🇫🇷 True Life Story: The Healing Power of Style

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • If you ever thought there was something missing from your style you need to listen to this true life story. This heart moving, true life transformation will open your eyes to the healing power of style in ways that no instructional video could ever do.
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    🇫🇷 Contents of this video:
    00:00 Intro
    00:07 Problem Finding Your Style
    00:14 What is Missing
    00:24 Alison's True Life Story
    04:24 The Healing Power of Style
    04:50 Do This to Unleash YOUR Chic

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  • Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert

    I would love to know if you have ever experienced the power of discovering your true inner style - please leave a comment and if you want to tell me more email me info@marieannelecoeur.com

  • gwen
    gwen Month ago +32

    A very powerful heartfelt letter. Marie-Anne you should be proud of yourself. You are quite influential. xo

  • LittleWhiteRabbitProductions

    I can relate to using shopping to self-medicate from grief. I have a history of getting impulses to buy designer pieces because I feel they will have a magical power to elevate me into this fantasy of a badass chic European looking woman. To separate myself from feelings of inadequacies about my life, my figure and the dullness of life. This is different than investing in a piece because it's truly a good addition to one's wardrobe and is flattering and wearable. Then you end up with all this expensive stuff you feel terrible about buying because it really doesn't fit or look good or fit your lifestyle. Have had to really work on this and learn to return things I know in my heart I really won't wear.

  • JoAnn Veno Pepe
    JoAnn Veno Pepe Month ago +25

    ❤️ I have always thought your videos touched a much deeper part then just clothes.
    I thank you for the care you give to all of us who follow you.
    You are a very special person Marie-Anne.

  • mikel.photoz
    mikel.photoz Month ago +5

    Thanks to Alison for sharing her journey while working with you. We all can be influenced in an unhealthy way for years to cope with our stress and pain...I am very glad that Alison's work with you led to her "ah-ha!" moment. You are classy, kind, and gentle with all of us, Marie-Anne, and I for one appreciate that. I PM'd you on Instagram my "scarf & turtleneck" selfie as requested, and I'll be wearing that combination much more often going forward...it's so warm and interesting to see the colors near my face.

  • Janelle Espinosa
    Janelle Espinosa Month ago +22

    What a beautiful story of healing. I believe that is true. The decluttering didn't stop at the closet as there was a lot on my back. Yes, women stay quiet and we drag our pain around, it seems. It is calming to learn from you.

  • Amber Loya
    Amber Loya Month ago +10

    Thank you for sharing this thoughtful and emotional journey. So many truths in that letter, how we "hide ourselves" in our wardrobe and or try to hide our insecurities, grief, or failures by the clothes we choose and way dress ourselves. This story was very enlightening. I too, have had tragedy and sadness in my life; I can see that it influenced the way I dressed. My "chic" journey is still evolving, I am so touched by this story- I don't know whether I want to sob along side your client or leap for joy that she is finding her way. Thank you for sharing. Amber

  • Susan Gavaghan
    Susan Gavaghan Month ago +9

    A wonderful story. I am so glad this lady found herself and her own style at the end. I found my own style some years ago and I have stuck to it ever since. Your style is an expression of who you are.

  • Marion Andrews
    Marion Andrews Month ago +9

    I’m very happy for Alison’s success and healing. Although not as profound, you have helped me understand that even the simplest and least expensive of outfits can be beautiful if the are maintained properly, the selection is right for my body and the colors work for me. I decluttered my wardrobe last year and am working slowly to add pieces I love and that work together. Even working from home, I look forward to getting dressed everyday.

  • Marie Eymeri
    Marie Eymeri Month ago +6

    Chere Marie Anne, beautiful, moving letter and answer. As always, your caring comments, your understanding of women's inner issues with their body image, and their difficulties to find the style their body and their mind require are moving and going much deeper than appearances. Thank you for your guidance and genuine empathy.

  • Anne P Julien
    Anne P Julien Month ago +5

    What a beautiful testimonial. When she said the trauma was coming out of her closet and being replaced “by me” I choked up. It’s true, Marie-Ann, much that you teach is how to discover (and love) ourselves through discovering (and loving) our style. Merci!

