He Would Only Talk To Me... I Survived A Maximum Security Prison!

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
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    The team continues from where they left off, investigating the cold file they saw on the ghost device. But it really only seems to leave more questions than answers. But their day isn't quite over yet: "John Doe" finally responds and he has a proposition for Matthias. Benjamin Cobalt wants to talk, and he wants to talk NOW. It's too good of an opportunity to pass up and so the team gathers their thoughts to put together what they want to ask their old Stalker. Will it be a fruitful mission? Or will it cloud this mystery even further on who's really in control?

    ⚠️ The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and its characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.

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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Month ago +293

    Ben gives me joker vibes

  • Jackson Jones
    Jackson Jones Month ago +180

    Theory: Ben isn’t actually in custody and he is in a syntec base where he is safe but still given serum.

    • definitely not two trenchcoats in a child
      definitely not two trenchcoats in a child 20 days ago

      Maybe that's why he doesn't have his goggles he's no longer too weak to be able to be in the light cuz he's getting high doses from staff of serum

    • Anthony Pascale
      Anthony Pascale Month ago +2

      I think that what you have said more then likely will be true

    • lim rathanak
      lim rathanak Month ago +7

      @Sophi_loafy omg what if there's a plot twist, John Doe is actually syphus and he's doing like what you said?

    • Woodybadooty
      Woodybadooty Month ago +1

      @Sophi_loafy they also didn’t want any cameras there.

    • Jackson Jones
      Jackson Jones Month ago +2

      @Sophi_loafy and syntec had more buildings

  • Raphael Loh
    Raphael Loh Month ago +637

    Ben looked a lot younger than everyone theorised, but that might be due to the serum... I'm a little disappointed that Matthias didn't ask all the questions we wanted asnwers to, like about Syntec and Life's Blood, not that Ben would've given us straight answers. Anyone creeped out about how sane Ben was?

    • Astraeos
      Astraeos Month ago +1

      @{}Dra fox{} ;3 I thought so too. It could be because of the accident mentioned in the documents from the desk that mentioned that serum poured out of his eyes, nose, and mouth. Maybe that had some effect on his eyes

    • Brian Orozco
      Brian Orozco Month ago +1

      @Jeff Stewart It’s gotta be him. I just looked up his Instagram account and he looks just like the guy that plays Benjamin in the Project: 863 series

    • {}Dra fox{} ;3
      {}Dra fox{} ;3 Month ago +4

      I'm pretty sure from last episode, it said on the document that his eyes were blue, yet now they are red, I think it is because of life's blood

    • Astraeos
      Astraeos Month ago +2

      He was probably pretty logical before the serum so I think that could play some part into it. Or he’s just better at hiding it.

    • theDUDE
      theDUDE Month ago +3

      @Jeff Stewart I'm thinking that too cause I've never seen him posting on spellbound but his part of project 863

  • Jeanetta Lee
    Jeanetta Lee Month ago +629

    Matt’s black and white stripped shirt and going to prison is hysterical 😂 all I can think of is the 3 stooges

  • Mini Munch
    Mini Munch Month ago +182

    “The walls were completely red” gives a whole new meaning to “Red” Base lol

  • Rebecca Levy
    Rebecca Levy Month ago +459

    Actually seeing Ben's face is eerie. He has a very sinister undertone to the way he speaks and holds himself but I somehow still feel like he's helping them.

    • Neil T
      Neil T Month ago

      @alexis Landreth yeah my bad actually looking at both Woods and Ryan they're very similar in facial features, so you're more than likely correct

      Moreso as I remember Sam saying her and Ryan used the warehouse a long while back

    • Brianna
      Brianna Month ago

      @Sincerely Yours, Luna omg definitely

    • alexis Landreth
      alexis Landreth Month ago +3

      It’s not woods I think it Sams boyfriend Ryan. I just looked at there videos and they have the same hair and you can kinda tell from looking at him, he is also a actor so it makes sense that he would be playing Ben

    • Neil T
      Neil T Month ago +1

      There's a correlation in looks between the person sat in the hospital waiting room when they visited Matthias and Benjamin in the cell

    • Lana LANG
      Lana LANG Month ago +1

      Lol yep looks like woods

  • Phase Master
    Phase Master Month ago +228

    He was too calm and collected compared to the last time you spoke, gave actual answers and not cryptic clues, was staying mostly still but most importantly he didn't incriminate himself and there is a legal limit that you can keep someone locked up for without an actual cause or suspicion

