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  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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  • Speedy Gunz
    Speedy Gunz 6 hours ago

    Jesus christ! Can these shitty movies just die?! I like how the trailer music tries to pull at the heartstrings and epic. Oh look! more military men that want to use him as a weapon! It's amazing how the same people fall for the same trash over and over.

  • Jeff Smyth
    Jeff Smyth 6 hours ago

    I really like how she was about to say "what are you" but then decides "who are you" Not sure why I liked that, but I do.

  • ZhanaeWoods
    ZhanaeWoods 7 hours ago +1

    Legit started crying when he placed his face in her hands...damn it. Im a gangsta. I DON'T CRY!

  • nhash baysa
    nhash baysa 7 hours ago

    Guess bumblebee doesnt like rick rolled

  • Brian Shipley
    Brian Shipley 8 hours ago

    2:13 RickRolls did not exist in the 1980s

  • Silly Chilly
    Silly Chilly 8 hours ago

    Can we see Optimus Prime in this movie?

  • 河君の秘密友達
    河君の秘密友達 9 hours ago

    The name is John Cena~

  • some random guy
    some random guy 9 hours ago

    I'm getting tired of bumblebee. How about a transformer movie about shockwave or jazz or sideways. Anything besides bumblebee. We already get enough of him. That's just my opinion.

  • conrad marshall
    conrad marshall 10 hours ago

    Getting feels... for a Transformer movie!! Whod've thought!?

  • Apaulyon Megsohn Devoir
    Apaulyon Megsohn Devoir 10 hours ago +1

    This is so cute! This is the Transformers movie the world needs!

  • Karim Bomar
    Karim Bomar 11 hours ago

    sad very sad this movie is gonna suck badly I'm not watching it if this new director continues the franchise I'm hanging up my energon boots cause it's way beyond too late to start over

  • Darran Chan
    Darran Chan 12 hours ago

    "There are people who need you Bee". Yes Bee, the people who have been hurt by the Bayformers, we need you more than ever. We need this so much

  • molted freddys fan
    molted freddys fan 13 hours ago

    In the 5 transformers movie bumblebee was a Camaro and now he's a Volkswagen Beetle i cant belive that I'll get to see generation 1 bumblebee and Starscream

  • Adit 5320
    Adit 5320 13 hours ago

    John cena

  • PawpawOintment
    PawpawOintment 14 hours ago

    Holllllllly sheiitttt....a VW beetle Bumblebee, now that childhood....not some sportscar bullshit. Wait, is this a reboot?

  • BossStar Tv
    BossStar Tv 14 hours ago +1

    John cena

  • Darnel Amos
    Darnel Amos 14 hours ago +2

    We all know bee was always the sweetest of the autobots

  • Luis Andrei
    Luis Andrei 14 hours ago +1

    You can actually see Bumblebee's Original form on Transformers The Ride 3D at the end when you kill Megatron from falling he's on the far left side. You can see him best in the front far right.

  • 雪瀬阿
    雪瀬阿 15 hours ago


  • Lord Gabriel
    Lord Gabriel 15 hours ago

    Was that starscream? Looked like starscream...

    • Lord Gabriel
      Lord Gabriel 13 hours ago

      Cyrus Wong /Kamen rider Build Oh that's lit. Somewhat resembles what the original starscream freakin' looked like.

    • Cyrus Wong /Kamen rider Build
      Cyrus Wong /Kamen rider Build 13 hours ago

      Lord Gabriel it is him but he change

  • Lord Gabriel
    Lord Gabriel 15 hours ago

    Aw Christ, They better do better than that transformer franchise, god it was awful, more alien than the story lol.

  • Tristan Magoon
    Tristan Magoon 15 hours ago

    So I'm seeing bumblebee obviously and maybe Starscream idk lemme know what you guys think.

  • GayForGrievous
    GayForGrievous 16 hours ago


  • Kenyatta Foster
    Kenyatta Foster 16 hours ago

    Hot trash! You couldn't get me to see this movie at gunpoint! Hell to the NO! Start over using the TV cartoon or the comics or both as a blueprint or just quit making them! You're killing the franchise!

