Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2017
  • Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" official music video, remastered in HD. Subscribe for more videos:

    Read the story behind the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack and the birth of disco:

    Listen to more from the Bee Gees:

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    © Barry Gibb, The Estate of Robin Gibb and The Estate of Maurice Gibb, under exclusive license to Capitol Music Group.

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  • Mahir Cave
    Mahir Cave 3 years ago +24139


    • Josh Traffanstedt
      Josh Traffanstedt 7 days ago

      Best word to describe it. Same word can be used for other great acts like Buddy Holly and the Crickets, the Temptations, Chuck Berry, the Beatles, Elvis Presley, and I could go on and on.

    • kakyoin noriaki
      kakyoin noriaki 8 days ago

      @Speed Forex ur mom

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago

      See interest

    • kakyoin noriaki
      kakyoin noriaki 14 days ago


      THE HAGUE 14 days ago


  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos Day ago +8

    Atemporal. Esses caras são lendas.

  • Bribe
    Bribe 9 days ago +455

    This song is filled with: Nostalgia, perfection, and good memories ✨❤

    • Susan Vargas Quinto
      Susan Vargas Quinto 3 days ago +1


    • Jiangzell
      Jiangzell 6 days ago

      @thetotallyawesome cuber Yours, too.

    • thetotallyawesome cuber
      thetotallyawesome cuber 8 days ago +1

      copied comment

    • Noy
      Noy 9 days ago +10

      Could you just not copy a comment every fuken second?

    • LolNom
      LolNom 9 days ago +6

      Guess im not the only one in 2022 just vibin with oldies

  • Alonso Huang 黄
    Alonso Huang 黄 2 days ago +16

    Vengo del año 2783, y esta pedazo canción sigue siendo un clásico 😎

  • Joe Kerr
    Joe Kerr 23 days ago +1008

    This song is a timeless classic. I believe that 40+ years from now, our grandkids will be blasting this on repeat.

    • Adam
      Adam 3 days ago

      My 5 year old son demands I play this song and he watches the video and copies the cool walk they do 😂

    • the truth
      the truth 5 days ago

      I’m a time traveler and this song is still played in 3035😎

    • The Carpenter Show
      The Carpenter Show 6 days ago +2

      this is what the governments around the world should be blasting on repeat instead of covid cases and deaths 2022

    • Old Broad
      Old Broad 8 days ago

      @Vitali Tribunn OK, Princess, just keep telling yourself that 🤣🤣

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago

      See here

  • Grÿmoda
    Grÿmoda Year ago +3475

    Imagine this being your ringtone while your phone goes off during a funeral.

    • Aniket Gupta
      Aniket Gupta 2 days ago

      Jim Moriarty had this as his ringtone in Sherlock season 2 episode 1

    • Jane Lam
      Jane Lam 4 days ago

      We need the opening music as a ringtone

    • Rosz
      Rosz 7 days ago

      I always come back

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago

      More information

    • The MagicMan
      The MagicMan 12 days ago

      what a strange thought.

  • Kinogotiate
    Kinogotiate Day ago +3

    The sound of a band going from falling off the top 100 to perpetually #1

  • antxnx_
    antxnx_ 23 hours ago +6

    this song is literally amazing, i loved when i was a kid and i still love it

  • BMWDRE10
    BMWDRE10 2 days ago +69

    I’m listening in 2022. How is this song still timeless to this day?? Amazing!!

  • Tara Collins
    Tara Collins 4 days ago +43

    I was too young to experience this song when it debuted, but God do I love it now! I MUST get up & dance when this comes on,......even if its 2 am & I am in bed! :) Bee Gees Forever!

    • Jintana Rawdsukumaal
      Jintana Rawdsukumaal 3 days ago +1

      Me when i was first hearing this song when younger : *keeps it at a low volume

  • rook1966
    rook1966 Year ago +1568

    Fun Fact: It is physically impossible not to strut while this song is playing.

