Who can SPEND the MOST MONEY in 24 Hours - Challenge

  • Published on Feb 17, 2019
  • SPENDING AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE IN 24 HOURS!! (Morgz vs Morgz Mum) We Bought a Range Rover Car, Apple iPhone, Xbox, PS4, V-Bucks & More...
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  • Morgz
    Morgz  29 days ago +10318


    • Matty Rogers
      Matty Rogers 24 days ago +1

      Morgz a Lamborghini huracan or a PC

    • I am PZ 70 PZ
      I am PZ 70 PZ 25 days ago

      Morgz I wud buy my school so I do not go to school

    • Ava Playz
      Ava Playz 26 days ago

      Morgz I would buy lots of gaming stuff

    • quinula
      quinula 26 days ago


    • Fortnite GTA
      Fortnite GTA 27 days ago

      Three things unlimited v buck, unlimited Gta dollars and a Lamborghini

  • thecuulduud
    thecuulduud 9 hours ago


  • ASMR and gaming
    ASMR and gaming 10 hours ago

    3:37 thats a xbox

  • Brendan Brint
    Brendan Brint 10 hours ago

    Life suck

  • The Christopher Show
    The Christopher Show 10 hours ago

    I love wwe and I was wondering if u could have the belt please I’m going soon and I need ine

  • Marcel Wilson-Speed
    Marcel Wilson-Speed 10 hours ago

    Get a golden chain

  • Inferno Jelly
    Inferno Jelly 10 hours ago

    Morgan is a bully

  • Marcel Wilson-Speed
    Marcel Wilson-Speed 11 hours ago

    I'd buy friends lol

  • Cheryl Pollard
    Cheryl Pollard 11 hours ago


  • Cheryl Pollard
    Cheryl Pollard 11 hours ago


  • Owen Lyons
    Owen Lyons 11 hours ago +1


  • Bettina Kie
    Bettina Kie 11 hours ago


  • Bettina Kie
    Bettina Kie 11 hours ago

    Morg please can I have the Nintendo

  • Cody’s guinea pigs
    Cody’s guinea pigs 12 hours ago

    Jill is a cheat

  • Cindy Damien
    Cindy Damien 12 hours ago


  • Aggraszivitàs a dombon

    U could play fortnite on that tv

  • Supercars Of the uk
    Supercars Of the uk 13 hours ago

    Mum chainsawed my PlayStation 😂 Xbox 1 do u mean 😂😂😂

  • Kelly rodgers
    Kelly rodgers 13 hours ago

    My mum said for my birthday I can get a morgz mercy

  • The DoDo
    The DoDo 14 hours ago

    Plz abuse me, I want to know/ Learn more English abusive words,,,

  • Gamer Pikachu
    Gamer Pikachu 15 hours ago


  • Gamer Pikachu
    Gamer Pikachu 15 hours ago

    It is a nekeless

  • Cookies Batman
    Cookies Batman 15 hours ago

    It was a Xbox she broke

  • Harold Xu
    Harold Xu 15 hours ago


  • Jeramiah Mondragon
    Jeramiah Mondragon 15 hours ago

    Jill I like morgz better

  • Zeinab Salim
    Zeinab Salim 16 hours ago

    But you can still buy v-bucks Morgan

  • sara zaher
    sara zaher 17 hours ago

    I don't think they won they cheated

  • Delaijuh Cleaves
    Delaijuh Cleaves 17 hours ago

    Morgan bracelet

  • SAVAGE _GAM1NG 2251
    SAVAGE _GAM1NG 2251 19 hours ago

    The most expensive meal I had was $100

  • Pixel Pixel
    Pixel Pixel 20 hours ago

    you should have rules

  • Vikrant Gupta
    Vikrant Gupta 20 hours ago


  • the lucas show 11 hype
    the lucas show 11 hype 22 hours ago

    Morgz wins the bracelt morgz mum beautiful

  • Nadine Isaacs
    Nadine Isaacs 22 hours ago

    I don't think this challenge was a good idea

  • Kelsey Lockhart
    Kelsey Lockhart 22 hours ago


  • David Chang
    David Chang 23 hours ago

    Jill your just grabbing cloths r they even your size

  • Parker Holloway
    Parker Holloway Day ago

    why do you still live with your mom?