  • lex jr
    lex jr 17 hours ago

    Sorry Herpy bumblebee just took over your car.

  • wolfpup3
    wolfpup3 18 hours ago

    So, so many things wrong with these movies, but still, this looks the most promising since the first one. Damn it though, let him talk!

  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule 18 hours ago

    Bumblebee is so cute here like he a baby robot. Anyone agree ?

  • Rudy ESSJ
    Rudy ESSJ 19 hours ago

    Hella gay .

    • Erik C
      Erik C 7 hours ago

      Yes!! I'm guessing you haven't read the TF IDW comics. Super gay :))))

  • Ivan Monroy
    Ivan Monroy 20 hours ago

    This movie reminds of the iron giant

  • Thomas Kalaij
    Thomas Kalaij 20 hours ago

    Yas...Hailee Steinfield

  • Nutquik Rabbit
    Nutquik Rabbit 20 hours ago

    I hope this is good.

  • Cristofer Oreo
    Cristofer Oreo 22 hours ago

    omg i just realized bumblebee's face looks like a bees

  • Ka Mpret
    Ka Mpret 22 hours ago

    Oh dear might be the first time i got excited for a tf movie

  • Xavier Burks
    Xavier Burks 23 hours ago

    Not directed but still produced by Michael bay so don't get to excited

  • * Big Stud Muffin *

    Where they find this funny looking bumblebee at?
    Ughhh... somebody get Michael bay on the phone & tell him he is needed .

  • Garrett Samuel
    Garrett Samuel Day ago

    She kind of looks like Shia LaBeouf

  • Shay Woods
    Shay Woods Day ago +1

    I'm so happy Bee gets so more recognition 👏😢😁

  • Chauncey Kelly
    Chauncey Kelly Day ago

    Jesus! Will they please give Bumble Bee a fucking voice already!!!!!! He talked in the fucking cartoon! Why can't they hire the voice actor from the cartoon like they did Optimus Prime!

    • Black Beetle
      Black Beetle Day ago +1

      Chauncey Kelly its one of those things that people like including myself, but yeah, it would be nice to see him have a voice again.

  • James ZX gaming
    James ZX gaming Day ago

    Bumble bee is easily my fave transformer

  • Mr.Peter Quill
    Mr.Peter Quill Day ago

    I never like this transformers series but I don't know why I love this movie . I'm crying . The music is very.....

  • Cassiel Dark
    Cassiel Dark Day ago

    I found this not realy Cool.Its my Story.:(

  • Fenne Verrecas
    Fenne Verrecas Day ago

    I love Hailee

  • Sparks Flamanic
    Sparks Flamanic Day ago

    John Cena and a Rick Roll in the same trailer...Well fuck.

  • Cassiel Dark
    Cassiel Dark Day ago +1

    Good ist Bumblebee so fucking cute.But wy he are so Little?The story reminds me damn the fanfiction I have written about him.
    My, girl finds Bee, takes him home and makes friends with him

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Cassiel Dark okay?

    • Cassiel Dark
      Cassiel Dark Day ago

      Hm okay, but ist realy my Fanfiktionstory that i ride for one Year.My Girl names Lilly.

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Cassiel Dark Because he’s a minibot!!

  • Prince Brw
    Prince Brw Day ago

    Ohhh!!……i have to watch this ……it has John cena

  • Jarred Rexroad
    Jarred Rexroad Day ago

    Is this a spin off or is it going to pick up where the last one left off?

  • Iann Greenroy
    Iann Greenroy Day ago

    You ruined bumblebee

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Iann Greenroy Um...HOW?

