Why would you even…?

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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    The lowest-priced RTX-capable graphics card has finally arrived, but should you upgrade, or is your money better spent elsewhere?
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  • David Darrough
    David Darrough 13 hours ago

    I upgraded my GTX 960 to an RTX 2060 and it is a night and day difference. Love it!

  • Reactive
    Reactive 17 hours ago

    legit just capped the framerate 0:23

  • Samrat Kundu
    Samrat Kundu Day ago

    Hello.. I'm from India.
    I wanna assemble my first pc specifically for Audio and Video production (entry level). Not interested in games..
    My total budget is around $650-$700.. Would you please suggest me a good pc? (along with monitor).
    I'm just confused right now exactly what should I need!

    • Joseph Davy
      Joseph Davy 11 hours ago +1

      If you need color precision (99% sRGB) you can get Dell UltraSharp 24" 1080p on Amazon.in for ₹20k.

  • hero
    hero Day ago

    i have this rtx 2060 ventus edition and its great it runs rainbow at 2k over 100 fps and always choose the 2k in most the games its great for 2k and 1080p

  • 100,000 subs no videos?

    Next up, 2050 ti ti

  • Michael Thompson

    I the only person that actually loves the 2060?

  • Chris Glisson
    Chris Glisson 3 days ago

    Why are your videos so shit all of a sudden?

  • seepeoplenotme
    seepeoplenotme 5 days ago

    3:35 the yellow bar shows 25

  • Unnamed Player The Nongamer

    3:36 RTX Off: 25 FPS
    RTX On: 36 FPS

    • zapper
      zapper 5 days ago

      he means 36+25🤣

  • Austin Parsons
    Austin Parsons 9 days ago

    Does anyone else think it looks like a boombox?

  • Virtus
    Virtus 10 days ago +3

    RTX 2060 is aesthetically just perfect

  • Nunezbeastinqqq
    Nunezbeastinqqq 12 days ago

    I mean the 2060 preforms nearly just as well as the 1080

  • mat1
    mat1 15 days ago +1

    Why would you even…? put such a clickbait title

  • Sohan Konar
    Sohan Konar 15 days ago

    Should I buy a 1660ti or a 2060? Don't need ray tracing. But have the budget. I'll use it with a 1080p/1440p 60-75hz. Need it for ultra settings. Want to be future proof for as long as possible. Will use it for a lotta softwares too. That's why using that ips lower refresh rate panel vs that sweet tn 144hz panel. Suggestions?

    • Sohan Konar
      Sohan Konar 15 days ago +1

      Also, rest of the specs. Ryzen 5 3600 (when it's released)/ equivalent 8c 16t processors. 16 gb 3000hz ram. 550 gold psu. So thoughts?

  • Konrad
    Konrad 16 days ago +1

    dude get to the point, why would you even name a video like that clickbait asshole.

  • KrazyWorldWars
    KrazyWorldWars 16 days ago

    Great info. So assuming that 1160 ended up being a 1660 TI? Or there another 1160 dropping in 2019? Btw price per fps I'm going with 1660 TI for 1080/1440 gaming

  • Giliver
    Giliver 16 days ago

    Because the cost of the 2070 is far to much compared to the minimal performance increase.

  • ImaITman
    ImaITman 17 days ago

    Why is the 2070 performing so poorly in these benchmarks for $150 more?

  • Ship Steer
    Ship Steer 23 days ago

    Linus I think you bottlenecked that setup. You should have used a core i7 9700k or i5 9600k instead

  • tidy kun
    tidy kun 24 days ago

    i bought the RTX2060 and it's good, and i don't give a fuck if it's slightly overpriced because i have money and im not 12

  • Matt DeWolfe
    Matt DeWolfe 25 days ago +46

    But in the 1660 video you recommend the 2060....

    • Ferlie
      Ferlie Day ago

      +MapleLeafAce Comes with ray tracing. That's the difference

    • MapleLeafAce
      MapleLeafAce Day ago

      Matt DeWolfe compared to a 1660, a 2060 is better. Compared to a 1070 or 1080, not nearly is much.

    • TotPYsera
      TotPYsera 22 days ago +3


  • PuRe_ KaosLamb
    PuRe_ KaosLamb 25 days ago +3

    Who else skips the sponsor ?

  • Samuel Castillo
    Samuel Castillo 25 days ago

    Where can I buy that exact same 2060 that he is using in the video?

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 26 days ago

    its no wonder these video card manufacturers make hundreds of millions every year, as they are screwing us real bad and we don't even get a kiss!

