Tilly Turns Dad Gordon Into An Idiot Sandwich! | Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch Preview

  • Published on Apr 30, 2018
  • With sound now - apologies for before. We fired the editor.
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Comments • 3 216

  • minny me
    minny me 3 hours ago

    Tilly and Gordon are close

  • Michelle Giles
    Michelle Giles Day ago

    Love Tilly

  • Michael Vincent
    Michael Vincent 2 days ago

    the most fiery temper judge, turns into kindest dad i've ever seen
    i like gordon ramsay

  • Greenie! :D
    Greenie! :D 2 days ago

    Is no-one gonna tell that the editor is fired lol?

  • Daisha Allen
    Daisha Allen 3 days ago

    It's so amazing to see her blossom...i really think she's gonna follow in her dad's footsteps.

    DIANA PAINTER 3 days ago

    OMG I love this family so much :3

    HAPPY ME 4 days ago

    gordon ramsay should put also videos the blog from matilda and the ramsay bunch here

  • ImLookinAt Ya
    ImLookinAt Ya 4 days ago

    You got to love their Mom and Dad for not going completly mad!

  • Sam Monte
    Sam Monte 6 days ago +1

    Gordon: Hey kids, how bout you cook tonight?
    Gordon an hour later: Where's the lamb sauce?

  • StarCloud Sunlite
    StarCloud Sunlite 7 days ago +1

    Gordon fall in the bike nice try 😂🤣

  • Hannah Perez
    Hannah Perez 7 days ago

    The vamps!!!!!

  • FBI.
    FBI. 10 days ago

    Is this tears on my eyes

  • Natsuki Hoi
    Natsuki Hoi 11 days ago +1

    The idiot sandwich : 2:03

  • PineapplePrince
    PineapplePrince 11 days ago

    keeping up with the Ramsays

  • madison chicken nugget

    I said the dude on kitchen impossible is like if gordan ramsay could build and my grandpa says he would just yell at the wall to build itself😂😂😂

  • Jake From State Farm
    Jake From State Farm 11 days ago

    "Who is the best chef in the family"

    Audience: Ram-


    AUDIENCE: oh

  • 2x2 cubing freak 2007
    2x2 cubing freak 2007 12 days ago

    Hope you brought your lamb sauce Ramsay. Your in for a time for fun lol #ramsayfamily

  • AJ Soaps
    AJ Soaps 12 days ago

    You only need to sandwich part then

  • Present mic
    Present mic 12 days ago

    The only reason I watch these is because of Gordon, otherwise it's sooooo cheesy.

  • Activity Family
    Activity Family 13 days ago +1

    I’ve never seen this much fun in Gordon

  • ytclick
    ytclick 14 days ago

    Nah tell me why he looks like behzinga

  • Itz.kayla .21
    Itz.kayla .21 15 days ago

    Tilly has the best personality

  • Leon Embers
    Leon Embers 16 days ago

    One day, these kids are gonna be yelling at incompetent chefs and stubborn owners...

  • Nisagül Eren
    Nisagül Eren 17 days ago

    Look my dear .
    You is a idiot. You understand me?

  • Cool Zane
    Cool Zane 17 days ago

    The satisfaction of hearing knife cutting noises at the end

  • Jungshookk -
    Jungshookk - 17 days ago

    I wish my family were happy like this :)

  • becrazed !
    becrazed ! 17 days ago

    As a father i have no doubt he's super proud of his kids

  • Wahmen respector
    Wahmen respector 18 days ago

    These niggas are cute

  • SingulariTAE
    SingulariTAE 18 days ago

    She is like the only person who can do all this stuff to Gordon without him getting mad 😂

  • TrotelHD
    TrotelHD 21 day ago +1

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!1!1!1!1!!!!!1!1!!!!!!1!!!!!!1!!1!1!! 🤩