  • Kuandyk Asan
    Kuandyk Asan Day ago


  • Yule Carson Thangsning

    transformers 1 2 3 4 5 whats common a whole lotta explosions collateral damage optimus prime kicking decepticon ass optimus moralilistic speech pew pew pew booooommmm bumblebee silent shitty car to start with and how can you transform a franchise based on action more than story into something thats not😰😰

    • Yule Carson Thangsning
      Yule Carson Thangsning 22 hours ago

      ok i give up guys bumblebee will be a great movie i mean who knows maybe the film will be a blockbuster espesially whawn its released in Christmas

    • Renegade Spark
      Renegade Spark Day ago

      Yule Carson Thangsning Um Bay isn't directing this, so it can be whatever the hell it wants.

    • Yule Carson Thangsning
      Yule Carson Thangsning Day ago

      yeah tell that to Michael Bay😅😅😅

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Yule Carson Thangsning ??? Transformers can be whatever someone wants it to be, dude.

  • superduperplad
    superduperplad Day ago

    Are we done; are we finally free of Bay? Is it wrong to actually be looking forward to a transformers movie?

  • Stephen LaMar
    Stephen LaMar Day ago

    O_O o wow

  • Fire Gaming
    Fire Gaming Day ago

    Robot andalanku😍

  • Intern
    Intern Day ago

    Still haven't fixed your little voice box problem, huh? And here I thought the autobots were never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...*song starts playing*

  • Killreaper15975
    Killreaper15975 Day ago

    There should be a spin off movie like this for blackout

  • Daxzer23
    Daxzer23 Day ago

    This time I could actually see what’s going on.

  • Yeremia Victor
    Yeremia Victor Day ago

    Herbie must be his gf.. lol

  • metaphysical meme

    What the fuck is this, Solo?

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      metaphysical meme No, this is Bumblebee.

  • Mam0ra Knightfall

    2:03 he looks similar to an old jeep or Humvee.

  • Travis Maguire
    Travis Maguire Day ago

    Wait I swear bumblebee was like a full blown adult during ww2

  • Reese Romeo
    Reese Romeo Day ago

    So bumble bee isn’t 100 feet tall anymore lol

  • Phantom Flame
    Phantom Flame Day ago

    Can't wait for this

  • Lukeinator
    Lukeinator Day ago

    I hope that this is some sort of a reboot! Then they can make the movies great!

  • dennnis2781
    dennnis2781 Day ago +1

    Okay, does this motherfucker ever talk? He still can't speak in this movie, either!

  • Eric McLoughlin
    Eric McLoughlin Day ago

    One of the best overall movie trailers I've seen in a long time.

  • marvel transformer

    2:13 bee just got rick rolled and charile too 💛🐝

  • Just Call Me Lynx

    Holy shit...
    This Michael Bay Transformer Movie actually looks good... :O

    • Somebody Know
      Somebody Know Day ago

      its made by Travis Knight

    • Greg b
      Greg b Day ago

      Just Call Me Lynx not*

    • Greg b
      Greg b Day ago

      Just Call Me Lynx no by Michael Bay

  • Mark Whitelegge
    Mark Whitelegge Day ago +2

    Chroma music - Jupiter (the song)

  • Barnabas Oyarero
    Barnabas Oyarero Day ago +1

    How to train your bumblebee

  • NITROxWolf
    NITROxWolf Day ago

    Let me tell you something , the driver don’t pick the car the car pick the driver. It’s a mystical bond between man and machine, you got the right I can’t wait for this 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛

  • Dhani Muhammad
    Dhani Muhammad Day ago

    John cenaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Rubic Cube
    Rubic Cube Day ago

    In The Last Knight it was said Bumble Bee has fought in WW2 it would make sense if the film was set in that era so theres no gap fill ins like how he came to Earth and how he fucking got back to cybetron like really!?!

    • jon williams
      jon williams Day ago

      Rubic Cube It will be like the x men series. Make it connected but disconnected.

  • Mr. Mailhot
    Mr. Mailhot Day ago

    So this is after the movies?

  • Daily Poison
    Daily Poison 2 days ago

    Bumble bee is a little smaller

  • James Anglim
    James Anglim 2 days ago

    Bumble bee movie

  • Evan Douglas-Smith
    Evan Douglas-Smith 2 days ago

    You know music can help say how you’re feeling... I want bumblebee and to fly see like cassette!

