Kevin Hart and Johnny Manziel Get Down And Dirty When Discussing A Possible Comeback


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  • DaeWaeMasta
    DaeWaeMasta 8 hours ago

    he still slapped his girlfriend though

  • jhon smith
    jhon smith 15 hours ago

    i would die if they got phelps on the show

  • dratmaggot
    dratmaggot 23 hours ago

    Get into the damn water Kev

  • Gladis Reyes
    Gladis Reyes Day ago

    The look on Johnny’s face when he farted was as if he didn’t think no one was going to hear it let alone see it, and then Kevin’s reaction to it. Priceless! It was the funniest thing lmao 😂😂😂😂

  • tez 513 Bell
    tez 513 Bell Day ago

    Always roastin the staff bru

  • ItsReal93 Vids
    ItsReal93 Vids Day ago

    He reminds me of a young Robert De Niro

  • Scholar Deville
    Scholar Deville 2 days ago

    damn this one went places and got real. kev's a great guy too

  • Filip Piatek
    Filip Piatek 2 days ago

    Get some hockey players

  • Jay Rock
    Jay Rock 2 days ago

    He didn’t get in

  • el Ocho
    el Ocho 3 days ago

    11:36 lmao

  • RICKY510
    RICKY510 4 days ago

    He really made the guy stick his finger in the tub and smell it 😂

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 4 days ago

    No such thing as "soccer" the beautiful game is fotball, wat you call football is handball or eggball

  • bojyles
    bojyles 4 days ago

    I want to see Colton's comment

    John SLAUGHTER 4 days ago

    Yo I want johnny back in football

    RefLLUMINATI 4 days ago


  • R S
    R S 5 days ago

    “Kid from where I’m from” this is coming from a little entitled rich boy who doesn’t have to work a day in his life. Man o man

  • Shania Annari
    Shania Annari 5 days ago +1

    "What in the got damn, white privilege"🤣🤣

  • kisha scott
    kisha scott 5 days ago


  • 123KOBEMVP
    123KOBEMVP 5 days ago

    Anyone notice k Hart is in better shape than all the athletes

  • JaQuailon Chaney
    JaQuailon Chaney 5 days ago

    He farted hard asf🤣🤣

  • That guy Brandon
    That guy Brandon 5 days ago +1

    Ooh ooh my butt hurt 😂😂😂😂

  • James Cipriani
    James Cipriani 5 days ago

    I loved this episode. Very funny

  • MeRkUzisdope
    MeRkUzisdope 6 days ago

    Now who cold🤣

  • Coleton Gossett
    Coleton Gossett 6 days ago

    My name is coleton lol

  • Kelly Doyle
    Kelly Doyle 6 days ago

    Bills should pick him up

  • Corbin Millis
    Corbin Millis 6 days ago

    Johnny came from Kerrville, Tx which is a town known for its 3 rehabs that surround the city as well as a giant recovery community that has sober houses all over town and AA meetings around every corner. So you can’t tell me he didn’t know how drugs would affect his life/career. I hope he makes it back because he sure was fun to watch. Good luck johnny.

  • Cars and Cameras
    Cars and Cameras 6 days ago


  • Jude Turner
    Jude Turner 7 days ago

    white van north shake musical principle acceptance southwest repair replace brain enter.

  • Irentha Jones
    Irentha Jones 7 days ago

    Johnny done

  • OddFutureRebel
    OddFutureRebel 7 days ago

    Kevin cheated on this one. He didn't even get inside the tub for half the interview.

  • Ewolf5150
    Ewolf5150 7 days ago

    I was part of the Manzeil mafia out here in Cleveland. Me and my dad were screaming watching the draft when we got him. Was super bummed how things turned out with Johnny. O well, on to baker mayfield

  • McLovin Got The Sauce

    You could tell he do crack lmaooooo

  • Alfonzo Corneilson
    Alfonzo Corneilson 7 days ago

    Get T.O, Marshawn Lynch on the show.

  • Mali Ville
    Mali Ville 7 days ago +24


    BALL WIZ 7 days ago

    Why do I feel like Johnny doesn't deserve the fame he's gotten . All that hard work he putting in now he should have done in 2012-14. But he was young I get it.