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 26 days ago

    and who this hell can afford one with out selling your first born?

  • reeseisaac
    reeseisaac 26 days ago

    Where are you getting the prices for the other cards? (2:06) The founder edition 1060 on Nvidia's cite is $300, the gtx 1070 founder edition on new egg is 550$???? how is your price for the 1070 sooo unrealistic? I'm no computer wiz, and you may be more informed, but you neglect to do simple research...Use common sense

  • Stephen McAllister
    Stephen McAllister 27 days ago +65

    i’m buying the 2060 over the 1660ti. this video was pointless.

    • Jay Patel
      Jay Patel 11 days ago

      Revelation Gaming why go for a 3rd gen cpu?

    • D- Mahmoud
      D- Mahmoud 16 days ago

      +Revelation Gaming i was not too sure to go with a high end 1070 ti rog strix instead but i guess i took the 2060 cause it have matching or better performances with a 1070 ti and competing with a 1080 when oc in some games. as i am using a 1080p 144hz monitor i think it's certainly more future proof also, with rtx ( i know fps drops but nvidia have been optimizing drivers for thaht at least!) and dlss wich i plan on using with some games :) +i had battlefield V for free, which is a nice bonus.
      btw you may get bottlenecked in some games with a i7-3770 cpu , cause my i5-6400 sure did a lot and i am planing on getting an i7 7700k to be cool with that

    • Giliver
      Giliver 16 days ago +2

      +Revelation Gaming if you have money to blow on a GPU just get a 1080/2070.
      Upgrading from a 1060 to a 2060 isn't worth the price, wait until the entry level cards for the next gen.

    • Whinny Yessir
      Whinny Yessir 22 days ago

      I have the 2070 ti

    • storm huigen
      storm huigen 23 days ago

      me to

  • Wretched Slippage
    Wretched Slippage 27 days ago +1

    Im gonna buy a 2080ti and still game at 1080p 60fps. Just cuz.

  • Greg waters
    Greg waters 27 days ago

    Gonna wait for the GTX 1880 ;)

    • Christian H
      Christian H 27 days ago

      I kind of doubt they'll come out with such a card, unless it fills a niche that the 1080 or 2070 don't already fill. We know it wouldn't outperform the 2070, so what's the point...

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G 28 days ago

    Happy owner of a 2060 here, spoiler alert: It's basically a 1080 with either + or - 5 to 10 FPS depending on the game, not really a 1070. (Not taking RayPower in account!!!)
    Had the choice of either a blower 1080 or a Gigabyte 2060 OC and because a blower style in a regular desktop is a bit of an odd idea, the choice was easily made. Some RayPower if one gives nuggets about it, but overall basically a 1080 if not more if you like Overclocking.

  • Dmitry Granicin
    Dmitry Granicin 28 days ago

    "competitive shooter like Battlefield V" (ROFL)

  • alexis alex
    alexis alex 28 days ago

    I just sold my 980ti 250$ and ordered gigabyte 2060 for 358$ feel so happy for taking a new tech card with warranty, less watt usage and about 50% increased performance... i dont think i could get somethink better for this money!

  • Ibraheem Productions
    Ibraheem Productions 28 days ago

    Ouch! It's £330 for the chespest 2060.

  • Tha Omega
    Tha Omega 28 days ago

    WTF 0 COMMENTS. Is that Bug from TheXvid or is there realy no one who has written a comment

  • william Reagan
    william Reagan 28 days ago

    A your the shit a!!!!!

  • Game Cooker US Rocks VR

    Unfortunately being cynical about products not only automatically makes the video negative but you also were throwing and information that wasn't really accurate at the time. I understand you use the word rumor but let's just get back to loving technology and being fair and respectful when reviewing stuff. I am not sure why a lot of text TheXvidrs since bashing is something intelligent people like to hear. who cares about the RTX features if the card itself still runs games pretty well. I am sure developers and graphical artists who use Ray tracing are loving these cards. And when the games come out then it will already be there for people to use. All it is is just added features. That's not going to really change the price. and obviously when the 1660 TI was released it didn't really come close to the RTX 2060 in performance.

  • Kartikeya Kaushik
    Kartikeya Kaushik 28 days ago +2

    OnePlus a couple years ago: "wE dOn'T wAsTe MoNeY oN AdVeRtIsInG..."

  • Nyquiiist
    Nyquiiist 28 days ago

    wtff is that title ?

