Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less


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  • fartt.
    fartt. 7 hours ago

    I pee so loud i definitely wouldn't live a day

  • Lara De jongh
    Lara De jongh 7 hours ago

    The real results why they covered themselves with the mattress is because it absorbs the sound unlike wood or metal

  • cosmo pixel
    cosmo pixel 7 hours ago

    How do they not fart????????

  • Mr Deibid
    Mr Deibid 7 hours ago

    Is there a list of movies ranked by sins? I'd love to check it out.

  • Mr BELLS
    Mr BELLS 8 hours ago

    i thought a quiet place was gonna be a film about ann frank, they could have made a reference to her, haha

  • J Bob
    J Bob 8 hours ago

    Also how many cylinders of oxygen do the have? That one will last maybe a solid day

  • Anna Powell
    Anna Powell 8 hours ago

    It was a good quality video but not enough to were it was a wow factor

  • LukhWiN
    LukhWiN 9 hours ago

    So what about the baby? Did they forget about him too?

    MICOLE WHYTE 10 hours ago

    Trash ass movie

  • MobileNerd #1
    MobileNerd #1 10 hours ago

    He takes things so literally and he doesn't put two and two together, it's so dumb🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ he pisses me off

  • Midmystery Tree
    Midmystery Tree 10 hours ago

    The reason they don't kill them when they smell them is because they are not killing them for food, the hate noise so they will destroy anything that makes a sound.

  • lolplayerbad
    lolplayerbad 11 hours ago +1

    K I D S

  • Oddie J
    Oddie J 11 hours ago

    "I assume that's racist" D E A D

  • Toricorn
    Toricorn 11 hours ago

    Why didn’t they just live next to the waterfall

  • ezra
    ezra 11 hours ago

    I don't know what the fuck you were on when you made this, but that ending was cringeworthy at best.

  • OR NAHHH!!!
    OR NAHHH!!! 13 hours ago

    ok its becoming fun when he said FCK THIS MOVIE. HAHAAHAHHAHHA

  • sushislayer
    sushislayer 13 hours ago

    *Creature ultra sensitive to sound make extremely loud screeching sounds to communicate.*

  • I FD
    I FD 13 hours ago

    But visuals look nice I will watch the movie for sure

  • SkippyZii
    SkippyZii 14 hours ago +1

    I wonder how earapes affect this creature

  • Melody AVA
    Melody AVA 14 hours ago

    Dear lord baby jesus, had me fuckin dying. Lool

  • MR S
    MR S 14 hours ago

    They have solar panels for electricity

  • Toshiro Le
    Toshiro Le 14 hours ago

    Imagine a world where 3 mumbo jumbo's rule the city your inhabit, and this things halfway across the world. You fart and next thing ya know IT'S YA BOI within the next millisecond.

  • JiminRiel_ ARMY_OF_BTS
    JiminRiel_ ARMY_OF_BTS 14 hours ago

    i already watch this in usv so cool

  • Xxsir luke the lastxX poo

    They could have had s#x before the things fucked came

    • James DeMarr
      James DeMarr 13 hours ago

      or at least the amount of time it takes.

    • James DeMarr
      James DeMarr 13 hours ago

      somebody doesn't know how baby making works.

  • Julie Portaix
    Julie Portaix 16 hours ago

    The real question is how is there hair not damaged and super tangled? I mean you can't brush your hair it makes to much sound!

  • Games and the life of morgan

    killer corn XD

  • ëgG productions
    ëgG productions 18 hours ago

    I imagine a lot of the things they can and can't hear are determined by the frequency, explaining how volume may not be the biggest determining factor.

  • xoxkatlynxox c:
    xoxkatlynxox c: 18 hours ago

    I watched this movie

  • The Memelord
    The Memelord 18 hours ago

    Wouldn't someone figure out its weakness WAY earlier? They could figure it out if they were using a dog whistle when it came.
    Or if they used arrows to fight it off and one of the arrows just so happen to make a whistling noise that was loud enough.

  • Nancy Yuan
    Nancy Yuan 18 hours ago


  • MisterPaulGGFTW
    MisterPaulGGFTW 19 hours ago

    How come the aliens foot didnt get impailed by the nail while they are going down the stairs to the basement....?

