Can We Simulate Tearing Meat? 🥩

  • Published on Aug 10, 2020
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Comments • 875

  • Joshuah Wolper
    Joshuah Wolper Year ago +1

    This is so wonderful, thanks so much, Károly!! I've done this cheese peeling homework many times to get the look just right xD I love that you had to leave out some of the sims due to the graphic nature, I played that up in the SIGGRAPH FastForward video which should be releasing Friday!

  • Vadim Nekrasov
    Vadim Nekrasov Year ago +493

    'You know, I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious.'

  • Ricch Burglar
    Ricch Burglar Year ago +1

    Ray tracing + realistic flesh tearing = Call Of Duty: PTSD

  • luke godfrey
    luke godfrey Year ago +70

    The Young's Modulus of a material does not describe resistance against fractures (

  • BlurryFace
    BlurryFace Year ago +1

    Imagine this being used in Mortal Kombat

  • BigBaby134
    BigBaby134 Year ago +20

    I love how satisfied Károly is when something looks realistic. it gives me a big dumb smile on my face.

  • Engineer Bot
    Engineer Bot Year ago +81

    Technology really is advanced. We can just tear jello, meat, sandwiches, and many more in a simulation. It’s crazy how much tech has evolved.

  • I_I__l___l___I__I_I
    I_I__l___l___I__I_I Year ago +588

    The computational time can be easily lowered by roasting for longer

  • Kavriel
    Kavriel Year ago +85

    This guy is on fire. Amazing work everytime.

  • Airdoo
    Airdoo Year ago +1

    This paper meats and exceeds my expectations

  • EhMa
    EhMa Year ago +3

    This channel gets recommended to me every now and then, and I'm amazed at how fast these simulations improve, now I'm interested to see where we'll end up in two years or so, great stuff!

  • Chris Ray
    Chris Ray Year ago +19

    Great video! Just FYI, tear has two pronunciations, and they have different meanings. When it rhymes with ear, it refers to the liquid our eyes produce when we cry or the act of crying itself. When tear rhymes with air, it means to rip.

    PSYCHOx Year ago +169

    everyone: "what should we simulate"

  • Penguin Faced
    Penguin Faced Year ago +3

    imagine having these types of animations in a ultra visceral game like Doom, or a hardcore horror game. it would be pretty sick

  • Yourname942
    Yourname942 Year ago +2

    I love this channel. It just shows how magical technology is, and how it can be improved.

  • Alan Ball
    Alan Ball Year ago +36

    That mozzarella stick looks a bit warm and gooey, normally it will tear more fibrously along the grain and if it does shear it will crumble a bit.

  • Jenifer Baldridge
    Jenifer Baldridge Year ago +49

    Wow! My 5 yo came up while I was watching this and asked, "why is he tearing that meat?". After explaining it, she was like, "I thought is was real meat!", Very impressive.

  • y8u332 _2
    y8u332 _2 Year ago +2

    Exciting stuff. MPM stuff is my second-favorite type of paper to hear about on this channel behind ML advancements.

  • Alperen Erol
    Alperen Erol Year ago

    This is absolutely ground breaking! We're moving away from mesh dependent tear to more realistic particle tear. Amazing!

  • Daniel Bontorin
    Daniel Bontorin Year ago

    This works are getting so good that I'm actually observing every detail on the kitchen because I can't see the differences just from memory.