Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Sep 30, 2020
  • “Wonder” the album out now
    Listen now:
    Directed by Matty Peacock
    Written by Shawn Mendes, Matty Peacock, Connor Brashier
    Produced by Roisín Audrey Moloney
    Executive Produced by Andrew Gertler, Kim Dellara
    Head of Production Casey Wooden
    Production Company Caviar
    Creative Direction by Connor Brashier
    Director of Photography Larkin Seiple
    Production Design JC Molina
    Editor Isaac Hagy
    Visual Effects by Ingenuity Studios
    Color by Alex Bickel @ Color Collective
    Sound Design Human Worldwide

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    I wonder
    if I’m being real do I speak my truth or do I filter to how I feel
    I wonder
    Wouldn’t it be nice to live inside a world that isn’t black and white
    I wonder
    What it’s like to be my friends
    Hope that they don’t think I forget about them
    I wonder
    I wonder
    Right before I close my eyes
    The only thing that’s on my mind
    Been dreaming that you feel it too
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved
    I wonder
    Why I’m so afraid of saying something wrong and never said I was a saint
    I wonder when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man
    And I wonder if some day you’ll be by my side and tell me that the world will end up alright
    I wonder
    I wonder
    Right before I close my eyes
    The only thing that’s on my mind
    Been dreaming that you feel it too
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved
    Right before I close my eyes
    The only thing that’s on my mind
    Been dreaming that you feel it too
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
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    SAPPHIRE Year ago +5072

    this is literally what dreaming is like.
    such a powerful video, woah

    • Yeti
      Yeti Year ago

      you can really feel it thru the screen

  • Blanca
    Blanca 23 days ago +86

    Finally it has 100M views, this is one of the most underrated songs of him

    • SriBhavya Susarla
      SriBhavya Susarla 15 days ago +2

      I know right! Wonder is the best album I've ever heard

  • Tanvi Kulkarni
    Tanvi Kulkarni 10 days ago +11

    wonder is such a beautiful album!!! The technicality of each song in the album is super intricate! And the wonder song in particular just has so much power and meaning!! This song is definately underrated!

  • Yenn K
    Yenn K 5 months ago +424

    I heard this song for the first time at MGI 2021. I fall in love with this song.
    The moment I heard this song, I knew this must be Shawn.
    I checked it and it's true. Love this!

  • Fernando Quimis
    Fernando Quimis 5 months ago +412

    Quien aquí después de escúcharla en el miss grand internacional✨❤️

    • stwngogo06
      stwngogo06 Month ago


    • Male 🌃
      Male 🌃 4 months ago

      A quién va dedicada esta canción ?

    • jhow
      jhow 5 months ago +2

      Eu.. essa música me lembra a Lorena naquele lindo vestido vermelho 🤩🇧🇷

    • Jean Carlos Tello C.
      Jean Carlos Tello C. 5 months ago +1


  • Faith
    Faith Year ago +2072

    Am i the only one who feels like this song belongs in a movie or something?

  • regiane patricio
    regiane patricio Day ago +1

    Que vibe boa essa música passa e tem!

  • GOD
    GOD 10 days ago +4

    🎀🎁🎀 CONGRATULATIONS! This is a wonderful song Shawn Mendes!

  • Andi Ibrahim
    Andi Ibrahim 5 months ago +3

    My favorite song right now

  • Alex Lumsden
    Alex Lumsden Month ago +50

    This was the most perfect music video in my mind. I watch MVs for 2 reasons: dancing and storyline. This had a good storyline of exploration and that feeling of wonder. The dancing also matched perfect (like as a pastime I enjoy choreographing out entire songs as I listen to them and not only did the style of dancing match my own but so did some of the moves). All and all, 5 stars, 10/10, would recommend and would watch again. Highly enjoyable experience for me. *Also, he’s pretty easy on the eyes.*

    • Alex Lumsden
      Alex Lumsden Month ago +2

      Just watched it again. Oh man that feeling when the wave hits. Goosebumps

  • Tristen edwards
    Tristen edwards Year ago +1916

    He’s grown so much, just look at his earlier songs like Stitches and Treat You Better. He’s matured so much over the years and has really grown into the person he is. He’s no longer a teen singing the same kinda songs as everyone else, he’s a young man singing such inspirational songs like this one. Making us proud of who he’s become.

