Audi R8 generations 2006-2019 - DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST!

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • It’s time for an Audi R8 head-to-head! It might not be too hard to choose the winner from this line-up, but how do you think the older models will compare against each other? Does the original V8 Manual have what it takes to cause an upset? There’s only one way to find out… Let’s race!
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Comments • 2 477

  • hjkl hjkl
    hjkl hjkl Day ago

    Best video ever!!

  • Usman Liaqat
    Usman Liaqat 2 days ago +2

    The new audi R8 predorfmance sounds like fart

  • TheKlingis
    TheKlingis 2 days ago

    Most fun for the money for sure 😜

  • okhouri
    okhouri 4 days ago

    I think changing gears with your left hand is what ruined it

  • User 376258
    User 376258 4 days ago

    U are like older version of tom holland 😂

  • ryroro
    ryroro 4 days ago

    The latest r8 sounds like ass

  • Mayca Caballero Pozo
    Mayca Caballero Pozo 5 days ago +1


  • MrSteel Nutz
    MrSteel Nutz 5 days ago

    The new r8 looks soooo fucking sexy I'm sweating

  • tanatswa nyemba
    tanatswa nyemba 6 days ago

    its not the car its the driver

  • Manu 1
    Manu 1 6 days ago

    The brand new r8 was using the manual mode,you can se it in one frame

  • Infamouz
    Infamouz 6 days ago

    The seats in the original R8 are so poor. They look straight out of the audi A1

  • z Flaxe
    z Flaxe 7 days ago

    Dont really like the new one. The OGs look way better

  • Doc Merci
    Doc Merci 7 days ago

    it would be nice to have a French translation !! :)

  • Gerson Cunheth
    Gerson Cunheth 7 days ago

    The R8 2006 its not slow you are slow with this car

  • Munzir Rafik
    Munzir Rafik 9 days ago

    Spoiler Alerts :

    The R8 win .

  • Karina Perez
    Karina Perez 9 days ago

    Where’s Yanni?😂

  • Karina Perez
    Karina Perez 9 days ago

    I loved that race

  • Karina Perez
    Karina Perez 9 days ago

    I love Audi’s I have a q8

  • Unni V
    Unni V 10 days ago

    Do a M5 line drag race

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy 11 days ago +1

    Old one looks best.

  • Arnel Husic
    Arnel Husic 13 days ago

    Bloody hell

  • Arnel Husic
    Arnel Husic 13 days ago

    Yesterday I watched your Film you were driving Ford GT vs Ferrari and you came second cuz you listened shelby omg dummy


    I would take V8 manual any day

  • Looking of Stars sky
    Looking of Stars sky 16 days ago

    ❤Audi R8 ❤

  • Zeke Morgan
    Zeke Morgan 17 days ago

    Audi mad

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan 18 days ago

    Spoiler R8 wins

  • adam zindani
    adam zindani 19 days ago

    I have an Audi R8 v10 myself you know.

  • Fiat Multipla
    Fiat Multipla 22 days ago

    Where's the Diesel V12? :v

  • Wtls Plan
    Wtls Plan 24 days ago +6

    I love how they all just wait for matt in their cars so he can finish speaking to a camera 😂

  • darnedmallard 0
    darnedmallard 0 25 days ago

    carbon ceramics are actually worse in brake performance than "regular" brakes. usually they are compensated by additional brake calipers. the point of carbon discs is that they can withstand a lot more heat, but lack in the general braking performance. 4:15

  • john m
    john m 26 days ago +2

    The reving of the last one sounded like a joke

    • john m
      john m 23 days ago

      tom111 no i ment it literaly sounded like a joke sound effect

    • tom111
      tom111 23 days ago

      I thought it was nice a quiet just how I like it

  • Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome 28 days ago

    Fact: @ the first race the V8 was very cold and rev only 7000 rpm.

  • JSadboi
    JSadboi 29 days ago

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  • Diogo Vasconcelos
    Diogo Vasconcelos 29 days ago

    R8 wins

    CORENTIN 29 days ago

    Im sorry but wtf is that engine sound on the mk2 r8 ? It sound so bad, and definetly not like a v10...

  • jimakosgian26
    jimakosgian26 29 days ago

    manual is fine and perfect its all about horse power

  • Hans Perfect
    Hans Perfect 29 days ago

    so the R8 won, right?

  • Shobhit Mistry
    Shobhit Mistry Month ago

    1.37 thank me later

  • No Name
    No Name Month ago

    Я так и знал что победит Ауди

  • MXD
    MXD Month ago

    When fanboys say manual is faster

  • Vitalic Vovk
    Vitalic Vovk Month ago

    В 2017 году компания Ауди выпустила серию дорожного купе Audi R8 V10 RWS с заднеприводной трансмиссией ограниченным тиражом в количестве 999 экземпляров. Этот эксперимент принес компании удачу. Поэтому, производителями была создана новая модификация Audi R8 V10 RWS 2020 модельного года с одной ведущей задней осью и на этот раз сделали ее обычным постоянным элементом модельного ряда:

  • Gotze9
    Gotze9 Month ago +2

    3:02 min ohhh boy cold engine :(

  • smoker joker.
    smoker joker. Month ago +1

    Can't believe the R8 won !!

  • Top End
    Top End Month ago

    Gen 1 overall looks better to me

  • Eduardo Gomes
    Eduardo Gomes Month ago

    bugatti chiron na Drag Races

  • Ryan Rodis
    Ryan Rodis Month ago

    That looked like the fast 1 race between the rx7,civic,integra and eclipse🤣🤣🤣

  • Best Gear
    Best Gear Month ago +1

    Our favourite is the LMX

  • Lichi R
    Lichi R Month ago

    And the electric

  • Yoshiaki Uematsu
    Yoshiaki Uematsu Month ago

    the r8 reminds me of yianni

  • Gio
    Gio Month ago +1

    My god that gated manual gearbox is just NSFW
    Good thing you didn’t chose the v10 manual cause that would’ve put an age limit on this vid

  • CMM # Intervention
    CMM # Intervention Month ago +1

    The facelifted r8 revving sounds like me when my mom is trying to wake me up

  • Sambridhi Thapa
    Sambridhi Thapa Month ago

    Even the Alpha is faster than that R8😂 LOL

  • Jordan King
    Jordan King Month ago

    I driven an 2008 R8 V8 and it's DAMN quick and the suspension is stiff. Unless you're on track, you're not going to tell the difference in performance because it drives like a snake on the freeway.

  • Dashcrash 1
    Dashcrash 1 Month ago +1

    Worst sound was the og R8, best sound was the GT spyder R8

  • Jean Viloria
    Jean Viloria Month ago +1

    All those cars look the same, I wonder why? 🤔

  • Chris Vyme
    Chris Vyme Month ago

    No photo finish this time hehe

  • Умар Аджиев

    Я единственный кто говорит по русски?

  • Inferno Diamond
    Inferno Diamond Month ago +1

    I knew the Audi R8 would win oh wait

  • Shami Shami
    Shami Shami Month ago

    A good race

  • Chris Huynh
    Chris Huynh Month ago

    Perfect examples of progress!!! R8 are the best ever looking Audi!!!!