  • ククチ
    ククチ 19 hours ago

    hONESTLY the bridge part where the sound was there for the parents but not the girl deserves a sin off bc ;;

  • Schimy Gaerlan
    Schimy Gaerlan 20 hours ago

    Hey .. YOU RACIST!? XD

  • Jackelinee Frost
    Jackelinee Frost 20 hours ago

    I dont understand why the father have to scream and offer his life when he can just throw something that'll make a noise and distract those creatures from the car
    thought they're good at survival, but still a great movie tho.

  • Danial Victor
    Danial Victor 21 hour ago

    Why can't they just make a she
    Ted near the river?

  • Some person that likes roller coasters

    This may be a difficult one to sin, but no movie is without sin after all...

    The Shining (1980)

  • Hunter Winmill
    Hunter Winmill 21 hour ago

    They should've done the Dwight and hid in a closet until the Monsters left the match

  • Clever Jaguar
    Clever Jaguar 21 hour ago

    I HATE scary movies but I heard my sister and my mom watching this movie FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE and it is a very loud movie for something called "A Quiet Place"

  • E To Defuse
    E To Defuse 21 hour ago

    John Krazzinski was in it so it was great

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez 22 hours ago +1

    *drops picture frame*

  • Swago_Girl
    Swago_Girl 22 hours ago +1

    When I saw this at the movies I was trying to open a bag of candy and it was so loud because there was no noise coming from the screen

  • Ethan Bozzay
    Ethan Bozzay 22 hours ago

    Who else watches the video because there to scared to watch the movie themselves

  • Sour Jacks
    Sour Jacks 22 hours ago

    The ending broke my heart, bc you know it’s most likely that they all died.

  • Gary Gelini
    Gary Gelini 23 hours ago

    Evelyn did warn her daughter and son about the nail, she points at it as they go down stairs.

  • The Real Tea
    The Real Tea 23 hours ago

    okay but the real question, when and how do they pee? not by the waterfall right bc the boy didn’t know about the sound thing so ??

  • NCR Ranger
    NCR Ranger 23 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this while having a emotional crank
    *If you are give a like, subscribe and support me on patreon for no good reason*

  • Jamie Bernhard
    Jamie Bernhard 23 hours ago

    Almost 6 minutes in the video and we finely see one of the monsters

  • JT Coulter
    JT Coulter 23 hours ago

    i bought nerds to eat while seeing it in theaters, i didnt end up eating them bc it was so damn quiet lmao

  • Wheres Waldo
    Wheres Waldo Day ago

    What if she played youtube rewind 2018, would the monsters die of cringe?

  • musiquefrique
    musiquefrique Day ago

    The Ricky Bobby reference was perfection!!’

  • William Tosoff
    William Tosoff Day ago


  • Tate Kenworthy
    Tate Kenworthy Day ago

    How is please notice the hearing aid a fucking sin? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Suicide Sammi
    Suicide Sammi Day ago

    Btw they did make a soundproof room for the baby

  • Suicide Sammi
    Suicide Sammi Day ago

    The dad brought his son to a waterfall so they could talk without being in danger, so that's probably where the parents had sex also. But it's super irresponsible to make another kid during that time.

  • Destroyer_5 Rockz

    You can actually survive for a while while getting sucked under corn, if you put your face in your shirt and make sure the corn doesn’t go all the way through then you can breathe. Now i don’t know if you lose oxygen, but if you don’t then you will probably starve or die of dehydration. Edit: unless someone saves you

  • Jazzous Doduo
    Jazzous Doduo Day ago

    So happy you made this one! Loved the movie, love you ripping it apart! It’s a win win for me!

  • Somer Yaspa
    Somer Yaspa Day ago

    Haha i like the end of the video

  • Brody Paquette
    Brody Paquette Day ago

    The aliens have surper sonic hearing

  • Golden Viking
    Golden Viking Day ago

    The kills

  • Juliana Mysczak
    Juliana Mysczak Day ago

    Jim always looked like a cute sad guy. Now I know why, this actor can't just be happy

  • queen kitten
    queen kitten Day ago

    the first sin of every video the credits uh intro things

  • Grayson Plays
    Grayson Plays Day ago

    Ok get out of my recommended

  • Knights Play
    Knights Play Day ago

    Let me get this straight. We got a military, we got guns, we got nucs....BUT THEY DON'T DO SHIT!?!??!

  • Bridgette Walker

    That's a Cochlear Implant dummy!!!

  • Lick My Boobies
    Lick My Boobies Day ago

    You telling me that during the invasion, nobody thought of super sonic weaponry?
    No way the human race would have taken such a big hit.