    • Dhalia Ayala
      Dhalia Ayala Month ago

      Don't forget to listen on Spotify too!

    • sketchley80
      sketchley80 Month ago +1

      1000% he's something rare these days! Such great talent! Why are folks so concerned with his sexuality? Seriously... Who the heck cares... Bla bla he's a feminine guy? Ummm have folks seen him he's a hot young man... Just because he's sensitive etc... Shawn is amazingly talented and we really need to be grateful he shares with us his 🎶 music! 😃

    • Qwertyuiop
      Qwertyuiop Year ago

      philuip Cummins what makes u so sure he’s gay?

    • Philip Cummins
      Philip Cummins Year ago

      @Qwertyuiop i'm not saying all gays are, i'm saying *shawn* *is* (peace sign emoji)

  • Michelle Monserrat Gomez Lopez

    Es tan increíble la vibra que transmite esta canción, siempre que la escucho me pone de buenas y me hace sentir que todo estará bien, me inspira de verdad y mas con la voz de Shawn, el coro y todo es fantástico. ✨

    • Kat Mendes
      Kat Mendes 3 months ago +1

      También me pasa...
      Realmente "wonder" te hacer sentir unas vibras especial y positivas

  • Isbastian
    Isbastian 3 days ago

    Desde la primera vez que escuché esta canción me sentí tan identificado y sabría que tendría un gran valor en mi vida. Así lo fue, dos años después y sigo escuchando esta obra de arte como si fuera la primera vez. Gracias Shawn por esta música tan maravillosa 💖

  • nicole wilkie-page
    nicole wilkie-page 16 days ago +30

    Listening to this today... This one actually got me smiling after shedding a few tears... Feels good ☺️

  • Sin nombre :v
    Sin nombre :v Month ago +1

    Shawn es el mejor 😊

  • Ariadna Valero
    Ariadna Valero Year ago +2160

    him being more confident with himself and even more open with his music is the development we all wanted and i love it so much

    • Chickens
      Chickens Year ago

      This is his coming out song

  • Victoria Martin
    Victoria Martin 2 months ago +44

    This song will be great on a movie soundtrack. I love it!!

  • Wise Boy
    Wise Boy 19 days ago +14

    Temas como este merecen que sean escuchados, una verdadera obra de arte

  • Melissa Pietropinto
    Melissa Pietropinto 2 months ago +48

    never written a review, Any recent artist has gotten dull, but he has something. Not sure what it is yet. He is worth a comment...this man is brilliant, he's an artist who has a say. You can tell that his word in the matter is significant! What goes out to us comes mostly from him. His team is brilliant, hears the message, the words they are sending. Amazing y'all! hope to get to see a concert. Brilliant work!

  • Lordjean Bhanz Cerbo
    Lordjean Bhanz Cerbo 5 months ago +839

    I'm here because Miss Grand International 2021 reintroduce me to this song ❤️ Truly WONDERful voice Shawn 😍

    • stwngogo06
      stwngogo06 Month ago


    • Larisa Barbara
      Larisa Barbara 2 months ago

      Hey don't stop keep going let's make this song reach 100m, I'm counting on you guys.

    • Nasif Rakin
      Nasif Rakin 2 months ago

      Mate you were supposed to say no pun intended-

    • Nano Soak
      Nano Soak 2 months ago

      100m Let's do this. this song is so good

    • Xbin
      Xbin 3 months ago

      Me to😂

  • Tanya Bregar
    Tanya Bregar Year ago +3237


  • שובל חפיזוב
    שובל חפיזוב 4 months ago +1

    שיר פשוט מהמם
    כמו כל השירים
    אוהבת אותך שון מנדס 💗💗💗💗

  • Jossé
    Jossé 3 months ago +1

    Rei 🤴

  • Bubbly Bubbles
    Bubbly Bubbles Month ago +2

    I love this song

  • tuviejaestrola
    tuviejaestrola 5 months ago


  • 🌸brithepuff🌸
    🌸brithepuff🌸 Year ago +443

    Shawn changed from a teenager boy who all the girls had a crush a grown up man, a mature adult and most important, he’s soul is still pure and beautiful. You may don’t know who i am Shawn Mendes, but if you ever see this, just remember that you are literally a magical human with a magical soul. I wish you the best....i really wish you the best in your life and in your career. Maybe....someday.....i’m going to say this to your face, in person.....t’ill then, au revoir!

