ZeRo vs MkLeo Grand Finals - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Invitational at E3 2018

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • Mango/MkLeo vs Lucky/Mr. R:
    ZeRo's Twitter:
    Zero vs Mkleo Grand Finals - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament | Nintendo Switch | Nintendo Direct
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  • Dragon Smash
    Dragon Smash  Month ago +53

    Top 10 Spikes in Smash Ultimate:

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs Hour ago +1

    Tekken 7 tournament

  • Michael Mannucci
    Michael Mannucci 2 hours ago +1

    Zero is hella talented, but man is he cringy.

  • 7ebon
    7ebon 9 hours ago

    It look like zero threw his last stock to have a game 3 grand final

  • Xscareface7
    Xscareface7 10 hours ago +1

    Can we just talk about that beautiful spring drop from MKLeo(18:07)........I mean I’m a ZeRo fan but DAMNNN🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Ivar Nuijts
    Ivar Nuijts 14 hours ago +1

    Zero kept applying pressure as mario with the Rar bairs, which is really impressive to me. I can't pull them off in Ultimate, any tips??

  • Paul McCartney
    Paul McCartney 19 hours ago

    Someone needs to put a gun to sakurais head and get him to bring back melee

  • Paul McCartney
    Paul McCartney 19 hours ago +2

    Commentators cringe asf in this one

  • Jose Manuel Resendiz
    Jose Manuel Resendiz 21 hour ago


  • Imperial Spy
    Imperial Spy 21 hour ago +3

    You know, this reminds me of that time Dunkey beat Sky in Smash.

  • S4N71460 C
    S4N71460 C Day ago

    It's hard to be a playstation player that u can't smash in any shape of form.

  • Francisco Grijalva


  • Metal Frame
    Metal Frame Day ago

    Rip Waluigi

  • C Dub
    C Dub Day ago

    Why are there women commentating now. Stip

  • fozymilograno
    fozymilograno Day ago

    Oh this game is so exciting! But not..

  • daniel wiles
    daniel wiles Day ago

    Mario lags and that’s somehow zeros fault lmao bad casters

  • Netflix Membresia

    ganó el waton chileno

  • Ronald Marte
    Ronald Marte Day ago

    I can smell the virginity here

  • Russ West
    Russ West Day ago

    Why are these 2 the same person

  • Ascáry Casta
    Ascáry Casta Day ago

    This is boring af finals

  • Connor Kilgour
    Connor Kilgour Day ago +1

    Wait how were they playing this 5 months ago

  • 12krinson
    12krinson Day ago

    Unlock power Rangers at 22,000 battles

  • Your Mother Hubbard

    I love video games, I get that it takes alot of skill, but I fucking hate how they are treated like sports now... generation of kids who think it's cool to sit on your ass 18 hours a day doing nothing to benefit the world or eachother as a species. Everyday more and more kids have anxiety and are becoming anti social.. it's disgusting 🤷‍♂️

  • Henry Small
    Henry Small 2 days ago +1


  • Music4life 47
    Music4life 47 2 days ago +1

    The weirdest people compete in these I swear. The commentators are weird as hell too

  • Dustin Jackson
    Dustin Jackson 2 days ago

    ZeRo is trash idk why he emotes when he gets a kill yeah emote when you’re behind lol fucking loser

  • Julio Ramirez
    Julio Ramirez 2 days ago

    You pick bayonetta (idc how it’s spells) you’re trash

  • Blake Sharette
    Blake Sharette 2 days ago

    I played against ZeRo in a Brawl tournament a few years ago. I hit him once in the time he took down all my stock

  • ChaosAnonymous
    ChaosAnonymous 2 days ago

    Sega vs Nintendo at its finest

  • Johnnie Mclean
    Johnnie Mclean 2 days ago

    I could beat both these guys....i must be the best in the 🌎

  • Carlo Zarosi
    Carlo Zarosi 2 days ago

    The game just fuckin came out, how can they get that good with the new controls?

