  • Bradley Feno
    Bradley Feno Month ago +2

    Brilliant this!

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz Month ago +4

    there are worse faces to have, nick knowles really wide face, still. Jimmy's is easy on the eyes at least, I don't have retina scars and I've been watching Jimmy since 2011

  • Amexy98
    Amexy98 Month ago +187

    Imagine joking about downsyndroms, and then realizing there's one in the audience XD 2:03 ROFL

    • SolidTwat 64
      SolidTwat 64 Month ago

      M Gr256 it’s Jason Bourne

    • alphabet 74
      alphabet 74 Month ago


    • thatanimator
      thatanimator Month ago +1

      @WHDN6893 maybe she doesnt like going to school

    • Toast
      Toast Month ago +2

      @Hi Mynameis she wouldn't understand anyway

    • Funk Cult
      Funk Cult Month ago +3

      Now imagine that's you in the audience, and you read this comment and you don't have downs.

  • Richard Kline
    Richard Kline Month ago

    They want our joke. Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed" on TheXvid

  • Erica Jørgen Sjöström

    Omg!! 😂😂
    Is it weird to have a crush on Jimmy? 😅

    • Fire Horse
      Fire Horse 16 days ago

      @Erica Jørgen Sjöström So many random spots your alphabet needs a mole map.

    • Erica Jørgen Sjöström
      Erica Jørgen Sjöström 17 days ago

      @Fire Horse They're Norwegian

    • Erica Jørgen Sjöström
      Erica Jørgen Sjöström 17 days ago

      @Random, Family man oh come on!! A guy is more than just a penis! He's so funny, he won't have any trouble finding girls, and besides he's not bad looking either.

    • Fire Horse
      Fire Horse Month ago

      No whats weird is your alphabet

    • traceurs619
      traceurs619 Month ago +1

      Heckle me, daddy

  • Pia Nyström
    Pia Nyström Month ago

    Jimmy Carr will piss you off. If he doesn't, ask for your money back.

    • Pia Nyström
      Pia Nyström Month ago

      @Mikey McMikeFace Only if you can prove that he didn't piss you off. And that will piss you off. Case closed.

    • Pia Nyström
      Pia Nyström Month ago

      @Mikey McMikeFace Jimmy says: "No." Just the kind of guy he is.

    • Mikey McMikeFace
      Mikey McMikeFace Month ago

      Can I have my money back?

    • Pia Nyström
      Pia Nyström Month ago

      @RIXRADvidz So he didn't piss you off? Weak night, perhaps, haha!
      No, let's all have fun and stop being angry!

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz Month ago

      I'm afraid I agree with him pretty much 100% of the time, even when he tried to tell a very offensive joke to gauge the audience, I was like, yeah? keep going, still not offended. Life is a Joke if you read the Punchline right.

  • rap about crap
    rap about crap Month ago


  • Friendly Guy
    Friendly Guy Month ago +53

    I started stand up comedy but I'm partially sighted and have a physical disability and so far my biggest audience is 31. My next gig tho is expected to be around 90. I just find doing stand up amazing knowing that I have the ability to make ppl laugh is enough for me.

    • Friendly Guy
      Friendly Guy Month ago

      @Sara I don't post on TheXvid I just film it for myself. Are you in the UK?

    • Sara M Sander
      Sara M Sander Month ago +1

      I was disappointed to click on your name and see no videos. I'd love to check out your work!

    • Ben Knight
      Ben Knight Month ago +1

      @Friendly Guy fingers crossed they don't have dyscalculia

    • Friendly Guy
      Friendly Guy Month ago +3

      David Smith my support worker always counts how big the audience is

    • David Smith
      David Smith Month ago +2

      If you're partially sighted how do you know how many people are there?

