Life-like Gaming is Now Possible (Thanks to A.I.)

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • A.I. is making its way into gaming, with real-time ray tracing now possible, what other things does A.I. have in store?

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Comments • 5 124

  • ColdFusion
    ColdFusion  2 years ago +450

    Correction: The procedural content generation example shown at 8:13 was incorrect, as it wasn't a form of AI. The PCG method is suitable for AI however, (you can read about it here)
    The example was from Andrew Price's talk and unfortunately was presented as AI within the talk, but wasn't actually. Apologies and my mistake.

    • Brock
      Brock Year ago +1

      do you have a link to the research paper to the AI locomotion system or do you know if it's available for download, i couldn't find anything in your sources. Thanks!

    • Soul.Slayer
      Soul.Slayer Year ago

      I wonder if they will ever make Minecraft very realistic game in a virtual reality headset to the point where you can do anything is possible only the sky is the limit.

    • PuppetMaster
      PuppetMaster Year ago

      the scene in division 2 cant be created by ai, because it is actual buildings captured in real life...

    • Gabriel Cassetta
      Gabriel Cassetta Year ago

      “Burn Water - Never Lose Sight” any chance you could make a video just for this soundtrack?

    • Saikiran Saikiran
      Saikiran Saikiran 2 years ago

      Cold fusion make a video on formula one group

  • BuzZzKiller
    BuzZzKiller 2 years ago +5027

    The AI will monitor your game play decisions and decide how best to implement the microtransactions.

    • Graphomite
      Graphomite 8 months ago

      @A Duck
      You can't blame the people. There are billions of people living here. It is statistically not possible for that number to not have outliers pumping money into corporations willing to milk them. To say that mass consumerism cannot control itself is not a cynical take-- it's just a mathematical truth, and complaining about ourselves as if it's possible to regulate 99% of the population's wallets via finger-waggling is ridiculous.

      It is up to the 1% to not need unquantifiable sums of money pouring into their bank accounts at exponential rates. The only way we can feasibly do that as best we can is to remember to keep the blame on the brands and the executives. Whining at ourselves aint gonna do shit but create complacency. The least we can do is remain angry at *them* so that we remember every time they fucked us over.

    • AzenFNG
      AzenFNG Year ago

      AI: Why are you using female characters?

      Me: .....

    • Chris F
      Chris F Year ago

      Unfortunately that's already reality

    • Manuel Riquelme
      Manuel Riquelme Year ago

      Ai is just a fancy word for the intersection beetween maths fields like linear algebra, differential calculus and bayesian statistics and computer science.
      So is nothing new for anyone in the maths scene and they already apply easy yet effective sentiment analysis algorithms to frustrate you to buy some thing but not enough to leave the game

    • Kælani
      Kælani Year ago

      That would save a lot of work for Bethesda

  • MakoRuu
    MakoRuu 2 years ago +1054

    I can't wait to play an RPG where the AI characters in it are so advanced they appear sentient. And can hold a conversation with the player.

    • Ara Ara
      Ara Ara 3 months ago

      When the NPCs in videogames surpass the intelligence of NPCs in real life.

    • Wade Marley
      Wade Marley 4 months ago

      I was going to say the same thing.
      Give us Elder Scrolls in 2030 with this tech, wohooo!

    • Wnuczek
      Wnuczek 4 months ago

      sounds dangerous. people can actually get too attached to virtual characters

    • Just Person
      Just Person 5 months ago

      Well then... "Welcome to the new world" right?

    • Stalling Set
      Stalling Set 7 months ago

      I want them to make their own quest, like getting robbed, objectives around the world because of their own experience. The game goes on forever. Sounds like a pipe dream but I hope it does happen!

  • Night Finds
    Night Finds 2 years ago +155

    Rip all 3D animators for the gaming industry. We had a good run lads.

    • Sunder
      Sunder 5 months ago

      @Spike Rochester automation is indeed a thing, but it will force other people to do something even more. The easier the work is done, the more work you can grab while making the existing one finished at ease

    • Spike Rochester
      Spike Rochester 7 months ago

      AI ist already taking the majority of positions. Even though, new one will be created or old ones transformed with regards to "new gen", so... thanks Lord, specialists of their industries are still required in the nearest future.

    • Graphomite
      Graphomite 8 months ago +2

      Animation isn't simple enough to be taken over by AI, especially games that aren't really grounded by reality. I am sure an engine can do some of the heavy lifting for the fluid, realistic animations, but many platformers and action games have intentionally exaggerated or snappy animations for both visual and feedback effect, and there's really no way to not handcraft that.

    • José Garcia
      José Garcia 2 years ago +5

      Highly unlikely. Watch Andrew Price's Blender Conference video

  • VJ4rawr2
    VJ4rawr2 2 years ago +13

    It always bugs me when these videos don't use HD footage. Like dude... at least rip the content you're profiting from at max resolution.

    • CheeseMcCheese
      CheeseMcCheese 11 months ago +4

      The reason his videos do well is because they're well written, not because of the footage.

    • TheBlanco951
      TheBlanco951 Year ago +1

      That cannot be possible yet.

  • ᖇᗩ乙0229
    ᖇᗩ乙0229 2 years ago +402

    Humans (2019): _AIs would be revolutionary!_

    AIs (2100): _These humans would be revolutionary!_

  • NitroCorn
    NitroCorn 2 years ago +23

    Incredible. Amazing seeing how far technology has come since I was a kid.

    Love it!

  • Philter Jungleman
    Philter Jungleman 2 years ago +31

    ColdFusion:"so what are you excited for,price of games dropping,more detailed games,or more realistic games?"

