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  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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Comments • 50 536

  • Seth Craig
    Seth Craig 37 minutes ago

    It is his FIRST TIME ON EARTH!
    They really had to take it back

  • Lady Wither Girl
    Lady Wither Girl 2 hours ago

    That Bumblebee has to be the CUTEST I've ever seen!!! EEEE!!

  • Ahjaah Jewett
    Ahjaah Jewett 3 hours ago

    2:13 Don't give me that! Sheesh

  • Akshay Peddada
    Akshay Peddada 7 hours ago +1

    God I love Bumblebee! 🖤💛 🐝

  • MasterXiotis
    MasterXiotis 14 hours ago +1

    is the story of this movie before or after the transformers movie? im confused

  • Hiatt Grey
    Hiatt Grey 14 hours ago

    Guys Michael Bay is part of this project, he will act as producer, so this film must be like a apology to fans after four movie and the disappointment of last year's The Last Knight. And that red Decepticon is not Starscream, it's Blitzwing.

  • Zer0Gaming
    Zer0Gaming 15 hours ago

    You know shit is going down when starscream appears

  • DarKKnightt07
    DarKKnightt07 18 hours ago

    This might be the best transformers movie ever made.

  • skycraftVR
    skycraftVR 19 hours ago

    Starscream look like the cybertron starscream

  • Cassandra F.
    Cassandra F. Day ago

    Cant believe this is directed by the same guy who made Kubo & the Two Strings. Like whaaaa??

  • Karun Sagar
    Karun Sagar Day ago

    Oh, a likable protagonist, thank you!

  • Hershela
    Hershela Day ago

    Guess the song let him down.

  • Nazar Dubinskyi
    Nazar Dubinskyi Day ago +1

    Starscream Ee Boyyyy!!! This is Starscream from Transformers 1987!!

    • Erik C
      Erik C 17 hours ago

      lol its Blitzwing...

  • Björn Thorson
    Björn Thorson Day ago

    This movie is supposed to have a very Iron Giant-esque feel to it.

  • Björn Thorson
    Björn Thorson Day ago

    Uncle Bobby B, Baby. Uncle Bobby B

  • Akuma
    Akuma Day ago

    I love you, Bumblebee

  • Esperanza Hernandez

    Best transformer ever and I love bumblebees he my favorite transformer character

  • orlandobabe
    orlandobabe Day ago

    I will watch it if someone can tell me that MICKEY asshole Bay has absolutely nothing to do with this film, not as director, not as producer, not even assistant. NOTHING.

    • orlandobabe
      orlandobabe 16 hours ago

      Erik C I'll consider seeing this, I love Transformers but I wish Bay hadn't made the films, he was and still is Hollywood's dick of all dicks.

    • Erik C
      Erik C 16 hours ago

      orlandobabe Yea, not a fan of him either. But I have faith in Travis Knight.

    • orlandobabe
      orlandobabe 16 hours ago

      Erik C Shit! I hate that man with a vengeance.

    • Erik C
      Erik C 17 hours ago

      hes a producer, but producers really aren't that involved with the overall production or creative side of a project.

  • Vinod Sunar
    Vinod Sunar Day ago


  • Ninja Hyper
    Ninja Hyper Day ago

    I don’t like this bumblebee Cleary could talk in the last knight and here he is a shitty car and can’t even speak no hate but I don’t like this series

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      This is before those movies.

  • Caleb Favela
    Caleb Favela Day ago

    For the record, nobody saw John Cena lol

  • Jynx Feary
    Jynx Feary 2 days ago

    Not liking the way bumblebee looks lol rip

  • Eric Robertson
    Eric Robertson 2 days ago


  • enderman TV รวงข้าว


  • Darline Whitt
    Darline Whitt 2 days ago

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

  • 2deep4u
    2deep4u 2 days ago

    Shape Of Wather Transformers Edition

  • Cooper Dillhoff
    Cooper Dillhoff 2 days ago

    1:47 Was that John Cena?😱

  • Robin Bejarano Pacheco

    hahaha Bobby b baby

  • Kate Gasparri
    Kate Gasparri 2 days ago

    Baby boy!!!

