ZeRo vs MkLeo Grand Finals - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational at E3 2018

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • Mango/MkLeo vs Lucky/Mr. R:
    ZeRo's Twitter:
    Zero vs Mkleo Grand Finals - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Direct
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  • HeyItsThatGurl_Static

    What do you call a salt water alligator ? ... A hater ... Cause they be salty . 😓

  • Sherman Willisams
    Sherman Willisams 2 days ago +1

    Is it a coincidence that the finally is mario vs sonic?

  • The Hamburgalar
    The Hamburgalar 2 days ago

    Mario’s not a plumber anymore

  • PvZ Studios
    PvZ Studios 2 days ago

    They should fight the legendary smasher named TOOLASSISTED

  • The Bananaconda
    The Bananaconda 3 days ago

    Something about seeing that perfect red and blue fighting each other is just so amazing

  • Nick Breaux
    Nick Breaux 3 days ago

    3 stocks seems a bit much


    19:09 I'm shook

  • henni adrian
    henni adrian 4 days ago


  • Eduardo Ota
    Eduardo Ota 4 days ago

    Damn Zero is like the NINJA of Smash huh?? Getting his ass kicked this time! Good games though! Congrats to both players!

    ALAN DUBS 5 days ago

    ¡¡ATENCIÓN A LOS QUE HABLAN ESPAÑOL!! Dejen sus comentarios, opiniones y respuestas aquí,

      ALAN DUBS 5 days ago

      Quien ganará? Zero o MKleo?
      Eso lo veremos :D

  • lionman999
    lionman999 6 days ago

    1 million views

  • Rainbowlo.12
    Rainbowlo.12 6 days ago

    Extremely happy zero won. Love the dude to death but props to Leo for not going with the cheap victory as bayo is still broken af

  • Rexilerlight
    Rexilerlight 6 days ago

    Yo, Rewatching this is also hype!
    My fav moment is when sonic F-smash and mario shielded
    And mario F-smash and sonic shielded
    That looked like one of the trailers or something

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar 6 days ago

    That translator was really good.

  • Buddlebot
    Buddlebot 7 days ago

    LMFAO this guy beat a camping Bayo with Mario.

  • Bryan Valladoid
    Bryan Valladoid 7 days ago

    The English auto generated captions are funny when Mr. Sakurai speaks.

  • David
    David 8 days ago

    Where are my other Blazers fans at???

  • Guildnam Style
    Guildnam Style 8 days ago

    So excited

  • Assassin Charmander
    Assassin Charmander 8 days ago

    **insert bayo hate**

    FLOGO ZGEIK 8 days ago

    Both very nooby...

  • NyanScout34
    NyanScout34 9 days ago

    I think I hate bayonetta

  • Voltex
    Voltex 9 days ago

    MKLeo was like "nah Im not gonna be a cunt and win with the strongest fighter, lets pick the second strongest"

  • El Reno del mal
    El Reno del mal 9 days ago

    Damn nerds

  • lil doggie
    lil doggie 9 days ago

    how much gamers have blood clot

  • Sebastian Rojas
    Sebastian Rojas 9 days ago

    Fat Virgin Wins
    Flawes victory

  • endry LUL
    endry LUL 9 days ago

    hate that fat fuck

  • Nick _3
    Nick _3 9 days ago

    Can you play with one joycon? I’m wondering if I should get another pair or buy two procontrolers

  • Em1 FunnyFish
    Em1 FunnyFish 10 days ago

    There wasn't one in Australia...

    TheXvid...Sooth my sorrow...

  • Dr.Gannon
    Dr.Gannon 10 days ago +1

    Zero is the eternal king 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Roys Revenge FGC
    Roys Revenge FGC 10 days ago

    Waittttt a minute, Moonwalk @2:23??

