MPs Approve a Bill Blocking No-Deal - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Sep 5, 2019
  • TLDR Podcast:
    Johnson's Plans Get Derailed by MP's Vote:
    How Bills Pass:
    On Tuesday night MPs voted to give themselves the power to take control of the Parliamentary timetable. They used this time to discuss the Benn Bill. This bill would require the PM to request an extension to the Brexit deadline if there isn't a satisfactory deal/no-deal in place by the 19th of October. In this video we discuss that debate and the subsequent debates.
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Comments • 1 743

    MrRRHHMM 9 days ago

    This Circus Of Treason will be history after the next GE... imo.

  • gn0015
    gn0015 26 days ago

    Mr. Benn's voice sounds a lot like Bercow's.

  • N. R.
    N. R. Month ago

    Well, on behalf of the British I would not underestimate that the EU may want to say „No“ to any further extension. This has been dragging on for too long. From EU-perspective a hard Brexit may seem better than any elongation of the negotiation period...Better „end scared than a scare without end...“

  • Bughatii
    Bughatii Month ago

    Jeremy Corbeans could extend this until we all go on retirement

  • D3athangel1
    D3athangel1 Month ago +1

    Does anyone even slightly understand any of this shit without bullshitting even a little bit?! How the fuck can one country legislate A LAW that said country MUST have a deal with another (or in this case a collective of countries...EU...)?? Wouldn't it make sense that for a deal to happen BOTH parties must be willing? How can you draft the mandatory compliance of a FOREIGN ENTITY to deal with your own country? Anyone else seeing the absolute fucking insanity in this? Like, how does NO ONE see that at any point the EU can say "alright guys, fuck off now." AND THAT'S IT.
    Now, see, I probably don't understand this fully. So please, correct me.

    • Aaron Okeanos
      Aaron Okeanos Month ago

      Watch the last 5 videos than you know how and why.

  • Charlie McAteer
    Charlie McAteer Month ago

    Can't wait for the upcoming riots and wasteland.

  • Robin Day
    Robin Day Month ago

    What would be the punishment for Boris if he broke the law and didn't request an extension?
    How quickly could/would he be charged/convicted?
    What plans or options are in place to get an extension if he does refuse to do it?

    Just wondering if he's willing to go to jail for it. If he is, is there anything that can be done about it?

  • John P. Conley
    John P. Conley Month ago


  • Matthew Grimshaw
    Matthew Grimshaw Month ago

    TheXvid is using your content to sell overtly racist advertisements for Donald Trump's reelection. Will you turn off these ads, or are you comfortable accepting a paycheck for literal, unadulterated fascism?

    "Should illegals be deported? Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee"

  • Alison Eyers
    Alison Eyers Month ago

    Another so called info channel which promotes a balanced view. However, in reality develops the argument for one side. Not impressed as a dishonest premise put forward. No I will not be subscribing!

  • Chris G
    Chris G Month ago +1

    Only democratic when it suits the rich. Absolute disgrace.

  • Earth Man
    Earth Man Month ago

    Good good. brexit is a fools folly.

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour Month ago

    At 8:10 you put the wrong result :c

  • D0ct0rP0p
    D0ct0rP0p Month ago

    "bringing in a bunch of new people".... 'bunch'?!
    How very american.
    Feckin 'bunch'...
    30 seconds into a 10 minute vid and I gave up.
    Took the time to post this though. 10 mins.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Month ago

      What if Johnson steps down on October 20th? They certainly cannot elect a new leader in 10 days and Brexit happens by default

  • Antony Horne
    Antony Horne Month ago

    I say country wide tax strike untill were out the eu why should we pay there wages when they cant do what the people voted for boris has got this in the bag if corbin butts out. Nobody wants corbin so why is he trying to but in all the time. if labour sacked the twat think they might have a chance at winning something

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour Month ago

      Capitulating traitors all! Magna carta . Britain shall never be ruled by a foreign power unless we are defeated in a war. Communism won the war and has systematically

  • Skullduggery
    Skullduggery Month ago

    Hillary Ben another treacherous sociopath who will try to tie us to eu until this evil project collapse.these people don’t understand the word DEMOCRACY how do they.sleep at night,badly I hope.

