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Interview with Do Kyungsoo, Cho Jungseok [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.31]

  • Published on Nov 1, 2016
  • Interview with Movie “My Brother” Main Actors Cho Jungseok, Do Kyungsoo
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Comments • 220

  • Kyle John Malabanan
    Kyle John Malabanan 26 days ago

    He do everything for a film or show, aja Kyungsoo!! 💯😂

  • Sara H
    Sara H 27 days ago

    What's wrong WTH that MC?!! :///

  • Cute Yoochun
    Cute Yoochun 2 months ago

    Nempel si pipi bulat

  • Joyful
    Joyful 2 months ago

    I’ll teach you what’s rakku means! 楽 easy or fun

  • RR
    RR 2 months ago

    Love D.O 😍

  • Anna akaizone
    Anna akaizone 2 months ago

    One best movie ever... 👍 nb. Dancing king music at end interview

  • al cp
    al cp 4 months ago

    Dancing King playing at the end! ❤

  • Sadiyah Teladia
    Sadiyah Teladia 4 months ago +1

    jsjsksjak i hate them they made the movie seem funny but i swear i was bawling my eyes out so much eww

  • MoJay
    MoJay 4 months ago

    Damn who's the interviewer? She's gorgeous

  • แฟนจ๋า อีซึงกิ

    라꾸야 너를 진짜 너무 부럽다 난😭😂😂😂

  • ounrida kong
    ounrida kong 5 months ago

    I watched Hyung and I cried and laughed a lot

  • tall_elf
    tall_elf 5 months ago

    i love that D.O. hates exercise

  • R Ten
    R Ten 6 months ago

    Omg I think DO looks like Taehyung!

  • Nina wherever
    Nina wherever 7 months ago

    I have the feeling that they didn´t put Jungseok´s answer because he couldn´t get a question right lol

  • dbsksarangx3
    dbsksarangx3 7 months ago

    They match so well, the jokester hyung and serious dongsaeng who still goes along with everything Jungseok does lol. Kyungsoo is seriously so handsome, it hurts me how perfect his face and voice are. I replayed his flash of abs so many times too 😳

  • Rhu Riv
    Rhu Riv 8 months ago +1

    what makes it funny D.O look so serious then he's going to say one funny line lol.. He's the one liner .. Love Cho Jung Seok since The King 2 Hearts.. Im loving D.o the new prince :) waaaahhhh

  • jade
    jade 8 months ago

    ‘i could also pick my nose’ kungsoo, honey-

  • frankiie898
    frankiie898 8 months ago

    I love this movie ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Lathifah Salma
    Lathifah Salma 8 months ago

    D.O is so charming and sweet so he always looked so handsome

  • celyn 03
    celyn 03 8 months ago

    whats d tittle of their movie 😊

  • asma mazlouminia
    asma mazlouminia 9 months ago

    its not a comedy movie its really sad ...

  • Antris w
    Antris w 9 months ago

    Cho jungseok....OMG so cuteeeeee💋💋💋💋

  • bangfool
    bangfool 11 months ago +1

    0:31 0:32 comedy my ass ,i cried my eyes out watching it .
    well there are some comedic bits in it but its sad .

  • Rameena Sahibzada
    Rameena Sahibzada 11 months ago

    omg yujeong baby

  • Ahn Sohee
    Ahn Sohee 11 months ago

    Cho jumgseok looks like I the only one that thinks that?

  • Asma Khairul Azman

    Comedy? Yeah right. Tell that to my emotions.
    Do Kyungsu seems so serious in this interview, he barely changed his expressions when Hyung made various comments about him.

  • Chicken Tender
    Chicken Tender Year ago

    " I don't like sweating"
    Me: OK😐😐

  • Gladys Soraya
    Gladys Soraya Year ago

    kyungsoo akting nya bagus bat yawlaa,,,,😭😭
    mana film nya sedih lagi 😭

  • nollan oosgnuyk
    nollan oosgnuyk Year ago

    i love them for being together 😂

  • Victoria Agramon
    Victoria Agramon Year ago

    Two handsome men in one video😭😍💖

  • Ankita Nath
    Ankita Nath Year ago

    Is a really really good movie!

  • food tantric
    food tantric Year ago +1

    I just finished watching this movie. Fantastic movie. Boy! It really made me cry. Soo much packed emotion. I'm a fan of Cho Jung Seok. Regards from India 🇮🇳

  • Alexaalvin Michael

    Wathc this crazy movie . I loving it..

  • hatori more
    hatori more Year ago

    I was in the middle of doing u hw and I decided to watch this... 😭 i got tears just by looking at Ksoo, he's so professional and polite.