  • Star Diaz
    Star Diaz 22 days ago

    Gordon: *does smth with his fam*
    Everyone: HE DOES HAVE A SOUL

  • sunlin art
    sunlin art 22 days ago

    imagine having delicious classy meals everyday

  • Ashu
    Ashu 22 days ago +1

    2:30 *OH MY GOLD*

  • Leonel Guzmán
    Leonel Guzmán 22 days ago

    Wow jack has grown up so fast 😢

  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 22 days ago

    the editor became a sniper

  • Hyper comander
    Hyper comander 22 days ago

    They have even amount of blond and black hair 😂😂😂

  • Boss Cathaoir
    Boss Cathaoir 23 days ago

    Y rich

  • J Alvarez
    J Alvarez 24 days ago

    She look like a blonde arya stark (maisie) lol HAHAHAHAH

  • Jacob Acierto
    Jacob Acierto 24 days ago

    she's kinda thicc

  • Mattyooo
    Mattyooo 25 days ago

    Its wierd not seeing Gordon Ramsay shouting fuck every 5 seconds

    MǾǑDŶ 26 days ago +4

    It's so cheesy and cringe, still fun to watch tho

  • Arian
    Arian 26 days ago

    The title caught my attention *BIG TIME* OMG 😂

  • Cruv - Games And Edits
    Cruv - Games And Edits 28 days ago +3

    Lol Matilda is the next pro chef in the family

  • Kevin Gamez
    Kevin Gamez 28 days ago

    Daughter thiccccc

  • The Man Who stopped racism Skipper

    Keeping up with the Ramsay’s would an awesome idea.

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 29 days ago


  • Comfy Cylinder28
    Comfy Cylinder28 29 days ago

    We have no freedom to enjoy such things in Hong Kong.

  • Creed Palmer
    Creed Palmer Month ago

    Editor Must of thought he was the shit with his raw talent at editing, Fucker shoulda know that shit dont fly with Gordon Ramsay
    I Approve of this Fire 10/10

  • zarlish Haider
    zarlish Haider Month ago

    can anyone name the song in 2: 52................. thankyou

  • i do surgery on Trump
    i do surgery on Trump Month ago +2

    I feel bad for the old editor xd

  • M TMM
    M TMM Month ago +1

    I like him but his daughter needs to quit eating so much of his food because she is feeding herself into fathood.... his food is great but women should not eat the same amount of portions that men do

    • CLOUDS地獄
      CLOUDS地獄 13 days ago

      2 get ass dumb nerd

    • M TMM
      M TMM Month ago

      I'm honestly not trying to be rude because I like Chef Ramsay and his family. I'm simply looking at his long-term image and the long-term health consequences of not worrying about your body size...
      I just worried that if her weight spirals out of control that her father will get blamed for it simply because he is a great chef when in reality she needs to take responsibility for her eating habits....
      It's just unrealistic for people to expect to put themselves in the public eye as a chef and not be criticized 4 stupid things that they themselves think they have no control over, like the eating habits of others in their family ....
      The reality is if you are a famous chef you should regulate how people are eating in your family so that way they're image is always healthy and not unhealthy because if the people in your direct family become unhealthy or overweight than a lot of people won't trust your food as being healthy even though it is... basically it comes down to accepting the fact that men and women are different and should not have the same portion sizes... and that's not sexist it's biology
      So why not counter future-drama over this for in advance by thinking logically about changing the eating habits of those in which you are supposed to be raising and influencing so in the future you will not be scrutinized for the eating habits of your children but rather praised because you change their old poor habits into new heakthy logical ones which includes regulating the portion sizes for women to be less than the men because again that is how we are biologically designed.....
      my older sister was her size at her age and now she's 300lb
      She also like Chefs daughter, has always eaten high quality foods but instead of counting calories or watching her portion sizes or how many portions she eats she will simply eat until she is full every time despite many of us pleading with her because we took too long to tell her the truth........
      Don't take my words as an attack if you read this or wait forever to tell her to watch her portion sizes because that will only shorten her life span by putting off these facts that it simply does matter because obesity shortens life span....

  • Josue Sosa
    Josue Sosa Month ago

    I thought he said weed

  • Osu nut
    Osu nut Month ago

    I bet Gordon's Children Will be Chefs one day

  • BASS and DRUM
    BASS and DRUM Month ago +1


  • Mike Andrews
    Mike Andrews Month ago

    It's crazy people sit on their asses and watch people do things they themselves should be doing

  • Animexx
    Animexx Month ago

    Tilly seems like the favorite of the family.

  • Victorianne Castle
    Victorianne Castle Month ago

    Gordon has a private jet. Why am I not surprised?