  • Kiku Kaur
    Kiku Kaur 18 days ago +15

    A pure work of art 💕😍

  • gamer girl
    gamer girl 4 months ago +1

    I love this song

  • BraylonFridayministry’s

    2:35 always gets me! I always close my eyes and imagine the world could be peaceful and loving during that part!!

  • ChristieLynn Reed
    ChristieLynn Reed 18 days ago +5

    One of Shawn's beat albums and singles yet absolutely amazing this shows how versatile he really is he can truly so any genre and kill it musically

  • Steven Trinh
    Steven Trinh Year ago +2916

    This sounds like a song that could be in a movie

    • Dhalia Ayala
      Dhalia Ayala Month ago

      Don't forget to listen on Spotify too!

    • Abigail
      Abigail Month ago


    • Larisa Kim
      Larisa Kim 2 months ago

      Hey guys let's reach 100m , and don't forget to listen on Spotify too.

    • Larisa Barbara
      Larisa Barbara 2 months ago

      Hey don't stop keep going let's make this song reach 100m, I'm counting on you guys.

    • Valentina Diaz
      Valentina Diaz 2 months ago

      I won’t be surprised it’s part of the soundtrack to After part 4

  • ChristieLynn Reed
    ChristieLynn Reed 18 days ago +2

    Truly an inspiration to us all .

  • kaejae
    kaejae 18 days ago +13

    I could definitely imagine this as a soundtrack to a fantasy/sci-fi series or movie😍

  • Valentina
    Valentina 8 days ago +2

    Por fin llega a 100M es la mejor canción que tiene

  • Shahar Alkoby
    Shahar Alkoby 2 months ago +24

    what an awesome music video and song

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago +428

    No soy fan, pero lo conozco desde sus inicios. Lo he visto crecer de lejitos y así sin ser parte del fandom o escucharme todas sus canciones, esta me causa mucha emoción. Me encanta. Se nota su evolución como artista. Muy buena Shawn.

    • Daniela JV
      Daniela JV Year ago +1

      Sam yo le sigo desde hace 5 añales al pelmazo de Shawn, y te comprendo, ha evolucionado mucho. Yo entiendo que no lo hayas seguido de muy cerca, de lejitos está bien. Muy buena Sam.

    • Estefania Alama
      Estefania Alama Year ago +1

      @angie loor no comentes emojis porfavor, congela las visitas

    • Maylin Chavez
      Maylin Chavez Year ago +1


  • Chy Kong
    Chy Kong 5 months ago

    I love this song so much💖

  • Angie Cruz Trinidad
    Angie Cruz Trinidad 2 months ago +1

    A mi …. A mi esta canción me hace llorar 🥲❤‍🩹

  • Shakilicantropos
    Shakilicantropos 22 days ago +9

    100 millones de vistas y merece muchas más, este videoclip y canción son realmente hermosos, te transportan a un mundo maravilloso

  • Edge editz
    Edge editz 11 days ago +2

    Amazing song

  • Deepika Shah
    Deepika Shah Year ago +643

    He has never done this type of dance before........he just rocks it , kills it, nails it whenever he tries something new

    • couch potato
      couch potato Year ago +2

      Its funny because he's insisted for years he couldn't dance...dude was holding out on us this whole time

  • 100K With 0 Video Challenge

    *A message to the future generations: "DON'T LET THIS SONG DIE"*

  • giovana o forninho caiu
    giovana o forninho caiu 2 months ago +16

    essa música me dá a sensação de como é bom estar apaixonado e ser correspondido...

  • 100K With 0 Video Challenge

    *It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday. This song is legendary ♡*

  • JesúsWolff
    JesúsWolff Month ago +9

    Esta obra de arte merece mas vistas la verdad

  • Erikita Foyo
    Erikita Foyo Year ago +483

    Para los fandoms que están entrando a apoyar el vídeo:
    Llevo 3 años siendo fan de Shawn, le tengo un cariño demasiado grande, ayer durante el estreno no pude controlar mi emoción, apenas un segundo de vídeo y comencé a llorar, Shawn nos acaba de regalar una joya donde salio de su zona de confort, se atrevió a bailar a pesar de que él dijo que nunca lo haría porque no es bueno haciéndolo, dejó el instrumento que tanto ama para darnos algo nuevo.
    Hace dos años Shawn nos pedía ayuda con In My Blood, nos dijo que su ansiedad lo estaba sobrepasando, no saben lo increíblemente bien que se siente ver esté vídeo y saber que por fin se siente libre, que es feliz, una sonrisa suya son mil años de vida para mi

    • Dianna Carlin
      Dianna Carlin Year ago +1

      Me encanta que varios fandoms donde pertenezco estén apoyando a Mendes ❤ , por cierto, lindas y sabías palabras 💗.

