Wish.com Random Item Reviews 4 | Ashens

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • More wonder and delight from the purveyors of cheap joy Wish! We've got odd keyrings, a bizarre pendant, some kind of device to attach to car doors, and a weird novelty item that made me feel a bit ill!
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  • Gareth Alford
    Gareth Alford Day ago

    Wrench glasses from WatchDogs2

  • Beat Locks
    Beat Locks 4 days ago

    This guy sounds like nerd cube

  • MichyDaMarshmello
    MichyDaMarshmello 5 days ago

    There is no .com in the intro
    i feel so weird

  • Notmy realname
    Notmy realname 6 days ago

    rocket aka nerf football

  • Zak Caston
    Zak Caston 6 days ago

    10:19 I have never laughed so much🤣

  • Kadii Spurling
    Kadii Spurling 7 days ago

    The brown sofa. That good old brown sofa.

  • Sam Foster
    Sam Foster 7 days ago

    The thing in the thumbnail looks like a piece of raw chicken

  • AC/DC Freak
    AC/DC Freak 7 days ago

    you would look good at a nightclub wearing those glasses.

  • J. M. Knoell
    J. M. Knoell 8 days ago

    It's always cute when Wish advertises before these videos

  • Kriijan
    Kriijan 9 days ago

    I sure didn't expect Johnny Halliday to show up in this video

  • August 2K
    August 2K 9 days ago +1

    The apple earvuds arent bad

  • Sam Allen
    Sam Allen 11 days ago

    I got an advert for wish after the first five minutes, meta!

  • Arts Dump
    Arts Dump 14 days ago

    I got a fucking wish ad

  • Dana Byrd
    Dana Byrd 15 days ago

    You put lots of smiles on my face and that ain’t a bad thing..... love it!!!!!

  • Saibi Sureddo
    Saibi Sureddo 16 days ago

    Couple fun facts about Sequence. It was my grandmothers favorite game. and they are also notorious copywrite trolls. They have even gone after video games on steam just for having the word sequence in their name. Small indie games even.

  • D_Gurl_bec
    D_Gurl_bec 18 days ago

    This is so funny and I love the British accent 😂

  • Ergun 1
    Ergun 1 18 days ago

    Night 🛌

  • God Forsaken
    God Forsaken 18 days ago

    That stands for Stewarttt :DD

  • Matus Skalican
    Matus Skalican 20 days ago

    And now I'm getting wish ads.

    JAMES NEWMAN 21 day ago

    Subbing for this series

  • s8wc3
    s8wc3 21 day ago


    Off Her..."

  • Katherine Shircore
    Katherine Shircore 27 days ago

    He has a radio voice.. lol

  • Thomas Vail
    Thomas Vail Month ago

    5:07 that's a football with fins

  • UltraHeavyShadow
    UltraHeavyShadow Month ago +1

    The glasses remind me a lot of the mask that Wrench wears in the second Watch Dogs game.

  • Ashlyn Overy
    Ashlyn Overy Month ago

    In that light for the car, you pulled out the second little light thing and said it was another Hyundai logo but it looked like a face to me

  • Xeokym
    Xeokym Month ago

    09:40 - I hit back-up and replayed that bit about 9 times :grimacing:

  • Danny Workman
    Danny Workman Month ago

    clean that couch

  • James Barnousky
    James Barnousky Month ago

    I love just the the random-ass Hyundai light.

  • CoyotePowered5.0
    CoyotePowered5.0 Month ago +1

    When you said "accent" I immediately thought about the car. Wish is probably a top notch Hyundai parts seller lol

  • Juan Solo
    Juan Solo Month ago

    I was gonna say, that looks like Danny Bonaduce

  • Jay Brooks
    Jay Brooks Month ago

    Hyundai accent .. what a great model.. LOLs

  • ae5668
    ae5668 Month ago

    These video's are crap.

    • Larksy
      Larksy 11 days ago

      You’re crap

  • bkyard
    bkyard Month ago

    From the first episode you got 'A'
    From this episode you got 'S'

    Only 4 letters to go to complete "Ashens"!