  • Krillix K
    Krillix K 2 years ago +31

    "In the future, this kind of video game quality will become standard."

    Me: "Whoa! Whoa! Slow down now, they only just implemented 'live-service triple A gaming'."

  • Savarin
    Savarin 2 years ago +72


    Good graphics =/= Good game

    it is merely a bonus

    • Segun
      Segun Year ago

      @Thelelanator lol and it will almost never be a blockbuster in terms of sales or attention

      Minecraft and roblox and Among Us are not exactly story based or graphics based...

      But they still sell well

    • bop boyz eli
      bop boyz eli Year ago +1

      @Thelelanator lol i strongly disagree

    • F
      F Year ago +1

      God of war story:
      Get on top of mountain and throw the ashes into the wind

      Rate / 9.50

    • Thelelanator lol
      Thelelanator lol 2 years ago +4

      Good graphics = Multiplication of other features. A game with an absolutely incredible story but with shit graphics (i'm talking text adventure) will never be as good as a game with a shit story but amazing graphics.

    • Kiruxa Krut
      Kiruxa Krut 2 years ago +3

      Shit looking game can't be good too.

  • Cole Azevedo
    Cole Azevedo 2 years ago +371

    The price to make games will go down, and the quality of the end product will certainly go up. However the price of games will definitely NOT go down.

    • Nymid Artist
      Nymid Artist 2 years ago

      Well with inflation relative to one's income it may seem cheap but no. The prices won't be going down anytime soon.

    • potatoe250
      potatoe250 2 years ago

      *just pirate the game* multiplayer doesnt matter if you dont have any friends

    • Blayne Greiner
      Blayne Greiner 2 years ago

      @Splatterling How can you not think that? I am not talking about the near future, here. I am talking about when gaming has gotten to the point where graphics aren't a determining factor for why people are purchasing games, obviously.

    • Very White
      Very White 2 years ago

      Except nowadays most games don't have quality and aren't making profits as the price increases. LMAO 👌

    • Splatterling
      Splatterling 2 years ago

      The quality of the end product will not go up. How can you even think that. It will go down, there will be loads of bloatware because everyone can create something where not everyone should create something. Also: imagine EA had AI tools like that. Yeah they will probably NOT say "ok guys, NOW we can be creative and stop focustesting everything!" Yeah. No.

  • Chenga09
    Chenga09 2 years ago

    Great video as always! Honestly, what I would personally want from a game is to be freakin' fun like they used to be.. Challenging, yet fun. Right amount of sticks and carrots, that's all. Oh and yeah, death to microtransactions.

  • Javi TooDope
    Javi TooDope 2 years ago

    Great video man! Looking forward for the quality of games to go up. Keep making great content!

  • misterkuda
    misterkuda 9 months ago +1

    What I want AI to do: optimize the game for low-end devices without greatly losing detail.

  • Eve Bat
    Eve Bat 2 years ago

    I've been following all of these topics for a few years now and I love how you've summed them all up together in this video that I can easily show my less knowledgeable friends

  • W P
    W P 2 years ago +2455

    I'm an architect and always thought my job is safe from automation... After this vid I'm super doubtful

    • Masagin
      Masagin 2 years ago

      OTL The High Temple of Spam 5 seconds later

    • Dorfenburg
      Dorfenburg 2 years ago

      @Das Institut shut up

    • Some Guy that uses the internet
      Some Guy that uses the internet 2 years ago

      @Das Institut or end up like Ultron.

    • Max Loh
      Max Loh 2 years ago

      @grumpino The human brain is proof that it's possible for physical objects to exhibit emotions.

    • Max Loh
      Max Loh 2 years ago

      ​@Sebastian H. What makes you say AI will NEVER be able to generalize across domains? That is an illogical thing to say; if you ever use a word like "NEVER" you should be prepared to back it up with some sort of physical law. People also thought AI would NEVER be able to do speech recognition or image recognition because it requires too much nuance and is impossible to feature-engineer. In fact almost every mind-blowing invention like fire, electricity and airplanes, people thought would "never" be possible. Btw, if you're looking for proof that it's possible for a bunch of passive data/information flow of inanimate objects (which in the end are just reacting to physics) to have truly general multi-domain intelligence, you need look no further than the human brain!

  • Vittorio Dio
    Vittorio Dio 2 years ago +2

    The less time devs spend on animations/graphics, the more time and effort they will spend on gameplay mechanics, which is the most important imo.

  • Ai A
    Ai A 2 years ago +1

    Imagine a type of “gaming glove” that can simulate touch sensations so if you’re sat at a computer in the game typing in the keyboard you can feel each key, or feel weapons etc

  • terr0byte
    terr0byte 2 years ago

    Actually, high-level AI can be used IN game (and already using) to control some game-aspects (like NPC behavior, weather and etc.) to let them be so realistic, that user wont be able to compare it to real-life examples in first time. I think AI - is future of the videogames, what could make videogames much more, than just a videogames.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 years ago

    Beautiful video, very well put together. Keep up the fantastic work

  • Danny F
    Danny F 2 years ago +1947

    1950: in the future there will be flying cars

    Future: Digital cheeseburger

    • Memestrosity
      Memestrosity 2 years ago


    • TheMorbid Hero
      TheMorbid Hero 2 years ago

      @Slamdoxicalz lmao i agree

    • Slamdoxicalz
      Slamdoxicalz 2 years ago +1

      looking at all the idiots on the road I'm happy they can't fly.