    • Laura Valentina Avendaño
      Laura Valentina Avendaño Year ago +2

      Que bonito no sabia, me alegra que shawn se encuentre bien. Aquí una louie apoyando

    • Nasly Caro
      Nasly Caro Year ago +2

      Blink presente

    • Mary Lara
      Mary Lara Year ago +2

      Del fandom de 1D presente

  • JesúsWolff
    JesúsWolff 20 days ago +6

    Omg, pero que canción tan épica, después de casi 2 años, sigue siendo un sentimiento liberador

  • Nicole Schoonover
    Nicole Schoonover 4 months ago +15

    This song is absolutely powerful, his vocals and words are mesmerizing.

  • Clelia Recinos
    Clelia Recinos 4 months ago +5

    nunca me canso de escucharla, es arte

  • 👏💛Samuka Alexandre

    Shawn mendes melhor cantor ❤️❤️🇧🇷

  • Mariana García González

    Nunca vas a ver este comentario, pero te voy a decir que eres una persona increíble. Estoy muy orgullosa de ti.

    • Eliana Melgar
      Eliana Melgar Year ago +1

      Por mil💗

    • Dam Idka
      Dam Idka Year ago

      Yo también estoy muy orgullosa de mi Shawn BB❤️🥺🥰

    • violeta
      violeta Year ago +2

      *Arriba las esperanzas abuelita* demás que lo lee amiga

    • Isabella Veloz
      Isabella Veloz Year ago


    • Euphorify
      Euphorify Year ago

      Slowed version just leaves you *wondering* why didn't you listen to it earlier!

  • MJK
    MJK Month ago +6

    Luv luv luv it. Great locations, great effects, great choreography, and GREAT SONG!

  • hailie Nevitt
    hailie Nevitt 26 days ago +7

    I’m going to one of Shawn’s concerts in September and I’m really excited because I’ve known and loved him ever since he wrote stitches and he was the very first singer that I ever knew and loved and I heard stitches at the Apache junction boys and girls club and I’ve wanted to go to one of his concerts since then and I’ve loved Shawn and his songs ever since I love you so much Shawn💘💕💞💝💗💖💓😍

  • TomorrowXTogether 💙moAngel_313

    I really really love your voice and songs

  • Oluwakemi Dorcas
    Oluwakemi Dorcas 5 months ago +20

    The beginning is kinda not interesting but the middle, I fell in love with the music.He ought to be given a Grammy. Its so emotional. Love it ❤ ❤

  • The Di'Amore Family
    The Di'Amore Family Year ago +4497

    Dang, he went from Polar Express to Twilight.

  • Majo L
    Majo L Month ago +8

    Ya falta poco para que llegue a los 100 millones, dale gente sigan reproduciendo tanto tiempo reproduciendo para este preciado momento!!!STREAM WONDER

  • Emelyne Perdriaud
    Emelyne Perdriaud 2 months ago +7

    Je n’ai jamais vraiment écouté Shawn mais cette mélodie m’obsède complètement depuis que je l’ai entendue !

  • Sami
    Sami 2 months ago +22

    This song changed my life. Quite simply - this is the BEST song and the BEST video of all time. Shawn Mendes is the best singer/songwriter/performer in the world currently. No one can touch him. ❤️✨🇦🇺 🦋 🌞

  • Uraniumdonut2589
    Uraniumdonut2589 Month ago +1

    I havent gotten goosebumps from a song in a while

  • Angeli Marie Acenas
    Angeli Marie Acenas Year ago +347

    Chills. Literally chills.
    The moment it started. the beats and scenes. the dance, choreography. the video itself. the music. it feels so invincible and beautiful.
    when i saw the snippet in the instagram, it felt like a movie and i "wonder" what that video was all about.
    If he is ever reading this, I am truly grateful for his existence. He is a representation of people that needed a voice to stand out and tell the world that it's okay to feel.

