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Silicon Valley 360: Inside The Hacker Hostel Official Trailer | HBO


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  • Michael Veytsel
    Michael Veytsel 8 months ago

    I want to build a new social network one which automatically groups people by their IP address so people on the same internet connection have an automatic bulletin board to share links and so forth on, people who live together or people on the same wifi router in a cafe for example, people who are signed on at the same time or people who have left messages from being there before and the best part is this would actually be really easy to make and wouldnt require logins or accounts or registration or anything and also you could group larger groups of people by the common hostname they are using which is typically regional this is a really new idea i had a few days ago and i think it is really good i am going to make it because it is not that hard i already got a domain name and it is short and easy to remember and anyone who went to that domain would automatically be routed to their network based on their IP this seems like almost such an obvious idea why didnt i think of it before!
    UPDATE: Made an alpha version, it is LIVE!!!

    Here is the code:
    Rename the 'txt' extensions to 'php', create a MYSQL database named 'myDB' and you're set.

  • Keith Araneo-Yowell
    Keith Araneo-Yowell 9 months ago

    Not to sound like grandpa, but 360 video is just the worst

  • Curtis 23
    Curtis 23 9 months ago

    I just bought a home in silicone valley

  • Shadman Ahmmed
    Shadman Ahmmed 9 months ago +4

    Wait wasn't that Erlic?!? Does that mean he's coming back? 😮 🤔 😏

  • Bittersteel
    Bittersteel 9 months ago +1