  • Lorrie Orr
    Lorrie Orr Month ago +5

    This is such a beautiful story of healing and the power of discovering oneself. Merci, Marie-Anne and Alison.

  • Natalia Miles
    Natalia Miles Month ago +3

    Dear Ms. Lecouer:

    Thank you for relating the heartwarming and life-affirming story of your client; you are an inspiration to all of us, not just for style advice, but for life advice.

    Natalia Miles

  • Julie M.
    Julie M. Month ago +3

    This is very interesting. I've listenend to it twice. Thank you to Alison for sharing her story. And I loved listening to you, Marie-Anne, reading it. I'm sure there's a lot to this. I know I've been
    buying more clothing over the past 2 years than I ever have before and partly it's the hunt for something and I think it's to do with grief in my life -- a way to soothe it.

    • Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert
      Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert  Month ago

      Bonjour Julie - the hunt for something is the hunt for you ma chère - watch my style journal video here thexvid.com/video/T-focA7cU5k/video.html and start your style journal today xx

  • Lisa Rhoades
    Lisa Rhoades Month ago +2

    Lovely video, Marie-Anne, I do like to read of women empowering themselves and it is always an honor for someone to credit their journey by letting you know you were an inspiration. For me, this is why the community you created here keeps me coming back. Hope to see more of this content.

  • Craft Girly
    Craft Girly Month ago +2

    Such a beautiful and moving story. Thanks for sharing that with us, Marie-Anne ❤️

  • Lainey Dunlop
    Lainey Dunlop 10 days ago +1

    What a very moving letter and experience. Thank you to Alison for sharing her story. I think there are many things in life that cause you to buy clothes to soothe what ails you as it’s a form of expression. You do notice when someone gets it right and wears amazing combinations of simple items. It is great for us to have you in this online world Marie-Anne to guide, inspire and support us with your expertise. I appreciate it and feel very happy to be part of your community. ❤️

  • Nyali Muir
    Nyali Muir Month ago +1

    Beautiful story, heart warming and valuable testimony. Marie-Anne, I appreciate your inspirational STYLE guidance, fun and natural warmth. Your videos are a pleasure and I come away having learnt something each time!!! I think that's unusual for every piece someone puts out! Thank you for all your efforts. Your Sister-in-Style 😉 ❤ 🙏

  • Eekyellie
    Eekyellie Month ago +2

    What an inspiring story. Since following your guidelines I have come to realise that I have been casting about for years, trying to find my style. I have had some extraordinary pieces in my wardrobe which have now go e and which I can only laugh about. Classic, quality clothing is gradually building a new wardrobe. Still a long way to go, but thank you Marie Anne for your clear advice, always given with kindness and humour.

    • Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert
      Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert  Month ago

      You are doing very well Eekyellie - remember this is an evolution not a revolution and the necessary changes take place over time and very deep - although dramatic changes can take place all of a sudden when the tipping point is reached 🤗

  • Milica Spasojevic
    Milica Spasojevic Month ago +2

    Dear Marie-Anne, I am so happy for your success. I've been a subscriber since you had 2,400 subscribers, and all the time since then I've been rooting for you to grow. I wondered why your channel hasn't been growing faster. (But speed is not that important.) I didn't find anyone else who is as thorough, dedicated, eloquent and knowledgeable in this field as you. And congratulations on reaching 100K subscribers. The testimonial that you read is really a crown 👑 of your achievements! I will be sending you an email as well about my style and personal growth through style. 😀 Thank you for all that you do!
    P.S. I know I don't comment often, but I watch almost every video :)

  • Lorig
    Lorig Month ago +1

    Beautiful and touching story Marie-Anne! ❤️ You are making a difference in so many ways! Merci

  • keodi1
    keodi1 Month ago +1

    This testimony is so moving and beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us, as well as teaching us all the valuable lessons.

  • Karen Louise
    Karen Louise Month ago

    Thank you for all of your wonderful videos. This was a very powerful story. So glad to hear Allison is healing and taking care of herself.

    • Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert
      Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert  Month ago

      Bonjour Karen, I first relayed Alison's story in a newsletter sometime ago and she inspired so many women by her words I just had to make a video so that her inspiration can reach many more 🙏

  • SBCA93111
    SBCA93111 Month ago

    What a heartwarming and therapeutic story, Marie-Anne! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  • Zoe Holyisland
    Zoe Holyisland Month ago +1

    i am so pleased to hear alisons story, the same happened to me and i lost myself after bereavement for a while. i also did your rectangle course as well as my clothes it eventualy led me to change my home style, my hair, even garden style. it has been a very healing process and i am so glad you help ladies like us , as you really do. i agree it is like the trauma was in the clothes i was buying and the way i was dressing. no therapy or counceling i had gave advice like this , but for me it was so powerful. i used to be to nervous to write comments , but i always like to do this now.

  • Carlsen life after 60 Carlsen

    Great story, I didn’t know how to dress my body, but now from people like you and TheXvid channels I know dress so much better. I have a simple classic wardrobe. Everything goes with everything and it’s easy for me to get dressed. I love everything in my closet now. I watch your videos for tips religiously.❤️

  • Silvia Hernandez
    Silvia Hernandez Month ago

    Beautiful story ! I hope more of young women’s can find you so they can do the journey early on to embrace them selves with confidence and find their style . Thank you

  • Kymberley Christiansen Rauber

    Thank you once again , Marie-Anne. I would be one of the most impatient people I know, and I have a huge job ahead of me , but I truly believe the answer lies in taking small and consistent steps.

  • Cheryl Parris
    Cheryl Parris Month ago +2

    Very touching heartfelt ❤ testimony. Marie-Anne you are a special Chic lady who brings happiness to so many women also giving them self-esteem to find their true self. Thank you

  • karen mcswain
    karen mcswain Month ago +1

    Dear Marie-Anne, I was so moved by this story. I will echo this woman's gratitude for you and your teaching. A sincere thank you.

  • Gwen Lewis
    Gwen Lewis Month ago +1

    A lovely story and so true. You look amazing Marie-Anne xx

  • Lisa W
    Lisa W Month ago +4

    What a powerful, emotional letter Marie Anne. Thank you for sharing

  • Roseanne Pryor
    Roseanne Pryor Month ago

    Marie-Anne you are so wise. ❤️. You influence so many! Love this story.

  • Maryann Wright
    Maryann Wright Month ago

    Great letter and style story, Marie-Anne!

  • N. Nru
    N. Nru Month ago +1

    Lovely story. I think it is true so many women cover themselves with whatever is eye catching at the moment, trying to capture how they would like to feel. I too, never paid attention to my own body. Knowing yourself and how to appreciate yourself is a part of the journey too.

  • Maria Nunes
    Maria Nunes Month ago +1

    Marie-Anne I do love when you talk to our soul! Thank you so much!

  • Yvonne J Richards
    Yvonne J Richards Month ago +1

    Loved this video. Powerful direct to camera work, it suits, you should do more of it.

  • Elisa Gorton
    Elisa Gorton Month ago

    It is always about progress not perfection and your understanding of knowing how to coach and mentor is a gift

  • Doane Triggs
    Doane Triggs Month ago

    How poignant. What an exquisitely articulated story.

  • Karen West
    Karen West 25 days ago

    Beautiful story. Thank you 😊

  • hallie bass
    hallie bass Month ago

    Lovely story of healing and finding ones self.

  • Dina Hassan
    Dina Hassan Month ago

    Loving you Marianne and following all ur videos from here (Egypt) 😊🌹thanks for the useful content you do provide

  • Lore Delore
    Lore Delore Month ago

    If I couldn't sew something make something create something I could not live. Inspirational story. We are what we wear.

  • Betty Estremera
    Betty Estremera 26 days ago

    Powerful video. Thank you.

  • Lorraine Guidetti
    Lorraine Guidetti Month ago

    What A beautiful video MarieAnne.You have a unique sensibility with understanding us women.Thankyou MarieAnne.

