i only ate real MILITARY MEALS for 24 hours

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
  • so i decided to only eat army foods for a day, more specifically MRE (meal ready to eat). weird, i know but i hope you like it. don't forget to subscribe for more
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  • Raphael Gomes
    Raphael Gomes  Year ago +2353

    hey thank you for your support on the new videos, i was wondering if you could maybe help me with something. i want to make more fictional food videos like the minecraft, the sims, adventure time, etc videos. so if you have any request or amazing ideas for video games, movies, tv shows... can you leave it as a reply? i will be picking random users and send you some uk snacks 👽 keep an eye on those inboxes and channel comments 👀 x

    • Justanotherrandomperson :l
      Justanotherrandomperson :l Month ago

      You're gonna get constipated

    • DC Cham
      DC Cham Month ago

      Raphael Gomes NETFLIX

    • Rose_ Playz
      Rose_ Playz 3 months ago

      Can you do the Roblox good challenge? I know it's weird and probably Doesn't exist because I just made it up😅

    • Ambrorio
      Ambrorio 4 months ago

      Family guys food

    • Carla Colantonio
      Carla Colantonio 4 months ago

      Raphael Gomes riverdale I know it’s hard to find food from riverdale but it’s actually easy to make all the foods they have and I think it’ll be fun for you and your fans?

    MM1 GAMING Day ago +2

    Guys stop being butthurt is not like if u guys will do it better let him live his life how ever he wants jeez

  • christopher bascom
    christopher bascom 2 days ago

    As you can see those are not full-day packages, you can also buy first strike packages those are full-day ones

  • KingdomSnipez
    KingdomSnipez 4 days ago +3

    Those are combos

  • Guinevere Cannon-Blachere

    All this food looks a thousand times better than all of my school lunches, some prison foods look ten times better than my school lunches!

  • Lucius Janovich
    Lucius Janovich 5 days ago +4

    I love mre foods i tried them like years ago in elementary school they are so gooooood

  • Onix plays
    Onix plays 6 days ago +4

    U didn't try instant coffee

  • unicorngirl Diaz
    unicorngirl Diaz 7 days ago +2

    There's been a rumour that at mAh school they serve milatary foods ._.

  • Todoroki but deppresed
    Todoroki but deppresed 8 days ago +4


  • Kaioken goku
    Kaioken goku 10 days ago +2

    The reason I dislike is because when you opened the bag my ears almost gave me a heart attack

  • Mr Cloud
    Mr Cloud 11 days ago +3

    Reselling M.R.E is Basically Elligaly Reselling Government Property. Maybe That is Why it's Illegal?

  • BionycWolf
    BionycWolf 13 days ago +4

    God I want to see this dude inside boot camp he would not survive

  • jim sioulas
    jim sioulas 13 days ago +1

    Your like James chales

  • Galaxy Edits
    Galaxy Edits 14 days ago +1

    Oh It's 6:00 Bruh it ain't even dark by the slightest bit

  • Galaxy Edits
    Galaxy Edits 14 days ago +1

    Oh It's 6:00 Bruh it ain't even dark by the slightest bit

  • Unknown Riceツ
    Unknown Riceツ 14 days ago

    Plus they eat that in the marines

  • Unknown Riceツ
    Unknown Riceツ 14 days ago

    It’s very illegal

  • Fishing With Nicholas
    Fishing With Nicholas 17 days ago +3

    It is very legal to eat and they sell them at army surplus stores sometimes

  • Alex Hickey
    Alex Hickey 17 days ago +2

    The size of the meal is kinda miserable but the nutritional value is quite the opposite

  • ExistedTobias
    ExistedTobias 17 days ago +3

    You’re doing it completely wrong that other special blue light package is for putting the other packages inside with hot water around it and that’s what cooks the food because military people do not have microwaves that’s what that other light blue package was you put the hot water in there with the food close it and it blows up and steams

    • Lps Moongirl
      Lps Moongirl 17 days ago +1

      He didint know that and he didint want to risk with doing something wrong.
      That dosent mean that he ate the food wrong,there are alot of MRE channels and they do it also.

