Prince Harry meets Chewbacca

  • Published on Apr 20, 2016
  • Britain's Prince William and Prince Harry have visited Pinewood Studios, west of London, to meet teams working on the Star Wars VIII film.…
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Comments • 86

  • Jedi X
    Jedi X 17 days ago +3

    R.I.P. Peter Mayhem...🙏🏼 Chewie, you're home :(

  • Christopher Thorkon
    Christopher Thorkon 24 days ago

    I was enjoying this video until I saw Kathleen Kennedy. Then I wanted to throw up.

  • Jaᴄkie Sᴏʟᴏ
    Jaᴄkie Sᴏʟᴏ 2 months ago

    I’m jealous, i want a hug from Chewie. ;-;

  • TheSyndicate010
    TheSyndicate010 5 months ago

    Why do people kiss their asses?? I Bow to No Man

  • Dawson Swan
    Dawson Swan 5 months ago

    1:11 is what your looking for

    STUART'S CHANNEL .!. 6 months ago


  • Spotted `
    Spotted ` 8 months ago

    Its an honor for Harry meeting Cheewie :3

  • Sven Hassel
    Sven Hassel 10 months ago

    0:46 Prince Harry at his honeymoon

  • John White
    John White 11 months ago

    So called royalty can go eat shit.

  • Luke Bourke
    Luke Bourke 11 months ago

    At the end Prince Harry tries to advance closer to the thrown!

  • Ian Gorboun
    Ian Gorboun 11 months ago +1

    Рояльские придурки

  • _ ZemtriXak_
    _ ZemtriXak_ 11 months ago

    Everybody said that their favorite character is Anakin, Luke, Han Solo or Yoda for example. But my favorite character is BB-8. I

  • Niklas Mock
    Niklas Mock 11 months ago +1

    And just two weeks ago he even married him 😏

  • Morgan le Fay
    Morgan le Fay 11 months ago

    Brothers will be brother no matter what. Don't give them a light sabre!

  • Ness Winter
    Ness Winter 11 months ago

    William was having so much fun it was adorable

  • Kathy Cardwell
    Kathy Cardwell 11 months ago

    It doesn’t matter if you’re royal or not, you meet Chewbacca and give grown men lightsabers and they turn straight into children!!!

    BLUE MOXIE 11 months ago

    Prince Harry Looken Scary

  • P1ckle Rick
    P1ckle Rick 11 months ago


  • juan jose torres rios
    juan jose torres rios 11 months ago

    Is it there Gonk droid?

  • Whiz of Disguise 95
    Whiz of Disguise 95 11 months ago

    1:45 Harry: "Phantom menace sucks!"
    William: "Attack of the Clones sucks even more!"

  • The name's Bond James Bond.

    I don’t think that’s fair... so because he is a “prince” in the good dam 21th century he has the right to get into the Star Wars studios? That’s not fair... not at all

    • The name's Bond James Bond.
      The name's Bond James Bond. 11 months ago

      Flinn Gaidin would be easier if I was the prince... I don’t have to be an actor

    • Flinn Gaidin
      Flinn Gaidin 11 months ago

      What's the difference between any person picked to play an anonymous extra and the princes..?
      Go become an actor if you want to see movie sets before the movie is released and stop complaining... :P

    • The name's Bond James Bond.
      The name's Bond James Bond. 11 months ago

      Flinn Gaidin worst.... so they can be stormtroopers.....

    • Flinn Gaidin
      Flinn Gaidin 11 months ago +1

      Dude, they played stormtroopers in the movie....have to be on set to play a part.
      Their parts ended up getting cut however, as they weren't the right height.

  • Jacob Dominguez
    Jacob Dominguez 11 months ago

    Very awesome!

  • Wolfgang Hendery
    Wolfgang Hendery Year ago

    Prince Will looks like Alain de Boton.

  • Hero of light
    Hero of light Year ago +1

    That's it Abrams should get the entire Royal family into Into The Next Star Wars movie I want to see who Kate would be first order? resistance? or a Jedi? or a knight of Ren

  • Chewbacca
    Chewbacca Year ago +3

    Ooowww :3

  • Archy2014
    Archy2014 Year ago +1

    Meghan needs a haircut -)

  • Andy Summers
    Andy Summers Year ago

    Fuck those royal CUNTS!
    kk lets lando's black serpent ron howard sjw dick sliver into her wet hairy mary sue crusty stale star wars female fans crusty cunt flaps!

  • TheBigHase
    TheBigHase Year ago

    "Listen, carpet monster, don't you get fluffy with my new bride!" ;-)

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 Year ago

    William is gay. No question.

  • Menard Sawal
    Menard Sawal Year ago +13

    rare moments where the two boys of princess Diana can be ordinary people admiring such work of art.

  • alfred arroyo
    alfred arroyo Year ago +4

    Aww man. I love these two guys!! Harry and William seem to be awesome guys!!!

    • alfred arroyo
      alfred arroyo Year ago

      Yes. Those two seem to be really down to earth guys. And come on.....................lets be real..............anyone that likes Star Wars has got to be an awesome person!!! I love Star Wars......And I am still heart broken over the loss of our princess.............The dear and awesome Carrie Fisher... Rest in paradise sweet princess.....we still miss you and will miss you forever!!!