    • Niyah Kelly
      Niyah Kelly 2 days ago

      Known fact

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago

      More info

    • Barbara Riggins
      Barbara Riggins 20 days ago

      @Vitali Tribunn LOL?

    • Vitali Tribunn
      Vitali Tribunn 21 day ago +1

      I don’t give a damn about this song, I’m Russian and I live in Russia, I’m now harnessing a polar bear and going to ride it, then I’ll take a balalaika and dance a Cossack

    • Regina Springfield
      Regina Springfield 23 days ago


  • cíntia da costa
    cíntia da costa 18 days ago +118

    Nada melhor que um clássico pra limpar os ouvidos e relaxar a mente!!
    E como hoje é 31 de dezembro de 2021 a Disco Music na "minha opinião" é insubstituível na confraternização em família e entre amigos. Apesar de toda essa pandemia dos momentos difíceis que todos nós estamos vivendo, não podemos desistir de nossas vidas e jamais perder a esperança. E é com muita satisfação ao som de Bee Gees que desejo a você que está lendo este comentário e tb a toda sua família um Feliz e Abençoado Ano de 2022.🤗🇧🇷

    • psc
      psc 8 days ago +2

      Cintia, me muero (metáfora) por bailar contigo esta canción. Pero estoy viejo y cansado. Mejor sigo vivo y me imagino bailo contigo. Ay, Cintia, canta conmigo! Quiero vivir.

    • Raissa Alessia
      Raissa Alessia 16 days ago +2

      Cintia, feliz ano novo. 💜🥳

    • Raissa Alessia
      Raissa Alessia 16 days ago

      @rolandgrz1975 the language is portuguese, I guess she's brazilian like me.

    • rolandgrz1975
      rolandgrz1975 17 days ago +2

      Saludos from San Antonio TX! Where you from.

    • marcelo bsb
      marcelo bsb 17 days ago +1

      👏👏Obrigado irma

  • Marilu Acuña rios
    Marilu Acuña rios 9 days ago +15

    Linda canción. Hermosos recuerdos

  • Spectre PG3D
    Spectre PG3D 11 days ago +260

    Fun fact: This song quite literally can help someone stay alive.

    • Spectre PG3D
      Spectre PG3D 18 hours ago

      @rBaconD Again the breakdown shouldn’t be in the reply section

    • rBaconD
      rBaconD 23 hours ago

      @Spectre PG3D Well i think that people read your comment,they may not get the joke so they go to the reply section and see what you were talking about.

    • Jintana Rawdsukumaal
      Jintana Rawdsukumaal 3 days ago


    • Spectre PG3D
      Spectre PG3D 5 days ago

      1: Openly breaking down the meaning of a joke ruins the whole thing.
      2: Saying something against someone else on the internet, does not make me a kid.
      3: How do I know you’re not a kid?

    • ryan
      ryan 5 days ago +1

      @Spectre PG3D you never said it so he said it for you. Chill out kid

  • Oueax
    Oueax 14 days ago +640

    This song's BPM is the recommended tempo of chest compressions during resuscitation. Staying alive...

    • Sam Eman
      Sam Eman Day ago

      I heard it's faster

    • Carlos Perez
      Carlos Perez 2 days ago


    • Gaurang Verma
      Gaurang Verma 2 days ago

      In the office

    • Hanfi
      Hanfi 3 days ago

      @Fabian Poblete i learned this 14 years ago and I guess its even longer known

    • Tom
      Tom 3 days ago

      That's why I am here. Learning how to rescue someone after the cABCDE Scheme

  • Mr. Morphinus Monkey Busterson

    The Best Super Hit for all people's and all times!
    Thank you so much,dear "Bee Gees"!

  • El MIDO
    El MIDO 24 days ago +246

    My father blasted this song hanging out in a street corner back in the 80's
    I had it on my headphones around the same street corners in 2020's.

    I think my kids will blast it too

    • Luiza Goch
      Luiza Goch 22 days ago +4

      I hope they do

    • S G
      S G 23 days ago +3

      Smmfh yeah.!🤗🎵🎶🎼👍👍😄

  • OoeyGooeyGoodra
    OoeyGooeyGoodra 22 days ago +108

    Other than being an absolute bop, this song will always stay memorable thanks to my health class and learning how to resuscitate someone! Keep this song alive for years to come!!!

