The Aretha Franklin Tribute | Black Girls Rock 2018


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  • Aliyah Nicole
    Aliyah Nicole 4 hours ago

    who is at 5:26? and 4:52 on the right?

  • Alesia Bryant
    Alesia Bryant 6 hours ago

    These women just gave me so much life my edges are growing back!

  • reimond vincent
    reimond vincent 8 hours ago +1

    Black women have always been the gold standard of singing. This is coming from me, a Filipino, who’s country spawned a multitude of singers who were inspired by Mariah and Whitney. Love you queens 💕

  • Shayna Smith
    Shayna Smith 8 hours ago

    Stephanie Mills 😭❤

  • Aviation King
    Aviation King 10 hours ago

    Cynthia is stunning!!!

  • Sounds2Astound
    Sounds2Astound 17 hours ago

    !!🎶🎙🎼💖 ..songbirds!

  • Jared Balling
    Jared Balling 19 hours ago

    it's creepy how jazmine sounds like aretha for most parts

  • tshepang mokgara
    tshepang mokgara Day ago +3

    Ledisi !!!! what a wonder woman

  • Hunni
    Hunni Day ago

    Queen Aretha have an amazing catalog her songs were not watered down you gotta be a real singer to sing her stuff.

  • bakari brown
    bakari brown Day ago

    Sing Jaz

  • bremboolt
    bremboolt Day ago

    Magistral. What a voice.!!! I'm atonished

  • J E
    J E Day ago

    Looks like her outfit was too small on her. Her popping out of it is ridiculous

  • Rushka
    Rushka Day ago

    Jazmine you betta work, hunni! Gurl you Da Power !

  • Jazmyn Mckay
    Jazmyn Mckay Day ago

    All did amazing but Cynthia yess!! Loved her in the color purple as well on Broadway definitely a power house💕

  • Angel MIMIGUEL
    Angel MIMIGUEL Day ago

    I Love minha amiga Carlinha, Carleane Barbosa Instagram

  • Joe franjieh
    Joe franjieh 2 days ago

    Anyone else see Lionel Richie's twin sister @5:28 ?

  • Catherine Fraser
    Catherine Fraser 2 days ago

    Ledisi sang my favourite Aretha song❤️

  • JOE Ekeator
    JOE Ekeator 3 days ago

    song sister👍👍

  • jone salas
    jone salas 3 days ago


  • R R
    R R 3 days ago

    I must have watch this tribute a dozen times.....and I plan on listen in 2 more dozen time.....excellent,flawless,classy....Thank you ladies!!!

  • kimanzi mccray
    kimanzi mccray 3 days ago


  • NeoTheStylist
    NeoTheStylist 3 days ago

    Yeeeees!!! Great artists to highlight some of Aretha's hits. I know she is PROUD. They did her justice. 💖 So glad they sang my song! Until You Come Back To Me!

  • Donna Fletcher
    Donna Fletcher 3 days ago

    Brilliant beautiful

  • Donna Fletcher
    Donna Fletcher 3 days ago

    Who inthere right fffff minds ... would not love love love this tribute, please go away quickly❤️love to you because your very ill 🙏🙏

  • Agustina Aguirre
    Agustina Aguirre 3 days ago


  • Jamarrious Givens
    Jamarrious Givens 3 days ago

    Stephanie Mills did that

  • jim konti
    jim konti 4 days ago +1

    Amazing PERFORMANCES...Love THESE GIRLS💖💖💖💖🔝👌

  • Marshal Rodriguez
    Marshal Rodriguez 4 days ago

    What is song 2:00 ????

  • lewisalpha911
    lewisalpha911 4 days ago +2

    See this right here...could have worked just fine for Aretha instead of that 8-hour whatever it was.

  • Osvaldo Baptista
    Osvaldo Baptista 5 days ago

    É incrível a Musicalidade dos Americanos!!! Beautiful!!!

  • S Warwick
    S Warwick 5 days ago

    CYNTHIA!! Repping the UK with your dulcet tones - did Aretha proud 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • CandiceMarie
    CandiceMarie 5 days ago

    Ledisi just walks up on stage, pours gasoline all over it and sets it on fire. Every single time.

  • human being
    human being 6 days ago

    My favorite is chintya erivo. But all black magic were so effortless

  • Thereal GodessIsis
    Thereal GodessIsis 6 days ago

    3:03 the legacy thrives.

  • Karrionn Smith
    Karrionn Smith 6 days ago

    Cynthia and Jazmine straight killed their selections...

    MR: E EJE ERIKSSON 6 days ago

    The best of the best!! Only miss Leelah James..
    Fantastic performing, of the ladies...
    Mr:E Sweden

  • Ms Davis
    Ms Davis 6 days ago

    Real singers that sound good live and all

  • JkayR3
    JkayR3 6 days ago

    Ledisi is soooooo underrated. She sung the hell out of that song.