  • Ace X ryan
    Ace X ryan 18 days ago +2

    I’m eating dinner right now

  • Just Lily
    Just Lily 18 days ago +2

    Actually military people eat less than that and mostly eat little bit of scraps sometimes they don’t even eat

  • Republic of Germany
    Republic of Germany 21 day ago +3

    Yo are doing it all wrong

    • Tenya lida
      Tenya lida 10 days ago

      @my name gunther das ist mir wurst (no google translate i knew that much hehe)

    • Tenya lida
      Tenya lida 10 days ago

      @my name gunther
      Ich hoffe, Sie können das verstehen, ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass er Deutscher ist (Sie könnten denken, ich lüge, weil
      Sein Profilbild, aber ich verspreche, ich bin nicht) und ich verstehe deine Vorliebe für ihn, dass er dieselbe Nationalität hat (soweit ich weiß) wie du. Ich verwende das beste Deutsch. Ich spreche auch Englisch Ich verwende nur Google Translate, also hoffe ich, dass Ihnen das klar ist

    • my name gunther
      my name gunther 10 days ago

      @Republic of Germany bruder diggi was geht

    • my name gunther
      my name gunther 10 days ago


    • Tenya lida
      Tenya lida 15 days ago

      @Republic of Germany Don't be rude he was agreeing with you

  • Kelly Diaz
    Kelly Diaz 22 days ago

    My teacher from glen flora elementary from waukegan Illinois was from the military and brought us one of those packets with m and m's it was actually prety good

    • Tenya lida
      Tenya lida 15 days ago

      Hi i'm JacksFilms welcome back to your grammar sucks

  • Tae Tae Flay Flay ,
    Tae Tae Flay Flay , 23 days ago +1

    Lil Marco

  • kyogre1291
    kyogre1291 23 days ago

    I eat them on scouts camp

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 27 days ago +6

    Uh...you know that mre’s can make you constipated right?

  • Billy Billy
    Billy Billy 29 days ago +8

    Somebody arrest this man he had illegal meals lol

  • Bennie Nutall
    Bennie Nutall 29 days ago +2

    My dad was in the Marines

  • Straq zi
    Straq zi 29 days ago +4

    MRE are actually good, having MRE'S ARENT ILLEGAL kKK

  • ThePig One
    ThePig One 29 days ago +1

    You are exited to get poisoned and die?!?!?!

    • La'Niyah Barrett
      La'Niyah Barrett 23 days ago +1

      I'm pretty sure that's what I was thinking when he said that

  • Lathan Cuevaz
    Lathan Cuevaz Month ago +3

    One mre is one meal

  • garrette hunt vlogs
    garrette hunt vlogs Month ago +3

    My sister was in the Marines and she said the veggie ones are better than the meat ones 😉

    • Issac Newton
      Issac Newton 28 days ago


    • Straq zi
      Straq zi 29 days ago

      Not even close, brother is an airforce pilot and he brings them home sometimes, meat ones are amazing veggie ones are good

  • Yasmin Plays Roblox
    Yasmin Plays Roblox Month ago +6

    Welp better than prison food.....

    • josongirl
      josongirl 28 days ago

      @Straq zi yeah, just like they should be. lol.

    • Straq zi
      Straq zi 29 days ago

      @josongirl MREs are better than most prison food lol and most meals

    • josongirl
      josongirl Month ago

      well, yeah?

  • Friend Jamie
    Friend Jamie Month ago +3

    The energy bar in my MRE pack was SO GOOD TOO! The pasta was amazing. Cheese is always a win though!

  • Tri Suci Meilawati
    Tri Suci Meilawati Month ago +3

    Can you try Japanese plane food

  • My name is Food
    My name is Food Month ago +6

    *Diareah : yes, let me introduce myself*

  • LTRX
    LTRX Month ago +8

    The way you do stuff just gives my anxiety. I literally want to punch you in the face.

