Audi S6 2020 review - see why I DON'T like it!

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
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    This is the new Audi S6! It’s the sportier version of the classic Audi A6 saloon, renowned for being swift, economical and comfy on the road... so why does Mat think it’s not as good as the regular A6? Watch his new review and find out!
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Comments • 2 534

  • carwow
    carwow  29 days ago +93

    Hey everyone - Mat here 👋. Just wanted to let you know carwow is crowdfunding. From just £10 you can invest in our business and share in our future success... and I guess be one of my bosses 😂. The offer is limited, so hurry! Click this link to find out more: Capital at Risk.

    • lamborghini aventador s
      lamborghini aventador s 14 days ago

      You can win 10 pounds worth of penis

    • Samsomite
      Samsomite 25 days ago

      Pyramid scheming now, are we?

    • nyali2
      nyali2 27 days ago +2

      @Musharaff Fazli no investment is safe. Carwow is burning £7-8 million a year at this stage. It can be expansion cost, killing the p&l.

    • Stefan
      Stefan 27 days ago +1

      The Car has Fake Exhaust Pipes 😂 How cringe is that!? 🤦🏼‍♂️

    • ActingTanka
      ActingTanka 27 days ago +9

      Carwow you bunch of dicks. Stop begging from the masses and use that TheXvid revenue to fund your business activities.

  • X XXX
    X XXX Hour ago

    You look like a English breakfast!!!

  • alfredlikc00
    alfredlikc00 2 hours ago

    It just looks too ugly

  • Hudinii Magican
    Hudinii Magican 5 hours ago

    Award for the Worst Exhaust EVER seen on a 100.000€ Car....

  • Good vs Evil
    Good vs Evil 6 hours ago

    What a fake car

  • gallay
    gallay 8 hours ago

    Welp.. I sincerely hope that people vote with their wallets. Dont know who started it but this fake exhaust trend is annoying, especially considering how "fancy" this particular model is.

  • Tu Chenz
    Tu Chenz Day ago

    This new S6 isn't that much faster than my 2014 A6, now that's pathetic

  • Aleksandar Aleksic

    In the past this was S-line. S looks and interior with diesel. Now they just sell you 3.0TDI S-line for S6 money. Shame on Audi !

  • Aleksandar Aleksic

    2:22 Massey Ferguson hahahaha

  • Αλέξανδρος Κουτρας

    Yesterday my friend bought it.and the first.thing thst he changed is the exhaust system

  • S Almak
    S Almak 3 days ago

    Check out

  • Sajmon 16
    Sajmon 16 3 days ago

    3.0 TDI (350PS) to normal A6. 4.0 TDI (435PS) from SQ7/SQ8 to S6/S7. However, I think that Audi S6/S7 should have 4.0 TFSI (460PS) from Porsche Panamera GTS.

  • Ryan Taker
    Ryan Taker 3 days ago

    This car is just a disappointment

  • Khumo Malele
    Khumo Malele 3 days ago


  • Vadim Don
    Vadim Don 4 days ago

    Even the bmw 335d is faster (4.8sec 0-60) than this "S"6
    But the good thing is it doesn't cost as much and actually has real exhaust pipes 😂🤣

  • Quintens Models
    Quintens Models 4 days ago

    They should have put the 4.0tdi or 4.2tdi v8 biturbo diesel in it

  • Quintens Models
    Quintens Models 4 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with diesel is amazing

  • Quintens Models
    Quintens Models 4 days ago

    Fantastic diesel 👍👍👍👍👍👌

  • o k
    o k 6 days ago

    Jajajajaj que sonido de miiiiiiercoles

  • moetez kbaier
    moetez kbaier 6 days ago

    Why you upgraded your phone to s10+ and not the oneplus 7 pro ??

  • The Wayward Grape
    The Wayward Grape 6 days ago

    Why bother with this when you could just get a previous gen 3.0 TDI used, for less?

  • შოთა კრავეიშვილი

    WoW AUDI 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  • Ikenna Okpareke
    Ikenna Okpareke 6 days ago

    Wow! Fortunately we don’t have to experience this in the U.S.

  • Darren Revell
    Darren Revell 7 days ago

    Does it have the plastic gasket in the engine build that fails and is not covered by a recall for shit design giving to a £2500 to £15000 engine repair bill the same as previous Audis that use this plastic gasket?

  • Vareos Potshoterzz
    Vareos Potshoterzz 7 days ago +1

    this car stands for everything thats going wrong at audi atm lol
    i love Audi with a passion but the s models as diesel and the fake exhausts on all sorts of models just drive me insane

    VEYSEL A 7 days ago

    1.41 min Hahahaha

  • Michael Crabtree
    Michael Crabtree 9 days ago

    I got bored half way through so switched off..
    One quick question, why no criticism of the “scratchy plastics” that are there in the lower parts of the car??
    You’re very quick to make this (pointless) comment on other makes🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
    Your reviews are getting more boring by the week😞😞

  • Robert S
    Robert S 9 days ago

    On the apex it looked more like an suv taking turn on "comfort" suspention setup :/

  • Tom Richter
    Tom Richter 9 days ago

    What a terrible car

  • Luca Astorino
    Luca Astorino 9 days ago

    I've an old S6 4.2 V8 and this S6 hurts me every time I see it...