    • Phase Master
      Phase Master Month ago +1

      @Alyssa T fair enough I see your point and they could try and charge Ben with intention of bodily harm on a massive scale because we don't really know what the serum does yet so can't know the cause on the body so would end up staying a good while I think, I'm not an expert on this sort of thing so

    • Alyssa T
      Alyssa T Month ago

      @Ronie Mohammed I'm not taking about the writing on the walls, im literally talking about the truck they took Ben to the police in, the one with the serum bomb in the back

    • Ronie Mohammed
      Ronie Mohammed Month ago

      @Alyssa T he told them he used to work their so it is spirits remember they were lots of deaths there

    • Alyssa T
      Alyssa T Month ago

      @Phase Master except they can use footage of Ben getting out of the truck and into the back of it to arm it, walk away, come back, check it, then get locked in with it while he was checking on it

    • Phase Master
      Phase Master Month ago +2

      @Tiger Lilly not unless there is clear evidence that is either linked or shows that he was a part in its creation or designing process and then he could have just been seen as someone who wondered into an open van looking at what was inside and was trapped against his will

  • Dasiz5307
    Dasiz5307 Month ago +40

    Matthias at 18:30 that's a nice tattoo man did you do that yourself
    Ben: yes I got it off your merch store which in the description below 👍

  • stylish gaming
    stylish gaming Month ago +78

    that last sentence.... "dont forget to sign out" he made you aware of it which caused you to see the syntec pen... is he.... helping?

  • Skeryx
    Skeryx Month ago +80

    While Matt is talking to Ben:
    "Can I get a picture with you? I need it for my thumbnail."

    • JDTxic
      JDTxic Month ago +1

      🤣🤣🤣🤣 right!!

  • Shadophaxx
    Shadophaxx Month ago +65

    Is it just me or is Ben slowly becoming more human? Now that we see his eyes instead of the whole red eyed get up, he talks calmer and seems almost to drop the whole mythic, talking in riddles persona, just at the slightest indication that he’s not crazy. Maybe there’s something good in him yet

    • Đacota cloud coyote
      Đacota cloud coyote Month ago +1

      that's what I was thinking too he seems a lot calmer in the way he talks he would be calm one minute and then aggressive the next it's like he couldn't control himself but now he just seems a lot calmer well yes he still well is him will say that he's definitely a lot calmer not going to lie I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing

    • soothing_ocean
      soothing_ocean Month ago +2

      Yes but also no since he still has those red eyes.

    • Phase Master
      Phase Master Month ago +3

      Wouldn't put money on it

  • Sima Yousif
    Sima Yousif Month ago +26

    Remember the theory of Matt being Nelson or like a alternate version of him? Well, there’s more evidence supporting that in a way. For example, when Ben said “you didn’t think I’d belong to you forever…did you?” Why would he say that? When was he ever a belonging of Matt in the first place? But, he did work for Nelson before, so that might be it. Just a theory

    • Ice Reyes
      Ice Reyes Month ago +1

      Ah. The revenge of overkill theory. Bet.

    • Đacota cloud coyote
      Đacota cloud coyote Month ago +1

      just pointing this out then left Deb and Wes to go work for Nelson he was good friends with both of them but then left them

    • Kaylan Michelle
      Kaylan Michelle Month ago +6

      My theory is that Ben is being mind controlled by Nelson and he’s “losing connection” with him while in the prison cell so that’s why he said that stuff at the end. Just my theory tho :)

  • TastfulTheOneEri
    TastfulTheOneEri Month ago +73

    I still think destroying the server to connect to D3B was a bad idea. Just a ‘gut feeling.’

  • ivonne gonzalez
    ivonne gonzalez Month ago +64

    I def like Baileys theory of him fighting himself

    • mx. sinister
      mx. sinister 25 days ago

      @Midnight456 they’ve already mentioned no mental illnesses/disorders are part of the story

    • Midnight456
      Midnight456 Month ago +2

      Yeah! Like DID, each personality fighting for the spotlight!

    • Øutsid3r 999
      Øutsid3r 999 Month ago +3

      Honestly same. It's exactly what I been thinking. Glad to see I'm not the only one

  • shai golbandi
    shai golbandi Month ago +22

    i love how when they are discussing how to approach the interrogation, Tanner is in the background in his closet minding his own business.