  • Timothy Mitchell
    Timothy Mitchell 3 days ago

    Why am I just now watching this smh

  • Ëvąn Šcąrëd
    Ëvąn Šcąrëd 3 days ago

    :v si no lo hubieran forsa2 a usar sonic se lo cojia de todos lados.

  • Christos Eglezos
    Christos Eglezos 3 days ago

    How can i make such a 'roll' like sonic in 8:11? Was is a small jump?

  • Blade Wayne
    Blade Wayne 3 days ago

    "mkleo so well known for that" cool you can juggle with bayonetta

  • Blade Wayne
    Blade Wayne 3 days ago

    watching bayonetta literally infuriates me

  • jordan osuna
    jordan osuna 3 days ago

    Zero is ass

  • BlitzUchiha
    BlitzUchiha 3 days ago

    what if leo used marth tho? i think he didnt have time to adapt to him

  • Kike Gonzalez
    Kike Gonzalez 3 days ago

    Que tipo de princesa usa a bayoneta en un torneo

  • Eozer
    Eozer 4 days ago

    MkLeo , the best

  • Tsunami 625
    Tsunami 625 4 days ago

    I’m not Into Smash as much as others, but what a match to watch.

  • Matthew Arant
    Matthew Arant 4 days ago

    I never played smash 4. But it's not even fun watching a game with Bayonetta. She is just dumb. Wayyy too easy.

  • Martin Kulevski
    Martin Kulevski 4 days ago +1

    Who got smash bros?

  • Dark Zero
    Dark Zero 5 days ago

    Final smash off? Ppff boring...

  • dankmon1992
    dankmon1992 5 days ago

    Doesn’t one of those guys commentate nascar too?

  • lia rashel red
    lia rashel red 5 days ago

    mario vs sonic final epico
    lo ironico fue q mario fue mas rapido q sonic

  • Gallardo Productions

    Sakurai: Zero, you are really good!
    Mkleo: okay..

  • Aaron Carr
    Aaron Carr 5 days ago

    whys the fat one so weird

  • Johan Rodriguez
    Johan Rodriguez 5 days ago +1

    I don't get it. What's with the reset? They just take wins away?

    EL JOHNSON YT 6 days ago

    ally lo ubiera hecho mejor que zero

  • Tanner Martin
    Tanner Martin 6 days ago

    How did he win im pretty sure MK won 3 times and zero won 2 times so how zero win?

  • Aletheia RealGod
    Aletheia RealGod 7 days ago

    It's crazy how every fans of smash bros all look the same.. like clones XD

  • Surid
    Surid 8 days ago


  • Pitcher
    Pitcher 8 days ago

    7:51 what a rap god

  • Enrique Guizar
    Enrique Guizar 9 days ago

    Is available in dec 7
    How they can play.????

  • spongebobmx
    spongebobmx 9 days ago

    My favorite plumber is Don Andres, not Mario. Don Andrés had amazing ability to unclog my toilet.
    He also has this huge butt crack, which makes him so much cooler than Mario

  • Sertan
    Sertan 9 days ago +1

    So many characters and u still choose bayonetta, no respect...

  • Diego garcia
    Diego garcia 9 days ago

    5 days! O.O

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
    Napoleon Bonaparte 9 days ago

    competent commentators

  • Bastián Morales
    Bastián Morales 10 days ago +1

    Epic! 17:01

  • Guillaume Breton
    Guillaume Breton 10 days ago

    Bayonetta is the metaknith of smash ultimate

  • Vallo Snow
    Vallo Snow 10 days ago

    El waton

  • Shane G
    Shane G 10 days ago

    Looks like it takes a quarter of the skill that melee required

  • Frank Santana
    Frank Santana 11 days ago

    Games not even out yet.HELLO!!?

  • Peter Wang
    Peter Wang 12 days ago

    holy shit the caster on the left is wearing a shirt that reads nintendo in Chinese and Japanese. 27:09

  • Michael
    Michael 12 days ago

    The announcers are really fucking gay. Like they are narrating a football game

  • BattousaiHBr
    BattousaiHBr 14 days ago

    sakurai, the dev we need, but not the one we deserve.