    • TheMorbid Hero
      TheMorbid Hero 2 years ago

      There is already flying cars now, it's not production ready though. Also the regulations about air traffic hasn't been made

    • I tried to change my name but It didn't Work
      I tried to change my name but It didn't Work 2 years ago

      The time gap for 1950-2019 is 69 years...

      Jesus, why am i such a child?

      Jesus: cuz fuck you that's why

  • TAL1
    TAL1 2 years ago +10

    This is scary and amazing at the same time.

  • Hammyllien [お兄ちゃん]

    This looks promising.. would be great to see new generation gaming.. I love it.. thanks man

  • dillongarner1
    dillongarner1 2 years ago +3

    Gaming systems are going to hit a wall in the future when graphics look real... you can’t get any more real than real

  • SeraphimIP X
    SeraphimIP X 2 years ago

    well... creating 3d assets is an amazingly complex and therefor massively expensive process, but you shouldn't forget that the big companies (studios and publisher or whoever holds the content rights) already have vast models available due to their previous games. i think it is highly unlikely that artists on the big blockbuster titles always start from scratch! if ubisoft for example is already having a library with about 10k fully detailled and ready2use bildings, they are more likely to use the existing stuff and just edit it, right? of course that depends on what is already in the library and the artistic direction of the game. - for a generic "realistic looking" game taking place in a city, there are surely at best 30% of the content made from scratch. i estimate the biggest part of the 3D content is simply resued, changed or expanded on the library. how many times can you model a fire extinguisher? or.. would you really want to wast time on that, if you can simply take one from your library?

  • ccg 2301
    ccg 2301 2 years ago +1442

    Ah yes, I'm looking forward for more cheap, and high quality 3D Hentai games.

    • Harsha Vardhan Irugu
      Harsha Vardhan Irugu Year ago

      @Crusaddy because 1000x25 is greater than 200x50. Got that?

    • sniperammow
      sniperammow 2 years ago

      ccg 2301 NANI!?

    • NeostormXLMAX
      NeostormXLMAX 2 years ago

      @Kowalski no the point is sometimes its not always the girl's problems. there are times you have to improve yourself instead of creating from scratch a girl that would specifically cater to your tastes. that kinda love is so one-sided like owning a slave and making them love you its ridiculous. its true all these feminist third wave movements are insane but making Ai isn't the way to stop them rather than confront them, or actually go outside. not all women are feminist pricks you would be surprised

    • Qwargly
      Qwargly 2 years ago

      @Raynor696 You have bad taste in hentai

    • Drunken Eagleman
      Drunken Eagleman 2 years ago +1

      @Crusaddymaybe because in the future theres more people and prices of things will be absurd so to actually sell a game they need to lower the price

  • Homero Feindt
    Homero Feindt 2 years ago

    Great video!
    I just want to point out that the Unreal video shown from 3:53 to 4:00 it's only using ray tracing for lights I believe. And even that is hard to tell because there are no lights moving so it could be baked light as well. The reflections use a mix of cube map reflections and SSR (Screen Space Reflection) which is why some reflections disappear at the edge of the screen or when the reflected object is not in view.

  • Zeproo
    Zeproo Year ago

    I want companies to start researching interconnecting our brain with virtual reality games

  • Light Being Aid
    Light Being Aid Year ago +3

    Video games being more realistic not just in Graphics but in Physics is what I am excited for

  • Augustus
    Augustus 2 years ago

    Once this and VR would have been properly mastered, we'll have literally infinite different worlds to live in.

  • GeneralDeFartos L
    GeneralDeFartos L 2 years ago +416

    Now I want AI tech to be used in VR games

    Immersion = "Who am I?"

    • Zaire
      Zaire 2 years ago

      @54321blader I know, I'm not arguing against your point, I'm just explaining how SAO is an unrealistic scenario that wouldn't be so much of a problem in reality.

    • 54321blader
      54321blader 2 years ago

      @Zaire I fail to see your point. I was simply stating the disconnect between reality and the game could prove quite substantial to many people.

    • Zaire
      Zaire 2 years ago

      @54321blader Should something along the lines of SAO become real, technicians would deactivate the microwave emitter that does the actual killing. He set the emitter to go of when the helmet was removed, but if the emitter is gone, then it's fine to remove them. I don't get why that wasn't attempted, or at least not mentioned in the story.

    • Icepeak
      Icepeak 2 years ago


    • 54321blader
      54321blader 2 years ago

      @Zaire Should something along the lines of SAO become real, I wonder how long before people swipe their hand(or whatever the motion to open the menu is) even in real life "just to make sure."

  • Morally Conflicted Tortoise

    This will be really good for video game development. It could mean that indie developers could create content on par with AAA game studios, which means we'll have so many more quality game options to choose from. Incredible stuff, and we're heading in the right direction I think. (AI apocalypse ignored)

  • treegroves
    treegroves 2 years ago

    I'd love to see AI implemented like this into games but ffs leave it out of the other industries.

  • Matthew Harrison
    Matthew Harrison 2 years ago

    I think that all sounds great,I feel that the growth of games and their aspects is the most important.

  • Beyond Nothin’
    Beyond Nothin’ 5 months ago

    Can’t wait for them to finally release their render engine, because the blender community will have 3 engines to choose from, and even if they don’t the speed you get from cycles X using optic x is insane

  • Trump-a-Tron 6000
    Trump-a-Tron 6000 2 years ago +700

    Now all games will look like real estate ads.
    What a time to be alive.

    • WatchDogs Police
      WatchDogs Police 2 years ago

      how so?

    • Gondoboo
      Gondoboo 2 years ago

      is that a 2 minute paper reference?