  • Frida Adam
    Frida Adam 6 days ago

    African Americans have a lot of soul in everything they do. exhibit a.

  • Daenerys Tagaryen
    Daenerys Tagaryen 6 days ago

    WOW, Cynthia, just WOW!

  • Charlene Richmond
    Charlene Richmond 7 days ago +2

    Jasmine Sullivan gives me goosebumps everytime I hear her sing... she’s soooo underrated my lord she snatched my curly edges all the time looool

  • Marisa T.
    Marisa T. 7 days ago

    Loved this so much. I felt the holy spirit. God has blessed them all with beautiful voices. 💟

  • Maeya Talamaivao
    Maeya Talamaivao 7 days ago

    first girl sounded like she needed an inhaler hahhaha

  • T Mystery
    T Mystery 7 days ago

    Black women are a blessing to the world

  • Amann
    Amann 7 days ago


  • Josua Nair
    Josua Nair 7 days ago

    Good God almighty shikandaraba!! 😰 Ledisi has that thing... Just that thing.

  • icha namaku
    icha namaku 8 days ago

    Amazing very amazing VOICE ALL GIRLS!

  • yerko valgut
    yerko valgut 9 days ago +1

    who is that hottie in brown 10:43- 10:46 😍😍😍please help.

  • Matthew Daniel Gordon
    Matthew Daniel Gordon 9 days ago +2

    But Jazmine and Ledisi, tho... 👀🔥🔥🔥

  • Ms. Darnesha Gabriel
    Ms. Darnesha Gabriel 9 days ago +1

    Baby ledisi and Fantasia imma need y’all to stop knocking me out !!!! Cause honey fire .

  • 20 Ice
    20 Ice 10 days ago

    Beyonce STOPPED Ledisi's bag... We all knew it happened but somehow Nicki Minaj is the one who gets dragged when nobody has receipts or proof of Nicki doing that.
    I've never seen Ledisi perform until now because Beyonce blocked her from the Oscars and I never heard of her after that. Ledisi could have benefited more from that platform. Beyonce was already famous.

  • Patrick Arcilla
    Patrick Arcilla 10 days ago +3

    Probably watched this video for hundred times now 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Aya Dela
    Aya Dela 10 days ago +3

    Ya know, I did not mention the two "Senior" Sistahs - Stephanie Mills and Yolanda Adams. They, in fact, brought everything "full-circle." They brought the "celestial-ship" in with Queen "Aretha" at her final frontier saying, "Well done! Well done!" and "The Most High" giving the nod saying, "Yes, my Daughter, Aretha, a job well-done, indeed!"

  • Ashley Dobbs
    Ashley Dobbs 11 days ago +2

    LE ❤️DI❤️SI you have my heart.

  • Shannon B
    Shannon B 11 days ago +4

    521 people have absolutely NO SOUL! This is THE dopest selection of past, present, AND future artists to Honor The Queen!!

  • royal killer nl
    royal killer nl 11 days ago

    Why Beyonce didn't sanggg

  • Tarkeema Lewis
    Tarkeema Lewis 12 days ago +1

    RIP to The ONLY queen of soul.!

  • Tarkeema Lewis
    Tarkeema Lewis 12 days ago

    Someone please tell me why she hasn't covered a Phyillis Hyman Song yet? she favors the late singer so much it's ridiculous.

  • Na Smith
    Na Smith 12 days ago

    that's how you better know she "SANGIN!!!" ended "AIN'T NO NO NO WAY" to soon!!!

  • Paapa Essel
    Paapa Essel 12 days ago +5

    Yolanda murdered at the end 🔥

  • Aya Dela
    Aya Dela 12 days ago +5

    Wow, Cynthia Ervio's voice is like bells and chimes ringing - Simply Beautiful!

  • Frank Lowe
    Frank Lowe 13 days ago +2

    The Black Woman! God’s gift to humanity!❤️

  • Maia Rose
    Maia Rose 13 days ago

    I keep coming back to this video. Ahhhh so good!!! Aretha will be so proud xxx

  • Imani Price
    Imani Price 13 days ago +11

    Need a full cover by Jazmine Sullivan to survive life.

  • Milagros Figueroa
    Milagros Figueroa 13 days ago +1

    WOW! JUST WOW! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Trevous Mcgee
    Trevous Mcgee 13 days ago

    Where is LaBelle?

  • Anisa Abdi
    Anisa Abdi 14 days ago +1

    One of the greatest singers honoured by beautiful, talented, smart sisters😍😍😍😍😍....need I say more!!! I salute u

  • Jonas Vieira
    Jonas Vieira 14 days ago

    Who is this girl doing this move?? 6:53

  • Aya Dela
    Aya Dela 14 days ago +2

    Ledisi is off da hook with that Super-high crystal clear voice looking just like her dad who also was a musician.