  • Nais G
    Nais G Year ago +1

    'its a comedy movie'

  • melody ladio
    melody ladio Year ago

    Y r they so cute and adorable??ahh so funny

  • Min Agust D
    Min Agust D Year ago

    comedy? this was the first movie I ever cried so much when I watched... I was left in tears :c

  • Nadia Eva
    Nadia Eva Year ago

    "it's a comedy movie"
    stfu try that fu*kin' movie and you're gonna back to this video or maybe the trailer to swear out of your lungs

  • Kylee ebbott
    Kylee ebbott Year ago

    Anyone know the background song starting at like 4:08

  • Rodrigo Santos
    Rodrigo Santos Year ago +1



  • jeffrey
    jeffrey Year ago

    It’s a ‘comedy’ movie PFFFFTTTTT

  • luna
    luna Year ago


  • SenyaHachisu TripleM is My fandom

    More like comedy for 5 second and after that I was ready to jump out of the window to join Hyung

  • noni chan
    noni chan Year ago

    Their bromance and honestly I LOVE IT

  • strangedaysvlogs
    strangedaysvlogs Year ago

    cant get over 3:11

  • i love eunhyuk
    i love eunhyuk Year ago

    Cho jungseok is my fave actor since jealousy incarnate

  • Rose Alana
    Rose Alana Year ago

    Hair 😭😭😭

  • Marisa Devina Agustin

    Why so handsome D.O-sshi TT

  • zeynep mirvan
    zeynep mirvan Year ago +1

    Kyungsoo my spirit animal seriously

  • Ray Jea
    Ray Jea Year ago +1

    I hate excersice and sweating 😂😂😂😂😂 my baby so honest 😍

  • Kkaebsong 95321
    Kkaebsong 95321 Year ago +90

    Kyungsoo is my spirit animal😂

    CPMAWK Year ago +1

    He was as hard as rock ;))

  • Fun Only
    Fun Only Year ago +1
    D.o Exo MV

  • Michelle Josephine
    Michelle Josephine Year ago +1

    my favorite hair of his 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • ughnes
    ughnes Year ago +1

    I need a crack video of Kyungsoo speaking english that deep voice is killing me

  • One Light
    One Light Year ago

    what comedy, i'm crying buckets watching this.

  • Yssa Garcia
    Yssa Garcia Year ago

    Was it really a comedy movie? Cause Im pretty sure that I cried through out the whole movie 😂😭💕😍💔 Kyungsoo's acting skills are soooooooooo great 💕😍 by watching the movie I fell in love with him all over again

  • Faggot
    Faggot Year ago

    why are they so cute ?

  • BYU UL
    BYU UL Year ago

    comedy ?? my ass

  • Miyazaki 宮崎
    Miyazaki 宮崎 Year ago

    1:57 OMG!👏👏👏👍👍👍💘💘💘😍😍😍

  • Silver Anchor
    Silver Anchor Year ago

    " It's a comedy movie ".....Comedy my ass😡 I cried my eyes half of the movie 😣😢😣😢😣😢

  • Aesthetic 85
    Aesthetic 85 Year ago

    1:49 Luhan belike

  • Ma.Lorlaine Somo
    Ma.Lorlaine Somo Year ago

    The movie was nice,the two actors touches my heart

  • maureen thirteen
    maureen thirteen Year ago +1

    There's one thing Kyungsoo and I hates :

  • spicyboyclique
    spicyboyclique Year ago

    "Comedy movie" Yup, I totally cried because of "comedic" purposes.

  • tenhourtenminute
    tenhourtenminute Year ago +7

    You dont understand how many times i cried watching this movie omg

  • Vaishali Grewal
    Vaishali Grewal Year ago +6

    The reason why we need to see kyungsoo's abs.

  • KeyKi
    KeyKi Year ago +9


  • Karen V
    Karen V Year ago +4

    I loved this movie they were both really good in it, and the swearing was hilarious. The relationship between the two brothers became very touching towards the end. I enjoyed it a lot.

