Conor McGregor on desire to compete, predicts Diaz vs. Masivdal & Khabib vs. Tony Ferguson

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
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  • Sami Alnahdi
    Sami Alnahdi 9 hours ago

    Jahannum is calling your name Brother go big cheers to Conor✌️

  • Leg3ndKilla687
    Leg3ndKilla687 Day ago

    “He’s got crisper boxing “ Conor on Nate against Masvidal. Lmfao.
    You thought wrong ..Again

  • Leg3ndKilla687
    Leg3ndKilla687 Day ago

    “We over estimated his grappling”. Gets dominated and powerless the second Khabib got a hold of him everytime even in the worst position khabib was in flipped Conor on his ass and had him tied up and dominated. Conor didn’t have an answer at all .. this guy is excuse city

  • Norts Clemente
    Norts Clemente 2 days ago

    You Better Not Disappoint the fans This Time Prove it Conor Mcgregor.Rise again This Is not about money Anymore for U it’s your name and your legacy.When You say something Like before That You Will Knock them out knock them out one by one.I don’t know if u remember what u said before all the belts you will get all the belts..I’m One Yours Since Day One Conor,Your My Idol So Go up there And Kick Those belts again and Prove it to Dana white again and the UFC Company And Specially To Your Fans..

    • Norts Clemente
      Norts Clemente 2 days ago

      My Advice Conor If Your Era Is Almost Over If Your Loosing More And More Fights Just Admit it And Accept It That Your Era Is Over You already Made Millions of dollars.Fetch The $$$ even if your loosing already And Retire for Real And Invest your Money Open Bussinesses for the future But When u retire for real enjoy life first with your kids and wife go to maldives,Bali,Palawan island,Fiji,Bora bora then start Thinking Of Bussinesses So You Dont Run Out of money in the future.Your Still No.1 UFC Fighter..

  • Faisal Kalathingal
    Faisal Kalathingal 4 days ago

    If there is a rematch between khabib and Conor, I'm sure conor will beat khabib.
    #Rematch conor with khabib

  • Mike S
    Mike S 6 days ago

    All I heard was, "Blah blah blah I'm a pussy I'm a pussy."

  • 030227 75466
    030227 75466 6 days ago

    King of excuses

  • 81PC19
    81PC19 8 days ago

    In a way Conor has to say he favours Khabib, otherwise it's implicit that both these guys are better than Conor

  • jr villa
    jr villa 11 days ago

    I hate when MMA people say its not a real fight because they dont use there "legs" or "feet"....FOOTWORK IN BOXING IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HANDS IN dumbasses....why cant u kick the ball in basketball, why cant u use ur hands in soccer...RULES MAKE SPORTS!!!!!

  • Akilles Bay Area
    Akilles Bay Area 12 days ago

    I believe he can finish Masvidal

  • Panagiotis Aslanidis
    Panagiotis Aslanidis 12 days ago

    He made him humble...

  • GMitcho
    GMitcho 16 days ago


  • scazz _786
    scazz _786 16 days ago

    I’ll buy the car for gods sake, stop trying so hard to sell it kid..!!..!!

  • Oo oO
    Oo oO 17 days ago +1

    This fool is living a lie believing he will get a rematch for the title lol first he has to win a few fight against top contenders like Ferguson as an example.
    Begging for a red panties night.

  • etownbrawler1
    etownbrawler1 17 days ago

    Amazing how Conor used to make fun of fighters who made excuses about having injuries ,but now he is the king of excuses.. But nothing is more pathetic then '' my foot was a balloon'' , ya you can tell it was broken especially when he hooked the fence with his ''broken'' foot 20 times in the fight!! Then he brags about sucker punching khabib's cousin on the fence ,the same fence he jumped up on with his broken foot lol..

  • Janaab
    Janaab 20 days ago

    Connor- you begged for life to Khabeeb when you were chocked...
    The disrespect and venom you were spitting and personally hitting his Nation, his Religion, his father is never acceptable in frames of UFC ethics...
    Shame to the press and so called media who are biased and never talk about Connor's excesses..

  • tsotas1968
    tsotas1968 22 days ago

    Mcchicken begging for any fight...nobody wants him

  • Raymond Jaramillo
    Raymond Jaramillo 22 days ago

    Assault on an ELDER.
    Where is the "DISCIPLINE" and
    "COMITMENT" your not young
    You just full of shit.

  • Genco Abbandando
    Genco Abbandando 25 days ago

    ”Henry Kejudo”.

  • Gufran Khan
    Gufran Khan 27 days ago

    I f*** you corner

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana 27 days ago


  • mo zaman
    mo zaman 27 days ago +1

    Career built on avenging losses

  • Jay Shoff
    Jay Shoff 28 days ago

    At this point in Conor's career I am willing to fight this guy.

  • Timz
    Timz 28 days ago

    Seems more focused and not off his nut, getting back to his old self and disciplined and focused, still a journey for him, would be huge for a comeback, get a couple wins, shake off the cage rust and rematch khabib

  • A Sakha
    A Sakha 29 days ago

    Habib will best you 100 times big mouth! Conor is good at 2 things talking and tapping!

  • Isaura Burgos
    Isaura Burgos 29 days ago +1


  • dalexkom
    dalexkom 29 days ago

    if he really had balls he would broadcast this from dagestan ..but he is a swill guzzling ,,dolly throwing..oldman sucker punching ..little leper con..🤢

  • Special _Efex
    Special _Efex Month ago

    Mark my words.... you’ll all come running back as fans when he returns. Cowards like that rat khabib. Yeah yeah yeah khabib chocked him out, but that’s all a snake can do.