    • Skullduggery
      Skullduggery Month ago

      We will leave without a deal.The referendum only asked in or out,nothing about a deal.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Month ago

      The bill is illegal. You mugs cant make deals with the EU without the Government s consent 👊👊👊

  • Fixundfertig1
    Fixundfertig1 Month ago

    A millenium 😲

  • Russ
    Russ Month ago

    If the amount of time, money and energy invested in this Brexit debate had been invested in actually preparing for Brexit, we'd be Brexit-ready now. If this shower of political actors keep kicking the can down the road, the people of this country need to bypass this parliament just get on with what must be done. Three years they've had. It took far less time to transition to a war economy in 1939, which ended nearly all trade with Europe. In contrast, all Brexit involves is some extra WTO tariffs on some goods, some businesses relocating, and the government taking on more legal responsibilities. Hardly the end of the world.

  • shoved to the right?

    Still all sounds like no Brexit to me.. Still sounds like treason against the voting citizens that have already spoken! leave Europe or face a civil war!

  • iglidor
    iglidor Month ago

    Wait, so if there is missing guy who should count votes for one side or other, anything that is proposed is automaticaly passed? How does that make any sense?
    I mean what if that ammendment was about including freshly baked babies into parliament cafeteria? Even if everyone went into the "No zone", as long as there is no guy to count them, it will lead to rather disturbing lunch breaks?

  • alida flus
    alida flus Month ago

    'Mr. Speaker, i'd sooner boil my head than hand power to the leader of the opposition...' great choice of words... lol

  • Testing1212ify
    Testing1212ify Month ago

    Thank you Parliament.

  • New King
    New King Month ago

    What deal can we make. ?
    They gave us one deal only
    The EU will not negotiate.
    it said on article 50 leave on WTO terms.

  • inconceivabledark
    inconceivabledark Month ago

    You gotta admit tho it has everything! drama, comedy, tragedy..... I wonder when we'll get a sex scene.....

    • alida flus
      alida flus Month ago +1

      Our government is a failed system they dont care about whats best for the public they just do everything they can to make the other party look bad so they can get in power.

  • Aodhan Owens
    Aodhan Owens Month ago

    Like my comment or else Yoda from Lego star wars 2 ds is gonna git you

  • Music & Lunacy
    Music & Lunacy Month ago

    Speaker John Bercow: Let me see, how many different ways can I say "ORDER"?

  • Tim G
    Tim G Month ago

    Hopefully the Queen will withold or refuse Royal assent. I can be done. It would help if that advice comes from her Ministers (note Ministers, not members) but if ever there were a need to shake up UK politics it is now.

  • C B
    C B Month ago +1

    If the Russians or Chinese invade Britain today, the British won't even notice, with everyone so confused, fed-up and preoccupied with brexit.

  • winks wink
    winks wink Month ago

    The bill is illegal. You mugs cant make deals with the EU without the Government s consent 👊👊👊

  • cmdstraker
    cmdstraker Month ago

    What if Johnson steps down on October 20th? They certainly cannot elect a new leader in 10 days and Brexit happens by default

  • Dan smith
    Dan smith Month ago

    I luv EU democracy people get to vote until they give the results the leaders want :) Fake democracy.

  • RealiableCandy4
    RealiableCandy4 Month ago

    I don't care anymore.

  • Karl Schaap
    Karl Schaap Month ago +1

    Going against the will of the people (again). Some "democracy" 🙄🙄

  • Peppa pig
    Peppa pig Month ago

    Fuck me, talk about dragging their feet. They want to unification of our arm forces into the EU. Hence dragging their feet.

  • Dave McKeegan
    Dave McKeegan Month ago

    Got to love the opposition - spends 2 years demanding there should be another general election ... Then reject the vote to have an election.

  • ElliottLMz
    ElliottLMz Month ago

    #27 on Trending
    Well done TLDR!!

  • Harry Green
    Harry Green Month ago

    Oh Mate this Country os going to be from United Kingdom to bottom of Europe...!!!
    We going out .. no we not
    We going out .. no we not
    We going out we need more time and Europe is sitting there saying hahah what a bouncy of kids

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Month ago +1

      I have a better chance of passing my GCSEs than Brexit happening

  • Sau s
    Sau s Month ago

    Our government is a failed system they dont care about whats best for the public they just do everything they can to make the other party look bad so they can get in power.

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Month ago

      Tomorrow parliament will vote to lower the speed of light

  • Pyriphlegeton
    Pyriphlegeton Month ago +4

    Just leave the EU already.
    It's the will of the people, stop obstructing it.

