i tried foods we been eating the WRONG WAY 2

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • last time we tried the viral pull apart pineapple but this time we go bigger! from pouring juice upside down to secret uses of a chopping board, i hope you like it and don't forget to subscribe thanks!
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  • Hussain A2003
    Hussain A2003 41 minute ago

    the most easiest way to peal a kiwi is by using a potato pealer

  • beatrice prior
    beatrice prior 2 hours ago

    I tried the garlic trick. It workssss

  • DWOGaming
    DWOGaming 3 hours ago

    I've poured carton milk upside down and never had a single mess with it. It's just that you have the different carton than the video or the guide showed.

  • Jurassic park Art
    Jurassic park Art 7 hours ago +1

    2:00 wrong type of carton

  • Meg Grace
    Meg Grace 8 hours ago +2

    I love that he got two orange juices and two sodas to show two different methods. When he essentially just needed one...

  • White bear gamer The Bear

    2:14 that hand is WRONG THAT IS BAD!!!!!

  • Sonja Kinnunen
    Sonja Kinnunen 20 hours ago

    How I eat kiwi
    1. Cut it in half
    2. Grap A spoon
    3. Dig in

  • Delphox The Red Fox
    Delphox The Red Fox 21 hour ago

    Don’t you put fruits ( also tangerine 🍊) in the fridge or is it only me...

    • Hat kid
      Hat kid 3 hours ago

      Delphox The Red Fox hi IHide it in the fridge to

  • Alyssa G
    Alyssa G Day ago

    try weird food combinations !

  • Lizzy Lynch
    Lizzy Lynch Day ago +1

    i use the hole to carry it to

  • Erika Čepkauskaitė

    Omg, the orange juice hack... That other way thing literally gave me anxiety cuz I thought u were going to spill juice all over the place :d 1:13

  • Tripti Goswami
    Tripti Goswami Day ago +1

    The video title: "I tried food we been eating the wrong way 2" I bet he got an A+ for English exams :)
    Btw I think very few people noticed it

  • Tripti Goswami
    Tripti Goswami Day ago

    I watch your videos at 1.5x

  • Our Moore Story
    Our Moore Story 2 days ago +2

    Omg the chopping board hack!! Makes so much more sense.

  • ItsAry .13
    ItsAry .13 2 days ago +1

    The first one works but is has to be a smaller size of orange juice

    • snoby 93
      snoby 93 Day ago

      I agree, i can approve it

  • questionsxx questionsxx

    I thought that was how you eat a kiwi

  • Marta Lubaczewska
    Marta Lubaczewska 3 days ago

    If you don't want to peel a kiwi, you don't have to. Their skin is edible, and it does't change the taste.

  • Lynne Morton
    Lynne Morton 3 days ago +1

    If you use a jar you can peel the shell off an egg the same way you did with the garlic. Turn your knife so blade faces up when swiping food,its easier to move the food because of the grooves in the knife plus it blunts your knife.

  • Ekangad Johal
    Ekangad Johal 3 days ago

    Those are not oranges

  • kara O
    kara O 3 days ago

    Those are grapefruits not oranges 😂♥️

    • Maria Cristina
      Maria Cristina 3 days ago

      @kara O it's fine, I don't think I ever saw them outsider of Italy... they're quite common in south Italy, btw (and I prefer them a lot)

    • kara O
      kara O 3 days ago +1

      I didn’t know they existed 😂😂😅

    • Maria Cristina
      Maria Cristina 3 days ago

      I think they're red oranges, actually

  • Ryan Reynolds
    Ryan Reynolds 4 days ago +1

    Why did you use two different juices just for one experiment

  • Graciela Amaya
    Graciela Amaya 4 days ago +1

    I love that he doesn’t waist his time doing an intro and just start with the video

  • Molly Nuttall
    Molly Nuttall 4 days ago

    Who could hate pn someone like Raphael??

  • Martha Mateo
    Martha Mateo 5 days ago +1

    I'm new here lol he doesn't have an intro!?