  • Damian Garcia
    Damian Garcia Month ago +3

    My cousin is in the military and the food is good

    • Straq zi
      Straq zi 29 days ago

      My brothers an Airforce pilot and he brings em home sometimes

  • Twitch_Lucker 12345
    Twitch_Lucker 12345 Month ago +4

    We have the Same Name

  • Patrick McAnulty
    Patrick McAnulty Month ago +4

    I love his face when he likes something it reminds me of a kid in a candy store😂

  • Stevan Dawkins
    Stevan Dawkins Month ago +1

    Do you have a pizza oven

  • Neomomma cook
    Neomomma cook Month ago +6

    how were you a vegetarian? you said you don't like fruit or veg?

    • CatGatsby
      CatGatsby 21 day ago

      @Neomomma cook he used to be

    • Neomomma cook
      Neomomma cook Month ago

      @Kylie's World because he said he was in another video I assume it was years ago not recently.

    • Kylie's World
      Kylie's World Month ago +1

      He isn't why would you think that

  • mini darling Kay
    mini darling Kay Month ago +5

    *who DIDNT get hungry?*

  • Justanotherrandomperson :l

    You're gonna get constipated

  • OG_LLOYD5514
    OG_LLOYD5514 Month ago +1

    Not always army food, it could be used in all military branches

    • caitlynn clark
      caitlynn clark Month ago

      Yes my dad was I the Marine Corps for 8 years and ate these a lot now I just love them

    • Abro Gaming
      Abro Gaming Month ago

      Yes. My uncle repaired vehicles like planes and had a bunch of mres that he gave my family. They're great

  • black kitty
    black kitty Month ago +7

    Your going to be constepated

  • Esmeralda Garcia
    Esmeralda Garcia Month ago +6

    Those are good I ate MRE at school fo civil air patrol you guys should taste the gum it is so good

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Month ago +1

    I've had menu 19. I loved it. I did think it was a bit much on the spice. I do like spicy but a little too hot.

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Month ago +1

    Ratatui i can't spell it but would love to see food from that movie.

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Month ago

    Toy story food.

  • Tasha Chenoweth
    Tasha Chenoweth Month ago

    I've had mre. They are actually pretty good. I like them.

  • Missy MaeBee
    Missy MaeBee Month ago +4

    I have a whole box of those from my family member who was in the army

    • Straq zi
      Straq zi 29 days ago

      Same my brother is in the airforce

    • Gaming on The xbox
      Gaming on The xbox Month ago

      Missy MaeBee both my parents are in the military so I get the leftover mres

  • SuchMoisty
    SuchMoisty Month ago

    My brother is a US army and hes a mechanic and he was a recruit and now hes a veteran

  • Swabby 3
    Swabby 3 Month ago

    Do you live in Cincinnati Ohio

  • lambo feild
    lambo feild Month ago +3

    I got lost of turtles

    • Susan Chua
      Susan Chua Month ago

      My microbrain doesn’t get it 😂😂😂

    • Aidan Cole
      Aidan Cole Month ago

      lambo feild what did you say?

    • lambo feild
      lambo feild Month ago

      @Aidan Cole something happend on here what i said 5 months ago

    • Aidan Cole
      Aidan Cole Month ago

      lambo feild Why?

  • Jiggly Mochi
    Jiggly Mochi Month ago +1

    he didn't eat the M&Ms

  • Kacper Zbierajewski
    Kacper Zbierajewski Month ago +1

    Report If you see hate comments

    SUB AT ME BRO Month ago

    You bad yotuber fck you

  • riley hofman
    riley hofman 2 months ago +9

    You live in England and your eating American mre wouldn’t it be easier if you got a uk army one 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • shadowtheimpure
      shadowtheimpure Month ago

      @Crysis Play That is very true, given the sheer scope of our war machine. We produce rations in massive volumes and send them all over the world. As such, our rations are very readily available.

    • akramthegun1
      akramthegun1 Month ago

      Or the Egyptian one

    • Crysis Play
      Crysis Play Month ago +1

      Actually no, American ones are more common and more sold than others

    • riley hofman
      riley hofman 2 months ago

      ChristionGamingLife I don’t know it doesn’t look too good to me

    • ChristionGamingLife
      ChristionGamingLife 2 months ago

      @riley hofman it looks good