  • RogueRose
    RogueRose Month ago +36

    This is making me wonder if instead of Ben working for Nelson Syphus, he’s actually working with him. Like maybe he took over Wesley’s position in syntec or at least has a similar position to what Wes had. It seems like there is a possibility that Ben is trying to help us but because of him working with Nelson he also has to act as of he’s against them.

  • Jude_PLAYZ
    Jude_PLAYZ Month ago +796

    Ben: She couldn't answer if she wanted to.
    Matt: Who Deb?
    Ben: No, your mom!

    • Lu Joke
      Lu Joke 6 days ago

      @DarkUnicornA nop

    • dina hook
      dina hook Month ago +1

      @Andrew Sadach exactly i love that woods is playing Ben at first I thought is that woods then I said damn right that's woods

    • dina hook
      dina hook Month ago

      @Hailey flores no but I like that woods is playing ben

    • Big_Country_45
      Big_Country_45 Month ago


    • Hailey flores
      Hailey flores Month ago +3

      @SG}CHRIS Adresa is it wrong I feel bad for Ben?

  • History Cat
    History Cat Month ago +30

    He’s got someone working for him on the inside. He probably still has some connection to syntec and syphus and is running something like it in the shadows.

  • the Best Cartoonist Ever

    I’ve kept up with Project 863 for a good amount of time, and lemme tell you that pen shot left me on one of the most intense cliffhangers of my story-loving life!

  • Stella Martensen
    Stella Martensen Month ago +13

    Are we not going to talk about how Matt looks like a prisoner with his black and white shirt?

  • Paige Skewes
    Paige Skewes Month ago +12

    My concern with the pen saying syntec is that it could possibly mean that syntec is in control of the jail and/or John Doe isn’t who everyone thought maybe he is on the side of syntec as well. He could have been asking for that evidence all along so that they could be one step ahead this whole time.

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Month ago +68

    Ben gives me joker vibes! he's just like him in the way they talk and act

    • Whiskur
      Whiskur Month ago

      @Øutsid3r 999 Joaquin Phoenix.

    • Øutsid3r 999
      Øutsid3r 999 Month ago +2

      Not to mention the actor playing Ben looks like the actor who plays the Joker (idk how to spell his name)

    • FallOutGirl Phoenix Novocaine
      FallOutGirl Phoenix Novocaine Month ago

      I have never even seen a movie with the Joker, just like cuts of the movie and stuff, but I got the exact same vibes!

  • ArtisArt
    ArtisArt Month ago +31

    Matt: “So this file, we found in this filing cabinet.”

    Me: You ok Matt?

    • Katie Schmitt
      Katie Schmitt Month ago +4

      Speaking of the file…I’m disappointed about that aspect. It was opened and read for two seconds. Then it was never come back to

  • John _TGB
    John _TGB Month ago +72

    So, this episode was really great. We get to see Ben as a person, not a phantom in a mask. Although, there are some lingering questions I have have.

    1. Are his red eyes due to the serum? If they are, will that happen to Matt. I might be wrong, but I don't think Matt ever had the antidote for Life's Blood. He might very well have still swimming around his body.
    2. That Syntec pen. How deep does Syphus' influence go? It makes me question if we can trust the police, and by extension, John Doe.
    3. My question might've been dumb. What I meant was how did he know Deb murdered Wes. How did he react? Why did he have the tape? Things like that.

    • Lorin
      Lorin 9 days ago

      @Swoose but hey never said the effects or affects how u spell it happen after inhaling/touching/drinking/injecting the serum it can happen after a few months and now the serum is working on him

    • Đacota cloud coyote
      Đacota cloud coyote Month ago

      well I believe we're actually cured him was that serum bomb we had found a document saying that being exposed to high amounts of radiation normalized the serum in 10/10 rats so the serum bomb had very high levels of radiation and with Matt going so close to it I would believe that's what actually healed him

    • Tammi Krehbiel
      Tammi Krehbiel Month ago

      I totally found your comment in the video 😱

    • Brandon Ross
      Brandon Ross Month ago +1

      Yes true that what I thought

    • Astraeos
      Astraeos Month ago +3

      His eyes might have also turned red during that failed experiment mentioned in the desk that mention that it came pouring out of his eyes and nose. These are excellent questions that it would be nice to get resolution for.