    • luisanthonychau
      luisanthonychau Year ago

      In an interview, he talks about the song being a reflection. He turns his journal into lyrics and then adds music to it.

    • Yaro Dulom
      Yaro Dulom Year ago


    • Ava Payton’s Life
      Ava Payton’s Life Year ago +1

      couldn’t of said it better


    Beautiful song!!!!!

  • Sasipha Pimpaporn
    Sasipha Pimpaporn Month ago +4

    I proud of you
    ❤️Shawn mendens

  • Gicelle Marenco
    Gicelle Marenco Month ago +3

    I would go to his concert just to hear this live. Such a great song!

  • Tonx20
    Tonx20 24 days ago +1

    i’m so in love with your voice 💓

  • ali
    ali Year ago +6393

    The train scene is totally giving me Harry Potter vibes..

  • juicesapfjöri
    juicesapfjöri 6 days ago +1

    Beautiful scenery and beautiful lyrics.

  • Athena Bentaha
    Athena Bentaha Month ago +1

    Masterpiece 💥🤩

  • Beatriz Miguel
    Beatriz Miguel Month ago +4

    The vibe of this videoclip is just so good and the song matches perfectly this song is amazing 🤩😍

  • ChristieLynn Reed
    ChristieLynn Reed 18 days ago +9

    This is why we as fans love him and respect him and his music so much

  • Joselyne
    Joselyne Year ago +427

    El hecho de que está cambiando y evolucionando se nota demasiado. Shawn está creciendo como artista y como persona, joder, que buena canción. Y lo más cumbre de todo es que lo vemos expresándose y... Idk, siendo libre(?). Seh, es como si estuviera liberándose y dejando todo en lo que siente y piensa sin más, amo.

    • Juliana Brunelli
      Juliana Brunelli Year ago


    • Marcela Narvay
      Marcela Narvay Year ago +1


    • J M
      J M Year ago +2

      @Iris Muñoz la verdad concuerdo en todo con lo que dices! Está evolucionando, tal vez gane un Grammy con este álbum, solo que pensé que se estaba liberando metafóricamente al salir del clóset, pero parece que estaba equivocado

    • Iris Muñoz
      Iris Muñoz Year ago +3

      @J M con todo respeto pero todo lo que nos está brindando Shawn es arte, y si fuera o no Gay no es de nuestra incumbencia eso no lo define como gran artista y ser humano. A demás tiene una novia maravillosa la cual apoya su carrera, Shawmila ha estado más unido que nunca y se apoyan mutuamente.

    • J M
      J M Year ago

      Es en realidad gay y está saliendo del closet y así se está liberando

    JULIA GUTIERREZ 23 days ago +5

    we did it everyone! we hit 100 million views thank you!

      JULIA GUTIERREZ 19 days ago +1

      @Victor Guaracho let's do that

    • Victor Guaracho
      Victor Guaracho 23 days ago +2

      We should do it with "Summer of Love" 'It'll Be Okay" and When You're Gone" too

  • Z PD
    Z PD 4 months ago

    This song brings back very good memories!

  • Lorena Camachoxd
    Lorena Camachoxd 5 months ago +1

    que canción tan preciosa, no la valoraron lo suficiente

  • Kiku Kaur
    Kiku Kaur 18 days ago +7

    The video is so amazing, it portrays a feeling you can't describe and i love the musicians lyrics he is amaing ❤❤❤

  • Tirsa Melo Dias
    Tirsa Melo Dias Year ago +485

    I love to see the evolution of my boy Shawn, only those who are fans from the beginning know how much he gave himself up in this clip, like bro, are you aware that he danced???? Not to mention that the production of the clip is too exceptional, just pride of my Shawnzinho!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺

    • Maria
      Maria Year ago +2


    • Euphorify
      Euphorify Year ago +1

      Slowed version just leaves you *wondering* why didn't you listen to it earlier!

    • Natalia Marczak
      Natalia Marczak Year ago +1


    • Reyhane PARLAK
      Reyhane PARLAK Year ago +5

      Also the photos that he posted where he is in the ocean got me shook knowing that being in deep water was his biggest fear

  • Rayane Lima
    Rayane Lima 3 months ago +4


  • Dev kell
    Dev kell Month ago +4

    had this on repeat for a while now, I love it so much but the first day it got released I never really liked it but here I am now and I can't stop!!!!!!!