    DAAT CO 14 days ago

    Yuhhh zero with the dubbbb💀😭

  • Sinjai - Delicious Video Game Clips

    Hey look, it's a less fun Brawlhalla!

  • Job de Leeuw
    Job de Leeuw 15 days ago +1

    Sakurai is a god.

  • ShockBass
    ShockBass 16 days ago

    is Andy Milonakis commentating?

  • Sergio Izack
    Sergio Izack 16 days ago

    Like si eres mexicano. VAMOS Mk Leo!!!

  • Roy Eme
    Roy Eme 16 days ago

    Can someone explain me how did they decide the winner ? Was it a best of 5 ? I dont get it cuz at one point even tho Leo had 2 wins and Zero 1, they said that Zero just needed one last win to end the tournament.

  • zellfalcon31
    zellfalcon31 16 days ago

    Psh everyone here arguing who would win Sonic v Mario. But you forget my boy Lucas can talk to snakes.

  • The Radiant
    The Radiant 17 days ago

    they are both neckbeards

  • Lux Norris
    Lux Norris 17 days ago

    Vicky trash bruh. I'ont care wat anybody say

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams 17 days ago

    Is marios down throw not good anymore? And fireballs? I didn’t see either

  • Mada Mada
    Mada Mada 17 days ago

    fuck bayo

  • Stanley
    Stanley 17 days ago

    Why does one of the commentators sound exactly like kixstar?

  • The Critic
    The Critic 17 days ago

    Why did Mario become Waluigi in the thumbnail?

  • Code
    Code 17 days ago

    Didn't know Ben Shapiro was such a good commentator! Who knew!

  • Octoling Studio
    Octoling Studio 18 days ago

    I hate MkLeo. Mains all the cheap characters.

  • Daniel Javier
    Daniel Javier 18 days ago

    Guerra de obesos :v

  • M4STR G4MR
    M4STR G4MR 18 days ago

    The shading textures look great in this game

  • Juan Trejo
    Juan Trejo 18 days ago

    I really don't like Sonic's playstyle

    EMPHASIS 19 days ago +4

    sports commentators are idiots. video game commentators are even more purposeless. fyi i watch these rarely and with sound muted.

  • Shinyhunter gg
    Shinyhunter gg 19 days ago

    MkLeo could’ve easily won if he used bayoneta but he didn’t and gave us a fight for the history books

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams 19 days ago


  • Sean's Little Channel
    Sean's Little Channel 20 days ago

    I know this is a bit stubborn but,can we get Shadow in Smash?

  • CobraSnatch
    CobraSnatch 20 days ago

    Best rivalry I'm so glad i got baked for that

  • LoboEstranho
    LoboEstranho 20 days ago

    Q final...q final maravilhosa.

  • Orth off
    Orth off 20 days ago

    why didnt they have chairs???

  • Christopher Veal
    Christopher Veal 21 day ago

    Brace yourself. 4:42 😭

  • Rich Sharma
    Rich Sharma 21 day ago

    Game looks whack

  • mel k
    mel k 21 day ago

    This looks much more fun than SFV and DBZ already

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 21 day ago

    Just to be sharing the same space with sakurai must feel powerful

  • The Meow Channel
    The Meow Channel 22 days ago

    Even though sonic is nerf ed he's the best in my opinion

  • LCYT Studios
    LCYT Studios 23 days ago

    I like zero

  • NeoZai2
    NeoZai2 23 days ago

    18:09 and how about that edge guard bitch?

  • lovegolf Gaming
    lovegolf Gaming 23 days ago

    Do me and all of the Smash community a favor and bring back some of the legendary commentators from Melee. This sounds too forced & scripted IMO. Melee commentators were the best hands down
    Also, can we bring back my boi Ally? I loved him and his Mario in Smash 4.