California earthquake: ‘I think we need to get under the desk’ - BBC News

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Powercuts and fires have followed a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Southern California.
    It comes a day after a 6.4 magnitude quake in the same region.
    The epicentre of this latest event was recorded near the city of Ridgecrest.
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  • Faxil Patel
    Faxil Patel Hour ago

    Such a high level management people even enjoying it as free roller coaster

  • { • Cutie Blue UwU • }

    People littering

    QA'DIR TOLD 8 hours ago +1

    People nowadays still recording while the danger really near them

  • Maria Claudia Quintana Estrada

    Why nobody have told people of California yet, that get under a table during an earthquake is dangerous

  • Nikos Soumpatsakis
    Nikos Soumpatsakis Day ago +1

    Earthquake in California: EVERYONE get under the desk .

    Earthquake in Greece: no bro , i dont wanna to lose the frape ( cafe)

  • shayan keramati
    shayan keramati 2 days ago

    at this point only GOD can handle the problem

  • XE ROX
    XE ROX 2 days ago

    Going under the desk is not the safe place

  • Harsh Singh
    Harsh Singh 2 days ago

    I hate BBC

  • Chinnu V
    Chinnu V 2 days ago

    *laughs in 24 magnitude magnetar starquakes*

  • The Spiciest
    The Spiciest 2 days ago


  • Katherine Velasquez
    Katherine Velasquez 3 days ago

    2018 earthquake ( in mycountry) at school:
    me and my fwends: AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (Runnin out the building)
    our feelings: 50% scared 50% happy (because it felt kinda fun [ik this is dumb u guys] and also we could go home early)

    2019 earthquake (at my house):
    Me (alone in my room): OH SHIT !!!
    (ran out from my house and terrified)

  • Nemo Nemo
    Nemo Nemo 4 days ago

    under the desk... LOL you dirty girl

  • Refferal Code
    Refferal Code 4 days ago

    News anchor are literally legends. They didn't get panic.
    Nature - am I joke to you

  • Callumbutler William

    Www be strong enough

  • Pranay Chowdary
    Pranay Chowdary 6 days ago

    wtf jist get the fuck under the table instead of reporting ❤️

  • R.I.P Studio
    R.I.P Studio 6 days ago

    Californian Earthquake: 7.1 Mag

    Indonesian Earth Quake This Year : 7.4 Mag

  • Keshav Murthi
    Keshav Murthi 7 days ago

    BBC finally realized there's an earthquake.. 😉

  • Joel 14
    Joel 14 8 days ago

    It's due to the sins of California, repent California, Go back to the God

  • Arief Aditya
    Arief Aditya 8 days ago

    Californian:run for you're life its an earthquake
    Japanese,chilean,and indonesian: what a crybabies

  • Kunal Mhatre
    Kunal Mhatre 8 days ago

    After that they got under the desk and they kissed!

  • Vatsalya Sharma
    Vatsalya Sharma 9 days ago


  • pawan rao
    pawan rao 9 days ago

    I never experienced earthquakes

  • ł B E A U T Y SWan ł

    No the earthquakes stronger in Indonesian at aceh

  • aaron nava
    aaron nava 9 days ago

    Yea...I live in the bay area this happens too often. At least it's not a hurricane

  • anymatix
    anymatix 9 days ago

    Can I get the name of lady anchor... Just for research purpose.

  • glitterdix D
    glitterdix D 10 days ago

    Look how calm the anchorwoman is...I would be freakin' out...😬😅😟

  • florencia totoro muñoz

    And Chile be like: eL QUE NO SALTA ES PACO

  • zawar shahid
    zawar shahid 11 days ago

    As mentioned in Holy Quran Surah Zilzaal when the earth is shaken to its utmost and the earth throw away its burdens.

  • Suraj Kumar Mundra
    Suraj Kumar Mundra 11 days ago +2

    She looks like Katy Perry

  • Spuddys
    Spuddys 11 days ago

    this is just preparing them for the big one

  • Mark C
    Mark C 11 days ago

    Oh man , I’d be straight under that desk
    I don’t need asking twice 😻😻
    Ohhhh yeaaaahhhh .