  • Demon Sith
    Demon Sith 28 days ago

    mr tech you are kinda dumb when it comes to cards .....fYI

  • Jose F Pirela
    Jose F Pirela 28 days ago +2

    This card performs on pair with a GTX 1080 (mind you it was a $500 card when it launched) and people call it a bad value. Damn, I'm still saving money for it.

  • Caffeinated Frostbite
    Caffeinated Frostbite 28 days ago +1

    i love watching videos about hardware i wont be able to afford for a long time

  • RiShift
    RiShift 29 days ago

    Hey comment section I'd like some help. Should I buy a 1060 6gb laptop for a good price (21% off normal price, which is rare in sweden) or wait for the next lineup? I'm looking at it now and the price is over double for the RTX series. Should I strike now or wait?

  • Akash Jharia
    Akash Jharia 29 days ago

    Update buying link.

  • Alucard
    Alucard Month ago

    this or the 1070ti??? help pls thx

    • Thetheoryguy55
      Thetheoryguy55 29 days ago

      1070 ti 8gb vs 6gb Vram plus gtx cards now support freesync

  • jay latijn
    jay latijn Month ago

    people are trying to make the 2060 just look bad. And then they say it costs 200 $ more for a 60 card, and then I think what do you expect the 2060 is better than 1070ti and $ 225 cheaper and then still nagging he costs expensive. People only hate on the 2060 because it's a super good card of $ 350 better as cards of $ 500.

  • Chrisimplayer
    Chrisimplayer Month ago

    Too late already got the ASUS ROG Strix 2060 OC and I like it don't know when I'll be able to afford another card and didn't want to wait was using a rx 480 4gb xfx but built a new system yay gigabyte aurous gaming 7, r5 2600 will be trying to overclock it to 4.2 preferably or 4, and corsair vengence rgb pro 3200mhz YAY never had such a powerful systems cause I've never had the money to do so hell up until this today 2/21/2019 I've been using the FX 8350 so yea as James Vega said in mass effect " time for an upgrade 😃😄😊

  • Andy47357
    Andy47357 Month ago

    the founders version sucks the ventus oc version is better by a long shot especially for general all around budget builders friend in the $1000 range

  • For Sure
    For Sure Month ago

    Another card's generation with a new feature that is actually too weak in the card's hardware to be used properly....reminds me of tesselation.. which looked cool on paper but took them like 5 or 6 years to have a strong enough card to make decent use of it...

  • ShadowSpear
    ShadowSpear Month ago +1

    I would guess by the start.....
    I am not worth living

  • Brain Food
    Brain Food Month ago

    So it's pretty much just a rebranded 1070? Revoutionary!

  • Nima Jafari
    Nima Jafari Month ago

    I just got an RTX 2060 for $100, I'm not complaining 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • GreenWeeney
    GreenWeeney Month ago

    So what would it be like if both GPU and CPU clocks were both 5ghz ?

  • team fishbowl
    team fishbowl Month ago

    2060 = 1080p > 1440P ( support will go up over the months to come )
    1070ti = 4k+ gaming ( support will go down over the months to come )
    2060 even beats the 1070TI in most games on 1080p.

  • Scott S
    Scott S Month ago

    Would my 6600k OC at 4.5 ghz throttle the 2060?

  • Got Your Sack
    Got Your Sack Month ago

    1160 it is

  • Cheburushka
    Cheburushka Month ago

    I was watching all the linus videos confused why there never was a review on 2060. Nice title

  • Vinicius Lambardozzi

    I want to dev for RTX and I'm paid in a currency worth 1/4 of a dollar. That's why.

  • waheed khan
    waheed khan Month ago +3

    honestly I would honestly get the RTX card just for rendering as it's still cheaper than a Quadro

  • Philippe Yves Weber

    Linus i normaly like ur reviews but NOBODY WILL BUY A CHEAP 350 DOLLAR CARD TO PLAY ON 4K SCREENS. To play on full hd or 2k, u wont find a better card for this price at the moment. I see u hate nvidia. This review is crap. The 2060 is king in his price-class.

  • Man pro
    Man pro Month ago

    The best is gt 610

  • birb gamer
    birb gamer Month ago +1

    But it's better than my 1050 ti right?

  • Anonymous 1
    Anonymous 1 Month ago


  • colinhristow
    colinhristow Month ago

    Everytime I see a price listed for a graphics card they review it never matches retail. Why is that?

    • mikegeoplays
      mikegeoplays Month ago

      If it’s new, demand for it is high, or in the case of Radeon VII, in short supply, so it would be higher. If a card is starting to become obsolete, it’s prices will probably be lower than MSRP

  • fistsOFfury366 D
    fistsOFfury366 D Month ago

    RTX 2050???

