Here's What I Found When I Removed My Cheap Ferrari's Burnt Engine


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  • mdsmojo
    mdsmojo 2 days ago

    Tavarish.... You can probably save the engine... remove ALL... I repeat ALL of the spark plugs and crank over the motor... the water will spit out of the spark plug holes when its cranking.

  • fialee8
    fialee8 3 days ago

    How much cursing took place when you were jacking it up, and going back again... and again? Is that why there's music playing....

  • Bogdan Alexandru Burcă

    Hi! That was not Hoovie's Ferrari?

  • Jesse Hooton
    Jesse Hooton 8 days ago +1

    Salomondrin's Senna burned to the ground. Will that be a future project of yours? lol

  • thsuperreallycoolguy

    Freddie, we're going to need you to wrench every day and keep the content coming.

  • graham inkpen
    graham inkpen 9 days ago

    Fair play to you fella, I just know you are going to do this. Mega $$$$$ fix though.

  • 1chish
    1chish 9 days ago

    Just three comments meant in a friendly way - More do, less talk and when you do talk do it without shouting. Peace and Happy New Year.

  • Ari Cohen
    Ari Cohen 10 days ago

    You have the ability to stay positive in dire situations. I envy you!

  • Celvie Boo
    Celvie Boo 10 days ago

    Don’t put it back in the Ferrari, put in something else. Maybe put that motor in the Supra?

  • Ishara Ruchiranga
    Ishara Ruchiranga 11 days ago

    Hey awesome video. But please get a new camera or adjust the lights.

  • Spaceman 6400
    Spaceman 6400 11 days ago

    Hopefully we wont have too many of these "Engine out again" looked bit easier on the Lambo :) Tavarish at it again, this is awesome!

  • Mason Borba
    Mason Borba 11 days ago

    I thought I recognized the car from Hoovies Garage’s Channel. I can’t believe you’re trying to get it working again😂

  • Michael Bryant
    Michael Bryant 11 days ago +1

    One time I removed my wife’s cheap burnt vagina and swapped it out with my girlfriends and I found 20 bucks and a set of keys.

  • Platinum Heart
    Platinum Heart 11 days ago

    “Cheap Ferrari”

  • Michael DeStefano
    Michael DeStefano 11 days ago

    You’re trending!

  • Game Nerd
    Game Nerd 11 days ago

    Still trending 4 days later. Nice!

  • PUBG Play of the Game
    PUBG Play of the Game 11 days ago

    What's this guys day job

  • ram64man
    ram64man 12 days ago

    I still think your mad buying a rejected car from hoovie

  • Robert M
    Robert M 12 days ago

    You have man boobs

  • Hayley Pritchard
    Hayley Pritchard 12 days ago

    Get your money spent you mug

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson 12 days ago +1

    Thank you for showing us this can be done by the average person with average tools you're awesome!!

  • Mark Douglas
    Mark Douglas 12 days ago

    Good luck!

  • chrissscottt
    chrissscottt 12 days ago

    Apart from anything else you'll run into melallurgy problems in that a lot of the metal components are heat treated and the heat of the fire would have undone that treatment. Shit's gonna break even more frequently than a normal ferrari.

  • Ed Carlson
    Ed Carlson 12 days ago

    LOL, Hoovies toaster car.

  • David Spray
    David Spray 12 days ago

    cuz. you got some knockers to make bitches envy

  • David Spray
    David Spray 12 days ago

    you groing those titties or are they bought?

  • noche te ipsum
    noche te ipsum 12 days ago

    Wouldn't the heat affect the entire structural integrity of the car? I guess it's kinda neat to see a Ferrari of sorts dismantled. You also left us hangin in regards to the Lambo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • that sweet tooth nigga


  • that sweet tooth nigga

    Rip Ferrari

  • Exciter
    Exciter 12 days ago +1

    Half Black /Half Jewish. HIS DAD IS LENNY KRAVITZ.

  • Zeke2p9
    Zeke2p9 12 days ago

    3:36 CAR: I don't feel so good

  • Zeke2p9
    Zeke2p9 12 days ago

    How cheap can a Ferrari get?

  • Martin James
    Martin James 12 days ago

    Try watching Wheeler dealers for making informative but shorter videos.. can you focus more on what you are going to do rather than stating the obvious.. quite clearly only an idiot would reuse those pulleys and obviously that engine needs stripping down and full expert assessment..the damn thing has been torched and soaked

  • wv king
    wv king 12 days ago

    Wtf wrong with this "niggas" hair smh you know he doesn't have any black friends

  • Steven  Thigpen
    Steven Thigpen 12 days ago

    I think maybe don't buy a totaled car dick sucker.

