NEW iPhone 11 PRO + Nintendo Switch LITE unboxing!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Unboxing the NEW iPhone 11 Pro + Nintendo Switch Lite!
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    Video uploaded & owned by Ali-A! (PG, Family Friendly + No Swearing!)
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Comments • 3 497

  • MoreAliA
    MoreAliA  23 days ago +1343

    Enjoy the unboxing! :D

    • pokemoner fan
      pokemoner fan 2 days ago

      Im in

    • Truly_Dark Xx
      Truly_Dark Xx 7 days ago

      AliA YOUR THE BEST:)

    • Dylan Rowe
      Dylan Rowe 7 days ago

      You spend a mortgage on a new iPhone that doesn't hold much memory the new Samsung phone has a 256G storage. And cost way less than the new iPhone

    • pokemon master
      pokemon master 7 days ago


    • 0GFr0sty
      0GFr0sty 8 days ago

      MoreAliA Hey sir

  • Aneych
    Aneych 2 hours ago

    Pls play POKEMON GO!🙏🙏🙏

  • Bawer Aksu
    Bawer Aksu 15 hours ago


  • Dash Mccrary
    Dash Mccrary 18 hours ago

    Nintendo switch Lite

  • Scary Mantis
    Scary Mantis 19 hours ago

    Switch lite because I already got iPhone 11

  • jasmine lewis
    jasmine lewis 21 hour ago

    I would prefer the iPhone 11 because I already have the regular Nintendo Switch

  • bittu bosky
    bittu bosky 21 hour ago

    Please play Pokemon go all I do is go back to your Pokemon go vids and watch to whole Siries if watched it about 10 times already

  • RemziGuy
    RemziGuy 23 hours ago

    Pokémon go!!!!!!

  • Shawn Warrick
    Shawn Warrick 23 hours ago

    I’d go for the switch lite I have the XR rn

  • Lucy Nazario
    Lucy Nazario 23 hours ago

    I want it

  • Lucy Nazario
    Lucy Nazario 23 hours ago

    I want IT

  • DragonKidGaming
    DragonKidGaming Day ago

    Play ROBLOX Phantom Forces again. A lot has changed. It is more fun but it has gotten more difficult to do well, so you might need some tricks, so here they are:
    1: Reloading takes longer time if you’re mag is empty
    2: while running you can press the C key to slide
    3: You can throw grenades with G
    4: if you don’t like the sights on your gun then you can attach scopes and other attachments on it
    5: you can unlock new knifes from crates( you do start with one)

  • Omar Orozco
    Omar Orozco Day ago

    IPhone 11

  • FJM Gaming
    FJM Gaming Day ago

    Ali can you buy me a new iPhone i need for my school please

  • Seth Lark
    Seth Lark Day ago


  • joker tube hot app

    I love your videos Nintendo send it to 🇯🇲

  • jaydin Martinez
    jaydin Martinez Day ago

    The new i phone

  • Julie Raeburn
    Julie Raeburn 2 days ago

    All a is the best

  • McCree Fam Vlogs
    McCree Fam Vlogs 2 days ago

    ALI 1V1 ME BOT?1 @#*$ (JK i love your vids keep up hard work! :))

  • Mattiii ツ
    Mattiii ツ 2 days ago

    Nintendo switch light

  • Christian Magoffin
    Christian Magoffin 2 days ago

    Nintendo switch lite

  • Malin Lewendon
    Malin Lewendon 2 days ago

    Switch lite

  • KOS XtremeGamer
    KOS XtremeGamer 2 days ago

    3:26,5 Watts for the old one

  • KOS XtremeGamer
    KOS XtremeGamer 2 days ago

    2:55, "Pro 11"😂🤣

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 2 days ago +1

    (Buys 2000 dollars worth of tech) yeah I think it’s called 11x

  • KayoMayo Gaming
    KayoMayo Gaming 2 days ago


  • Amymaria Gom
    Amymaria Gom 2 days ago

    why no more pokemon?

  • Eli Ross
    Eli Ross 3 days ago


  • cow craft plays
    cow craft plays 3 days ago

    I phone

  • Spencer XVLSkullyGod
    Spencer XVLSkullyGod 4 days ago +1

    iPhone 11

  • AJS M&R
    AJS M&R 4 days ago

    The lite I have a good phone

  • Micky Mt
    Micky Mt 4 days ago

    Nintendo Switch

  • Daniel Plesko
    Daniel Plesko 4 days ago +1

    Play pokemon go again

  • Martin Sambade
    Martin Sambade 5 days ago

    I have a iPhone 11 it’s sick also it’s worth it

  • ThePS4Guy
    ThePS4Guy 5 days ago

    IPhone 11 pro because I already have a Nintendo switch

  • hello beastfinisher
    hello beastfinisher 5 days ago

    I like the green one better thnx GG

  • XtremGamez
    XtremGamez 5 days ago

    I would prefer the Iphone11 pro over the switch lite by a million! It's way more compatible, useful, it would far more useful for basically everything. I could text meh friends, watch vids, play games and everything.

  • Amarrion Lumpkin
    Amarrion Lumpkin 5 days ago

    I take Nintendo switch lite

    TSU_ NOAHH 5 days ago +1

    100% want a iPhone 11 pro max!!!

  • mtndew11
    mtndew11 6 days ago +4

    I prefer the Nintendo Switch Lite.

  • Connor Buff
    Connor Buff 6 days ago

    IPhone but I'm poor

  • the stev1
    the stev1 6 days ago

    Is it only me,or is the audio trash?

  • yung spunge
    yung spunge 7 days ago

    The switch

  • Pug
    Pug 7 days ago

    Im cringing at the finger prints he put on the screen straight away..

  • airattack 88
    airattack 88 7 days ago

    It was a 5watt charger before

  • Hayley Bridge
    Hayley Bridge 8 days ago

    Hi all-a how can I go on your superchargers show because I have a car for you

  • Capoeira Cultura
    Capoeira Cultura 8 days ago

    I saw a world Guiness book gamer edition and they said you were 10th place TheXvidr gamer!😃

  • Christopher Stadnicki

    I would choose the iPhone 11 pro max but in red because I don't have a phone

  • Josh Josh
    Josh Josh 8 days ago


  • wu zeng
    wu zeng 8 days ago


  • Ali Ayoub920
    Ali Ayoub920 8 days ago

    i'll choose the iphone 11 pro max

  • Manuka Sticks
    Manuka Sticks 9 days ago

    I would rather have the I phone


    got my only dragonite. It was from a raid. And it has 100% IV. So i was thinking if i would power up it to max. please give me a suggestion guys.

  • Drageen Gedoorthe1st


  • Drageen Gedoorthe1st

    Nintendo switch life because it will have more pokèmon games

  • Blaze Gaming
    Blaze Gaming 9 days ago

    I prefer samsung but apple is good

  • F.B.S.R DooseMoose
    F.B.S.R DooseMoose 9 days ago

    Hey Ali you should play rainbow six siege again the new operation came out like a week ago and you should check it out.

  • Nathan Govender
    Nathan Govender 9 days ago +1

    I would go for the iPhone, because I already have a Nintendo Switch. So... 😀😀😀

  • chava zavala
    chava zavala 9 days ago +1

    Post more clash of clans