  • Rockstarcandy 58
    Rockstarcandy 58 Month ago +22

    Hold up... when and where did that syntec pen come from? What If Deb was already there? (this is in my thoughts). Wasn't his eyes normal before it turned red? So I'm assuming that there are more hidden secrets around each bases. Like those that are under the floor... I am aware that Deb may have more answers although things have been gone too far from *ben* himself. What if the voices behind the wall were the people (or ghost you call) were the cases of the death scene or some kind of hints from the past.
    So far this is what I have in mind. Keep up with the work!

  • R. N. Holmes
    R. N. Holmes Month ago +12

    At the risk of sounding nuts, I think Ben might be just another one of syntecs victims.

  • Im_A_Romantic
    Im_A_Romantic Month ago +13

    I’m only halfway through the episode but to what Bailey said about him being half under mind control and half being his conscious self he could be in a sort of jeckel and Hyde situation

  • RinInzei
    RinInzei Month ago +22

    ok but the guy who plays ben? amazing! the role was played so well. ngl when he hit the bars i jumped lol i was so invested. i cant wait for the next video!~

    • RinInzei
      RinInzei Month ago

      @CocoaPuff oooh if it is ryan that'd be cool!!

    • CocoaPuff
      CocoaPuff Month ago +2

      I think it was Ryan, Sam's boyfriend. I thought it was woods at first, but he doesn't have that length of hair. :)

    • Thorn Roze
      Thorn Roze Month ago +2

      i wish i could thumps up more than once!

  • ⁷대취타⁷
    ⁷대취타⁷ Month ago +10

    I feel like the reason we all love Bailey so much is because she seems more like a fan. Like the others feel like they have a roll and a part but Bailey is more like unlinked if that makes sense? Kind of out of the loop but in a good way. She asked the questions were all screaming to our screens and if feels like she plays the roll of us.

    • Aubrey Hershey
      Aubrey Hershey Month ago +1

      That's true

    • WRLDofDarkness
      WRLDofDarkness Month ago +1

      Bailey is like spellbounds Liz so that’s a great way to put why we like her

  • Øutsid3r 999
    Øutsid3r 999 Month ago +3

    I still can't help but feel that Ben is somehow crucial to solving everything

  • infinityX6
    infinityX6 Month ago +12

    This goes so deep that what comes next always surprises me, thank you for such a great story.

  • Mark DeMars
    Mark DeMars Month ago +2

    There might be someone else behind this whole Syntec case. And besides, it'll take time but when the pieces start fitting together and if Matt realizes that Deb had no choice it'll all make sense.

  • Corrupted Cyber
    Corrupted Cyber Month ago +5

    Watching Matt interact with this dude is hilarious and i dont know why.

  • Jabber
    Jabber Month ago +8

    Back in Season 2, when you guys planted the phone in Ben's RV, we heard Ben speak to someone over the phone, saying things like, "Yes, sir" which means he was talking to his boss. So Ben saying he doesn't work for anyone is kinda confusing.

    • Jim Bon jovy
      Jim Bon jovy Month ago +1

      He could’ve been promoted to partnership Aha

  • wandering Kate Murdock

    Back when you guys emptied out the mountaineer the first time you guys found information about a project on mind control in some of the papers. If you still have that part of the evidence it might be something good to look back on

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni Month ago +3

    Theory: Ben isn’t actually in custody and he is in a syntec base where he is safe but still given serum.

  • ZombieCrazyLegs
    ZombieCrazyLegs Month ago +7

    Seemed like he was ALOT more sane than usual. And he was trying to tell you things without letting people know he was telling you things.

  • catondrugs
    catondrugs Month ago +834

    Videos feel less frequent than before but I would say it's definitely worth the wait

    • Lamis Alasry
      Lamis Alasry Month ago

      @Maybe Mockingbird definitely true

    • Lamis Alasry
      Lamis Alasry Month ago

      Ya they should post more often but there there are quality so they probably take longer to make

    • rrelic
      rrelic Month ago

      They come out every wednesday

    • CamLikesBooks YT
      CamLikesBooks YT Month ago +1

      @Jomar Oliveras they branched and became their own company. Spellbound fired Connor, but he got hired at Team Edge

    • Jomar Oliveras
      Jomar Oliveras Month ago

      @CamLikesBooks YT and team edge

  • Larkus_The_Lemon
    Larkus_The_Lemon Month ago +10

    “you have no idea how good a little space can be to clear your head”
    i’m not entirely sure but this seems important or a clue to something about the hauntings?