    • bigjoeangel
      bigjoeangel 2 years ago +1

      @Arens Myzyri Watched it, very creative destruction, nicely made project. I just recently played though Crysis, and wow why can't we get that level of environmental destruction in todays games. I had so much fun playing with the physics in Crysis (1), using super strength to throw stoves through walls and smash all the furniture into little pieces. I wish new games would focus more on letting the player do stuff to the environment rather than it just being boring static and non-interactive. For example I played Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and fuck me that game is shit. I looks really pretty in places but the gameplay is awful, boring repetitive and restrictive. Console port crap that has barely evolved since the first one.

    • JayJay Golden
      JayJay Golden 2 years ago

      @hiuwo ai is only used as a tool to ease the work of artists, shader builders and programmers

    • Trump-a-Tron 6000
      Trump-a-Tron 6000 2 years ago +1

      AI cannot make games cuz it doesn't know what games are. Or what humans are. Or what fun is. It's a machine (software) that combines symbols, but the symbols themselves have no meaning to it.

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 2 years ago

    As amazing as this looks and seems the cost of having a beautiful game made by AI is much greater on our economy by taking jobs from people that can be spending money locally helping their cities

  • Harrison McCartney
    Harrison McCartney 2 years ago

    The mathematics behind these AI might someday coincide with how we understand quantum mechanics to work, which opens the door to the possibility of us living within a virtual reality.

  • Richard Wong
    Richard Wong 2 years ago

    I can only hope AI will be forever behind in terms of telling compelling stories/narratives

  • sandar elliott
    sandar elliott 2 years ago

    this was beautiful, good work man! really opened my eyes to the shit possible even now, i cant wait for the future!

  • Scias
    Scias 2 years ago

    I'm a programmer in the games industry (AAA). I seriously doubt the price of games is going to come down just because you can achieve a higher level of visual quality in a cheaper and shorter amount of time. The game still has a budget, and believe me, the studios will want to fill that budget with other things such as making the gameplay better. I've never experienced a game being "done" at launch, just "done enough".

  • Nhia Moua
    Nhia Moua 2 years ago

    I honestly found the AI procedural process of creating new assets to be the most interesting. World building could be taken to a whole new level as artists and designers will be able to work and flow they've only dreamed of.

  • JairOG
    JairOG 2 years ago

    im most excited to be able to utilize this myself creatively down the road when i bring some of my game ideas to light

  • Ksiyas
    Ksiyas 2 years ago

    I dont think prices will drop. Im excited for extremely detailed, planet scaled games, though.

  • Rap-Stu
    Rap-Stu 2 years ago +226

    Now imagine an A.I. that is programmed to create a game, which contains a more realistic A.I. just by looking at data from reactions of human players to other game A.I.

    • Paweł Derdaś - Soundtracks
      Paweł Derdaś - Soundtracks 4 months ago

      @MoonKingArthur They can be. They will never be tired. They will never feel anger, fear, anxiety, doubt. They can easily focus.

    • MoonKingArthur
      MoonKingArthur 2 years ago

      Once AI becomes smarter than people, even by a tiny bit, the world will be destroyed. AI can continuously make itself better and simulate millions of genrations in a few days

    • Masked Mole Reviews
      Masked Mole Reviews 2 years ago

      And then that AI makes a game and that game makes a game and that game makes a game and that game makes a game and that game makes a game and so on...

    • Dexxus
      Dexxus 2 years ago

      The funny thing is that AI that's ACTUALLY realistic tends to just piss players off.
      They tried it a few times, and have been intentionally dumbing it down/underdeveloping it ever since.

    • Daniel Antony
      Daniel Antony 2 years ago

      @Mark Wiebe There's no AI in Videogames.

  • Jovernater69
    Jovernater69 2 years ago

    I hope they make an advanced software feature in the future were you can fuse multiple gaming softwares together and play it as one like a crossover game that be crazy amazing

  • Derek Drake
    Derek Drake 2 years ago

    It'd be great if it took some stress off of developers instead of taking away jobs entirely. Hopefully that'll be the case and it won't just add stress. The AI I'm looking forward to is one that makes NPCs more lifelike to interact with. Imagine that kind of AI in a game like Skyrim.

  • Dopeman Dan
    Dopeman Dan 2 years ago +17

    Great now we can experience how it really feels to die in a horrible way and respawn right after

    • Sadra Keyhany
      Sadra Keyhany 11 months ago

      @Aisec hey, let's look at the bright side, you can have a harem of waifus!

    • The One True MADAO
      The One True MADAO 2 years ago +3

      I cant wait to be hunted like an animal in a survival game.

  • Jericho Samurai
    Jericho Samurai 2 years ago

    It'll probably take like 5-10 years for this to have any actual impact in the mainstream gaming world.

  • Cinema Gaming
    Cinema Gaming 2 years ago +383

    Also, machine learning could be great for creating NPC behaviours.

    • Rumford Chimpenstein
      Rumford Chimpenstein 2 years ago

      @Maximus games already do that, in a sense, when they increase the difficulty according to how long you have been alive, or pick difficulty settings based on how often you die.

    • Bene Dictus
      Bene Dictus 2 years ago

      @Mercantilist Whomper Why would it be hard to dumb it down? Just set limits for it.