  • xXx_AidenPlayz_xXx Vix

    3:38 that’s a Xbox

  • jason dublin
    jason dublin Day ago

    Love ur Vids

  • Grady Sabin
    Grady Sabin Day ago

    Lego is a great option

  • Aaron Beyer
    Aaron Beyer Day ago

    Lol go to 339 on vid and he says his mom chainsawled his playstation and its a xbox

  • Blaze Magnetic
    Blaze Magnetic Day ago

    It’s Morgan’s girlfriend at McDonald’s that’s the order person

  • Adolfo Perez
    Adolfo Perez Day ago

    If you do not like my comment give it 👍 or if you 💗 it give it a 👍as well !!😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • Adolfo Perez
    Adolfo Perez Day ago

    If I was in the challenge I would buy everything that I can find like if I went to TILLY'S STORE and get everything 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • #SuperAaron
    #SuperAaron Day ago

    I would buy a lambo and a

  • #SuperAaron
    #SuperAaron Day ago

    so morgz spent 9000000000000000000000000 $

  • Bryan Jimenez
    Bryan Jimenez Day ago

    She chainsawed your xbox one

  • Bryan Jimenez
    Bryan Jimenez Day ago

    Not a playstation

  • Bryan Jimenez
    Bryan Jimenez Day ago

    That's an xbox

  • Spencer Powell
    Spencer Powell Day ago

    Y da hell do you constantly change tho tone of your voice

  • Ethan Perez
    Ethan Perez Day ago

    Morgan is better

  • Brylen Childers
    Brylen Childers Day ago

    The usa

  • Dylan Perez
    Dylan Perez Day ago

    Jill cheated because she wanted to keep the stuff she bought

  • Hayden Harvey
    Hayden Harvey Day ago

    Morgan your the best

  • ResetIcyZ
    ResetIcyZ Day ago

    How can people watch this kid without riping your ears out

  • yeghia beredjiklian

    Morgan spent the most for SURE

  • Jon Hankins
    Jon Hankins Day ago


  • Allison Mcdermott
    Allison Mcdermott Day ago +1

    When you said your mum chainsaw your PS4 it was a xbox

  • Jake Moran
    Jake Moran Day ago +1

    Nice channel 👍 morgz

  • Familia Barajas
    Familia Barajas Day ago

    Jil is ice out

  • ellie
    ellie Day ago

    I would love to participate in this challenge ☺️

  • Jenn Sughrue
    Jenn Sughrue Day ago

    For somebody reason I'm on my mom's account but I'm on my own phone witch is a galaxy s7 active

  • Jenn Sughrue
    Jenn Sughrue Day ago

    If I have infinite money I would buy a ps4 and I would get a billion v bucks

  • Jenn Sughrue
    Jenn Sughrue Day ago

    Morgz have buoyed a lot with his mom credit card

  • naramatha ravindran

    Every thing in the apple store

  • Christian Tinarwo

    Buy everything next time

  • Cute Creeper
    Cute Creeper Day ago

    Morgan doesn't need a PS4 to play Fortnite u can get it free on mac

  • Leaf Heart
    Leaf Heart Day ago


  • AnonymousLOL Gaming

    Why didn’t u go to the Gucci store?

  • Victoria Parks
    Victoria Parks Day ago


  • mccsingleton
    mccsingleton Day ago

    Morgzes bracelet is better.

