I Hit My 1st GRAND JACKPOT - Wonder 4 WILD PANDA Slot Machine $10 MAX BET | Season 4 | EPISODE #6

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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  • Gaby Castillo
    Gaby Castillo 11 hours ago

    I love panda 🐼 nice 👍

  • Nancy Sipes
    Nancy Sipes 2 days ago

    What a win

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  2 days ago

      Thank you Nancy Sipes

  • Crazy Hands
    Crazy Hands 3 days ago

    Awsome N.G you are bless with luck keep playing.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  3 days ago

      Thank you Crazy Hands

  • LadyBadness
    LadyBadness 5 days ago

    I said on your other video youre going to get a Grand Jackpot 💰💰💰💰

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  5 days ago

      Thanks for watching , yeah this was my 1st ever grand , it is not a HUGE but still was awesome !

  • Benito Barrios
    Benito Barrios 6 days ago

    Congrats s on your jackpot handpay NG happy for you keep it up

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  6 days ago

      Benito Barrios Thank you

  • Sam Unc
    Sam Unc 7 days ago

    this video is one of the best of NG Slot channel! more good luck for you and me.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  5 days ago +1

      Thank you for watching Sam Unc, wish you good luck!

  • Reykael Awie
    Reykael Awie 10 days ago

    Nice game..

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  10 days ago

      Thank you Reykael Awie

  • LaSt GaMeR
    LaSt GaMeR 10 days ago


  • LaSt GaMeR
    LaSt GaMeR 10 days ago

    Slot machine Zorro please

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  10 days ago

      LaSt GaMeR I will !

  • SomeDaveKid
    SomeDaveKid 13 days ago

    Show me the power of your grand jackpot!

  • Mumma J
    Mumma J 15 days ago

    Congratulations on your grand jackpot win!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  15 days ago +1

      Thank you Mumma J

  • Andrew 44
    Andrew 44 17 days ago +1

    Congratulations 🎉 NG!!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  16 days ago

      Thank you Fluffy Kitty

  • margaret gallegos
    margaret gallegos 18 days ago

    Great watching you

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  16 days ago

      Thank you margaret gallegos

  • damianraver
    damianraver 18 days ago

    Nice win NG!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  16 days ago

      Thank you damianraver

  • Pam Carter
    Pam Carter 20 days ago

    Good win ng 💜💜💜

  • Sylvia Koite
    Sylvia Koite 20 days ago


  • Pablo Garlant
    Pablo Garlant 20 days ago

    Wow that’s great ng

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 21 day ago

    Great hit on this machine NG. I was surprised to see this spin hit on a Grand Jackpot. I have never seen it ever hit on a grand on any machine that is 1 to 4 . #k above your money is a great win. This kind of day is the day you can live with every day i am sure. It is always nice to see you excited , to hear and see you is fun for the viewers. Your personality is why the people love to watch you. You are even very funny when you are losing terribly. It has nothing to do with what you are betting or what game you're playing , it is all about your personality and how you speak to the viewer , or your personality. Now i am sure people would not like to see you bet .50 cents a spin , this would bore them to tears but you don't have to bet 50 bucks a spin to get people to watch. People watch because they love to hear you get excited and speak to the viewer {your personality} , i am sure you have heard this many times in the pass. I watch all your daily videos for months now and have went back and watched many you have done before i found you on u-tube.
    There are people on u-tube that bet real high on these machines but you can't stand to hear them talk , or at least they turn me off. Other people bet big money which is exciting to watch but the person playing the game hardly ever says a word. You personality makes your channel great.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  21 day ago

      Brian Lewis yeah this was really fantastic , i didnt think i will hit that grand i, i was talking there about $340 PANDA JACKPOT lol ! Really cant thank you enough for kind of words my friend, i really appreciate it ! CHeers and have a wonderful evening. I am really thankful to my loyal subscribers and viewers

  • Lisa Ran
    Lisa Ran 22 days ago

    that was amazing, congrats.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  22 days ago

      Thank you Lisa Ran

  • Tamra Lockard
    Tamra Lockard 23 days ago

    Wow NG! Good for you!!! That was awesome!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  23 days ago