  • Adrian Haro
    Adrian Haro 11 days ago

    This niggas are fat as fuck

  • Jemrock
    Jemrock 11 days ago

    Okay, legit, we gotta start to TURN UP THE MUSIC in tournament sets bro

  • Bob Votava
    Bob Votava 11 days ago

    favorite plumber ? whos lady is this

  • Outsider
    Outsider 11 days ago

    Winnie the Bish

  • SaulManFK
    SaulManFK 13 days ago

    mario is better than bayo?

  • Purplepancakes
    Purplepancakes 13 days ago

    doesn't it look like temple is in the back round of battlefield?

  • Capped At 30
    Capped At 30 13 days ago

    I hate this comment section it's more about pushing there Mario vs Sonic agenda rather than enjoying the match

  • Vincenzo Barchiesi
    Vincenzo Barchiesi 15 days ago

    Is the Gc controller compatible here?

    • azlow
      azlow 11 days ago

      Vincenzo Barchiesi yes

  • Beef Weezy
    Beef Weezy 16 days ago

    No items? Wtf.... what a joke

    • azlow
      azlow 11 days ago


  • Christine Zamets
    Christine Zamets 16 days ago

    how'd you get kim jong un in this

  • Dr. Long Dong Will Prescribe You Expand Pills

    Mario's new animations look so clean.

  • Cree digi
    Cree digi 18 days ago

    Zero didn't even practice for this tournament he was playing other games like dark souls lol

  • Guiven Rodriguez
    Guiven Rodriguez 18 days ago

    ..sonic :'v

  • Malice Elliot
    Malice Elliot 19 days ago

    Wait, are we not gonna talk about how Bayo's bullets *killed* Mario at 120%? They never did that before, did they?

  • xhaithamxable
    xhaithamxable 20 days ago

    Trash 4 boooo

  • Enzo Meinert
    Enzo Meinert 21 day ago

    SPOILER AKERT!!! In november we will get a direct. Geno will be added.. He was suposed to be the last character but Sakurai wanted to show us something more special in the end.. Waluigi????

  • Jabalsal
    Jabalsal 21 day ago

    Sakurai best waifu ever

  • Metztli-Ikal Xóchitl
    Metztli-Ikal Xóchitl 22 days ago

    Uhm, wut? It was 3 - 2 wtf

  • Alexander Reinoso
    Alexander Reinoso 22 days ago

    Is this game out yet

  • Infernal
    Infernal 22 days ago

    As a pretty badass Mario user myself find Zero inspirational. 😎

  • Leonardo Garcia
    Leonardo Garcia 22 days ago

    any pichu mains?

    DVN MND 22 days ago

    Fat sweaty loser galore

  • LotsOLuck777
    LotsOLuck777 22 days ago

    I always love to see Mario win!

  • Etzel
    Etzel 22 days ago

    Guess how many of them took a shower

  • Jefferflakes
    Jefferflakes 23 days ago

    mmmmm, sonic is fast? thanks commentators

  • XeNo
    XeNo 23 days ago +1


  • pegeta
    pegeta 23 days ago

    Sakuri ia a god

  • sean d
    sean d 23 days ago

    I hate all these new announcing styles mimicking sports. fuck off you damn jews trying to cash in on sports fans with your shitty marketing decisions

  • ChristOneJazz IV
    ChristOneJazz IV 23 days ago

    GOOD games! Well played!

  • Sml Is God 7
    Sml Is God 7 23 days ago

    I'll tell you a bug you can fix.You accidentally made Waluigi an Assist trophy and not a playable fighter

  • CoolAkramTV
    CoolAkramTV 23 days ago

    Sonic: So, we meet again?
    Mario: Yes.

  • Eric Huggins
    Eric Huggins 24 days ago

    I'm so excited for this game to come out. ;_;

  • kneegar fwaggot
    kneegar fwaggot 24 days ago

    Let's all be honest, Mario has been doing much better than sonic in recent history.

  • MegaLCRO
    MegaLCRO 24 days ago

    ZeRo wins.