  • MyBean
    MyBean 2 days ago

    So this is a Prequel?

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer 2 days ago


    PENTA RENGAR 2 days ago


  • The Savage
    The Savage 2 days ago

    The beatle was the Transformer 1

  • Dylan Demafeliz
    Dylan Demafeliz 3 days ago

    Never gonna give you up?

  • Prathamesh Zingade
    Prathamesh Zingade 3 days ago

    Where is the prime?

  • Rodrigonio H.C
    Rodrigonio H.C 3 days ago

    Omfg Bumblebee!!!!!

  • Shankara Scott
    Shankara Scott 3 days ago

    The Iron Giant 2 looks amazing. Seems like the wait will be worth it.

  • Haiden G
    Haiden G 3 days ago

    Bee just needs someone to believe in him.

    Gee, why does that sound familiar.

  • Gaming Studio
    Gaming Studio 3 days ago +2

    1:47 is he is John cena?

  • Jarrett Wolokoff
    Jarrett Wolokoff 3 days ago

    Herbie??? Actually is bumblebee?

  • Steve St-denis
    Steve St-denis 3 days ago

    how to make money ? do movie for kids ! but how ? check wich charactere they love the most and make a movie about him

  • Dhanren Angon
    Dhanren Angon 3 days ago +1

    So cute hailee 😘

  • Restricted Videos
    Restricted Videos 3 days ago

    Sorry but i dont like the look of bumble bee

  • Ellison Jusino
    Ellison Jusino 3 days ago

    I'm not gonna lie, given how good Kubo was....I CANT wait for this to come out.....Hope I wont be disappointed!The feels......

  • Spider Panther Prime

    But where’s barricade

  • Spider Panther Prime

    That’s blitzwing not starscream 1:49

  • Sergio G
    Sergio G 3 days ago

    What year is it supposed to take place

  • Benz MU
    Benz MU 3 days ago

    Bee so cute.>////

  • lil jay
    lil jay 3 days ago

    I love bumblebee

  • Warlockov
    Warlockov 3 days ago

    why 99 from 100 movies are made for kids nowadays?

  • Dhanren Angon
    Dhanren Angon 3 days ago

    I hope that bumblebee

  • Cynical
    Cynical 3 days ago +1

    I liked transformers 1 and 2, and even 3 was okay. Then Shia left and 4 and 5 were terrible, this will probably be somewhere inbetween imo. Not as good as 1 and 2, but better than 4 and 5. I still wish Shia would come back to the franchise. Also, I kinda like Camaro Bumblebee better.

  • FORTNITE_235
    FORTNITE_235 4 days ago

    Well all we need now is a new director for the storyline for transformers so we can have a good last 1 or 2 movies.
    Not director bay
    Like my comment if you thank we need a reboot for all the lost transformers from the 4 movie R.I.P
    Oh no I just thought of something maybe everyone was wrong this movie is leading up to many more movies but bee will die so thay made one for him to say good bye for transformers 6
    Sorry if I'm wasting your time but what is the post credit seen is him going to the car place to meet Sam and the seen says right before the end of it is say "SAM!"........

  • Crosby4ever
    Crosby4ever 4 days ago

    Glad there rebooting Transformers and going back to original Starscream

  • Jesus Benavides
    Jesus Benavides 4 days ago +1

    I cant help but notice how Starscream and Bumblebee never really fought in the previous films!

    • jon williams
      jon williams 3 days ago +1

      Jesus Benavides Starscream isnt in the movie

  • watercat1302
    watercat1302 4 days ago

    Watching this, I wish Bay would make Transformers like this: building its universe up one movie at a time instead of blasting everything off from the get-go. And he focused on the human and explosion too much...