    • Øutsid3r 999
      Øutsid3r 999 Month ago

      Honestly he's never said something so relatable

    • WRLDofDarkness
      WRLDofDarkness Month ago

      Sounds like he was talking about mega desk it’s a small place that they go to to figure stuff out and get away

  • aliss liou
    aliss liou Month ago +3

    i love how when they are discussing how to approach the interrogation, Tanner is in the background in his closet minding his own business.

  • - D
    - D Month ago +4

    They might have a Syntec pen because Syntec provided things to the prison, this could include pharmaceuticals for executions or mind control as an experiment to control the worst inmates so they would be less aggressive/violent and also for use in interrogations because they might of been able to "see" inside their brain or their thoughts and memory's. Mind control could also be used in undercover ops were they send inmates out (being controlled remotely) to talk to the people they work/ed with to incriminate them. Just a theory but it could work.

  • Idk&Idc but hello
    Idk&Idc but hello Month ago +3

    I think Wes still might be the ghost and wants you to focus on that specific person in the filing cabinet

  • Amanda Howard
    Amanda Howard Month ago +3

    Some great one-liners in this episode that helped ease some of the tension. But that ending.... was as good as finding the old Mac computer

  • Lillyfire theflower
    Lillyfire theflower Month ago +1

    I look forward to each video of this series. I just keep saying to myself they will upload it soon so I can get my fix. Bless your wonderful gifts you have given us. You all are so talented

  • test
    test Month ago +1

    I think it would be a nice idea to use the we are 863 channel to do a deep dive in syntec files and recipes. Maybe the team can find out more via family members of the employees of the file cabnet or speak to scientists about the components.

  • Big_Country_45
    Big_Country_45 Month ago +4

    I think the form Ben said to sign was a patient file like the ones found in the filing cabinet and if he put his name on it, he would be haunted or possessed. Anyone who has a file is going to be haunted

  • xxSxftapricotxx
    xxSxftapricotxx Month ago +10

    I really like how he does the last time, this time, and next time.

  • Markimoofan123
    Markimoofan123 Month ago +1

    oooh such a great ep! love seeing Ben's face and ooh his eyes! love it, and boy was that scary when he lunged at matt! excited for the next ep ^^

  • chuck guerin
    chuck guerin Month ago +1

    My kind of soap opera! Love all of you! Keep having fun and making us have something to look forward too!

  • Nic Calaway
    Nic Calaway Month ago +12

    So this is just a personal opinion I wanna share my thoughts. I honestly think that John Doe isn’t actually John Doe and that he is either a phantom or he is scyphus Nelson. Because of the pen it just made my hypothesis stronger.

  • Deadstick Gaming
    Deadstick Gaming Month ago

    I'm sticking by what I theorized when Matt chatted with Ben earlier: there is some mind control at play. The way the dude in the recordings talking to Deb like glitched out, but it wasn't a technical glitch, and the way Ben seems to snap in and out of weird spells when you were talking in the parking lot seemed like the serum is a host for mind control but since he is running low on serum he fights for control over himself and "virgo" and the other code of numbers is either a sort of safe word for Ben or a password for the controller.
    That's why he seemed so happy to say nobody is controlling him, twice, because he ran out of serum AND the signal probably is blocked anyway through the thick walls so now he is as close to himself as he will be. Or it's the other way around, the serum blocks out the mind control so now he is fully controlled, that's why he only wants you and still won't say much

  • Prxnce Fierce
    Prxnce Fierce Month ago +14

    When he was talking with John Doe it was cyclical, it started with John saying call it a gut feeling and ends with Matt saying the saying the same thing.

  • Kaged_humor
    Kaged_humor Month ago +5

    dude Ben reminds me of the Joker in a way. the hand gestures and saying things like I'm "crazy" it so awesome. loved this video!

  • Ivory Melmoth
    Ivory Melmoth Month ago +21

    Ben clearly isn't a "good" guy but I have a feeling he has intentions that he genuinely believes are moral. I don't think it's so much about whether Matt can trust Ben, I think it's clear that Ben trusts Matt. Why, I'm not sure. I do think Ben is a large piece of this puzzle and that his presence is valuable.