  • Vera Purrio
    Vera Purrio Month ago +3

    Bon soir Marie-Anne, what an emotional true story.

  • heba meshaal
    heba meshaal Month ago

    This is am amazing video please do more inspiring stories.

  • Karen
    Karen Month ago

    That’s lovely ! I hope she is in a much better place now.

  • Shannon Cuzen
    Shannon Cuzen Month ago +1

    Purchased a black and white scarf today to wear with my black turtleneck sweaters. Appreciate your lessons.

  • PegasusFleets
    PegasusFleets Month ago +3

    Yes, being divinely created in the image of Love, who has all power and is victorious and wise and merciful and gracious , with Love being omnipresent, we have Love within us ( whether it seems like it or not ) .

    So with Love being our covering, ( whether by mercy or grace )...

    ... we do well to let Love pick ( and wear through us)...

    ... the clothes that will best provoke others to their best love and good works.

    It's by their fruits that we should know, and if need be, judge others...

    .. and they us.

    I love St. Paul's 9 Fruits of the Spirit...

    It has been divinely decreed...

    ...and the Fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control..

    ..against such there is no law.

    Such guidelines are extremely powerful, but they are so simple and so easy.

    There Is something to be said for the technical elements of art and style 😎,...

    ... but on the spiritual preparation of fashion, ...

    ...I think what I've shared should cover the basics.


  • MsBackstager
    MsBackstager Month ago +1

    Better late than never....! But I'm glad that I made it. Such an emotional story.

  • Barb Sterk
    Barb Sterk 28 days ago

    Listening to this, something may have clicked for me. I have been buying so many clothes since my mom died in 2003. I wonder if this buying is tied to her death somehow.

    • Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert
      Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert  28 days ago

      It could very well be Barb. Did you go shopping with your mother, discuss style with her? You could be re living old patterns 😘Whatever the reason I am so glad that Allison's story has triggered a realisation for you that can show you your way forward 🤗Allison's story continues to cause ripples with so many 🙏

  • carlos medina
    carlos medina Month ago


  • Lesleigh Ellinger
    Lesleigh Ellinger Month ago


  • Chrisoula Lakkas
    Chrisoula Lakkas Month ago +1

    Take the risk, be the first one to do it.

  • Alpha Fé
    Alpha Fé Month ago +1


  • Sherry Jackman
    Sherry Jackman Month ago +4

    N o wonder I have such adventure in syle in my 70's. As a child I didn't have nice clothes and was tormented by snobs at school. Jantzen and Pendleton were the treasured labels my parents couldn't afford. being a September birth child, my school clothes doubled as birthday presents. Now, at 77 years 2 2/2 months, my sense of self after 52 months of mental health counseling to resolve life-long trauma as well as losing my car to health issues, having to sell due to a bad right foot. I feel great in my own skin. I do plan to buy better quality clothing.. I peeked at the scarf lady's website.

    • Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert
      Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert  Month ago

      Bonjour E Dennis - I understand the fear of decluttering in your instance but it will be an amazing exercise to go through and will open up your life in ways you can not imagine right now x

    • Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert
      Marie-Anne Lecoeur - The French Chic Expert  Month ago

      Bonjour Sherry I am so happy to hear that you consider your style journey to be an adventure and that you feel good - keep up the journey me chère xx

    • E Dennis
      E Dennis Month ago +1

      My story, too. I even had grade-school teachers who publicly ridiculed me for my clothes. I didn't have warm clothes in the winter because my clothes had to serve me all year round. When my mom was growing up during the depression, she had one dress for school and one dress for church, so she didn't understand what the fuss was about. My clothes all fit into two drawers in a small bureau. I've spent my entire adult life trying to make it up to myself, fruitlessly, and now I have a hoarder's closet. I've been afraid to get rid of anything just in case. I'm determined to do a Swedish death cleaning! It must go.

  • Hector Raymond Burgos

    Miss Marie-Anne I'm so proud Alison's work success about history of styles great story darling and you should be proud too sexy woman because l love you so much Sweet Queen muah ♡♡

  • Anita Murkes
    Anita Murkes Month ago

    The sound hacks every 20 seconds