    • Mercantilist Whomper
      Mercantilist Whomper 2 years ago

      @Bene Dictus Dumbing down an AI is far more difficult to program than having an AI work as intended. A great example would be Stockfish 10, the current most powerful chess engine in the world. A normal human chess player can beat Stockfish 1, but Stockfish 1 doesn't play worse in an enjoyable way. Stockfish 1 is essentially perfect for most moves, and then every once in awhile makes a hilariously obvious mistake. There hasn't been a game that has AI that learn from the player in any significant way, because programming an AI that can do this but still let the player have a chance (without doing some absurd, immersion breaking blunder) is really, really hard. There have been games that try and counter the players in other ways. A good example would be Metal Gear Solid 5, where they had the enemy units pick loadouts that would counter what you tended to use. But that's not really the same thing, is it?
      The technology already exists and the AI required could run fine on modern rigs, it's just not fun because you always lose. I looked into it extensively before, I can't find the name of the exact games that experimented with this is development, but I think you could find the names if you searched. Hope this helped!

    • Bene Dictus
      Bene Dictus 2 years ago

      @Mercantilist Whomper Ok. What game has they done this with before? What AI code did they use and why didn't they introduce limits or variance to the AI code if it became unbeatable after couple games?

    • Mercantilist Whomper
      Mercantilist Whomper 2 years ago

      @THUNDERBOLT They've tried this, doesn't work. The AI gets too good too fast, it frustrates the players and makes them not want to play at all. After the first time or two you are practically guaranteed to lose, badly, from there on out.

  • Comfort Zone
    Comfort Zone 2 years ago

    I got a new PC about a week ago, I was hesitant if I should go with the familiar reliable GTX or the unfamiliar and new RTX.
    This video made me very happy I went with the RTX

  • EudanilTV
    EudanilTV 2 years ago

    "44-88 hours of work for a single building"
    Thinking of this and then looking at the Star Citizen scene generation tech' which they have created, the amount of time saved on entire building and cave systems would be huge! Yes, there is still fine tuning required though that is an impressive saving in time and money, where the staff can spend more time on other features instead.

  • Zman44444
    Zman44444 Year ago

    I can’t wait till I tell my grandkids that the breakthrough game for my generation was Kingdom Come: Deliverance. With the right pc build (my roommate had the ops to pull the game off perfectly) it was literally mind blowing. My grandkids will laugh as their games are near reality, if not somehow 4d, where sensations can be felt on the body while you play.

  • Surplus King
    Surplus King 2 years ago

    I'm so skeptical to this because of the cost to implement high-end AI and 'uncomfortableness' of the AI.

  • R G
    R G 2 years ago +221

    Wow, simply amazing how fast and how fast this sector is moving. This seriously kicks the snot out of pong from when I was a kid and even makes my old atari 2600 seem like another world ago.

    • Hernando Malinche
      Hernando Malinche 2 years ago

      R G What do you think of Metro 2033? Or Detroit: Become Human? What do you think of modern video games in terms of graphics? Did you ever think technology would move like this? What were the people of the 80’s expecting the video games to go? Did they think video games would forever be like Pong? How did you feel when the iPhone was first announced and how did it feel to hold a smartphone for the first time? What do you think of Deepfakes? Sorry if I’m asking too many questions, I really wanna know.

    • jnnx
      jnnx 2 years ago

      Sterling Archer Anyone with an imagination.

    • niels nielsen
      niels nielsen 2 years ago +1

      @R G how much shit comes out when you take a dump

    • Kenneth James
      Kenneth James 2 years ago

      That's been true for a decade

    • R G
      R G 2 years ago +1

      @MrSab177 oh sure, come pick it up buddy...

  • Miguel Mendiola
    Miguel Mendiola 2 years ago

    Pretty sure there's eventually gonna be a game where the AI has a conscience within the game, so every decision you make actually effects how they feel and their reactions. Like if you'd point a gun at them they'd actually think they're gonna die. That's kind of scary but someones gonna cross that line eventually.

  • The Time walrus
    The Time walrus 2 years ago

    idk if this is just how cold fusion is as a channel but i feel like you leave a lot of the most interesting stuff out by not going beyond a surface level look

  • Sovereign State
    Sovereign State 2 years ago

    I'm excited about the idea of character models walking across complicated terrain realistically. I can imagine a game looks Breakpoint benefiting from this so people play in a less arcade-y way and actually choose paths that are would be easier and faster to travel through, just like you would in real life.

  • fusionFSJAL
    fusionFSJAL 2 years ago

    i wonder if technology can make it to the point where its more realistic than real life itself

  • MishelShow
    MishelShow 2 years ago +499

    Maybe Valve can use A.I. to finally release Half Life 3 ?

    • Traploli 221
      Traploli 221 2 years ago

      They'll make it and still won't release it

    • Hartley C
      Hartley C 2 years ago

      Valve said that they wont release hl3 because no matter how good it is, it will never live up to the hype that has been built up for it. That has been the problem with a lot of games. They get way over hyped before release, then the game flops because people expected to much from them.

    • chaos2601
      chaos2601 2 years ago +1

      Maybe they can use it to make VAC something somewhat reliable

      BIOSHOCKFOXX 2 years ago

      @Freddie Freaker You need a fanatically addicted group of at least 40% of steam users to get this through.

    • JanoschNr1
      JanoschNr1 2 years ago

      Also realizes L4D3 in wich the previous games got real endings and add ups so it all makes sense how you got to the locations and what they do after the first 2 games "ended"

  • Danny Duchamp
    Danny Duchamp 2 years ago

    These are amazing tools, but remember that two of the most acclaimed games of the decade were Minecraft and Undertale. Fancy tools clearly aren't everything. AI has a long way to go before it can make games that are good in the way those two are.

  • Omnia in numeris
    Omnia in numeris 2 years ago +1

    Some day AI could create the whole game experience as you go. The map, story, characters might all be different on different playthroughs. Unlike in those lame games build on flowcharts today.