  • Matt S
    Matt S 7 days ago

    Manziel built like a raw chicken

  • CBK Sillyboy
    CBK Sillyboy 8 days ago

    Do Colin kapernick

  • Jay Rev
    Jay Rev 8 days ago

    Manzeil looks like Payton manning 😂😂😂

  • Rico Wright
    Rico Wright 8 days ago

    Fake ice and warm water...the aluminum tub is not sweating on the outside

  • that man Quick
    that man Quick 8 days ago

    This dude Farted in a tub of ICE!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Darius S.
    Darius S. 8 days ago


  • A Agnew
    A Agnew 8 days ago

    I am from Cleveland. Why was this interview needed 🤔. Good luck Jon. No hate.

  • ben l
    ben l 8 days ago

    "College be the wave and justing to small markets"

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 8 days ago

    he is not a football player anymore , he shouldn’t even play sports because he can’t stay focus playing football , i think he should have been playing pro baseball instead of Nfl football instead, lol this is one of the funniest videos on this channel

  • yrnfiji
    yrnfiji 9 days ago

    he left his flak jacket on behind his skin

  • Patrick Dubois
    Patrick Dubois 9 days ago

    Why not do it for collin

  • Cmore the Ghost
    Cmore the Ghost 9 days ago


  • Adaam Pitterson
    Adaam Pitterson 9 days ago

    This was really good

  • Gina Woyton
    Gina Woyton 9 days ago

    My dad is a 5’11 white dude

  • Davion Maxwell
    Davion Maxwell 9 days ago

    These are so bad only because of Kevin hart. Great concept though. That fart was hilarious though 😂

  • Lani Hadden
    Lani Hadden 9 days ago

    Ok I don't know if Johnny Manziel is Italian cause all white people look white to me. Please let Italian people be more than Mobsters. I agree. I will do something about it, if I have a movie ok. Got it! Dually noted. Doing something about my stereotype issues on that. Transformed! Now the rest of America because Sopranos and Mobwives set them back a few hundred years like Love and Hip Hop etc did us. Although I love to watch it! LOL but not funny.

  • Lani Hadden
    Lani Hadden 9 days ago

    Foolishness jumps off the stage of stand up comedy and brings his crazy behind on tv and big screen on a regular basis, so much that they had to make an award category for Foolishness!. Kevin Hart got nominated, Awarded and left with a sports bag used as a diaper bag and left in a minivan! HA quit playing! LOL LMBO ROTFL ! HJHJH whatever the hell that is .

  • Lani Hadden
    Lani Hadden 9 days ago

    How much does that ice cost? I need some for my tub. I got two ice trays. How long before that melts cause I'm pretty hot. HA!! LOL Kevis you are the king of Foolishness. You wear the crown. Go get it!

  • Lani Hadden
    Lani Hadden 9 days ago

    Can me and my sons get in a tub. Me and Kai got bad knees. Ericton will not admit his knees hurts, but he split it down to the white meat at age 5 or 6. SMDH. I believe his dad knew they would get hurt. Kai's knee popped at birth and he broke it in gym in 2016. His dad will not take Phys Ed off his schedule this year. I am scared for him. I called the school and also told Kai to take it off his schedule.
    My son Kai also split his nose by ramming his bike into my car when Erictron beat him in racing. I thought why would you do that? His dad knew. He is such an idot. This assholtrocity cannot continue.

  • Flaco
    Flaco 9 days ago

    Waiting for Kaepernick to show up.... *shrugs*

  • Mitchell Healy
    Mitchell Healy 9 days ago

    Kevin Hart sucks at interviewing

  • Monica MHD
    Monica MHD 9 days ago +1

    9:00 😂😂😂😂

  • Chinie Chin Chen  陳小城

    hes not much bigger than kevin hart and hes a running qb

  • VisualsByTheo
    VisualsByTheo 9 days ago

    When Johnny splashed him 😂😂

  • VisualsByTheo
    VisualsByTheo 9 days ago

    Kevin is hilarious if I was on I’d be cracking up the whole time lol

  • Shashank Shekhar
    Shashank Shekhar 10 days ago

    Do a episode with will smith and rock

  • Dorsey Watkins
    Dorsey Watkins 11 days ago

    It's probably so hard not laugh at Kevin

  • Anton Maaninka
    Anton Maaninka 11 days ago

    One with Zlatan pls

  • Kenny bolo
    Kenny bolo 12 days ago

    Go buy a xbox one x now !