    • OoeyGooeyGoodra
      OoeyGooeyGoodra 20 days ago +2

      @Sef 313 yeah people do it as a practice

    • Sef 313
      Sef 313 20 days ago +1

      Wait so that "the office" episode was a real thing lmfaoo

    • Matthew Day
      Matthew Day 20 days ago +2

      Until they go 10 beats faster then they won’t be stayin alive

    • Marvellino Gracia Z
      Marvellino Gracia Z 20 days ago +9

      Ah yes, the CPR song

  • Thomas Thompson
    Thomas Thompson 25 days ago +151

    Really and truly one of the finest songs ever written by anyone, anywhere.

    • Phyllis Finley
      Phyllis Finley 20 days ago +2

      Yes indeed, one of the greatest. Reaching a generation that understood the meaning.

    • TheShaw Aviation
      TheShaw Aviation 23 days ago +4


  • Ozymandias ➊
    Ozymandias ➊ 5 months ago +4447

    A message to the future generations. Don't let this song die.

  • Quiteria Bezerra
    Quiteria Bezerra 15 days ago +86

    Eu nós anos 70 era uma criança,porém sempre amei belas canções,,ouvia esse maravilhoso grupo pelo rádio,não tiamos TV,,as vezes via os seu clipes,na TV da vizinha,,para mim eles são inesquecíveis,,estou 54 anos, até hoje amo os seus Hits,saudades de todos eles,com suas belas vozes é carisma e grandioso é sobrenatural TALENTO,,,Shallom

  • Dáphne Rosa
    Dáphne Rosa 10 days ago +31

    Pode passar quanto tempo for, essa música sempre será foda!

  • Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday 21 day ago +44

    Maravillosa música.

  • Елена Филенко
    Елена Филенко 11 days ago +59

    Одна из немногих любимых песен в моей "копилке " шедевров мирового эстрадного искусства! Обожаемый голос! Узнаваемый из миллиона!

  • Maurya Wadhwa
    Maurya Wadhwa 7 months ago +1407

    Ya know this song still hits when all the comments are recent

  • Brother V
    Brother V 11 days ago +32

    Música linda 💖

  • Elaine Patton
    Elaine Patton 25 days ago +73

    This song brigs me to happy place,, makes my toes tap and never ages. A masterpiece!

    • Anthony Sanchez
      Anthony Sanchez 8 days ago

      #ElainePatton Beautiful song, sweet memories, great performance
      Happy New year and how are you doing today?

    • Vitali Tribunn
      Vitali Tribunn 21 day ago +2

      I don't give a damn about this song, I'm Russian and live in Russia, I'm now harnessing a polar bear and going to ride it

    • S G
      S G 24 days ago +2

      Smmfh very well said,& so True. Listening Now.!!🎶🎵👍🤗

  • Natsumi Nolasco
    Natsumi Nolasco 20 days ago +168

    esta canción nunca pasará de moda...🕴29/12/2021

  • 12K
    12K 15 days ago +43

    Uma das músicas que não sai da minha mente, isso sim é música de verdade

  • Taco Stacks
    Taco Stacks Year ago +10516

    why was this in every kids dance party in the 90s?

    • MolecularMage
      MolecularMage 2 days ago

      cuz its an awesome song!

    • BossSpringsteen69
      BossSpringsteen69 3 days ago

      Don't ask questions, keep dancing. lol

    • Robert Steffes
      Robert Steffes 7 days ago

      @Pablo Landry Leave Taco Stacks alone, he is busy winding everybody up!

    • Robert Steffes
      Robert Steffes 7 days ago

      This song is big at some retirement parties these days as well Taco Stacks!

    • Xiron
      Xiron 8 days ago

      80s my man

  • dibyendu paul
    dibyendu paul 24 days ago +60

    Timeless number, 45 yrs gone by & I still shake to it !