  • Ze Jh
    Ze Jh Year ago

    while I find the realism impressive I think that graphics rarely determine how enjoyable a game is. Most companies seem to focus too much on the look of a game rather than the experience of the gamer.Those type of high end graphics make more sense for commercials or architectural models as shown in the video, but personally I don't want a super realistic looking game. Sure ray tracing is cool but i prefer it in a setting similar to minecraft where the graphics are kept rather simple (tho not THAT simple) bc super realistic games feel ...soulless?? Dunno maybe i am too nostalgic about the games i played as a kid but tbh games with high end graphics dont look fun to me.

    TOONFLIX 2 years ago

    When i hear AI it feels like it will take over our jobs sooner developers and programmers.

  • Cubed
    Cubed 2 years ago +827

    Computer Generated Half-Eaten Cheese Burger. What a time to be alive.

    • 13, Gede Moreno
      13, Gede Moreno 2 years ago

      Its a joke

    • Noedig
      Noedig 2 years ago

      Tony Stark would be proud.

    • Adeel Khan
      Adeel Khan 2 years ago

      Best comment on this vid (so far)

    • Eclipse of the Cortex
      Eclipse of the Cortex 2 years ago

      The A.I. ate that part of the burger~

    • Ban King
      Ban King 2 years ago

      Lets feed that to starving people. See if it restores health points. All this virtual advancements is going to also pay the bills, when you are working for developers who create half eaten cheese burgers to feed their half created girlfriends on the virtual world, while you and your real life girlfriend are living trying to donate 2 bucks to the world hunger association.

  • $hwing
    $hwing 2 years ago

    The price of video games was enlighting. I never considered that a single building could cost around $200,000. If the implication of AI can help lower these upfront costs I am very excited to see it bring down the price of games.

  • Albert Jachowicz-Brzeziński

    I want an open world RPG game with everything from story to voicelines precedurally generated, and of course with an open ending starting a new adventaure in the same game. Imagine everyone had different experience, defined by your own needs. Till AI can do this I'm going to play Rimworld or other indie games that don't require NASA PC to run and are far more enjoyable and replayable.

  • Metin Saray
    Metin Saray 2 years ago

    If AI reduces the cost and time of development, then the developers can allocate more time on content and details too. It's a win-win.

  • dontlikeit move
    dontlikeit move 2 years ago

    wow, i cant wait for this!! honestly took alot longer than i thought. along way from nes and sega in the late 80s early to mid 90s

  • Leon W.
    Leon W. 2 years ago

    im already looking forward to 2030 when i will finally be able to afford a pc that can run this! its not like there will be new and better technology by then that i cant afford either, like the "standard" today lol

  • Slicky
    Slicky 2 years ago

    really nice that AI is actually helping us and not taking us over!

  • Limitless Potential
    Limitless Potential 2 years ago

    Excited for all of it!!! Great channel keep it up!!

  • PapaBear
    PapaBear 2 years ago

    Thats amazing and all... but i see games as art and master pieces that take many many hours to make, in a way, thinking how much effort is put into a game, how much love and detail, is what makes a game, a game... games like rdr2, gtav, twd, god of war and many others are master pieces that included many hours of effort and makes me appreciate the game more. With this new technology all that effort is gone.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 years ago +1592

    The Matrix is coming along nicely

    • Ricardo Maccotta
      Ricardo Maccotta 2 years ago

      ... how do you know you are not already in Matrix?

    • O K A Y
      O K A Y 2 years ago +1

      @Kero 7 more bill cosby's custard pudding

    • Mazaroth Speaks
      Mazaroth Speaks 2 years ago

      Combine the Mandela Effect with Simulation Theory and were there now.

    • Hamoud Habibi
      Hamoud Habibi 2 years ago

      Mike Jones Imagine fucking a big tiddy goth chick in matrix simulation

    • Yung Snoop
      Yung Snoop 2 years ago

      If you think about it AI in Quantum physics knows everything and can predict the future. Perhaps we are in a simulation as I think that AI implements multiple universes with simulated human life to determine human behavior and predict human outcomes in order to solve problems.

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL 2 years ago +1

    The irony is that that unreal engine apartment looks too perfect and clean, which actually makes it even less realistic than it should

  • Crest117
    Crest117 2 years ago

    Both Xbox And Playstation have announced pretty high end specs for their next gen consoles and I woulnd't be suprised if this is possible realtime in only a few years. A Zen 2 and Modern Navi gpu are substantially more powerful then this gen (2013). Plus nvme style SSD storage? Definitely plausible.

  • random
    random 2 years ago

    The problem with procedural generated stuff from AI in video games is usually level design. AI could help make it faster to change the level design therefore helping having multiple iteration and makes changes in a level that "would cost too much to change because its almost finished".

    A videogame is also about surprises, new things, innovations. If an AI is based on what is known, the players wont be surprised. This is interesting tho, I'm just being the devil's advocate.

  • Ace Ambling
    Ace Ambling 2 years ago

    this is seriously going to revolutionize the industry

  • Han
    Han 2 years ago +482

    a while ago : A.I. can do anything but not art(creativity)

    now, A.I. : Hold my microchip !

    • Mercantilist Whomper
      Mercantilist Whomper 2 years ago +1

      @Vaibhav Tanwar As if anyone currently alive can come up with anything that isn't based on anything else in history. Doesn't exist. Everything is based on the works of our forefathers. We stand on the shoulders of giants, remember?

    • Anonimo Porfavor
      Anonimo Porfavor 2 years ago

      @KostiPlays Go forward.