  • Lindsay and Zoe Gacha-cookies

    Why does your oranges have red spots and a really weird orange color, are you sure they are oranges

  • Aysan Hemmati
    Aysan Hemmati 5 days ago

    You can also just use a spoon and eat the flesh right from the watermelon

  • Aysan Hemmati
    Aysan Hemmati 5 days ago

    Or you can just eat the kiwi without peeling it!

  • Ciali 00
    Ciali 00 6 days ago

    those are the fakest oranges i've ever seen omg, that colour is so weird and probably not natural at all. Also, that is how an orange should look like if it has been pelead properly hahhahaha, the white layer is edible too!

  • Coni G
    Coni G 7 days ago +4

    The first one works, but in smooth top boxes, do u understand?

  • Celine Rakaas
    Celine Rakaas 7 days ago

    And i love Raphael🥵🤪❤️❤️

  • Celine Rakaas
    Celine Rakaas 7 days ago +1

    I thought that was the normal way to eat kiwi🤣😂🤪

  • Nompumelelo Precious
    Nompumelelo Precious 8 days ago +3


  • nathania's world
    nathania's world 9 days ago +2

    1:11 you're supposed to fold the flap thing on the top

  • • h y p e r •
    • h y p e r • 9 days ago +2

    i never do the juice pouring thing correct LMAO

  • Dreamy folf
    Dreamy folf 9 days ago +2

    The big garlic thing is called a garlic bulb the little garlics are called cloves

  • The Fail Army
    The Fail Army 9 days ago +3

    I have always used the ice cream scoop to scoop melons. I thought it was the normal way🤣

  • Quamble Bee
    Quamble Bee 10 days ago +2

    Me when its the weekend to my room : so I’ll be here for the next forty eight hours

  • Natalie Plays
    Natalie Plays 10 days ago

    Bro he’s face
    It’s the 🥝🥝🥝🥝 part

  • Alizay Anwar
    Alizay Anwar 10 days ago +4

    The best way to open an egg is with inserting a spoon the same way u did with the kiwi

  • Khushi yadav
    Khushi yadav 10 days ago

    Orange juice is looking more like a mango juice. 🙄

  • Alice _
    Alice _ 10 days ago +3

    "I don't even know if thats edible" ALL ORANGE SKIN IS EDIBLE PEOPLE (caps aren't meant to show anger)

    The hole in a cutting board is for hanging.....

  • minho meh
    minho meh 10 days ago +5

    Just a little bit curious here.....can I ask if you are sitting on a chair or on your knees? I'm kinda wondering everytime I watch your videos 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Perrich Villavicencio
    Perrich Villavicencio 11 days ago +8

    umm... u just bought the wrong kind of orange juice box...😐so it didnt work

    • Kyana Viaene
      Kyana Viaene 10 days ago +1

      Perrich Villavicencio yea i thought the same

  • Kim Tata
    Kim Tata 11 days ago +2

    I decided to watch cringey vids today so I watched this

  • toomuchSugaRush
    toomuchSugaRush 11 days ago

    i found another way tho to easily open an orange... roll it for several seconds and ofc make sure you rolled it like a dough ... then open it traditionally. I tried it and it works

  • tae tae
    tae tae 11 days ago +4

    I've been watching for sometime and I like ya videos but there are moments when I roll my eyes thinking where does your common sense ran too like in the juice , you have bought the wrong packaging

  • toomuchSugaRush
    toomuchSugaRush 11 days ago +4

    why do you have to buy two tetra packs tho if you're just going to do the same thing and ofc there is still juice inside ... just sayinn

  • jaden Alimboyao
    jaden Alimboyao 12 days ago +21

    Why did he open another orange juice

  • Don't Know
    Don't Know 12 days ago +2

    To remove the skin of egg just put it in cold to normal water for 1 minute and it would peel off easily

  • المستشاره
    المستشاره 12 days ago +5

    Raphael: the straw flows because of air in cocacola.
    Cocacola can: im gonna ruin this mans career