    • Leidy Hernández
      Leidy Hernández 3 days ago +2

      Simplemente fabulosa

    • S G
      S G 23 days ago +1

      Smmfh very well Said.!🎵🎶🎼👍

  • John Villagonzalo
    John Villagonzalo Day ago +1

    This is the best song you could sing in a car for a road trip

  • Ana Camargo
    Ana Camargo 13 days ago +33

    Muito dançei ao som dos inesqueciveis BeeGes saudades!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Gabriel molina
    Gabriel molina Day ago

    Mi padre me la enseño el la escuchaba cuando era pequeño ahora la pongo a todo volumen en mi wolkswagen y las chicas vienen😎

  • James Banda
    James Banda 7 months ago +2761

    Fun fact: You cant listen to this jam without moving a muscle.

      RJ ENTERTAINMENT 11 hours ago

      @sebmcxAksigma this comment is gold bruh🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • NotASquid
      NotASquid 3 months ago

      @Jabez Tarrosa SAME

    • Pej Peeves
      Pej Peeves 5 months ago

      I’m soooo hungover and can’t move yet this song came on and started bobbing my head LOL

    • Vishesh
      Vishesh 5 months ago

      @Joseph_ same

    • Bent Mathiesen
      Bent Mathiesen 5 months ago

      Sorry, no problem to sit totally still - no moving at all. Ok, I am still breathing and heart pumping, but ... I don't move more than I have to.

  • Ana Clara Laborda Paz
    Ana Clara Laborda Paz 15 days ago +15

    O ano era 2010... tinha 4 anos e meu avô colocou essa musica pela primeira vez para eu escutar... a partir daí comecei a amar essas musicas

  • Karthik Thyagarajan
    Karthik Thyagarajan 20 days ago +23

    This song by Bee Gees is truly living up to its name "Staying Alive" 🙌👏👍

  • Ghosthy
    Ghosthy 21 day ago +38

    Esto si es musica ❤

  • james dundon
    james dundon Day ago

    No matter what you are doing, or where you are, this song will make it better.

  • Mayra Jimenez
    Mayra Jimenez Year ago +1788

    *If this isn’t at my funeral I’m not dying*

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago

      Best songs here

    • FireNerf21✅
      FireNerf21✅ 4 months ago

      @sueezy5 OMG LOL

    • Takira Dancy
      Takira Dancy 4 months ago

      🤣🤣 good one

    • insert name here
      insert name here 4 months ago

      If it is at your funeral, your not dying anyways

    • KFC division
      KFC division 4 months ago

      Dude if it plays at your funeral you'll be stayin' alive.

  • Jintana Rawdsukumaal
    Jintana Rawdsukumaal 3 days ago +2

    One of the old og songs that managed to stood the test of time.

  • Natalie ps
    Natalie ps 16 days ago +33

    This has got to be the most timeless song ever. Every wedding I've been to plays this song & everyone screams & does the SNF finger dance

  • Antônio Xavier
    Antônio Xavier 2 days ago +1


  • uw je 🇮🇪
    uw je 🇮🇪 12 days ago +32

    4 year old me used to love this song. 11 years later, I still love it

    • Ataris
      Ataris 10 days ago +1

      That's cute!

    • kulmainer
      kulmainer 12 days ago

      uw, that is fantastic, I was 17

  • Alexis Fauchez
    Alexis Fauchez 8 months ago +623

    During 7 years, I lived with a so dangerous cancer inside me. But this song, it gaves me the power to heal my soul. I listen it everyday, it changes my life like nothing else. So thank you so much my Beegees friends, peace on you

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago


    • Michał Piotrowski
      Michał Piotrowski Month ago


    • teri ammi
      teri ammi Month ago

      lmao , this guy actually died

    • The Ghost Batman Gamer
      The Ghost Batman Gamer Month ago +1

      @Harold Hoffman Yes!