  • Holly Schultz
    Holly Schultz Day ago

    If this ACTUALLY happened. The line would be parent, kid, kid, kid, parent.

  • Jessica Belding
    Jessica Belding Day ago

    That’s not a hearing aid it’s a cochlear implant that’s why it’s big.... magnet is on the head attached by a cable to sound processor which sits on his ear

  • Kauri Townes
    Kauri Townes Day ago

    Not trying to hate but she most likely could not hide it and she is death so she needed to hear some cues

  • Burn The Obedient

    1 year and 18 days. Thats how many days its been since Jim Halpert let his stupid kid die.

  • Eliana Rivera
    Eliana Rivera Day ago

    This is longer than 13 min

  • Sadie Bedard
    Sadie Bedard Day ago

    This was more than 13 minutes

  • RaDDx1993
    RaDDx1993 Day ago

    This was one of the DUMBEST movies ever....!!!!!!!

  • BRBPancake
    BRBPancake Day ago

    So you complain about the kid possibly making noise by going around the store but then question why no one took the loud chip bags?

  • Survived 1234
    Survived 1234 Day ago

    2:30 383 days

  • Preston Null
    Preston Null Day ago

    The waterfall wouldn’t cover up screaming

  • Max Schoolman
    Max Schoolman Day ago

    What happens if you sneeze??

  • Josh Bobst
    Josh Bobst Day ago

    I'm so pissed the nail stepping scene was shown. Twice! Ding!

  • annesuniverse
    annesuniverse Day ago

    0:36 that's actually a cochlear implant and also deaf people really don't like being called hearing impaired but otherwise fantastic video

  • Emerson Mclayne
    Emerson Mclayne Day ago

    I love this movie☺

  • Mr JazzJazz
    Mr JazzJazz Day ago

    "Furry dumbass" really

  • Giomar All-Star
    Giomar All-Star Day ago


  • SrgMorning Wood
    SrgMorning Wood Day ago

    The ending was horrible but its pretty good

  • Abhijeet Mishra
    Abhijeet Mishra Day ago

    Hah, that thing about keeping the audience quiet is so true. But it was too bad me and my wife didn't know it was gonna be so quiet, we took lots of french fries and popcorn in at the start and were unable to properly chew because it would disturb everyone. But the movie itself was worth it, despite all the sins.

  • CockatooDude
    CockatooDude Day ago

    2:48 Another potential explanation would be solar panels and a battery pack.

  • darkespeon64
    darkespeon64 Day ago

    oh shit i never saw the office until after this jims the dad

  • darkespeon64
    darkespeon64 Day ago

    i usually dont like these vids and i kinda did like the move but i min in and hes already pointing out everything i pointed out to myself lol

  • p.precious henry


  • Fish
    Fish Day ago

    If those creatures couldnt see but heard you from miles away , wouldnt they run into trees 😂😂😂

  • Jasper Dawes
    Jasper Dawes Day ago +2

    can you do Johnny English please like if you agree

  • Niamh Redmond
    Niamh Redmond Day ago

    Can you please do everything wrong with a star is born!

  • Artrysa
    Artrysa Day ago

    Enemy ahead, in short try torch.

  • World Weaver
    World Weaver Day ago

    the reason why they didn't die because of a generator is solar panels, probably the most safe power gen after hyrdo.

  • John the Lonely Ninja

    i paid to watch that movie. suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked

  • Andi R.
    Andi R. Day ago

    Why don't they live near the waterfall? Get an easier life, folks!

  • Inaire Falen
    Inaire Falen Day ago

    if a freaking gun can kill them THERE WOULDNT BE A MOVIE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  • Tammy Cogs
    Tammy Cogs Day ago

    It was the sister who gave him the plane, but that's beside the point...i didn't get thru watching this bull shit because already at 1:21 i see where this is going...Oh for the dick below me talking about farts and burps...i don't get it. is that supposed to be funny? you can't fart quietly? can't sneeze quietly? smfh...Oh, and i'm not picking up for the movie, i didn't enjoy it, only because i'm used to seeing him in the Office. it just wasn't my type of flick.

  • A.F.R.N Official

    cinema sins getting lame and lame .... y?

  • Megan Bain
    Megan Bain Day ago

    It’s a cochlear implant (not your standard hearing aid) and a great way to raise awareness, you absolute fuck nugget.
    Edit: can’t actually watch this cause the narrator is an annoying arrogant idiot.

  • Gallotron Jr2
    Gallotron Jr2 Day ago

    These sins are so bad