  • Evan Douglas-Smith
    Evan Douglas-Smith 2 days ago

    Who are you? I want bumblebee... what’s your name.... beetle she even sounds like a beetle when she transforms..

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Evan Douglas-Smith ??? Wtf are you talking about?

  • Hayaller Paris
    Hayaller Paris 2 days ago

    Hiii...please subscribe 😘😘😘✋

  • Brave Soul
    Brave Soul 2 days ago

    Its not created by michael bay??

  • I&at CPPR
    I&at CPPR 2 days ago


  • I&at CPPR
    I&at CPPR 2 days ago


  • Rail
    Rail 2 days ago

    We just got rickrolled, all of us

  • petrice dobson
    petrice dobson 2 days ago

    Finally Bee’s time to shine!!!

  • jason fasthorse
    jason fasthorse 2 days ago

    @ 1:57 that expression your ugly when you cry, I don’t care I still wife that...

  • Frenki EF
    Frenki EF 2 days ago


  • Leonard Lee
    Leonard Lee 2 days ago

    Wait everyone's talking about how they saw John Cena. Where tf is he? I went to 1:46 because people in the comments said he was therebut I don't see him? Is he one of the guards in the background? Guys help.

  • 19747975
    19747975 2 days ago


  • BlueDragon992
    BlueDragon992 2 days ago

    A live-action Transformers movie made with no involvement whatsoever from Michael Bay!? Color me intrigued...

  • CeltycSparrow
    CeltycSparrow 2 days ago +2

    Good Lord, I have gone soft. I am feeling pity for freaking Transformer. lol My heart just felt compassion for Bee when he was cowered in the corner. He looked....scared.

  • UnResistableNoob
    UnResistableNoob 2 days ago +1

    Like the concept, but not what a lot of people want, make a movie about the fall of cybertron. :)

  • Jason Matty
    Jason Matty 2 days ago

    Just...... why?

    • Erik C
      Erik C 2 days ago

      Jason Matty Why not?

  • Rocco sances
    Rocco sances 2 days ago

    He’s not even a camaro he’s now a pussy car just great

    • Erik C
      Erik C 2 days ago +1

      Rocco sances Fuck off, he was ORIGINALLY a VW Beetle. Idiot.

  • Dennis Harold
    Dennis Harold 2 days ago

    Instructions from the Avasva site are perfect for beginners.

  • stabilisedchaos
    stabilisedchaos 2 days ago

    I thought Bumble Bee was HUGE,he was fighting prime in the last movie and looked 20 foot tall,yet here he is standing in a 12 foot high garage and still he looks small.

    • Erik C
      Erik C 2 days ago +1

      stabilisedchaos No, he’s a minibot. He’s suppose to be small. Around 8-9 ft.

  • Maysta Mirra
    Maysta Mirra 2 days ago +3


  • fm /
    fm / 2 days ago +1

    starscream omfg dhgjfdsgjshfejf

  • Awais Mazhar
    Awais Mazhar 2 days ago +1

    Did i just saw John Cena? Or you guys also saw him?

  • George Tony
    George Tony 2 days ago +2

    Herbie meets the Iron Giant?

  • VideoShow App
    VideoShow App 2 days ago +1

    I tought his voice has already fixed when he fights optimus, plz answer why quickly

    • Erik C
      Erik C 2 days ago +1

      Its a prequel.

  • Matt Pina
    Matt Pina 2 days ago

    OH SNAP! I think I've connected the dots... so Bumblebee is Optimus Primes main scout/spy (hence why he is fashioned as an old VW beetle to blend in, one of the best selling cars at the time) so he is sent to Earth at this time to find a new home for Cybertron or maybe find a weapon but falls in love with the people here (much like Optimus did in T5) so he decides to make it his new home. He is named Bee because he essentially flys through the universe looking for ripe plants or in this case, Planets; that his home world can devour in order to continue survival.

  • russel felix Mejes
    russel felix Mejes 2 days ago