    • Raheel Shafi
      Raheel Shafi Year ago +1

      alfred arroyo

  • no288
    no288 Year ago +2

    Joonas Suotamo had taken over the reins of the character of Chewbacca

  • Jack Bean
    Jack Bean Year ago

    lucky Chewy

  • 74 torino
    74 torino Year ago +2

    chewie shrunk a few inches since mayhew got replaced

    • 74 torino
      74 torino 11 months ago

      Johnny Moreno nonsence the same actors in solo.and he's to short in tht his real height is 6.10 mayhew was 7.3 in his prime. plus wookies live for hundreds of yrs so he's not old

    • Johnny Moreno
      Johnny Moreno Year ago

      Andrew Young well he's up in age now not that young anymore

  • No1Knows
    No1Knows Year ago +4

    Boycott Disney's Star Wars and all Star Wars Stories

    • rapinbatches
      rapinbatches 11 months ago

      No1Knows I didnt like last jedi at all I already said that.

    • rapinbatches
      rapinbatches 11 months ago

      No1Knows have you seen the solo movie?

    • No1Knows
      No1Knows 11 months ago

      rapinbatches you little bloke,
      I bet that makes you some nob? Join the club lol you think that gives you any right? Don't throw a paddy just because the Disney's star wars is a wag off you must be thick In the head, get stuffed and join the rest of the Antifa Cunts pushing this SJW Social Justice Ass of a picture

    • rapinbatches
      rapinbatches 11 months ago

      No1Knows I bet your weren't alive when the original star wars trilogy came out. And the prequels sucked kid. I've been watching star wars since the first movie came out, read all the books, watch all the cartoons. I just saw the solo movie on Thursday and it was amazing. And they payed close attention to every detail and didnt change anything from the original story. You have no clue what you are talking about and I guarantee you I have more knowledge in star wars than you do. Force awakens and last jedi weren't very good I'll say that. But rogue one, and solo were a masterpiece. Ron Howard did a beautiful job with solo and catered to every hardcore fan. Pissoff

    • No1Knows
      No1Knows 11 months ago

      Crazy RBLX
      Go to bread son
      i bet you haven't even seen revenue of the Sith with yo 16 year old brain
      I may be rude but you a arrogant and naive,
      Talking about something you don't even know about
      I hope you mother knows what your doing on the internet

  • Marskilius
    Marskilius Year ago +175

    Give grown men light sabers and they'll play with them like kids, no matter how royal they are :'D

    • MrGameAndPlay
      MrGameAndPlay 10 months ago

      Rose Tico Enthusiast but almost all trained to use a blade or a weapon to survive and use

    • Bryan Grote
      Bryan Grote 11 months ago

      Amen brother!!!

    • Chris M
      Chris M Year ago +5

      I think that -- deep down inside -- every man wants to hug Chewbacca too.

    • AzerGhost16
      AzerGhost16 Year ago +3

      Rose Tico Enthusiast most of our ancestors have fought in wars

    • AzerGhost16
      AzerGhost16 Year ago +4

      Rose Tico Enthusiast Aren't we all?

  • Jasmin Panumpang
    Jasmin Panumpang Year ago +3

    Taylor swifts chewbacca

  • paralentor
    paralentor Year ago +6

    Prince harry is a self proclaimed big game hunter. The cold reptillian probably wanted to kill Chewie and mount his hide on one of his palace walls.

  • TheStgmp44
    TheStgmp44 Year ago +114

    I doesn't matter who you are, everyone wants to hug a wookie.

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. Year ago +72

    It sounds like BB-8 said "good and you" after prince harry said hi to him.

  • Chels T
    Chels T 2 years ago +3

    I would have pet the dog also

  • pete guit
    pete guit 2 years ago +23

    Prince hairy :-)

    • Cyborg Badger
      Cyborg Badger Year ago

      I have a red cocker spaniel called Harry and we call him hairy!

  • RA NA
    RA NA 2 years ago +7


  • Nuchareewan Chimsukh
    Nuchareewan Chimsukh 2 years ago


  • satrio wibowo
    satrio wibowo 3 years ago +38

    They'll both have surprise cameos as Resistance delegates in episode VIII

  • aigen56
    aigen56 3 years ago +7

    Was Peter Mayhew Chewbacca in this meeting?

    • chanel collette
      chanel collette 11 months ago

      Joonas is only about 3/4 inches shorter than Mayhew. But Joonas got a lot of pointers from Mayhew

    • Nemesis1794
      Nemesis1794 Year ago +3

      And can speak "wookie" :)

    • Johnny Moreno
      Johnny Moreno Year ago +7

      What you expect since Peter Mayhew can't play chewie no more due to him being old now and his legs not so great like the olden days. Least the new actor for chewie is tall like the original

    • Eric Cable
      Eric Cable Year ago

      Well that sucks

    • 74 torino
      74 torino Year ago

      nope its the smaller new actor