  • yo yo
    yo yo Month ago +1

    honestly the first linus video i might actually click dislike on, the first little skit and it assumes that someone would buy the 2060 as a replacement for a 4k gamin card? cmon linus, and even so 2060 can outpace a 1070 so it is a decent upgrade from 1060 or 1070

  • Giovanni Grimaldo
    Giovanni Grimaldo Month ago

    My nephew just went to buy his rtx for his build but the guy at the store told him he doesn't recommend them. He showed him 3 towers that got returned that same day running rtx that destroyed the pc. They're faulty n breaking down. He said to wait until they fix the issue that they believe is the memory on the card itself thats causing the issue and get the gtx 1080 or 1070 for now... i looked it up because I was thinkin of getting one and it's true there is alot of people reporting of them breaking down in about 2 months or less... sad...

  • rockpwnsu
    rockpwnsu Month ago

    If I have a corsair CX650M is it enough to power a GTX 2060?

  • SABLEYE104
    SABLEYE104 Month ago

    If this card sucks than what should I buy for 350 instead

  • Justin Mykolaitis
    Justin Mykolaitis Month ago

    0:25 Yo that phone number got me, put it on speaker in class and ye... Lmfao

  • addz17
    addz17 Month ago

    Less and less silicon for more and more money....

  • Aaron Camren
    Aaron Camren Month ago

    Linus, can I buy your 2060 reference card? There evidently are not any available on NVIDIA web-site..

  • Matthew Bailey
    Matthew Bailey Month ago

    So Linus, seeing as how RTX is (still...) such a shitshow, any chance of GTX 11x0 builds being released in 2019?

  • Stovky Saint-Albord

    So what is the right version planing on buying one soon .. since I will be attempting to build my first pc

  • asherael
    asherael Month ago

    im still using a 970, and the 2060's price sounded good since I last looked at prices when crypto was jacking up the market. I play in 1080P mostly, in the living room. If I wanted a prettier picture, where should I be putting my money?

  • Derposaurus
    Derposaurus Month ago

    Just use 2 RTX 2080 Ti's on battlefield v and you have no problem

  • Demify
    Demify Month ago +8

    Guys all the rtx cards surpass the previous gen in price which should not happen. Each gen should be the same as the last. Yes the 2060 surpasses the 1060 but it is priced like a 1070. The other cards are much higher priced and not that much cheaper.
    My fear is that each year the products will get more and more expensive. Over time the old technology gets cheaper and we should be able to spend the same price for new gen cards as the technology has advanced and old technology has got older.

    • ppddrr11
      ppddrr11 29 days ago

      Noo the rtx 2060 is even better/the same than 1070 ti with the price of 1070.
      While the gtx 1660ti is the same as 1070 with same price as it.

    • Andy47357
      Andy47357 Month ago

      if that was true we would still pay 486 build prices

    • Pedo Bear
      Pedo Bear Month ago


  • Skemooo
    Skemooo Month ago

    DLSS only available at 2K and above and RTX 2060 cant play any games properly at 2K and above.. so DLSS is useless on this card. not sure what Raytracing will improve.. 2080Ti struggles to give 60FPS with RTX on.. cant imagine what this would do

    • Brandon Fumagalli
      Brandon Fumagalli 14 days ago

      It plays every game currently out right now at 1440p, what are you even talking about?

  • X Yung Brewz One
    X Yung Brewz One Month ago

    Just got my pc with 2060 in it👌👌

  • OpperHond
    OpperHond Month ago

    Here in the Netherlands it is a pretty good deal considering the price of a gtx 1070 is 530 euro's and a rtx 2060 375 euro's.

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson Month ago +69

    I bought the 2060, without watching this video first, to replace a 1060. It's a solid performer, and beats the 1070 in performance. It runs alot of games in 4k at 60fps which is what I was shooting for, and alot of games in 1440p at 100+ frames. I like it.

    • chinchy111
      chinchy111 2 days ago

      +Frostyshake get the 2070. Not much more cost and better in the long run

    • Sean Wilson
      Sean Wilson 9 days ago

      +Persason I paid 349, and in the grand scheme of things I'm pretty sure the 1070 was way overpriced in it's day because of mining, and now if the 2060 beats it for around the same price, why not. I think the 2060 is a solid choice.

    • Persason
      Persason 9 days ago

      It is overpriced... you basically spendt the same ammount of cash today for the same performance as you could get with the 1070 a year ago..

    • hydrol
      hydrol 10 days ago

      can you leave a link to the one you bought please?