  • Izzy and Sadie
    Izzy and Sadie Month ago

    The biggest scumbag to come out of Ireland not many people in Ireland actually like this cunt

  • LUKECAGE ndiaye
    LUKECAGE ndiaye Month ago

    Shut a fuck up

  • Don Diego
    Don Diego Month ago

    I hope he can make a good comeback

  • Godwin Anthony
    Godwin Anthony Month ago

    Bull shit Conor mcgregor

  • 37persian
    37persian Month ago

    Shut the f up you twat ass hole cock sucker.

  • Alex Martons
    Alex Martons Month ago +1

    So then why was you tired against khabib, then you quit.

  • J. B.
    J. B. Month ago

    Khabib talking shit is funny. Khabib literally hasn't walked the gauntlet that the Irish prick did. Conor is always going to be bigger money bc khabib isn't a name worth remembering in MMA. He's like when Ufc fighters try to recall pride fighters. Khabib goes down in history as the Muslim guy who was scared to give conor a rematch.

  • The JP
    The JP Month ago

    Why does conor like frankie a lot.

  • lolitsivan
    lolitsivan Month ago

    Who wants to see Connor vs Jorge

  • lolitsivan
    lolitsivan Month ago +21

    Connor always wearing fighting gloves, even when he’s smashing his wife. Just in case Khabib sneaks up and wants to rematch. Connor “fully committed for revenge” McGregor.

  • lolitsivan
    lolitsivan Month ago

    Here to see if Connor was right.

  • Avitar Magnus
    Avitar Magnus Month ago

    to bad kabob is only a wrestler and cant fight COnor we wished did what jorge did to the wrestler " knee to the head until he dead!!!"

  • Avitar Magnus
    Avitar Magnus Month ago

    Conor an amzing guy best MMA athlete ever!!! and since your th eonly Billioniare and only MMA figther to make the MMA and UFC billions we will always remember you as the greatest!!!! We Love you and support you!!!! KEEP US GOING!!!! prove the critics wrong !!!!

  • Danny .W
    Danny .W Month ago

    This man went to a country close to Russia and who hates Russia to make his claims so he can be supported in his illusion, what a joke.

  • bigol berto
    bigol berto Month ago +1

    Absolutely ecstatic to see Connor looking to get back into the game and be so focused on competing again!

  • Diaz Diaz
    Diaz Diaz Month ago +1

    Mas vs Connor

  • Sean Correa
    Sean Correa Month ago

    this is the most i’ve heard conor talk about someone that isn’t himself

  • vitalis
    vitalis Month ago +1

    I was a paying fan but McGregor worked hard at being a loudmouth a-hole. So so disappointed. With power comes responsibility and with your actions you showed your true character. You got your money and you deserve it but do a double take when you come back and show some humbleness. I wish you and your family well.

  • Stanky Danky
    Stanky Danky Month ago

    I think the fame and fortune got Connor off track. If he comes back fully focused on fighting I think he wont lose as much

  • Blankman
    Blankman Month ago

    Brags about his work ethic and training regime, unless he loses, then his excuse is he didn’t take the fight seriously.

  • Ryan Bugden
    Ryan Bugden Month ago +1

    “I don’t think that’s wise for him to do...”
    That’s what we all think when you open your mouth Conor 🤣

  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison Month ago

    Is he still relevant anymore bully boy mctapper smacking old fellas in the pub should be banned from the sport.

  • Rosco PekoTrain
    Rosco PekoTrain Month ago

    I financed your operation .....
    And this gives you power over me ?

  • neglect3d
    neglect3d Month ago

    Khabib really humbled him huh.

  • Nagra John
    Nagra John Month ago

    So fuking what if khabib did won the what I don’t understand is that y is that people think that khabib has become some off DARA SINGH or KING KONG let me tell u something guys khabib will not ever won corner only cus off his stupid Nature cus off his Attitude his ego and believe corner will smash khabib easy I saw al match not Doubt not surprised that khabib won as I said corner is a good fighter only cus off ego he lost hope he learned it well lool and also khabib seem a good guy too
    Let see what will b comeing up next

  • Martin Smokes
    Martin Smokes Month ago


  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones Month ago

    Khabib will "break" Ferguson

  • groiper boi
    groiper boi Month ago

    khabob is a cock-sucking queer, who hugs dudes instead of fighting like a man.

  • Moldygreenbean
    Moldygreenbean Month ago

    Conor has had too many ups and downs in such a short period of time. Hope he makes a proper comeback but part of me feels like he's trying too hard to get back in the limelight.

  • Shane Fry
    Shane Fry Month ago

    So tired of Connors shit,he’s turned into a proper knob!!

  • RadioActionWFE - Gaming Music Tutorials and More

    4:09 conor pronouncing Henry Cejudo’s name wrong
    “Henry Kejudo” lol

    • Sean Correa
      Sean Correa Month ago

      RadioActionWFE - Gaming Music Tutorials and More conor be like, who da fook is dat guy

  • roseslasher
    roseslasher Month ago +1

    Seems like Conor reads the internet. Hes still speaking of what he wants to hear instead of actually looking inwards and seeing things for how they really are.