  • drageben
    drageben Month ago

    I found out something not that long ago on a party meeting that my country had a trade deal with the eu before they joined the eea so if we ever did a norxit we would still have that trade deal

  • MrBK
    MrBK Month ago

    When you realise that the mps have zero negation skills expect Boris who was using a no deal as a scare tactic against the eu since if we leave with out one it will be worse out for Europe in the long run

  • Elizangela Da costa

    They all knew what bojo plans
    were so why did they allow him to become the prime minister? The British people voted to leave. The mps are complicating.

  • Lee Robinson
    Lee Robinson Month ago

    That’s the problem the house can’t decide, it’s a re-occurring problem that’s making these sods money with no will or desire too solve the problem

  • coelo physis
    coelo physis Month ago

    Hey Momentum, Johnson is more revolutionary than Corbyn! He destroyed the Tory Old Guard... and Corbyn didn't and sold out. You must feel so good about your leader right now - you are liveing a LIE like Corbyn. Keep watching tMomentum, he revolution is coming not even your EU paymasters can supress the truth.

  • Tom Mulligan
    Tom Mulligan Month ago

    Any old deal will do. Once were out of the EU we can amend it to our advantage bit by bit.

  • Akatsuki Clan
    Akatsuki Clan Month ago

    Game of thrones bro game of thrones brooooo

  • Umut
    Umut Month ago

    The ammendment automatically passing without having a vote is crazy and undemocratic!

  • Faizaan
    Faizaan Month ago

    we're never gonne be done with this bs are we...

  • Sam Hale
    Sam Hale Month ago

    I'm going to negotiate with you over price. I'm not allowed to walk away if the price you ask is too high.
    How much do YOU think you're going to set the price?
    .... not going to harm negotiations.... Like fuck. Labor and the cowards who voted for No-Deal to be taken off the table just turned the UK into a hostage state for the EU. Don't be surprised when they exploit you. They also are unlikely to allow the UK to revoke article 50 now... until the totally inept "expert-negotiators" who allowed this bill to pass wake the fuck up to the giant bill the EU is going to send them and revoke the End of No-Deal bill that they just passed.
    How fucking stupid are these people? This is basic business 101. You MUST have a null position to negotiate. Otherwise you have capitulated your position entirely to the will and whim of your "partner".

  • bilinas mini
    bilinas mini Month ago

    loophole general election? The fact that the opposition turned down an opportunity for a general election goes against the very definition of the opposition.

  • Hecatonicosachoron
    Hecatonicosachoron Month ago

    The result shown at 8:11 must have been for the election motion and not the Benn bill

  • Hamish McPenguin
    Hamish McPenguin Month ago

    Tomorrow parliament will vote to lower the speed of light

  • Simply Cloudy
    Simply Cloudy Month ago +1

    I have a better chance of passing my GCSEs than Brexit happening

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini Month ago

      Brexit deniers have successfully blocked any chance of us ever leaving the EU now. I hate politicians

  • Alan Robertson
    Alan Robertson Month ago

    Anyone know what would happen if Boris ignored this law? Would he go to jail, get fined, be barred from sitting in parliament etc?

  • Truth Willout
    Truth Willout Month ago

    Rogue parliament full of traitors trying to stop the direct democratic vote of the people because they all have self interests in Europe property, land and vineyard investments.
    These assholes have been riding the gravy train too long..Time for a shut down and purge...

  • Josephine kiaga
    Josephine kiaga Month ago

    The House of Commons has banter for daysss😂 I love it

  • Mark Ferguson
    Mark Ferguson Month ago +1

    I voted leave, sick to back teeth of em messing about!
    Get on with it!

  • Tengiz Cengiz
    Tengiz Cengiz Month ago

    All you politicians make sick, I've never known such incompetence and greed to ever exist. They all need to be replaced by persons from the private business sector.

  • Kelvin Sullivan
    Kelvin Sullivan Month ago

    was inevitable from day one, dont like the result? find a way to block it.. unfair, wrong & completely disrespectful to those.who voted leave.. will never have any faith in this shithole country again, our opinions dont matter...

  • Dothemathemathics
    Dothemathemathics Month ago

    Second Brexit referendum Polls? Remain in EU 49% Leave 44% Undecided 7% .. Which means some people in Britain changed their minds.

    • SoD Dragz
      SoD Dragz Month ago

      Please tell me where you got these statistics from