    PRITAM MISHRA Month ago

    Jimmy carr and pedophile jokes! ❤️

  • sam
    sam Month ago +5

    At 2:04 in the bottom right.... It's that a girl with downs syndrome... 😬

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry Month ago +8

    Yippie Ki-yay motherf*cker

  • Omar Alsaadi
    Omar Alsaadi Month ago +55

    0:46 the girl to the right made me laugh 😂🤣

    • Iyce Phoenixx
      Iyce Phoenixx Month ago +2

      She's a cute one, took it well

    • Giraffe
      Giraffe Month ago +2

      Omar Alsaadi I was laughing already

  • ArmyOfOne
    ArmyOfOne Month ago +14

    I'm now one step closer to becoming a comedian.

    • Rocarlos Davis
      Rocarlos Davis Month ago

      Caligula says Nay😡🤨😥..become an actual Art Scientist instead 😍🙂

    • imaner76 [Him n' her 76]
      imaner76 [Him n' her 76] Month ago +3

      @labobo Tell that to 90% of comedians.

    • xilo301
      xilo301 Month ago +1

      Come on! Fame and a house in Malibu are waiting for you!

  • Don Kiddick
    Don Kiddick Month ago

    Paige Turnah... ?

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz Month ago

      Page Turner was the actual name of a Memphis based house flipping shows host. she and her ex did the flips, she's tough and he's DLo

    • jamsstar2010
      jamsstar2010 Month ago

      Porn star ? Lol

  • andy chauhan
    andy chauhan Month ago +154

    I love this guy...he's bloody vicious, goes straight for the jugular without fannying about.

    • andy chauhan
      andy chauhan Month ago

      @Random, Family man I can't take credit unfortunately, you'll have to thank the great Inspector Grimm for that.

    • Sweggy McJumbo
      Sweggy McJumbo Month ago +1

      “fannying about” is the most British thing I’ve ever heard

    • Random, Family man
      Random, Family man Month ago

      “Fannying about” I will use this term somehow at work today. Thank you andy

    • Evan Rhys
      Evan Rhys Month ago

      I can hear your accent

  • Hritika Dhavde
    Hritika Dhavde Month ago +2


  • Isek
    Isek Month ago


  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson Month ago

    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  • Film Director
    Film Director Month ago +1

    I’m American so I don’t understand half of your jokes dude

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay Month ago

      @jperkinsair No, I'm not a spastic mate. My comment was also a joke that you didn't get. Which further proves my point...

    • Brad Hoyle
      Brad Hoyle Month ago

      @jperkinsair Outstanding move

    • jperkinsair
      jperkinsair Month ago

      @Brad Hoyle point taken, although I don't make those videos. Glad you can take a joke. Cheers

    • Brad Hoyle
      Brad Hoyle Month ago +1

      @jperkinsair It didn't take too long actually, I just didn't waste all my time making golf videos that no one watches.

    • jperkinsair
      jperkinsair Month ago

      @Brad Hoyle that's funny. How many hours did it take you to come up with such a witty response?

  • Edward Cowap
    Edward Cowap Month ago +5

    201st view :)

    • Edward Cowap
      Edward Cowap Month ago

      @RIXRADvidz tis spooktober afterall

    • RIXRADvidz
      RIXRADvidz Month ago

      I was the 146th like, which is weird because I was the 145th like on a previous video unrelated to this.

  • Mark Savage
    Mark Savage Month ago +6

    When is he coming to Australia?

    • 壹貳
      壹貳 Month ago

      When he gets caught for tax evasion again

    • Rocarlos Davis
      Rocarlos Davis Month ago +1

      Read your pathetic book in the Holy Bible...Mark..your first name is the reason Judas committed suicide after he betrayed jesus christ with a kiss on his cheek 👽🤨😡😭

    • Mark Savage
      Mark Savage Month ago +1

      Random, Family man. 🤮

    • Random, Family man
      Random, Family man Month ago +4

      My mums name is Australia. I’ll check her teeth

  • Max Grena
    Max Grena Month ago +1

    Almost the first. Damn

  • tobatron 22
    tobatron 22 Month ago +1


  • ThePianomanz
    ThePianomanz Month ago +2