  • Beverly Lumpkin
    Beverly Lumpkin 4 days ago

    I love bumbulebee he is funny every one like him

  • Plastic Life
    Plastic Life 4 days ago

    This kinda reminds me of the iron giant

  • Naus Skjule
    Naus Skjule 4 days ago

    Wow there actual Transforming the way they should transform.

  • Cyraximus Prime
    Cyraximus Prime 5 days ago

    i really hope that the name blitzwing is just an alias for starscream in this movie and near the end it's revealed that his name is still starscream.

    • jon williams
      jon williams 3 days ago

      Cyraximus Prime Why would he hide his name?

  • MultiFalconPAWNCH
    MultiFalconPAWNCH 5 days ago

    The Shape of Water, now with more Transformers!

  • Alfa Buba
    Alfa Buba 5 days ago +1

    Starscream I saw him

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Its Blitzwing : /

  • Weirdmonkey 555
    Weirdmonkey 555 5 days ago


  • Meng Uy
    Meng Uy 5 days ago

    They making another fail n stupid movies again

  • Timokis
    Timokis 5 days ago

    1:36 what is the song

  • WKZtv
    WKZtv 5 days ago

    1 day after my birthday! Goddamn it.

  • blaze mascarenhas
    blaze mascarenhas 5 days ago

    Hailee steinfield wow

  • NitesRLit
    NitesRLit 5 days ago +1

    QwQ I can tell it's gonna be emotional just by the music-

  • EcSbLaCkRoB30 Rob
    EcSbLaCkRoB30 Rob 5 days ago

    Did anybody realize that bee turns into the car from the first transformers and Bernie macs car lot

  • The Editor
    The Editor 5 days ago

    Who thinks they ship bumblebee and the girl

  • autumn wing
    autumn wing 5 days ago


  • Mufti Hossain
    Mufti Hossain 5 days ago


  • Darren Gilliam
    Darren Gilliam 5 days ago

    OK if this supposed to be prequel why didn't she show up looking for bumblebee and why the government acting like its first time meeting the transformers? 🤔

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago


    • Cooler
      Cooler 5 days ago +1

      It's a soft reboot they're restarting it no more michael bay movies

  • elitadream
    elitadream 5 days ago +1

    *Spoiler Alert...*
    Guys, the jet that we see in this trailer unfortunately is NOT Starscream. I read that it was actually going to be Blitzwing... But then why give him Starscream's colors?? I kinda want someone to rant with me on this.

  • Daryl Tan
    Daryl Tan 5 days ago

    Not to say this won't be a good movie..
    Or maybe it's a reboot..
    But I was expecting a more origin-based story of Bumblebee when he was in Cybertron fighting alongside Optimus against the decepticons and how he traveled to earth...
    Maybe the scene in TF5 where he was fighting Nazis can potentially be the follow up and start to introduce how it all started...maybe even introducing human characters who fought alongside him during WW2 and finally lead up to the day he meets Sam...
    That'll be a whole lot awesome

  • Vavan Ok
    Vavan Ok 5 days ago +2

    *Dear filmmakers return Sam Whitwick!!!*

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      LOL nah that asshole is gone and dead.

  • Julain Mendoza
    Julain Mendoza 6 days ago +2

    The Shape of Water but with a robot

  • Gabriel Bellinaso
    Gabriel Bellinaso 6 days ago

    1:47 oh no bumblebee if you are going to fight him just give up you cant win this fight

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool 6 days ago

    Who the Fuck is that

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      nah its Blitzwing...

    • Cooler
      Cooler 5 days ago

      Starscream with a new generation1 design

  • I'm a snorlax bro
    I'm a snorlax bro 6 days ago

    But that’s definitely starscream tho

  • I'm a snorlax bro
    I'm a snorlax bro 6 days ago

    This looks good! Can’t wait!