  • Kanen Faumuina
    Kanen Faumuina Day ago

    Your mom canceled her card

  • Charlotte grace
    Charlotte grace Day ago +4

    Tbh I actually really like Jill's diamond 🔹 bracelet

  • Jack Townsend
    Jack Townsend Day ago

    Play roblox

  • Dark Nightmares
    Dark Nightmares Day ago

    Morgz just get in the bin

  • Solar Star
    Solar Star Day ago +2

    I haven’t watched this yet but no offense I think morgez is gonna win

  • Mx.05 _
    Mx.05 _ Day ago

    He’s 17 but still no facial hair, no maturity

  • Mx.05 _
    Mx.05 _ Day ago

    I’m sorry but Morgz mum doesn’t know how to use makeup correctly

  • Doug Richardson
    Doug Richardson Day ago

    Yall follow cj so cool

  • Jasper Beumer
    Jasper Beumer Day ago

    Vertelt lol bro but where are the Yeezys

  • Belle Blakeston
    Belle Blakeston Day ago

    mums braclet is bad


    Some wet guy

  • Janice Simpson
    Janice Simpson Day ago


  • Danny
    Danny Day ago

    Morgz bracelet is better

  • Bella Ortiz
    Bella Ortiz Day ago +3

    Cancel your card KNOW

  • Ken Carter Jr.
    Ken Carter Jr. Day ago

    Morgan's bracelet is better

  • Dalton Nagy
    Dalton Nagy Day ago

    I would get a Corvette,mansion,extra 4 car garage,lambo,2 maids,1 for cars,1 for house,Ford raptor,4 wheeler,trailer,boat,BMW i8,

  • Dalton Nagy
    Dalton Nagy Day ago

    Why u say like for ex.200 pounds for your dinner just say 200 bucks or dollars it sounds better

  • Anthony Gaines
    Anthony Gaines Day ago

    Nice play station

  • Dalton Nagy
    Dalton Nagy Day ago +2

    I would get a Corvette,mansion,extra 4 car garage,lambo,2 maids,1 for cars,1 for house,Ford raptor,4 wheeler,trailer,boat,BMW i8,

  • Millie G
    Millie G Day ago +2

    The most expensive meal I have ever had was over £400!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness I didn't have to pay 😜😄

  • Dalton Nagy
    Dalton Nagy Day ago

    She not even looking at the sizes

  • Broken_ Hype
    Broken_ Hype Day ago

    This video sucks

  • Cf_ Brownie
    Cf_ Brownie Day ago

    3:39 it's a xbox

  • Isabella Andersen


  • Isabella Andersen

    I would by a Appel watch

  • Luv James
    Luv James Day ago

    Your mom is so funny and it’s so funny to watch her

  • Jake Playz
    Jake Playz Day ago

    All of the things in the world

  • harriz playz789
    harriz playz789 Day ago


  • Brandon Sinari
    Brandon Sinari Day ago +4

    Wait I thought every mum support their child.....
    But instead Morgz mum call Morgan a loser 🙊🙊

  • Landon and Sophie Playz

    Ow bithway gille dasint now hathow say Gucci gtshdhdhdhdhdhdhshshdhsgtegwtwgwujrhiusuxv imxpcducshpw ywcyfhpqxhpdjpwcphqpjxufkckxjxhdjjrmJshhabdvsggagdhdhsnzbskslspejdjsisudjdhdryshsidoeihdhehdjdnxbxb b v52$4;/?/??

  • Landon and Sophie Playz

    WWE ghggggfifufuturfhdhgjcjcnncvncncnbxbcncbcbcbcbcbfbfhhdhfhfhfhfhchhfhfhdhfhfhffffnfnbgfgjxhxhxjjxjxjxjwgeueieoidjdjdjdhdhdhdhhfhdhdhdhdhdjdhhdhhggggggsayuohdgfiftfjfhrhfbnfnfnfhnfncncncbcncbcbcbcbvbbcnxnxbxbxnkxjxgxgdnxnxnxbdhfhhfjfjfjfjfjjffjjthrifhusiryafgssfgjdhshscsyayfsxwszdfgseffujshdbxncncncncnnfbf fbdbdbdgdhdjdjdjdjdjdjdhfhhdhdhdhdh uieurydyehehggegegegegfggefwyieijehehr