  • Che Downer
    Che Downer 12 days ago

    This was actually very good

  • Che Downer
    Che Downer 12 days ago

    Need to get some footballers on this example or zlatan or wanye rooney

  • AlexanderAmber
    AlexanderAmber 12 days ago +1

    8:23 When u fail the semester and u know ur mom is gonna be on ur as with the belt

  • onetwothree123
    onetwothree123 12 days ago

    2:45 😂

  • mary buster
    mary buster 12 days ago

    Johnny Football 😁

  • Almighty Bones
    Almighty Bones 12 days ago

    Most stupid interview I've seen in a pretty good while.✌

  • Eddie Martinez
    Eddie Martinez 12 days ago

    Kevin Hart isn’t that funny imo

  • Bryan Mainord
    Bryan Mainord 12 days ago

    How bout and interview with NHL's Ryan Reaves.

  • Prime Time
    Prime Time 12 days ago

    Not that good sense KH didn't get into the tub... That's the whole point of this 😫

  • Jim Ronsivalli
    Jim Ronsivalli 13 days ago

    Manziel's a bust he'll never see the NFL again.

  • Michael Fernandez
    Michael Fernandez 13 days ago +157

    “What in the white privilege”😂😂

  • MacKenzie Elliott
    MacKenzie Elliott 13 days ago

    i like kevin heart but he tries so hard and its more cringey than funny most of the time

  • Ken Rodgers
    Ken Rodgers 13 days ago

    I liked Kevin Hart but he was too overboard in this....i weould be annoyed if i were in Manzeils place

  • The Dizzle
    The Dizzle 13 days ago

    Lol...the slow clap

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins 13 days ago

    This and hot ones are so similar same damn format every video

  • Smooth l Curry
    Smooth l Curry 13 days ago

    Johnny makes Kevin Heart look tall🤣

  • robert broussard
    robert broussard 13 days ago

    "excuse me for a second Johnny wtf is that on your face"

  • Gregory Jean-Baptiste
    Gregory Jean-Baptiste 13 days ago +1

    kevin hart is more than a comedian...he's a f'n genius...

  • mikie jones
    mikie jones 13 days ago

    fucking legend johnny

  • Just another driver.
    Just another driver. 13 days ago

    Hart wack 4 not getting in the water

  • Zabe nyc
    Zabe nyc 13 days ago

    Lmaoo the ending was priceless. Kevin did a great job

  • Demetrius McCoy
    Demetrius McCoy 13 days ago

    Is that a beard lol

  • Pravoizavlijesvijeta
    Pravoizavlijesvijeta 13 days ago

    young harvey keitel

  • bruh,
    bruh, 13 days ago

    4:10 summersed = submerged + immersed???

  • D. Foxx
    D. Foxx 13 days ago

    "Submersed"? lol Johnny you meant submerged.

  • Stay Smooth
    Stay Smooth 13 days ago

    Don’t do drugs

  • Dr.Mantis Toboggan
    Dr.Mantis Toboggan 13 days ago


  • Luis Delrio
    Luis Delrio 13 days ago

    Casual Richard Millie on the wrist

  • Dee Edwards
    Dee Edwards 13 days ago

    Damn KH comedy is getting cringe worthy SMH

  • Cmjohnson Reviews
    Cmjohnson Reviews 14 days ago

    Frank Mueller are waterproof

  • TJG
    TJG 14 days ago

    Wonder if it says anything in “proverbs” about beating up girls 🤔

  • Asim Khan
    Asim Khan 14 days ago

    At 8:44 Manuel is talking about his feeling of farting

  • Blane Goggin
    Blane Goggin 14 days ago

    Manziel looks like Brick from THE MIDDLE.

  • Steve Marshall
    Steve Marshall 14 days ago

    Where is Johnny playing football at?

  • Ashton Andrews
    Ashton Andrews 14 days ago

    We need Mike Tyson!

  • Ignacio Ruelas
    Ignacio Ruelas 14 days ago