  • Carla B
    Carla B Month ago

    The tongue is for magic tricks. Really, know that one when the magician sticks a needle in his tongue? Well that would be the thing they use.

  • foisa mika
    foisa mika Month ago

    5:07 It's a vortex mate 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • nunya biz
    nunya biz Month ago

    The funniest thing is that I'm actually listening to your videos through a pair of those knock-off Apple headphones that were given to me

  • Abrilla 2 M
    Abrilla 2 M Month ago

    Wish is chinese knock off

  • Ricky Rhoads
    Ricky Rhoads Month ago

    Haha you fool, that pendant is actually one of Johnny Hallyday's horcruxs', he made a ton and arranged for them to be sold through wish. Can't you see his soul trapped inside?

  • Chris willows bits and gigs

    You speaka good chinglish !!

  • Crystal Ankeny
    Crystal Ankeny Month ago

    I like the glasses!

  • Anthony Balls
    Anthony Balls Month ago

    What's the purpose? Making Wish loose clients by reviewing the worst ever crap you can buy there? Feels kinda cheap from your end, sorry to mention :/

    • Anthony Balls
      Anthony Balls 11 days ago

      @Larksy But what does it matter? Anyone can buy the cheapest crap in any store and then make fun of it and say that its cheap and crap. Totally unneeded videos and again, very cheap to make content about crap saying its crap in a crapvideo

    • Larksy
      Larksy 11 days ago

      You’re new to this channel aren’t you.

  • Arcade Alchemist
    Arcade Alchemist Month ago

    nope that USB drive won't hold 19gb

  • LightBlue Syrup
    LightBlue Syrup Month ago

    I have the same pair of headphones and they work pretty well lol

  • Jason Wilke
    Jason Wilke Month ago

    Where do I get the door lights for my Mazda pickup I will take the Hyundai logo out of course

  • FC Mania
    FC Mania Month ago

    Ashens: "HI-UN-DIE"

  • robochrish
    robochrish Month ago

    I've never seen his face before and THIS is how it gets revealed to me?! With a creepy assed fake tongue stretching and trying to lick me?!

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Month ago

    I literally got an ad for Wish

  • nemesissi
    nemesissi Month ago +1

    Why am I watching this. I should go to bed, yet I don't.

  • Aidan Pacifico
    Aidan Pacifico Month ago

    Hyundai has an accent EDIT: i just found that part in the video

  • Shamraz Ahmed
    Shamraz Ahmed Month ago

    09:39 sofa muffin 😛 🛋

  • Angus Taylor
    Angus Taylor Month ago

    Is this the first time in all his years Ashens has stuck his on the face on the couch during one of these reviews?? I've been following since the "cheese bags" days and do not recall...

  • HasekuraIsuna
    HasekuraIsuna Month ago

    Good to see Silver Skull is doing fine

  • RCT & POV
    RCT & POV Month ago +1


  • Bob England
    Bob England Month ago

    the fake ear pods are actually genuine as the price is right

  • Joel Banning
    Joel Banning Month ago

    I expected the rocket one to be a figure of Kim Jong Un

  • Thewaltham
    Thewaltham Month ago +2

    The Silver Skull needs to wear those from now on. Permanent addition.

  • Jared Peragine
    Jared Peragine Month ago +1

    I laughed really hard at the tongue bit. Thank you for that!

  • korey osborne
    korey osborne Month ago +2

    GF: Go down on me
    Me: ok *pulls out creepily realistic fake tongue*

  • RoobehTunes
    RoobehTunes Month ago

    You can see through stuart, the departure of Honda from Europe as Korean cars userp the japanese market. The public see honda and hyundai not as interchangeable, but as a low tectonic shift in the world powers. "I thought the accord was a honda" So you know it's an accord!

  • Evil Foller
    Evil Foller Month ago

    Ashens was getting raped when he had the fake tongue