      Thank you so much Tamra Lockard

  • Tere Echenique
    Tere Echenique 25 days ago


    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  25 days ago

      Tere Echenique Thank you

  • 650Giantsfan
    650Giantsfan 25 days ago

    Man congrats on the jackpot!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  25 days ago +1

      650Giantsfan Thank you

  • Mark Challed
    Mark Challed 26 days ago

    NG you wanted the $300 one. The machine gave you something special. Wow. You deserve the best. Have fun.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  25 days ago

      Mark Challed yeah it was really fantastic. Thank you

  • Carrie Culver
    Carrie Culver 26 days ago +1

    Congratulations on the Grand Jackpot. Now come to AL and take me out to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse to celebrate. 👍🤩🍀♥️

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  26 days ago +1

      Carrie Culver 😉lol :):):) Thank you for watching !

  • Summer Dawn
    Summer Dawn 27 days ago

    So lucky :)

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago

      Summer Dawn this was my 1st grand jackpot in my life, and yeah it was really luck here !

  • Henrietta Charlie
    Henrietta Charlie 27 days ago

    Great job- NG😀😀😀

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago +1

      Henrietta Charlie Thank you for watching

  • June Xiong
    June Xiong 27 days ago

    Thank you for not a dizzy video. Appreciated

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago

      June Xiong Thank you for watching

  • Catherine Hamrick
    Catherine Hamrick 28 days ago

    Omg wtg NG on your grand win!!! I love watching your videos!!! You are very entertaining!!!! How do you get your money to play??? I guess you have a great job that pays you well!!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago +1

      Thank you for watching Catherine Hamrick, thanks for support !

    JASON DAVID CALDERON 28 days ago


    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago


  • Leslie Holden
    Leslie Holden 28 days ago

    really nice ng !!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago

      Leslie Holden Thank you for watching

  • Belen Babao
    Belen Babao 28 days ago

    Your the lucky handsome good luck next time

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago +1

      belen babao Thank you

  • Missy B
    Missy B 28 days ago

    I love Wild Panda! Congrats on the huge jackpot. You deserved that!!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago

      Missy B its fun game ! Thank you

  • Kathryn Baltierra
    Kathryn Baltierra 28 days ago

    Congratulations!!!! Love the new intro too.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago +1

      Kathryn Baltierra Thank you for watching

  • soupman88888
    soupman88888 29 days ago


    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  27 days ago

      soupman88888 Thank you

  • S T
    S T 29 days ago

    Congrats!!! Nice job NG 🤩🤩🤩

  • Roofingslate1
    Roofingslate1 29 days ago

    congrats ng!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  29 days ago

      Thank you Roofingslate1

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka 29 days ago

    Chill out dude its only 261x :)

    • Lord Tachanka
      Lord Tachanka 29 days ago

      @NG Slot anyway. congratulations man

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  29 days ago

      Lord Tachanka did you hear what i said there??? i said even its a not a HUGE JACKPOT, but i am happy that got GRAND JACKPOT, i play slots 11 years and never got even $1K GRAND !

  • Doc REDZ
    Doc REDZ 29 days ago

    Congratulations NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  29 days ago

      Thank you Doc REDZ

  • kerrybleau
    kerrybleau 29 days ago

    Nice one Ng May it be the first of many

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  29 days ago

      kerrybleau thanks so much !

  • MaxBet Cashout $
    MaxBet Cashout $ Month ago

    Wow!!! Holy 💩 that was quick congrats!!! You made look easy 👍

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  29 days ago +1

      MaxBet Cashout $ there is nothing easy my friend, just LUCK ! Slots are moneymaker for casinos not for us ! best of luck to you

  • slot boy slim
    slot boy slim Month ago

    Congratulations on your Grand jackpot!! Good job NG !!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      slot boy slim Thank you !

  • Fantastic Slots
    Fantastic Slots Month ago

    Nice win, NG. Congratulations and good luck! Fred at Fantastic Slots.

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Thanks a lot dear FRED !