  • na nu
    na nu 12 days ago +1

    If you treat your concrete floor it won’t be so dusty, looks like shit

  • Brooklyn Style ☑️
    Brooklyn Style ☑️ 12 days ago

    A man with face like that has a lot of courage doing a TheXvid channel

  • Daniel Tigges
    Daniel Tigges 12 days ago

    To much talk, not enough work

  • Tim Steinke
    Tim Steinke 12 days ago

    Why am I getting Chris fix vibes? Great work!

  • Toby599
    Toby599 12 days ago

    You’re trending Freddy!

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell 12 days ago

    fix it with FLEX TAPE

  • Jamie Campbell
    Jamie Campbell 12 days ago

    how much he pay for it

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 12 days ago +1

    Man good luck. With this one big fires always suck.
    Hopefully someone comes thru with some shop equipment sponsorship yiu have alot of presence in auto world. An could do discount an giveaways would benefit the equipment company, because I myself like to see somone using the equipment before I buy it just so I can see any issues.
    Also you need to look at getting you a A frame type gantry hoist with an electric or pneumatic hoist on it. Beats the heck out of the olé engine puller

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 12 days ago

    #49 on trending

  • Chase
    Chase 12 days ago

    Gold tape would have deflected the fire...
    just saying......

  • Mike Stories
    Mike Stories 12 days ago

    Hmm another Ferrari engine video..

  • Weak Project
    Weak Project 12 days ago

    You found your mother's prom panties?

  • Donnie Cheese
    Donnie Cheese 12 days ago

    Throw it in the gutter an go buy another. No insurance?

  • android boi
    android boi 12 days ago

    just call Elon musk smh

  • bob crawford
    bob crawford 12 days ago

    Hope you picked it up at a good price..a good used one is about $65-70k...looks like you might be going down a rabbit hole with this one..good luck

  • Ali Elabdimarras
    Ali Elabdimarras 12 days ago

    These italian cars are just crap

  • E H . . .
    E H . . . 12 days ago

    You found a burnt engine

  • James Latimer
    James Latimer 12 days ago +1

    A few and new parts maybe some aluminium bits check the timing new wiring loom ignition system and Engine Should fire up first time if iwas doing it coming from a rich mumy and dady it dont really matter cos dads paying for it water wont really do that much damage unless it was submerged in water for many months ,,years if you need any advise as to repair this engine and loom its just common sense mostly

  • AdamTheTiger
    AdamTheTiger 12 days ago

    If you are reading this, YOU ARE AWESOME 😎 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊 your friend AdamTheTiger 🐯

  • pizzaguyman13
    pizzaguyman13 13 days ago

    He didn’t install the Mini Cooper exhaust properly.. just saying.

  • Happy Dude
    Happy Dude 13 days ago

    Skip to 8 minutes for video to start

  • Banana&rice
    Banana&rice 13 days ago

    This guy reminds me of mo salah

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 13 days ago

    Your not supposed to pick it up with the tip of the hook, your chain is supposed to interlock with the slot on the hook dummy

  • TheBossOfBread
    TheBossOfBread 13 days ago

    Video actually starts at 3:20
    Thank me later

  • Ed Wilko
    Ed Wilko 13 days ago

    You're job is awesome jelous 😀😁

  • Jora Smolarov
    Jora Smolarov 13 days ago

    Nice tits

  • Dark GT
    Dark GT 13 days ago

    If you put price on your labor how much will be that in cost?

  • Hotpoint2005
    Hotpoint2005 13 days ago

    Well at least you took it from Tyler (Hoovies Garage) and gave it a good home

  • Leedle
    Leedle 13 days ago +3

    U need a bra

  • givememore4free
    givememore4free 13 days ago +1

    Why is this TRENDING?

    • scania chan
      scania chan 11 days ago

      Because it is actual decent content

  • therealknapster
    therealknapster 13 days ago

    After my car had a small fire on the pub car park one night . It got a fire extinguisher installed within hands reach ;)

  • Hdhs Hdhshxb
    Hdhs Hdhshxb 13 days ago +1

    Can t believe he's on trending

  • jcasaubon
    jcasaubon 13 days ago

    Turn this into an electric Ferrari!