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 11 days ago

    Jesus is coming soon.

  • Mallu no. 1
    Mallu no. 1 11 days ago

    Trump : we are the No.1 country in the world.
    Earthquake : hold my beer

  • Sharb
    Sharb 11 days ago

    Why I always have thoughts about the end of the world

  • Claude Balls
    Claude Balls 12 days ago

    Get under the desk and on top of her you fool

  • elspeth
    elspeth 12 days ago

    Please accept Jesus

  • DD
    DD 12 days ago

    1% - *serious comment*

  • Q R
    Q R 12 days ago

    Sometimes carrying on with your duty and exhibiting is stupid.People would have appreciated ,had they just went under the table without commenting about" going for a break." Stupid, cringey fools.

  • Rose Tacth
    Rose Tacth 12 days ago

    Wait what happen to there nana

  • d0ntouchme
    d0ntouchme 12 days ago

    California: 7.1 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE!!
    Japan, Philippines, other countries in Asia: real cute, boo.

  • Cherise Orlene
    Cherise Orlene 12 days ago +1

    Earthquake in California: 7.1 magnitude
    Asian earthquakes: awww that's adorable-_-

  • New Home Sales with Full Spectrum

    I have to know, what happened after they got under that glass desk? I would have thought; she can't be serious, she's obviously flirting with me, I guess I'll make my move

  • Didier Peroni
    Didier Peroni 12 days ago +13

    That man. Is a professional. I'd give him a raise

    • Zoe Commissaris
      Zoe Commissaris 6 days ago

      he be like: "today is partly cloudy with a chance of earthquake... huh. there seems to be one now. Anyway..."

  • i v y m
    i v y m 12 days ago

    Y’all seriously get your minds out of the gutter . The woman was legit scared. Her grabbing his arm was just a mere human reaction . Let you encounter this catastrophe, and see how you react . Damn y’all some low lives . Lil perverted crusty immature maggots😶🙄😶🙄

  • Zaahid Muhammed
    Zaahid Muhammed 12 days ago +1

    Everyone: u cant get a beach in ur backyard
    Earthquake: im about to end this mans whole career 0:35

  • M. J. D.
    M. J. D. 12 days ago

    In my country, Chile, we just drink our coffee and wait... This is pretty normal to us. In fact we can see if someone is not chilean because of their reaction in an earthquake

  • Dethilion
    Dethilion 12 days ago

    I'd totally get in the pool. Nice waves man!!

  • Jacob Stahl
    Jacob Stahl 13 days ago

    Look at those snow flakes scared shitless ! That's how they are, talk a big talk but run like a coward when it come to realism

  • Shaikh Parwez
    Shaikh Parwez 13 days ago +2

    Everybody gangsta until nature reminds you of your sins

    RED BLOOD 13 days ago +1

    Pornhub will use this idea to make new porn where the anchors will have sex under the desk while everything's shaking.

  • viral videos Hi
    viral videos Hi 13 days ago

    Befor 10/November 2019.huge earth quake is coming nyc ,reserch flase flage nyc ,share and run

  • Shahab Shah
    Shahab Shah 13 days ago

    Allah o akbar... u coward nation what are your preparations for Qayamat??? The judgement day ???

  • nachiketa shrivastava
    nachiketa shrivastava 13 days ago

    Top theories on humans extinction:-
    1) WORLD WAR 3

  • dimples joons
    dimples joons 13 days ago

    no one:

    nerd in the background: i got it all on video dude

  • KSR
    KSR 13 days ago

    Feminists: I don’t need no man!
    Feminists during earthquakes: *grips the nearest man as tightly as possible to feel safer*

  • fghfhg1212121
    fghfhg1212121 13 days ago

    Looks like a shemale to me!

  • grey alien
    grey alien 13 days ago

    When she nipped under the desk I'm guessing he thought say hello to my little friend

  • Freidenker
    Freidenker 13 days ago

    Have fun under the desk

  • ohayyo
    ohayyo 13 days ago

    I lost it when I saw the guy's face in the thumbnail...

  • steinar
    steinar 13 days ago

    Thats cute