    • Harold Hoffman
      Harold Hoffman Month ago +1

      Very true bro I'm down for that too good music 🎶🎶🎶🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍 very nice and thank God for the good music 🎶🎶👍👍👍

  • Terra Nova
    Terra Nova 5 days ago +26

    There is no other song like this one... very unique. a masterpiece!

  • Terrell Massey
    Terrell Massey 18 days ago +12

    I have this song downloaded and still jam to it every day it's so up beat and never gets old and with all the new dance moves this song is perfect for getting down

  • LittleMeerkateer
    LittleMeerkateer 12 days ago +21

    this song is still as cool as it was after all these years, luv it sooooo much ❤ 💖 !

  • Carias Cec
    Carias Cec 25 days ago +82

    Nunca pasara de moda escuchandola el 24 de diciembre del 2021

    • Gislaine Moraes
      Gislaine Moraes 23 days ago +1

      Ainda dançamos traz muitas recordações boas💛

    • HavanaClub7
      HavanaClub7 24 days ago +1

      Ese es el cumpleaños de mi sobrino

    • Venomplaygamess
      Venomplaygamess 24 days ago +1

      crack la verdad que no yo igual la escucho

    • Steven Maclaud
      Steven Maclaud 24 days ago


    • Carias Cec
      Carias Cec 24 days ago +1

      @samuel condori jajajjaa yo desde las 10 de la mañana estaba escuchando

  • TheRandomOne
    TheRandomOne 9 months ago +1965

    1980: Stayin' Alive
    2021: Stayin' Inside

  • Ирэна Кисель

    класс! Какое трио!

  • Sxntiago
    Sxntiago 7 days ago +3

    pinche rolón me pone los pelos de culo de punta de lo chingona que está 😈🙏

  • Libbie Watts
    Libbie Watts 17 days ago +21

    My little boy asked me what disco muxic was and I had to play this for him. Love this song even though I missed the disco era its still one of my all time favorites.

    • diaa darawsha
      diaa darawsha 15 days ago +1

      Me and my dad just had this conversation 😂

  • Fear God
    Fear God 8 days ago +26

    The music touches deep down human existence! That is why I think it is timeless!

  • şambaz parlak
    şambaz parlak 5 months ago +1475

    I swear this song ruled the world for a while. this never gets old

    • Liz GWA
      Liz GWA 27 days ago

      Its staying alive

    • RyennFilms
      RyennFilms 28 days ago

      @wouter zimmerman ja ja ja ja ja yipp yippie

    • Jacobyxh
      Jacobyxh 5 months ago +2

      @Taekwondo Time if TheXvid existed in the 70’s this song would be at 10B by now lol

    • Aliens Confirmed
      Aliens Confirmed 5 months ago

      Interestingly that upload is still there but for some reason it doesn't show up in top in search results. I sorted by view count and it showed up.

    • Aliens Confirmed
      Aliens Confirmed 5 months ago

      @Taekwondo Time
      There was another upload of this song which had something around 400-500 million views 3-4 years ago. I don't know if it got deleted or made private or is it just not available in my country right now.

  • Jorge Cevallos Vera
    Jorge Cevallos Vera 10 days ago +17


  • Cesar Cavelagna
    Cesar Cavelagna 6 days ago +26

    Isso q é música de vdd😎👌

  • Lauri
    Lauri 10 days ago +27

    This song will stay alive forever!!!

  • Osvaldo Lattmann
    Osvaldo Lattmann 10 days ago +26

    Melhor época de minha vida 😍

  • arunv44
    arunv44 Year ago +3142

    A song released 43 years ago, is currently the “song of the moment” across the world. Surviving 2020

  • User
    User 10 days ago +20

    This song is filled with: *Nostalgia, perfection, and good memories* ✨❤️

  • red rosie
    red rosie 13 days ago

    I once went into a place with a groovy theme dance night and when I opened the door and walked in, this played. BEST FEELING EVER. My generation need this more.

  • Dan R
    Dan R 9 days ago +5

    This song is filled with: Nostalgia, perfection, and good memories ✨❤

  • Jóri Zsombor
    Jóri Zsombor Day ago

    Truly real music!
    Sorry, for everyone, who listening modern music, but it’s my oppinion!
    I think, this music staying alive forever!!!