  • danny daveto the dingo


  • Daniel Dorneanu
    Daniel Dorneanu 6 days ago

    Let me tell you something : a driver pick no 🚗, the 🚗 pick the driver 🔥🔥🔥

  • Spider Riszer
    Spider Riszer 6 days ago

    TCU transformers cinematic universe start a new one starting with probably Optimus then Starscream The new transformers one without Shia LaBeouf

  • JasonF938
    JasonF938 6 days ago +2

    I'm in two minds about this.
    It looks really good, but if it's just a Bayformers prequel, I'll probably give it a miss.
    On the other hand, if this is a hard reboot of the franchise and the first in a new Cinematic Universe, then sign me right the f*ck up!
    A female human lead that isn't just there as eye candy,
    No overly polished glamour cars, as in the Transformers could actually be considered to be "in disguise",
    As a followup, 'Bee's vehicle mode is an actual VW Beetle!!!
    Set in the '80s (nice callback to G1)
    Peter Cullen apparently back as Optimus (because literally nobody else could do it)
    Y'know what? Ignore my first sentence, I'm seeing this when it comes out.

  • Sade Love
    Sade Love 6 days ago +1

    I miss Sam

  • AyoMar ひ
    AyoMar ひ 6 days ago +1

    idk bro i’m not feeling the girl as the main protagonists

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      AyoMar ひ Shia is fine, but his character in these movies is cancerous

    • AyoMar ひ
      AyoMar ひ Day ago

      Erik C your joking right shia is a legend

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      holy shit please see the movie first. She'll be better than any shila boof

  • Juana Kravitz
    Juana Kravitz 6 days ago

    Finally a transformers movie that’s isn’t created by Michael Bay! At least I don’t think so. Bumblebee is my #1 favorite auto bot !! Can’t wait for this movie!

  • luka gaming
    luka gaming 6 days ago

    Waited this spinoff since 2007 son

  • GanSe
    GanSe 6 days ago

    AWSOME !

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 7 days ago +1

    This should be the reboot universe, with BUMBLEBEE staying in Volkswagen form. You're finally getting these characters right.

  • Arielthehedgehog1998

    I don’t even watch any of the transformers and this looks like it would be so cool! I have a serious thing when it comes to robots and emotionally connecting with them.

  • 3n50ph
    3n50ph 7 days ago

    Its nice to see that she feels comfortable on screen after being doggy styled by Jeff Bridges in front of a green screen and spliced into the True Grit film.
    Don't think there is a sex scene in that movie? After she gets bit by a rattlesnake and is spirited away on horse back, pay close attention to the background and how sweaty and wild both of them are in certain frames.
    She HAD to have sex with Jeff Bridges on camera and it got sold to us, low key.
    Super obvious when you look for it though.

  • Velvet X
    Velvet X 7 days ago

    Whats is the time line in this movie ??

  • EzioAuditore117 Ridiculousness

    Ive always wondered..what happened to the other autobots and decepticons?

  • Meiko Shark
    Meiko Shark 7 days ago

    Oh my god! This is it!

  • Katie Otto
    Katie Otto 7 days ago

    I am looking forward to this.

  • Jinsong
    Jinsong 7 days ago +1

    My Biggest Concern:
    Unfortunately that girl was nowhere to be found in the 2007 Transformers movie, although Bumblebee’s vehicle was the same that Sam got (Please correct me if I’m wrong.). Whilst this looks like romance, comedy and action, all I can say is we can’t get too attached to the main protagonist without getting your heart shredded near or at the end of the movie. From the looks of it- despite I’m an action fan, I personally believe it’ll be as good, if not better, than 2007 Transformers. Two more points I’d like to make:
    •Since this’ a prequel, humans didn’t yet know how to deal with a Transformer. Remember Blackout pushing over a military base like building blocks and Scorponok in the desert? Hell yeah. No more tissue paper like ROTF & DOTM onwards.
    •I personally believe that’s a recolored Blitzwing and not Starscream. Although please correct me if wrong.

  • leadfoot456
    leadfoot456 7 days ago +1

    i would like the movie more if bumblebee had a VW bug fifth wheel camper

    SVT RETRO 7 days ago

    i'm not going to like this movie why is bee a Volkswagen why can't he be a 1967 camaro like that would be badass!!!