    • skierpage
      skierpage 2 years ago

      @Claritas Candor I'm not ok with people stealing content on TheXvid, I think human artists deserve support, and I'm not ok with AIs making undisclosed forgeries! I'm just vehemently saying these machines *do* make art and are creative.
      The biggest problem for artists today is not people copying their ideas and style, it's outright illegal copying, reuse, and other copyright violations of original artworks by awful people who can't be bothered to find freely available art and don't want to pay for the real thing ☹️. That may change if AIs can just crank out "in the style of" work, but already advertisements, fashion, and movies are full of blatant style ripoffs ordered up by "creative directors"; AI will just make it easier.

      I think you're right that people will continue to value human expression and motivation, but I'm just saying it doesn't inhere in the artwork itself. Forget AIs, there's the example of the Chinese artist who cranked out Mark Rothko forgeries for a New York gallery: the paintings had the same beautiful sublime emotional depth, but it turned out they weren't made by a tortured artist at the height of Abstract Expressionism.

    • KostiPlays
      KostiPlays 2 years ago +1

      @Anonimo Porfavor Looking forward to become a cyborg

    • Claritas Candor
      Claritas Candor 2 years ago

      @skierpage I wouldn't deny it's amazing or that it made me feel an emotion i already admitted it so i'm repeating myself. Think of it like this, why do we make art? And why does the ai make art? The ai by itself doesn't give two craps if you put it to learn how to paint or how to evade child support it will do it because it was told to, on the other hand we do it to express what is inside of us that otherwise wouldn't come out. It is meaningful to others because it is meaningful to the artist. When an ai reproduces that feeling is just imitating the time Michelangelo farted and was ashamed painting that feeling (to put some example) whether Angelo paints it because it was something that marked him and others can relate, can you really relate to a copy machine even if that machine is so advance that can paint by itself EMULATING human feelings?OG vs chinese version. And if you say yes then you are probably okay with people stealing content on youtube as well xD.

      Idk why i feel you are trying so hard to make people believe learning those skills is obsolete. By your logic nobody should be doing anything but to improve our ai overlord. We all should be doing something meaningful to us that's why i say ai will be just another tool a very revolutionary one but a tool nonetheless.

  • ReaLzEdits
    ReaLzEdits 2 years ago +1

    Games looking better. I loved my time making beautiful scenes in Cryengine. It was soothing to see something go from a blank floor texture to a beautiful forest. I made an Island that was 2KM by 2KM roughly. It took at least a week before I had all the landmarks rivers and houses placed where I wanted them. During that week I started vegetating some areas. That was the longest process of all. I still have not finished the map as I was employed full time 3 years ago and have all but given up on my game making days. But even still, the parts that are detailed are scarce compared to what an experienced map maker could achieve in half the time. Its awesome and scary to think of what will become of the gaming industry. Map makers would become obsolete as an AI could make a much more convincing landscape with the parameters like polygons exactly to the point asked of it. Animators would face much the same fate, and then modelers too. Once its just about made the lower tier obsolete. How long until the higher tier, IE executives and Directors obsolete. Being an AI driven business it could capture their fanbase wants and needs much MUCH greater than anybody else could. It will certainly be an interesting future no doubt. But one of certain uncertainty.

    • ReaLzEdits
      ReaLzEdits 2 years ago

      @468er/ PeaShooter Right now

  • Nuada the silver hand
    Nuada the silver hand 2 years ago

    It looks beautiful, 11/10, 6 stars, 3 thumbs up, etc. There is still something ever so slightly off though... and I mean VERY slightly. Perhaps everything just looks a little too polished and clean? The surfaces are mathematically perfect, where a real surface would have a certain, almost imperceptible amount of texture to it? Or maybe it was just the motion of the camera, and the visual is perfect? I dunno. Its' super freaking close tho.

  • ADSaaron
    ADSaaron 2 years ago

    It's getting easier and easier to believe that we are in a simulation at this moment.

  • David
    David 2 years ago

    I am looking forward to all of the above to the question at the end just makes me wonder how much they will charge for the games and systems if games are cheaper to produce. Plus more common jobs being automated that means fewer workers which means less money into this system of consumers. Does this mean those people are going to get a gov welfare check once a month that has no other skills? Plus most people like this can't afford and most likely don't have the skill or mental capacity to learn new skills.

  • Bogumil Zubek
    Bogumil Zubek 2 years ago

    As far as I know procedural models need to be prepared first by an artist who designs object base and program it to have various options. For now AI is mostly used for image denoising (which is helpful af)

  • rediornot
    rediornot 2 years ago

    I like that games are getting more realistic but I am also excited that servers are going to get better with the AMD chips

  • Ariedum
    Ariedum 2 years ago +4

    Blender 2.80 is going to have real time ray tracing. I'm so hyped for that!

    • Christian William
      Christian William 2 years ago

      It's not ray traced albeit for the calculation from the DOF and shadow casting...but it's not raytraced...But I wonder if this can be implemented, like a hybrid between cycles and eevee ._.

  • Wouter de vries
    Wouter de vries 2 years ago

    The only immersion-breaking thing that I really complain about is anti-aliasing. Even in AAA games that blurry edge line is present.

  • Thunder Bee
    Thunder Bee 2 years ago

    The possibility of more games coming out is good. I doubt they’ll reduce prices though

  • John Willicks
    John Willicks 2 years ago

    We're getting close to an age where virtual reality will surround our life, I'm excited :) how about you guys?