  • Svenja
    Svenja 12 days ago +12

    The first one with the orange juice works, but it was the wrong packaging. Try it with an other packaging and then it definitely works perfectly.👌🏻

  • Gemma rose
    Gemma rose 12 days ago +6

    You can eat the skin of a kiwi 🥝. It’s really good for you it’s full of vitamins 😊

    • Gemma rose
      Gemma rose Day ago

      Anushree Singtamkar indeed it does but it is edible and very good for you

    • Anushree Singtamkar
      Anushree Singtamkar 2 days ago

      Kiwi skin has hair kinda things on it

  • BigMouth Maya
    BigMouth Maya 13 days ago +1

    I actually love your videos 🙌🏽❤️

  • Kaliah Downs
    Kaliah Downs 13 days ago +1

    Where is his accent from i love it

  • Patricia Holbrook
    Patricia Holbrook 13 days ago +10

    Please don't pay too much attention to the negative comments. You have a cool personality which keeps bringing me back. You do you.

  • Nation Pure
    Nation Pure 13 days ago +1

    Cool videos

  • xielian
    xielian 13 days ago

    White stuff is edible, i eat it bro

  • Cookielookie09 YT
    Cookielookie09 YT 13 days ago +1

    I thought it was a handle to hold it too

  • R F
    R F 13 days ago +7

    I keep on having this feeling that he is rich 💸 💵

    • aadwel
      aadwel 13 days ago

      SAME idk why

  • Lucy Jolie
    Lucy Jolie 14 days ago +6

    What i do with kiwi, is cut it in half, grab a spoon, and eat it. Easy

  • Lucy Jolie
    Lucy Jolie 14 days ago +6

    The first one, it depends of the shape of the juice box thing, sorry i don't know English :')

  • Yomyom 030
    Yomyom 030 14 days ago +9

    6:17 to 6:19 your welcome

  • Héctor Lerma
    Héctor Lerma 14 days ago +2

    Uploaded on my birthday

  • 여나
    여나 14 days ago +1

    Love your sweatshirt

  • george daily
    george daily 15 days ago +1

    A cherry seed has cyanide

    • george daily
      george daily 12 days ago

      Cat Coronado well that is a natural ingredient in a cherry

    • Cat Coronado
      Cat Coronado 13 days ago

      We can get poisoned by cherries

  • Bedah nim
    Bedah nim 15 days ago +3

    8:20 cute..

  • Mr*.* PoTaTo
    Mr*.* PoTaTo 16 days ago

    My iPad is broken

  • Riya X
    Riya X 16 days ago +8

    Am I the only one who peels an orange the way where you poke a hole through the bottom with your thumb and peel it off from there? Just me? Okay then I’ll leave.

  • Jaylin Magana.02.13
    Jaylin Magana.02.13 23 days ago +2

    a clove

  • Tasnia Chowdhury
    Tasnia Chowdhury 24 days ago +3

    I have done the first one many times and it works. But i like doing it the normal way because the proper way is very scary and kinda messy as well.

  • fabiola_ramos
    fabiola_ramos Month ago +2

    01:21 DAAAH 😂😂😂😂😂❤

  • Shahd Bayomi
    Shahd Bayomi Month ago +8

    It’s grapefruit not an orange that’s why it’s red😂

    • Artistic Genderfluid
      Artistic Genderfluid 14 days ago

      It's a blood orange (Moro).

    • Tana Rodriguez
      Tana Rodriguez 14 days ago +1

      It actually is an orange, It's a type of blood orange called a Moro

    • Rosie
      Rosie 17 days ago

      Shahd Bayomi its a red orange look at the bag grapefruits are lighter and bigger

  • Brittany P
    Brittany P Month ago +17

    I'm so sorry you get mean comment's. I don't know why anyone would waste their time being mean when you seem so kind.

  • SupriZe NatiOn
    SupriZe NatiOn Month ago +5

    What the heck is wrong with that orange???