    • Frostyshake
      Frostyshake 13 days ago

      Which games can it run 1440p 100+ fps? I'm curious cause I'm between a 2060 and 2070

  • The not so good gamer

    i do not agree with this because I got an rtx 2070 and it is so much better and faster

  • Kazuia21
    Kazuia21 Month ago

    It depends on your country too. Idk about US,canada ecc, but here in Italy the 2060 it's actually the best deal:
    A gtx 1070ti is around over 500 euros
    a gtx 1070 is around 450 euros
    unless you can find some secondhand on ebay around 350/400 euros
    I know that the 2060 is 6GB vram but for the similar performance it's the cheaper one for 350 euros(375 for founders edition)

  • Shaggy Boombastic
    Shaggy Boombastic Month ago

    RT 2030 needs to happen

  • MattZildjian
    MattZildjian Month ago

    exactly 2060 dislikes

  • CozmicsHD
    CozmicsHD Month ago +1

    Same performance as 1070ti/1080
    Looks at 1080 price 500-600
    Looks at 1070ti price 450-500
    Looks at 2060 price 330-400
    Yea there’s a clear Winner for me

  • P Longo
    P Longo Month ago

    Quick question, would I be better to buy 2 x MSI 4GB GTX 1050 Ti for $500 SLI or 1 x MSI 6GB GTX 1060 $400?

    • P Longo
      P Longo Month ago

      sry 1 x 6Gb RTX 2060 $600

  • Jon Irenicus
    Jon Irenicus Month ago +3

    Sticking with my GTX970 for 1080p 72 - 144Hz gaming. I'll wait for AMD or even Intel's newer card...

  • Jon Lorie
    Jon Lorie Month ago

    I just ordered an EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra Gaming, all the research I did told me dollar for dollar it is a better upgrade for me than going to a GTX 1070.. I have been running an EVGA 980sc for years and it has been extremely solid.. I am happy with the specs on the RTX 2060. I am just a casual gamer, I don't compete in any way and I use a Samsung 32-inch TV for a monitor.. can't get more than 60FPS out of it anyway. I am also a college student and use my PC for lots of other things, this card has a perfect niche with me and the RTX gives me space to utilize any future software that may be compatible.

  • Bad Request
    Bad Request Month ago

    if someone was on the look for a brand new pc, would this card be recommended over a 1070 for example?

  • MrNwn007
    MrNwn007 Month ago

    7:00 no you're paying 100 more for a gpu that performs like gtx 1070ti and whats wrong with that its cheaper that 1070? fuck the ray tracing i don't see the difference on and off anyways.based on the benchmarks i looked up on youtube the rtx2060 is best buy at its price range (not a fanboy and im using an amd atm) nice tip btw ''dont buy a gpu''

  • destroyer ng
    destroyer ng Month ago

    So should i wait for the gtx series price go down and buy it or just follow the tech trend?

  • Ronan Furlong
    Ronan Furlong Month ago

    Jesus just play at 1080p or 1440p. The rtx 2060 isn't good enough to handle 4k and you shouldn't be calling it bad because of that.

  • Farida Mohamed
    Farida Mohamed Month ago

    Brp the gtx 1660 is also leaked you should make a video about that too

  • Inverted V12 Powerhouse

    With taxes the lowest 2060 is somewhere around 520+ with our taxes here... Which is nearly comparable to the 1070s launch price.
    I found 2 1070 tis for 400 each. I think that will be better for me, and i can sell this 1060 6gb for 200 ish CAD

  • Remixthis
    Remixthis Month ago

    If you're playing competitively you should be running potato anyways. If you want your games to look immersive then RTX is the first-next step. Think skyrim on mods

  • Pumkin32465
    Pumkin32465 Month ago

    I cant even affort an geforce gtx 1060

  • Quirino Passione
    Quirino Passione Month ago

    Dont judge this card unless you have tried one! This card slightly overclocked really shocked me on performance at 1080 and 1440p this card was not meant for 4k . Its very close to gtx 1080 performance and that's almost double the price!

  • Judah Barr
    Judah Barr Month ago

    Its meant for low end gamers. lower end i should say

  • Kigai11
    Kigai11 Month ago

    I don't have a lot of money so I picked up the gigabyte version of this card and it seems to me that is working just fine for my needs, (gaming) the frame rates are just fine on battlefield 5 and black ops4. Not everyone has money for a high end card but he gets his for free for reviewing

  • D R
    D R Month ago

    This is a fucking slap in the face to all the people who purchased the 1070 ti a year ago for 4-500$ and are now losing out to a 350$ card