  • Lisa Pera
    Lisa Pera Month ago

    WOW CONGRATS NG...you make me laugh when you get so excited about your unexpected wins 😉😁🤣🤣

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Lisa Pera lol ! Thanks for watching and comment 😉😁🤣🤣

  • Tim Barner
    Tim Barner Month ago

    I like the way you tell it like it is when you run into a poor session. Congrats!!!! on the big win

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Tim Barner Thanks for watching and feedback my friend !

  • beer Batsman
    beer Batsman Month ago

    You play Macau

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      beer Batsman no only in Las Vegas , and sometimes in California LOS ANGELES

  • webbb76967
    webbb76967 Month ago

    Awesome GJ.... always enjoy the videos NG

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      webbb76967 Thank you

  • Steve Kukoda
    Steve Kukoda Month ago

    Good job NG!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Thank you Steve Kukoda

  • jill Y M
    jill Y M Month ago

    Well done NG!

  • Ken
    Ken Month ago +1

    I've never seen anyone hit the grand on one of those wonder 4 machines. I've gotten the smaller progressive jackpots plenty of times, but never that big one. Very nice!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Ken yeah this was really awesome bud ! Rare to hit this for sure ! Hope you hit it soon

  • Scratch Off Gal
    Scratch Off Gal Month ago +1

    I'm soooooo excited for you NG 🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗 I know EXACTLY how you feel! I won a Grand Jackpot on a random machine and won $1200! Doesn't matter HOW much it's for... just breaking the ice, KNOWING you got it means everything 🙌👍 Congrats!!! 🤩

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago +1

      Scratch Off Gal thanks so much yeah it was really super awesome ! I hope next grand will be on Dragon link or Lighting link !

  • Noddy Roddy
    Noddy Roddy Month ago +1

    Great Job Ng!!!!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Noddy Roddy Thank you for watching

  • litho529
    litho529 Month ago +1

    Catching up. Didn't get notification ! This was long coming, almost like waiting on a new baby AND overdue!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Many more to come! (Like the 1.6 mil on Dancing Drum Explosion!!!) Thanks NG 😊 Again, Congratulations 🌠🌟💫✨⭐⚡🎉🎊🎇🎆🏆🥇

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago +1

      litho529😘😘😘 Thank you so much dear , yeah it was my first ever GRAND jackpot in 10 years, yeah i had a higher handpays but never got any GRAND, so hopefully next one will be at least $10K :):):)

  • artvandelay1967
    artvandelay1967 Month ago +1

    Good Job NG!!!

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Thank you artvandelay1967

  • Claudia Irons
    Claudia Irons Month ago +1

    Awesome job NG. GRAND! Whoooo hoooo!! Thank you for the great video. 🍀💰💵🍀💰💵🍀💰💵💵🍀💰💵🍀💰💵🍀💰💵

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Claudia Irons Thank you for watching

  • Sandra Cano
    Sandra Cano Month ago

    Can you try to post up some videos of you playing minimum bet ?

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Sandra Cano i never play minimum bet, but will do one day

  • Leslie Collins
    Leslie Collins Month ago +1

    About time you played the game I suggest a long time ago

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago +1

      Leslie Collins i always play W4 slot, you can see 4-5 handpays on this game in my videos

  • Richard Allan Cortez
    Richard Allan Cortez Month ago +1

    Congrats bro. Send some spare here bro hehehe

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago +1

      Richard Allan Cortez Thank you bud lol

  • Monica Jaramillo
    Monica Jaramillo Month ago

    Is tipping a secret🤔😶😛

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Monica Jaramillo no but attendant may not want to people see that ! I tip for $1200-$2000 i tip $20-$30, for $3000-$4000 $40-$60, all attendants know it who pays me !

  • Monica Jaramillo
    Monica Jaramillo Month ago

    So how much do tip?????

    • NG Slot
      NG Slot  Month ago

      Monica Jaramillo for $1200-$2000 i tip $20-$30, for $3000-$4000 $40-$60

  • L Michel
    L Michel Month ago +1

    Your laughter is awesome. Way to go NG