  • Xeevo
    Xeevo 24 days ago

    Masahiro Sakurai... The creator of one of the best cross-over franchises of all time

  • My Nuggets
    My Nuggets 25 days ago

    12:43 look at that. Mario B-air first did 11% but then it only did 6%. Have spammers been nerfed?

  • Thomas
    Thomas 25 days ago

    Not my favourite plumber

  • Zyr0_Prid3
    Zyr0_Prid3 25 days ago

    Witch time???

  • Elias Akkerman
    Elias Akkerman 25 days ago

    God awful commentary

  • Micah Colister
    Micah Colister 25 days ago

    damn, this trophy is HEAVY. hope i dont break my glasses...

  • JJ The Mememaster
    JJ The Mememaster 26 days ago

    4:04 *OOOOOOOOF*

  • Shiny Gengar
    Shiny Gengar 26 days ago

    1 million views? Nice

    SONIC DREAMCAST 26 days ago +1

    Hay como me gustaria estar ahi😍

  • Renato Rojas
    Renato Rojas 26 days ago

    *W O M B O C O M B O*

  • Liza Manilla
    Liza Manilla 27 days ago +2

    Everyone talking about bayo vs Ridley but forget how rosalina literally will invalidate characters like Ridley bowser and dk again

  • Sinji
    Sinji 28 days ago +1

    1 million views!

  • Diogo Aguiar
    Diogo Aguiar Month ago


  • Dewabarasunderan
    Dewabarasunderan Month ago

    The edge hug distance seemed very forgiving in this video.

  • Havok Arts
    Havok Arts Month ago

    Who gave this man the controller?

  • Havok Arts
    Havok Arts Month ago

    Sonic isn't MkLeo's strong suit. He should have easily been able to chain combos while spinning and jumping.

  • Adriana Villegas
    Adriana Villegas Month ago

    Mario Is In The First Position On Tier List Of Ultimate And Sonic In Second

    RWBY FAN BOY Month ago

    That ain't Falco

  • Cristian Pike
    Cristian Pike Month ago

    The commentary makes this hard to watch

  • Daniel Crecca
    Daniel Crecca Month ago

    My invitation must of got lost in the mail

  • Pauul Jepz
    Pauul Jepz Month ago

    Hoo no mk leo :'v

  • Sebastiankon 123
    Sebastiankon 123 Month ago



  • death recon
    death recon Month ago

    soooo ahhhh december
    like 3 months

  • Luigi
    Luigi Month ago

    wtf did they do to mario's dash attac k!?!

  • Tandrevskiv
    Tandrevskiv Month ago

    Bayonetta is so disgusting it hurts

  • Tyler Ha
    Tyler Ha Month ago


  • Rayxz
    Rayxz Month ago

    Idk what it is, but Smash Ultimate is just so satisfying to watch

  • ismael lopez
    ismael lopez Month ago

    Wheres is King k rool?
    O rigth he still not playable for this tournament well i will wait for used when the game whas launch

  • Fissure Coffin
    Fissure Coffin Month ago

    When the announcer said no more up tilt combos ZeRo was like, Fym?!

  • Pinksywe Darnoc
    Pinksywe Darnoc Month ago

    How can these people be good at a famous game that hasn't been released to the world yet

  • Nasir Javed
    Nasir Javed Month ago

    I like that mkleo just went with sonic instead of switching to bayoneta

  • Robert Ramirez
    Robert Ramirez Month ago

    12:22 Mario's head is backwards when he gets launched towards the camera.

  • Yuushi Cat
    Yuushi Cat Month ago +1

    God imagine if Leo had used bayonetta again. Nobody would ever like him ever again.

  • El limon galáctico Comentador

    ZeRo chilean

  • Devmorize
    Devmorize Month ago

    What speed are they on?

  • Cloud
    Cloud Month ago

    Every time he says Vish it sounds like he's saying bitch.