  • nayla mecham
    nayla mecham 9 months ago +2234

    His voice is higher than my grades

  • Christian Doll
    Christian Doll Day ago

    I turn this song on during the dark days of the pandemic to gives me guidance.

  • Orlando Reyes
    Orlando Reyes 2 days ago +1



  • Alfredo Avila
    Alfredo Avila 4 days ago +1

    This song is for all those with a big dream..and still trying to reach it!!!

  • El Don Aweonao XD._.
    El Don Aweonao XD._. 7 days ago +2

    the 90s and 80s music are awesome :)

  • Jaadsito 7u7
    Jaadsito 7u7 8 months ago +156

    Mi padre adoraba a los bee gees, esta pandemia se lo llevo hace una semana, siempre lo recordare y cada vez que escuche a estos chicos lo recordare, esta música es para ti viejito, donde quiera que estés

    • Pomfy
      Pomfy Day ago


    • Susan Vargas Quinto
      Susan Vargas Quinto 3 days ago


      AMADO LEYVA 8 months ago +1

      Echale ganas te dejo buena herencia.. y pronta resignación..

    • Adrian
      Adrian 8 months ago +1

      Estas llorando?
      -Si 😢

    • The f in the chat
      The f in the chat 8 months ago +1

      F x omega

      Por si no lo sabes omega es un numero mas grande que infinito

  • m00n_xxx
    m00n_xxx 23 days ago +3

    This is a masterpiece ❤✨

    THE MAGICIAN 2 days ago +4

    BEE GEES: Whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother you're staying alive, staying alive


  • N3000
    N3000 3 days ago +1

    2022 y la sigo escuchando

  • Elías Ruiz
    Elías Ruiz 15 days ago +27

    Hoy, lunes 3 de enero(México)
    Esta canción alcanzó las 200 millones de reproducciones

  • Anime Beats
    Anime Beats 2 months ago +776

    After many years.. this song is still staying alive. 😌

  • Zuroww
    Zuroww 24 days ago +5

    It's a masterpiece!!!

  • Arthur Simmons
    Arthur Simmons 3 days ago

    I love these guys may they smile always and forever for us for themselves for the world!

  • Pramésh Gautam
    Pramésh Gautam 18 days ago +9

    These guys were years ahead of time. 40 years ago when I was born, they were a hot - this song can still be so 2022.

  • Максим Васильков

    Прекрасная музыка!!!

  • Vera Petrasch
    Vera Petrasch 3 months ago +1698

    This song has no expiration date, it will never lose its uniqueness and relevance.

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago

      Beat here

    • Vitali Tribunn
      Vitali Tribunn 21 day ago

      I don’t give a damn about this song, I’m Russian and I live in Russia, I’m now harnessing a polar bear and going to ride it, then I’ll take a balalaika and dance a Cossack

    • Brandon Williams
      Brandon Williams 28 days ago +7

      or soul

    • Regina Springfield
      Regina Springfield Month ago +6

      I am a writer AND, this comment, is phenomenal, like the Bee Gees

    • J. A. Grant
      J. A. Grant 2 months ago +6

      That's for sure. I couldn't have said it better. 👏👏👏

  • if enter my channel well...nothing will happen

    the voice the beat everything is alone winning against all songs nowadays

  • ThirdImpactt
    ThirdImpactt 18 days ago +7

    listening to this while its 2 hours away from 2022 and honestly this song just makes me glad to still be alive to experience 2022

  • Suhair Tamara
    Suhair Tamara 10 days ago +2

    Always going to jam to doesn't get old .....

  • Med Lariby
    Med Lariby 12 days ago

    I remember when I was 8, my dad got me a mp3 player, and it had this song in it, and GOD did I LOVE it. However I knew neither the lyrics nor the name of the song. But thanks to TikTok I found this masterpiece, and I am willing to play it non-stop for the rest of my life✨✨✨✨✨

  • Min Wuan Channle
    Min Wuan Channle 4 months ago +1422

    This song is still STAYIN' ALIVE.