    • CuteDog
      CuteDog Month ago

      @Ivory Melmoth agreed

    • Ivory Melmoth
      Ivory Melmoth Month ago +1

      @CuteDog I think so too, he seems to respect Matt, or else why bother opening up to him like this? Maybe he feels like Matt can understand him. I really don't know but I can't wait to see Ben more!

    • CuteDog
      CuteDog Month ago +1

      Maybe Matt reminds him of himself when he was younger or a person who was overly close to him?!

  • Lauren H
    Lauren H Month ago +1

    I am so so excited for the future of this series!

  • Denja Norman
    Denja Norman Month ago +1

    You guys gotta upload more often! The suspense kills me.

  • Last Name First Name

    what an exciting development. can't wait to see what they find next.

  • I am starflight games

    that last little look at the syntec pen sent a little chill up my spine. i love it and have been loving this. keep up the good work.

  • Lydia Vilardi
    Lydia Vilardi Month ago +2

    So I just finished watching this video. I have to say I'm very confused @ this point tbh. I mean between Ben and Matt like their conversation was pretty strange and Ben didn't really reveal much to the audience I feel like. Am I right about that? I mean what else is there for me to really say... I feel like I was expecting much more out of this video and I was a little disappointed that they didn't talk about some questions that we (Subject 4) had for Ben specifically. Anyway that's about it. Thanx and please reply below if u liked this and or if you replied to it.

  • Fatperro Reyes
    Fatperro Reyes Month ago

    Can I just say a few good things about Ben.
    1. I love his accent
    2.I dig the hair due
    And 3. If I was old enough I would get the same tattoo

  • Leanna
    Leanna 5 days ago

    I know this video is old, but I've been rewatching everything, and the part where they said, "We can put the serum in a cake!" Made me think of like can you imagine he's all upset in jail and doesn't wanna talk with Matt, then Matt just goes, "I'VE GOT SOME CAKE BENNY!!!" 💀

  • Aiden Mortensen
    Aiden Mortensen Month ago +2

    i wish matt made the interrogation more serious its still good though

  • TheSilentSlasher
    TheSilentSlasher Month ago +259

    I trusted B27 since the first time we saw him, but never trusted deb as much. Maybe because she was never there in person or maybe because she was so manipulative from the beginning. Ben gave off different vibes and still does. Dont trust him fully, not as much as you trusted deb, but i still feel like you need to give him some trust or you might not get the information you need to progress.

    • TheSilentSlasher
      TheSilentSlasher 14 days ago

      @Kman Yeah I think so too. I assumed he would already be dead, but there may still be a possibility that hes alive.

    • Kman
      Kman  21 day ago +1

      I just really want to know more about Nelson. We haven’t seen the true villain at in this whole thing. Could he have already died?

    • TheSilentSlasher
      TheSilentSlasher Month ago +1

      @Ranvit Agreed

    • Ranvit
      Ranvit Month ago +2

      yeah he just seems like misunderstood to me. Deb has been very very VERY SUS from the start

    • Ganoncanon09
      Ganoncanon09 Month ago +2

      When Ben gave the whole murder tape to Matthias and them I started to trust him but not a lot the more he showed that we could trust them the more I thought maybe we can trust some of the information he’s given us. As cryptic he is and unstable he seems to be a good source of info

  • Zoe Bower
    Zoe Bower Month ago

    This is creepy seeing bens face! I hope this visit to Ben helps you find out everything ❤️❤️

  • Rebel - Knowledge - Spirit

    I wish I could participate in the investigation! The video is more thrilling than 80 % of the movies

  • Makayla Moynihan
    Makayla Moynihan Month ago

    Theory* So is JohnDoe WoRKiNG for Syntec?! OMG I am Loving this series! I have been watching since you found the keys... I never thought that THAT would turn into THIS! Y'all should be so proud of yourselves! Look at the community YOU created! WE ARE PROJECT 863 and I am proud to call myself #4!

  • bluelenne22
    bluelenne22 Month ago

    Oh man this absolutely haunting 😱 what's spooky is that a number of us were worried about how far nelsons reach extended and seeing that pen...oh boy😨

  • isabelle beaman
    isabelle beaman Month ago +322

    “what are you?”
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    • Mary Miller
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