    • Oh No
      Oh No Month ago

      SupriZe NatiOn it’s a grapefruit lool

  • alex comp
    alex comp Month ago +10

    The first one works with milk

  • Zuhal Alfadil
    Zuhal Alfadil Month ago +16

    I don't know why u guys commented like that .. he didn't invented those hacks .. he is just helping aproving them fto tell us whether they are working or not .. so stop commenting those mean comments because atleast he's doing something good and he's trying his best .. so just say something good or don't watch it

    • Patricia Holbrook
      Patricia Holbrook 13 days ago +1

      @Rosie if they aren't easy enough to be mess up proof then they aren't hacks in my opinion.

    • Rosie
      Rosie 17 days ago

      It’s because he is messing up hacks then saying they don’t work

    • Rafal Battawi
      Rafal Battawi Month ago +2

      Zuhal Alfadil exactly !! People are really rude

  • Dude It’s_me
    Dude It’s_me Month ago +1

    It’s so funny that he calls the pit a stone

    • Chris. H
      Chris. H 24 days ago +1

      Dude It’s_me it isn’t funny because it is right 🙄

  • Dude It’s_me
    Dude It’s_me Month ago

    If you put the garlic in the microwave for 10 it peels it’s self

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Month ago +4

    *Pretend like I commented a fact*

  • Tarana Jain
    Tarana Jain Month ago

    That’s a regular way of pealing orange!!

  • Libby Roberts
    Libby Roberts Month ago +1

    They're called garlic cloves

  • Douaa Nada
    Douaa Nada Month ago +13

    Why two bottles of juice if u can use only one 🤔

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond Month ago +4

    no ones gonna talk about how raph says "flesh" instead of fruit

  • Oliver Hale
    Oliver Hale Month ago +6

    I just eat the whole kiwi

  • Alena Alena
    Alena Alena Month ago +10

    I tried the first hack before and it works but you need a carton without the bit that comes up on the orange juice if that makes sense

  • Little Kay
    Little Kay Month ago +4

    I pour my juice the second way😂

  • xXcutcopperXx
    xXcutcopperXx Month ago +6

    I am the only Person that don't like watermelon?

    • Brenz Jhulia
      Brenz Jhulia 16 days ago

      I also dont like watermelon like all my family members love watermelon but I dont

    • Mr*.* PoTaTo
      Mr*.* PoTaTo Month ago


    • Wolfyh Chan
      Wolfyh Chan Month ago

      xXcutcopperXx no

  • myami pooshie
    myami pooshie Month ago +7

    I love the thumbnail 😊😊😊😊

  • David Zarate
    David Zarate Month ago +5

    Pretend like a said something funny

  • HowTo Simple
    HowTo Simple Month ago +5

    Cut the kiwi in half then use a spoon to eat the inside like a normal person

  • Kenzy Rashed
    Kenzy Rashed Month ago +1

    For the cherry one just save yourselves a pain and buy a cherry seed remover... so much easier

  • Venkatesh Charles
    Venkatesh Charles Month ago +3

    He keeps doing all the hacks wrongly. . . .

  • Jennifer Marcellyn
    Jennifer Marcellyn Month ago +5

    I actually just eat kiwi with the skin 😂

  • Lizzie Soto
    Lizzie Soto Month ago +3

    My grandma always does the garlic one :3

  • Mary Alyzah
    Mary Alyzah Month ago +7

    3:20 did u just say "wrong way to EAT garlic"

  • Mr. nobody
    Mr. nobody Month ago

    Dude you can just smash with cop

  • Fornite GLP 06
    Fornite GLP 06 Month ago +3

    The First one works

  • snake jaguar
    snake jaguar Month ago +5

    The first one does work but you have to use another carton

  • Ernesto Mariano
    Ernesto Mariano Month ago +4

    I just love your reactions whenever its gonna fail but I terribly love your face reaction when it works ❤️ it was just satisfying to watch 😂

  • Barry Su
    Barry Su Month ago

    I do the first thing a lot but I don’t have the long top