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 13 days ago +3

    Just haul it to the junkyard, it is trash

  • Roccobud
    Roccobud 13 days ago

    10:25 he actually does what the title says

  • Basil Fabian
    Basil Fabian 13 days ago

    Been waiting to see the damage on the engine

  • Guus Bouwmans
    Guus Bouwmans 13 days ago

    03:01 Long Johnson?

  • altittude
    altittude 13 days ago

    bro just come to terms with it and cut your hair off you`d look much better

  • Jesus Rosales
    Jesus Rosales 13 days ago

    Men get down and dirty

  • Nicholas Field
    Nicholas Field 13 days ago

    Should keep the exhaust the Hoovie had already

  • Mirza Ahmed
    Mirza Ahmed 13 days ago

    No shout out to who sold you the car ? Good old hoovie

  • greg con
    greg con 13 days ago

    These videos are wayyyyyyy to long for really no content. Here is my burnt car again and here is the engine again.... you are desperate to drag these videos out.

  • Lucky Gamer
    Lucky Gamer 13 days ago

    Why Does the thumbnail looks like gta

  • Caleb Gooding
    Caleb Gooding 13 days ago

    Hoovies garage

  • nick j
    nick j 13 days ago

    Good job but burnt cars are carcenogenic, gloves on please.

  • Random Chaos Ezra
    Random Chaos Ezra 13 days ago

    Before the spoiler comes, I paused the video and skipped to 15 sec.

  • Melad Sawa
    Melad Sawa 13 days ago

    You Should call this channel hoovies trashes !!.

  • Jason Kirkpatrick
    Jason Kirkpatrick 13 days ago

    Ah when did this start. fuck jewtub bell not on an more cunts

  • Lolo F
    Lolo F 13 days ago

    You don’t appear to have any mechanical knowledge. You touched the car and then complained you were completely filthy. I found that amusing. You give me the confidence to perform brain surgeries...

  • Ričardas Baika
    Ričardas Baika 13 days ago

    So it will be something like a "expensive drift car " ?

  • monica moni
    monica moni 13 days ago

    In one video the engine is not good and in another is good again.. make up your mind! Unsuscribed.

  • TidalWave Dan
    TidalWave Dan 13 days ago

    I’m assuming he didn’t have insurance🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose 13 days ago

    The detail though. There's more you gave than the others did it, they usually cut these short. We share the same curiosity.

  • Cant Be Arsed
    Cant Be Arsed 13 days ago

    With the car in this shape, yes i watched the new EP so i know the engine is good. i would be thrilled!
    I would fix the chassie to my liking, strip the electronics because using old wires with the new is not going to work very well, bound to have electrical gremlins for years.
    Take the engine wiring out, repalce it with a standalone and new wiring. and fix the rear lights so they work. not much electronics outside of engine from the doors and back on these cars. Im looking at one of these for myself, not to expensive here in sweden to buy/own. compared to like a Porsche.
    And how many non modiefied flatplane V8/ ITB / 5 valve per cylinder engines are out there? Cool stuff really from a technical standpoint.

  • Marty Lynchian
    Marty Lynchian 13 days ago

    Dirty Filthy Muslim? Indian?

  • Lilly-Ann Oswald-Barnes

    Who cares what you found!!!! This is such clickbait, didn’t even watch, and already bored out my mind!!!!!!!! I hate anyone who does this, I mean you messed up a perfectly good car as well!!!!! Unlike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Balakay32
    Balakay32 13 days ago

    Dang #34 on trending

  • ruben rodriguez
    ruben rodriguez 13 days ago

    Why does it look like he has tiddies in the beginning

  • Sweil
    Sweil 13 days ago

    "Cheap" ferrari
    Nigga ima be under your bed with piano wire

  • P3ndulumSw1ng
    P3ndulumSw1ng 13 days ago

    Sorry by why do you have boobs?

  • TheAdventuresOf
    TheAdventuresOf 13 days ago

    No way this is going to run

  • Jacob English
    Jacob English 13 days ago

    Wasn't that hoovies garage Ferrari

  • Moises Moreno
    Moises Moreno 13 days ago

    8:39 hey bro be careful dont put the hook through the chainloop. Just an fyi construction worker advising. Love the channel. Please do American muscle cars. Maybe an iroc-Z

  • Gordon Music
    Gordon Music 13 days ago

    Make mailbox out of engine