  • Madison Walker
    Madison Walker 9 days ago

    this car is not okay please cancel this car right now

  • Frejr
    Frejr 10 days ago

    Well, two fake exhaust pipes have already been horrible. But there is something about FOUR fake exhaust pipes which makes them much worse than just twice as bad. Like I'd prefer one real one instead of four fake ones. For the Mercedes fake exhausts you can at least still say, that that thing isn't meant to be an exhaust, just a design element. But you simply can't deny that those round exhaust pipes here are meant to be exhaust pipes.

  • Felix Meyer
    Felix Meyer 10 days ago

    RIP Audi S6

  • NeldoggVision
    NeldoggVision 10 days ago +1

    I don't see the point in putting fake tips on the car. It would be nothing to make the exhaust point back rather than down. This car is for your typical sensible car guy, wants a bit of power but not a lot but still wants to boast about his mpg and how he smoked a 320i M sport at the lights.

  • R.G Car-Gee
    R.G Car-Gee 10 days ago

    What on earth were Audi thinking, but maybe their market research tells them it will sell. Burn it... burn it with fire.

    MAXIME BOSSARD 10 days ago

    Fake exhaust😭

  • Nik Gnashers
    Nik Gnashers 10 days ago

    Audi S6, all fur coat and no knickers. HOW MUCH ??!!!

  • Yanni Blumstein
    Yanni Blumstein 11 days ago

    I prefer the M550d

  • Play Masterz
    Play Masterz 11 days ago +1

    *Come on Audi u can do better*

  • Aaron Kirkaldy
    Aaron Kirkaldy 11 days ago

    awful car

  • xToxicWave
    xToxicWave 11 days ago +1

    Sounds terrible 🤢🤢🤢 Omg are they serious?

  • Christian O. Holz
    Christian O. Holz 12 days ago

    A Skoda with a wonder bra

  • GG ZZ
    GG ZZ 13 days ago

    those new S6/S7 doesnt deserve the S badge!!! RIP v8 engine in those cars :/

  • sva60_ cyyz
    sva60_ cyyz 13 days ago +2

    Why is this still a diesel in Europe? It’s a gas car everywhere else. In this day and age, it should be a hybrid

    • Frejr
      Frejr 10 days ago

      Well, because in Europe Diesel is much more common for "every day use" than petrol. Because of good reasons actually:
      1. Unlike the popular opinion, modern Diesel engines are much more environment friendly than petrol engines.
      2. Diesel engines are more efficient, consume less fuel, you have higher range.
      3. Diesel is much cheaper than petrol in most of Europe.
      4. Specifically for germany, and pretty much like 2.,: At full throttle and max speed on the autobahn, which is the normal state of use for such a "fast" car, a Diesel only consumes about half the fuel compared to a petrol engine. Usually less than 13l/100km actually.

      From Audis point of view it's simple: they know that about 90% of the S6s would be bought as a Diesel in Europe anyway, because those would be company cars. The other 10%, most likely private people wanting it as a fun car and therefore as a petrol, are very likely to buy the RS6 instead. So it's just not worth offering it as a petrol, because there is the RS6 as the "fun" car. The S6 is obviously just meant to be the typical every day use luxury company car for all the higher ranked people, which drive a lot. And hybrid has no place in Europe yet, nobody would buy it. Except for Norway.

  • Fica majstor
    Fica majstor 13 days ago

    This is the shitiest audi you can get.

  • Gio_On_Air
    Gio_On_Air 13 days ago

    My father has the 2006/2007 s6 5.2 V10 and it's awesome

  • Klajdi Shahini
    Klajdi Shahini 13 days ago +2

    Remember Audi used to make cars like the Sport Quattro...

  • TacoMeat FijiWater
    TacoMeat FijiWater 14 days ago +1

    Audi gives the freaking S3 real exhaust pipes but not the S6? what are they smoking?

  • lamborghini aventador s

    Look at that penis

  • David Navin
    David Navin 15 days ago

    Why diesel? Makes no sense at all 🤔

  • Eric Huh
    Eric Huh 16 days ago

    faker than my ex girlfriend
    that says a lot

  • VerklagtTV
    VerklagtTV 17 days ago

    wtf audi?! I love audi but this is truely bad. The design is the only nice thing. just buy a c7 s6 👍

  • Vythz
    Vythz 17 days ago

    Embarrassing Audi💩💩

  • Bennett Chabalala
    Bennett Chabalala 17 days ago

    Don't mind fake tailpipes but my god those are horrific

  • PS Gamer Gamer
    PS Gamer Gamer 17 days ago

    Samo TDI, niša GTI

  • Whats Up
    Whats Up 18 days ago

    Its n S6 tdi...what's the problem?I'd have it anyday👍

  • Ponchoplayer202
    Ponchoplayer202 18 days ago

    The only people that will buy this are the people that want an rs6 but can't afford one 🤣

  • Christian Haugaard
    Christian Haugaard 19 days ago

    This car is a joke. The most fake exhaust pipes ever seen on a car and it´s not faster than the already known regular A6 3.0 liter v6 diesel with 326 horsepower.

  • Anthony micelli
    Anthony micelli 20 days ago

    Audi is the most inconsistent brand. When they’re good, they’re very very good, but when they’re bad....

  • sclol707
    sclol707 20 days ago

    We almost saw Matt get his 'REAL' stick of truth out. He put it in the fuel tank instead of the exhaust pipe this time 😏