  • Tammye Moore
    Tammye Moore 15 days ago

    Just enjoy each of these Performer talent and gift Stop comparing them.This is not a competition. We need to know how to be Happy for others accomplishments .This Tribute is not about who was the Best Performer. Kudos to the Band and Background Singers as well.

  • johnieporter2
    johnieporter2 15 days ago +2

    that band and background singers were amazing!

  • NicetyP
    NicetyP 15 days ago

    Random Black Girl - Alex Newell and Boston Gay Men's Chorus.... This is Great Too!

  • A Rose
    A Rose 15 days ago +4

    Everyone did well but Jasmine captured the essence of Aretha. Her runs are unmatched.

  • Emily Xoxoxox
    Emily Xoxoxox 16 days ago

    Cynthia was wonderful

  • Angel Sanchez
    Angel Sanchez 16 days ago

    Too much screaming. This was not good. Rest in peace the queen of soul. Aretta

    • limited access
      limited access 14 days ago

      Sanchez?? What you know about soul music? This is black folk music

    • Keke Motaung
      Keke Motaung 15 days ago +5

      i don't get it why people who know nothing about soul comment

  • arlo247
    arlo247 16 days ago +5

    Damn!! That first woman sounds incredibly like Aretha Franklin! Wow! I never heard that before,anyone sounding an inclinking like her in tone/timber... And that Jazmin Sullivan, good Lord!! And Cynthia Ervio, what a uniquely beautiful voice. These woman are so phenomenal. She lives on through and in them truthfully. Bless! 💗💗💗❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Israel Nobre
    Israel Nobre 16 days ago


  • 준연
    준연 16 days ago +2

    3:26 Ledisi got Aretha’s vibes perfectly!!

  • yanet libreros ocampo
    yanet libreros ocampo 17 days ago +1

    que voces tan increibles de bellas, maravilloso don.

  • sunny marie
    sunny marie 17 days ago

    Cynthia but ummm...its a no from me dog.

  • Amanda Garden
    Amanda Garden 17 days ago

    Meu Pai Eterno!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭

  • DizNala
    DizNala 17 days ago +2

    Cynthia has one of the most beautiful voices I’ve ever heard are you JOKING ❤️

  • Shanen Smith
    Shanen Smith 17 days ago

    Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and say it. WHY did they let the Great Stephanie Mills come out on stage looking like she shopped at Chadwicks of Boston? Everyone else was glamorous and elegant, they should have put that same polish on Stephanie.

  • Sinem Demir
    Sinem Demir 18 days ago

    Cynthia your so sweet your voice just like a magic ı love you cynthia

  • jj medick
    jj medick 18 days ago

    RIP Aretha Franklin! 🙏🙏🙏

  • Arron413
    Arron413 18 days ago

    Stephanie was the best!

  • dokudida
    dokudida 18 days ago

    Great voices - but why ist always Obama in the Background? Was he not killing in Wars, with Drones without any human rights? Are so many people colorblind? I love great Persons, good People, great voices - no matter what skin colour they have. Obama is a murder like Bush and Clintons. Please end thinking in skincolours - it´s racism - enjoy good people - no matter what colour the have. All the best for US

  • lendisha liezietsu
    lendisha liezietsu 18 days ago +4

    Ledisi... Dayum those qoosebumps

  • Tonya Fannings
    Tonya Fannings 19 days ago +1

    Beautiful voice

  • Tee Tee
    Tee Tee 19 days ago +2

    Im so confused as to why Jazmine gets no love. She sings down!!

  • Armon Winters
    Armon Winters 19 days ago +4

    Jazmine Sullivan ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ahmad Bennett
    Ahmad Bennett 19 days ago +1

    They should have did this for her when she was living. But it was very good. Love you Aretha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • limited access
      limited access 16 days ago +1

      There are plenty Aretha Tributes when she was alive!! So what are you talking about?

  • K.T. Jones
    K.T. Jones 20 days ago


  • Bernell Williams
    Bernell Williams 20 days ago +2

    This TRIBUTE gave me LIFE... no PAROLE ‼️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾💯 #RestMyQueen 😔😢

  • David 777
    David 777 20 days ago +2

    Ledisi... Good lord. I can't. xD Goosebumps on my toes haha

  • slime ysl life
    slime ysl life 20 days ago


  • Joshua Mark Dalupang
    Joshua Mark Dalupang 20 days ago

    Wow, Ledisi!

  • Brittany Pierre
    Brittany Pierre 20 days ago +1


    • Tammye Moore
      Tammye Moore 20 days ago +1

      Whoever SHE is SHE dropped the MIC !

  • darkstuart
    darkstuart 20 days ago +1

    1:53 LOOP

  • Thamires Moraes
    Thamires Moraes 20 days ago

    RIP Queen...