  • Bank Bank Benten
    Bank Bank Benten Month ago

    What’s the song name? At the very beginning

  • 50,000 Subscribers without videos

    keeping up with the ramsays

  • xboxplayz29
    xboxplayz29 Month ago

    2:03 idiot sandwich

  • Sly Gaming
    Sly Gaming Month ago +1

    I hear copyrighted music lmfao

  • Bloodhound A&GV
    Bloodhound A&GV Month ago

    His son scarily looks a lot, A LOT like Gordon

  • Domitrix
    Domitrix Month ago +1


  • Cooking For Kids TV

    What a fun family!

    Love Ramsey’s❤️

  • Vijdaan Siddiqui
    Vijdaan Siddiqui Month ago

    2:04 is the destination

  • YO tEnGo
    YO tEnGo Month ago

    For spill your guts or fill your guts ask this..
    Whats you’re favourite child???

  • east axis
    east axis Month ago

    Welllll....u are either MEAN..arrogant,snobbish...GOOD..soft spoken friendly.. BUT IF U CAN BE BOTH..meaning...u are a damn HYPOCITE..

  • callum jones the killer in the mirror

    The first thing ive seen where hes not swearing 🤣

  • Wubadubadubdub Forknife

    2:03 *What you came here for* c:

  • Zarif Plays
    Zarif Plays Month ago

    I almost vomited at this video.

  • Mr. Nahui
    Mr. Nahui Month ago

    This Video somehow looks soo fake

  • flippytiger
    flippytiger Month ago

    Gordon: "It's fucking mute! GET OUT!!"

  • Vijdaan Siddiqui
    Vijdaan Siddiqui Month ago +1

    According to the chefs who are taken very seriously, placing two pieces of bread 🍞 between the head is a idiot sandwich.

  • OC ZAZA 56
    OC ZAZA 56 Month ago


  • TheAvirus
    TheAvirus Month ago

    I wish I had a dad

  • Live Vids
    Live Vids Month ago

    Come on Matilda

  • Funtime Mingo
    Funtime Mingo Month ago


  • Deanna Cons
    Deanna Cons Month ago

    Is the intro th vamps song? Omk I can'tttttttt. Im a reaalllllyyy big fan and f the vamps

  • OddTuber
    OddTuber Month ago

    wish u were my Dad XD

  • Callum Clark
    Callum Clark Month ago

    His son is like a mini Gordon 😂

  • SchlumiBenLuschi
    SchlumiBenLuschi Month ago

    still a weapons grade twat

  • Logan Hogan
    Logan Hogan Month ago

    Jeez, better fire this one too. Fucking serious with the sound effects?

  • Bill Wang
    Bill Wang Month ago

    Why can’t my family be this?

  • Sepehr Yazdanmehr
    Sepehr Yazdanmehr Month ago

    I absolutely love this family
    Gordon is my idol in cooking different dishes eve I know I’m much much better then him😁🥘

  • Felmore Daniel Miraflor

    And here i am i can barely afford to pay for the bus

  • Nanao Salam
    Nanao Salam Month ago

    luv u tilly

  • Sam Rivers
    Sam Rivers Month ago

    I wish my family was that fun

  • Are you stroking my yolk?!

    Goddamn it i wish i had him as my father

  • RT.MR.H Rivas
    RT.MR.H Rivas Month ago

    1:22 just cringey.. and music...is..cringey..to......

  • Rosenta United
    Rosenta United Month ago

    This is where gordon show he's real face, and i love it

  • Centenary Vet Forest Lake

    imy mother and i like to watch you and your shows because we think you are the best chef ever and i was wondering if you have a cook book out oh and your dughters show is awsome to

  • Sath Rules
    Sath Rules 2 months ago

    I bet she got grade 9s for GCSES food tech

  • Nemo Bell
    Nemo Bell 2 months ago

    What was that song at 1:20?

  • Fran Bow
    Fran Bow 2 months ago

    YAY :)

    I TRIGGER PEOPLE 2 months ago +1


  • chan miu
    chan miu 2 months ago

    So cute. ~^O^~≧﹏≦

    YO DADDY IS HERE 2 months ago


  • Rhyperior Ranger
    Rhyperior Ranger 2 months ago

    (Gordon glaring at a Big Mac)
    Gordon: WHAT ARE YOU?!
    Big Mac: an idiot sandwich
    Big Mac: an idiot sandwich Chef Ramsay

  • Mary Soreng
    Mary Soreng 2 months ago

    0:56 Lol ! My dad too did that to me. 😂😂😂😂