  • zahraa
    zahraa Month ago +2

    The drums🥁 are just 🔥

  • Paarangana
    Paarangana Month ago +17

    fucking masterpiece, it makes me feel as if there's that one person who i'm yet to find. Shawn is god, the fact that he made a song like this, it's perfect and exactly what i always needed.

  • Akanksha Gurung
    Akanksha Gurung Year ago +5514

    *This legit feels like a Disney movie staring Shawn as a prince🌹*

  • Tabitha Akanji
    Tabitha Akanji 11 days ago +1

    Love this ❤️

  • Magdalena Kalbermatten
    Magdalena Kalbermatten 2 months ago +5

    still my favourite song of all timessss

  • 100K With 0 Video Challenge

    *This song never gets old. No matter how much I listen, I never get bored*

  • Angie Ximena Ortiz
    Angie Ximena Ortiz 5 months ago +2

    Temazo con esencia 🌟

  • Sal Vulcano
    Sal Vulcano Year ago +492

    I have a feeling Shawn is gonna stay relevant for a very long time...His music always delivers in quality and popularity and the guy is constantly improving his voice. Every year he sounds drastically better

    • Kdb Moments
      Kdb Moments Year ago


    • Official AudiO
      Official AudiO Year ago

      Who's Shawn Mendez?

    • Fleur
      Fleur Year ago


    • Minh Hang Ngo
      Minh Hang Ngo Year ago +8

      Completely agree with you!! ❤️❤️

  • Khay Manzano
    Khay Manzano Month ago +1

    This is my most favorite song of yours!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Hope you include Philippines again in your next world tours. ☺️

  • Júlya Simões
    Júlya Simões 5 months ago +22

    Cara, nem parece que faz um ano que o Shawn lançou essa música, passou rápido dms...

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 3 months ago +3

    Love this song soooo much 😭

  • Hafeeza baksh
    Hafeeza baksh 27 days ago +3

    Love this😍😘😘😘😘😘

  • Amanda Garcia
    Amanda Garcia Year ago +1002

    That was gorgeous the lyrics the choreography he’s grown so much as an artist it’s amazing 🥺

    • Shawnie ßoy
      Shawnie ßoy Year ago +1

      Agree with you

    • Sarina
      Sarina Year ago

      @Stamp_Pro you can't compare the two with each other these are different songs from the melody to the notes and the tones they are totally different and that you compare them shows that you have no idea what you are talking about and that you are not a fan of shawn and just need something to complain about! but it's your opinion so i have to accept it's okay if you like the other song better opinions are different but wonder is unbelievable it can not be described and just overwhelming but this is the other song too these are all his songs!

  • AnxioùsWeeb Ú-Ù
    AnxioùsWeeb Ú-Ù 5 months ago +7

    I feel like I'm in a magical place rn, that makes me happy, definitely going to save this to my playlists! :)

  • cecilia ovando
    cecilia ovando 3 months ago +5

    Amo esta canción, no importa cuantas veces la escuche... me encantaa. Hiciste un gran trabajo Shawn!!!!!!!! ❤

  • Fabiana Saavedra
    Fabiana Saavedra 3 months ago +2

    No me canso de escuchar esta canción! ❤✨

  • juli(eta)
    juli(eta) 4 months ago +17

    This song is pure art

  • TMKL__
    TMKL__ Year ago +285

    This is honestly one of his most beautiful songs. His song writing skills, his powerful vocals, his amazing control, it’s just become so natural to him. Already that his earlier songs were great, his new ones show his amazing growth and I’m glad to have the chance to cover such a great song. Come check it out if you got time!

  • katie axon
    katie axon 2 months ago +3

    The amount of times I’ve listened to this and cried is unreal absolutely love this song it’s so powerful and has such a strong meaning behind it

  • Chiqui Vergara-Rivera
    Chiqui Vergara-Rivera 18 days ago +2

    At last a song with meaning I love it

  • Mariana V.p
    Mariana V.p 4 months ago +6

    I love this song, I can't stop listening to it❤❤💫

  • Coco ♡
    Coco ♡  2 months ago +1

    This is so visually brilliant and truly a masterpiece of a music video. Bravo