  • 9of9
    9of9 2 years ago +3

    I'm pretty certain that UE4 doesn't use neural networks for raytracing, and the Minecraft Path Tracing mod *definitely* doesn't. Pretty much everything stated on the topic of ray-tracing is either misleading or wrong. NVIDIA *has* developed models for denoising path-traced output with neural networks, but most practical implementations of real-time path-tracing don't actually use it and rely on other denoising algorithms instead. The Minecraft Mod doesn't use the RTX architecture at all, and there is a good GDC talk from March by the Metro Exodus team talking about how they developed their denoising filter for Metro's path-tracing implementation. There's no AI involved.

    Though raytracing is made much more efficient by NVIDIA's new RTX cards, this is not due to the Tensor Core (used for running inference on neural nets) but rather due to the RT Core, which is a separate block of hardware designed for accelerating traversal of Bounding Volume Hierarchies and testing ray/triangle intersections.

    There's lots of scope for using AI to improve image quality in games, but at the moment there have been few people doing a lot more in real-time than upscaling and occasionally denoising in any practical application.

    • J M
      J M 2 years ago

      9of9 Thanks for your comment. You sound like me when ColdFusion talks bs on physics or philosophy.

  • Tone O
    Tone O 2 years ago

    Interesting implications and disruption for the design industry from art to the practice of architecture, industrial design extra. Aside from games design and animation film production. It clear that AI will fondeumentaly alter these creative professions to a point where the current ways of thinking could make some or all these fields based on current remaining, believes and practice redundant or hugely devalued.

  • Leo Briccocola
    Leo Briccocola 2 years ago +92

    4:08 The fact that I want to take a bite out of that says a lot. Both about the technology and my lifestyle choices

    • Alex
      Alex 2 years ago +1

      *tsk tsk* looks like someone forgot to bag the buns last

    • Lee
      Lee 2 years ago +1

      I second this

  • Fuwy Mechtopia
    Fuwy Mechtopia 2 years ago +2

    Artists: AI can't take over the arts and creative fields, lol.

    AI: Hold my beer.

  • pp
    pp 2 years ago

    The simple way of preventing all of this AI doomsday stuff is to simply make all AI specialised...
    Make an AI which is amazing at designing cars, a separate AI for this, another separate AI for that.
    Do not make an AI which can do multiple things, do not make an AI which can design AI, so on so forth.
    An AI which knows nothing except where light should or shouldn't be in a video game cannot do anything to harm us.

    Same for robots by the way.
    These walking talking robots will be abandoned because they are impractical, if they are not abandoned I think they should become illegal imho.
    We make machines that are extremely extremely good at 1 specific thing, such as building a car, to be the best at this it needs to be a specific size and shape, that size and shape is not humanoid by the way. A human body is capable of doing many many different things, but we cannot master anything, we can paint a picture, but not perfectly like a printer, we can do math, but not as fast as a computer, so on.

    Basically the answer to defeating the enemy is like nearly all games + movies, it's pretty obvious but the main characters are retarded and don't see the obvious.

  • Rainbowhawk1993
    Rainbowhawk1993 2 years ago

    If AI can relieve the work of Animations, then there can be more AA games on the market.

  • Muffin
    Muffin 2 years ago +107

    Ray traced Minecraft
    Ai in gaming
    Full body tracking VR
    Ai revolution

    We are evolving

    • Eduardo Alvarez
      Eduardo Alvarez 11 months ago

      @FLAXX_ Hidayatulloh we need full body and mind virtual reality for a first person 18+ r-rated nsfw PAC-MAN

    • Anon
      Anon Year ago

      Better eye tracking in VR would be a big step forward.
      Rather than turning your head to look around.

    • Gaurang
      Gaurang Year ago +1

      Coronavirus : Not really

    • Max gamer 20
      Max gamer 20 2 years ago

      To ai

    • jan zugic
      jan zugic 2 years ago

      ok, *anime foxy*

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando 2 years ago +180

    We will more likely have even more complex games that cost even more. AI will free the big bucks to be used into more and more systems and content. It is like saying 10years ago that since we would have better pcs in the future, all games would get cheaper because we don't need to optimize as much as we used to... Clearly not what happened.
    Indies will thrive though.

    • MoonKingArthur
      MoonKingArthur 2 years ago +1

      We're just gonna get games like Sword Art Online and each one will cost $800+

    • Dexxus
      Dexxus 2 years ago

      Idk man, eventually you run out of graphical/physics/worldbuilding gimmicks that people actually give a shit about.

    • ChillTyme
      ChillTyme 2 years ago

      I have never read something dumber in my life.

    • Electric
      Electric 2 years ago +1

      The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • TheMpamMpam
      TheMpamMpam 2 years ago +1

      Very well said, it is just how the economy works, how we humans work... . How many times did I here the same argument only to see years after prices going up... I can't believe that this argument is still recycled so easily. As for rtx at the moment, it is expensive both in terms of power and dollar cost...

  • San VB
    San VB 2 years ago

    I've been a gamer for around 24 years. I'm dazzled by this. But I wonder the consequences on the human psyche. Like the brain will probably end up believing all it saw was real. Playing games will result in real life traumas and disorders. I've actually experienced some anxiety from playing Apex lately hahaha I had to stop and go back to "GTA V and Chill" on my free time instead of ending up hyped as fck and unconsciously practicing while I was idle.

  • alekseighostmonster

    Could Ray Tracing be implemented into VR?

  • x3boodxx
    x3boodxx 2 years ago +1

    im exciting about smalls devs whos creatives but dont the money to supply it and the ai will create alot of small devs who make big games cant wait to see the potential it gives to gaming industry and ends the money hungry companies