    • Speed Forex
      Speed Forex 8 days ago


    • Vitali Tribunn
      Vitali Tribunn 21 day ago

      I don't give a damn about this song, I'm Russian and live in Russia, I'm now harnessing a polar bear and going to ride it

    • Busspotting w/Jannik
      Busspotting w/Jannik 23 days ago

      @Royal_cheese200 indeed

    • FireNerf21✅
      FireNerf21✅ 3 months ago

      @Pedro Bombarda HAHAHHHAHAHHAHA

    • Becker Games
      Becker Games 4 months ago


  • Ali Zain
    Ali Zain 10 hours ago

    If you want to go in past without a time machine listen to this evergreen composition.

  • Michael Burland
    Michael Burland 25 days ago

    Great stuff . Makes you glad to be alive !!

  • Yvonne Dixon
    Yvonne Dixon 17 days ago

    Love it!! God Bless😊❤

  • Thaira lopes lemos da silva Lemos

    Eu com 20 anos amo essa música

  • Real_ Cyrill
    Real_ Cyrill Year ago +5676

    0% drugs
    0% naked girls
    30% hair
    70% helium

  • Zoric Tube
    Zoric Tube Day ago +1

    Staying alive good vibes I'm gonna be alright

  • Jaceli Barreto
    Jaceli Barreto 13 days ago +20

    Linda música parabéns felicidades 🇧🇷🌍🎶🎷🎻🎶🎼🎵🎹 🌆🌃 🌇

  • 🙂 Gérard À Peu Près 🙂

    *Vous " stayin' alive " dans mon ❤ à jamais !*

  • Fátima Silveira Lemos
    Fátima Silveira Lemos 22 days ago +3

    Perfeitoooooooooooooossssss! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Samo Gucký
    Samo Gucký 11 months ago +2312

    Sadly, the dislikes are from those who aren't staying alive.

  • Vaibhav Patil
    Vaibhav Patil 11 days ago +14

    Covid in 2019 - I am staying alive
    Covid in 2020 - I am staying alive
    Covid in 2021 - I am staying alive
    Covid in 2022 - I am staying alive

  • Saori Kido
    Saori Kido 23 days ago +23

    OS BEE GEES 🎶🎤🎧 ARRASARAM CORAÇÕES 💖 👉🏼 Berry estava muito "Gato" Nesse vídeo...

    • amor gitana
      amor gitana 20 days ago

      Good song

    • DrShemp
      DrShemp 21 day ago

      @Alessandra Souza Na verdade era o Barry e o Robin (o de vermelho, não o calvo) que tinham atritos pra saber quem seria o "líder" da banda, sendo que o Barry tinha a aparência e o Robin tinha os hits (isso antes da era disco e do falsete). O calvo, Maurice, era o cara que "apaziguava" as coisas entre os irmãos.

    • Alessandra Souza
      Alessandra Souza 21 day ago +2

      A beleza dele também me chamou a atenção, o cabelo, o corpo, a postura autoconfiante. Já o irmão previamente calvo me pareceu mais apático, soube em algumas biografias ele tinha ciúmes do sucesso e do falsete do irmão.

  • William Darío Amaya Herrera


    FB TE AMASSA 10 days ago +5

    ate hoje em 2022 minha mãe escuta essa musica!! kkkkk

  • Abbey's Grandma
    Abbey's Grandma 11 months ago +201

    One of those pop miracles that just never gets old, never wears off, never loses its charge. It remains alive.

    • Vitali Tribunn
      Vitali Tribunn 21 day ago

      I don’t give a damn about this song, I’m Russian and I live in Russia, I’m now harnessing a polar bear and going to ride it, then I’ll take a balalaika and dance a Cossack

    • Sagnik Paul
      Sagnik Paul 11 months ago +3

      @Rare15zachnnn Nice one.

    • Rare15zachnnn
      Rare15zachnnn 11 months ago +15

      Well you could say it’s *Staying Alive*