  • eli.TUNE
    eli.TUNE Year ago +1

    Cute lovely interview :) I enjoyed the movie!!! :)

  • Koni Andriani
    Koni Andriani Year ago

    Jong suk super talented actor.. Enjoyed this movie

  • Nella Voutilainen
    Nella Voutilainen Year ago +7


  • yvonne stavickaja
    yvonne stavickaja Year ago +13

    My don't know how could you call this movie comedy because I cried all 1h 50min

  • ilana ran
    ilana ran Year ago +13

    this is my first time see kyungsoo chest

  • Nawwarah Zain
    Nawwarah Zain Year ago +3

    kyungsoo used to say that he is jo insung's passionate fan. he even cut his hairstyle just like insung in his movie.
    haha you're a betrayer 😂😂😂

  • shireen deen2
    shireen deen2 2 years ago Oh the silent jokester. Even straightfaced he makes me laugh

  • Swiss/Afghan Girl
    Swiss/Afghan Girl 2 years ago

    omg dancing king played at the end of the video

  • Keiinabox
    Keiinabox 2 years ago +3

    Comedy movie? I cried like all the time

  • Riris Riswanti
    Riris Riswanti 2 years ago +1

    where have I been all this time?! I think this is the funniest movie interview I've ever watched lol

  • chogiwa it
    chogiwa it 2 years ago +19

    Stop and admire his cuteness at 3:13.

  • Forever Wanna One
    Forever Wanna One 2 years ago

    It was playing so many EXO songs I loved it

  • Forever Wanna One
    Forever Wanna One 2 years ago +10

    Btw for all of u Kyungsoo (D.O) is part of kpop's most loved idol group EXO. Because of his movie pure love, I checked them out and now I'm in loveee

  • crzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    crzzzzzzzzzzzzz 2 years ago

    I hope that they become a couple :3

  • exo ssi
    exo ssi 2 years ago +234

    What now, Jongin? xD

    • HyunRin _513
      HyunRin _513 9 months ago


    • Chicken Tender
      Chicken Tender Year ago +2

      Hahaha lol jongin must go back to sehun 😝😝

    • mounika thota
      mounika thota Year ago +24

      exotic. l he is holding a banner "welcome home cheater"😂😂😂

  • Te Area Clark
    Te Area Clark 2 years ago +24


  • Adriana Moraes
    Adriana Moraes 2 years ago

  • Rynea10 _
    Rynea10 _ 2 years ago

    It was supposed to be a comedy...
    well, I did laugh...
    but I also cried...
    Hyung~... T^T

  • Mya Aurora
    Mya Aurora 2 years ago +1

    Is that Yujeong from Brave Girls interviewing them?

    • emeraine
      emeraine Year ago

      Mya Swenson YAAS SOMEONE NOTICED **

  • Fer
    Fer 2 years ago

    Amo a estos hombres~~~

  • Sara Wingle
    Sara Wingle 2 years ago +84

    Kyungsoo: I could pick my nose
    Kyungsoo: I could pick my ears
    Jungseok: I picked everything
    I died 😂😂

    • Clara Wolff
      Clara Wolff 19 days ago

      what does it mean ? I'm french but I couldn't find a good translation on the internet, does it have to deal with plastic surgery ?

  • EXO-L / We are one
    EXO-L / We are one 2 years ago +10

    KyungSoo ❤️ 😍 👌

  • Raine Kim
    Raine Kim 2 years ago

    "When I swore, i didn't hold back" Aah my satansoo is surely evil 😈😂💗😘

  • Esther Bjerga
    Esther Bjerga 2 years ago +7

    "Did you feel it?" Awwwww 😂

  • Kim Dongsaeng
    Kim Dongsaeng 2 years ago +11

    comedy they said... ;-;

  • Qistina Noor
    Qistina Noor 2 years ago

    ive seen this movie and tbh rather than comedy, i think its very sad and touching. its nothing like the trailer

  • Daphneedel
    Daphneedel 2 years ago +399

    i hate them for saying this is a comedy movie because i bawled my eyes out through the entire story plot line. Honestly I shouldn't have expected less from a person who wrote the miracle in cell no.7... well, it's 2:33 and my eyes are all swollen. Wish me luck y'all

    • justRøčkÿ
      justRøčkÿ 7 months ago

      Lilibeth Lucero it is MY ANNOYING BROTHER

    • Sheenah M
      Sheenah M 9 months ago +3

      I laughed then cried then laugh again then cried till the end

    • Lilibeth Lucero
      Lilibeth Lucero 9 months ago +1

      What's the tittle 0f this movie pls...

    • Jolicia Tan
      Jolicia Tan Year ago +7

      Exactly! It was so touching and sad. I watched it 3 times alr and it doesn't get better. It was a really well-made film. Love it!!!

    • Chloe Whisper
      Chloe Whisper Year ago +32

      yeah i was like "comedy?? my ass" i cried so much at the end ... but it is an amazing movie nevertheless.

  • Exploring the World
    Exploring the World 2 years ago

    That ending song tho! Lol EXO and Yoo Jaesuk's Dancing king!!

  • Nerissa Flores
    Nerissa Flores 2 years ago

    Why isn't anyone talking about 2:00... IT HAS BEEN REVEALED

  • Yoona Della
    Yoona Della 2 years ago

    brave girls