Taskmaster S9 EP9 | OUTTAKE | Alex Horne Awkwardly Holds Rose Matafeo's Bra | Dave

  • Published on Oct 30, 2019
  • Alex Horne gets awkward again when he has to hold Rose Matafeo's bra...in this outtake from episode 9, series 9 of Taskmaster.
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    Greg Davies is the Taskmaster and he is back for a glorious ninth series of the show that bears his grand title. In one hand he brandishes his sparkling golden face-trophy, in the other sits Little Alex Horne, his ever-popular personal secretary. This season’s brand new high-class hopefuls are: David Baddiel, Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix and Rose Matafeo.
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Comments • 86

  • Peter Whalley
    Peter Whalley 22 days ago

    Nice little 'Yellow Pages' advert reference from Greg at the end.

  • Pete Davis
    Pete Davis 27 days ago

    Who is going to broadcast the show now UKTV have lost the rights?

    • Jim 83
      Jim 83 26 days ago

      C4 is the rumour
      There’s a chance it could stay on Dave yet tho tbh

    • ith2703
      ith2703 27 days ago

      Pete Davis What?!

  • jupiter 5
    jupiter 5 29 days ago

    The amount of gammons in this comment section 🤢

  • K PK
    K PK Month ago +41

    "Where will they go?!" - I love it when Alex gets uncomfortable.

  • ☞ ♾️ 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓

    _"I'm in.... in charge of admin....."_
    😂😂😂 Why did no one laugh at that, that's the best part lol
    Rose without glasses and the weird split hair she usually has makes her look like another person.

  • AW
    AW Month ago +20

    Going to see the studio bit being filmed is genuinely a highlight of every few months for me. There is always something hysterical that gets cut out. Same with would I lie to you and a few others.

  • drumgold23
    drumgold23 Month ago +3

    Christ I can't stand that Ed Gimble bloke. Seriously unfunny. Amazing what getting a leg up on TV off your uni mates. does for the way you are perceived.

    • drumgold23
      drumgold23 Month ago

      @Barrie Hellon-Warwick Just because Uncle preferred me....

    • Barrie Hellon-Warwick
      Barrie Hellon-Warwick Month ago

      Way to go making fun of sexual abuse 🙄

    • drumgold23
      drumgold23 Month ago +1

      @spagbol Thank you. You are very perceptive and insightful. Its like you have a gift.

    • drumgold23
      drumgold23 Month ago +1

      @Tim Balders Haha. Careful now, opinions that may differ from others are not allowed. You may fall victim to a swarm of amateur psychologists. More cod here than the Atlantic. I quite like Jo but cannot stand Ed Gamble. It genuinely baffles me why others like him but there you go. Vive la difference. I wouldn't even have banged on about it if others hadn't got so hilariously on their high horses about it. Some folk just can't help themselves lol. What is it about Jo Brand that winds you up? Genuinely just curious, not looking to judge, criticise or argue.

  • That Bookish Girl
    That Bookish Girl Month ago +17

    Still hoping one day for a Taskmaster dvd box set.

  • Ollie Moffat
    Ollie Moffat Month ago

    Yup. She's kiww as!

  • Sean Poag
    Sean Poag Month ago +32

    Why did they cut this?!? 😂😂

    • Matthew North
      Matthew North 29 days ago

      Just time really.

    • Dan Trelfer
      Dan Trelfer Month ago +2

      Cutting this show down to time is harder than astrophysics. It is all so much gold.

    • David Levy
      David Levy Month ago +3

      Because they despise rainbows, baby pandas, and all other sources of joy.

    • jockadoobee
      jockadoobee Month ago +4

      So they could put it on TheXvid.

  • Rain In July
    Rain In July Month ago +54

    Rose is FIT

    • Jim 83
      Jim 83 26 days ago

      Yes! Yes she is!

    • Sarah L
      Sarah L 29 days ago

      @Retrovirus Haha, yeah I got that surprisingly ;P

    • Zindaydra
      Zindaydra Month ago


    • Retrovirus
      Retrovirus Month ago

      @Sarah L by "weirdly" I mean she's not my usual type.

    • Sarah L
      Sarah L Month ago +1

      @Retrovirus Wow! You sure know how to give a compliment! Haha!

  • Andrew Murphy
    Andrew Murphy Month ago +25

    What was the challenge which required removing a bra?

    • AW
      AW Month ago +4

      Drawing a picture on the back of the person in front and the person in front has to draw what they feel on their back. It was hysterical.

    • hjt091
      hjt091 Month ago +19

      Drawing on someone's back

  • Jack Spiring
    Jack Spiring Month ago +12

    I love rose, but i must say that was by far the least sexiest way i've ever seen a bra removed

    • Barbara 165
      Barbara 165 29 days ago

      @OriginalDan Jack was just making a quite harmless comment, did you find him offensive? I'm honestly asking, I consider myself a feminist but found nothing wrong with it.

    • Jack Spiring
      Jack Spiring Month ago +1

      @miss B Yeah i've watched it since fair do's

    • miss B
      miss B Month ago

      @Jack Spiring they had to draw a picture on each others backs and the person at the front of the line had to put it on paper

    • Erin Heywood
      Erin Heywood Month ago +1

      Jack Spiring ive not seen the episode either but she wouldnt have done it if not for practicality. Katy says at the beginning it may make a difference if they have bra straps

  • _christastrophe_
    _christastrophe_ Month ago

    "Where will they go?"
    I genuinely thought he was referring to the boobies.

  • Simon Tay
    Simon Tay Month ago +1

    Why is katy wix wearing her black pants up so ridiculously high.

    • Shaun
      Shaun Month ago

      Because she likes the feeling it gives to her front garden

    • Tim Balders
      Tim Balders Month ago +1

      I guess it's fashion. A bit odd but certainly beats the one where the pants hang below the buttcheeks.

    • perigee p
      perigee p Month ago +1

      is she wearing her other pants at a different heigh?

    • Xenon
      Xenon Month ago +2

      It’s a style. Not one I like much but some do.

    • Norman David Tidiman
      Norman David Tidiman Month ago +1

      Because she is a fan of Simon Cowell

  • pvtfg4
    pvtfg4 Month ago +122

    Genuinely one of the funniest tasks ever

    • EvilSnowVO
      EvilSnowVO Month ago +4

      "Did you hear that? He said it never occurred to him that it might not be a person!"

    • jockadoobee
      jockadoobee Month ago +1

      @Septimus ii That's what made it so funny. :D

    • Septimus ii
      Septimus ii Month ago +12

      Ed Gamble was just SO angry

  • Gary Watters
    Gary Watters Month ago +149

    We need a series of Taskmaster Outtakes

    • David Levy
      David Levy Month ago +6

      We need a weekly _Taskmaster XL_ broadcast.

  • HerHollyness
    HerHollyness Month ago +55

    If Ed wasn’t already engaged, I genuinely think that he and Rose would be very well suited to each other. Anything one of them says or does seems to delight the other! Eg “Hang it on the portrait like there’s been a crazy night.” Rose loved that idea!

    • opaqueentity
      opaqueentity Month ago +3

      @Polly Banks James Acaster? I didn't know that, how interesting :)

    • Tom Clarke
      Tom Clarke Month ago +3

      Apparently they do escape rooms together...

    • Polly Banks
      Polly Banks Month ago +59

      Rose used to date James Acaster, and Ed is very good friends with him, so Ed and Rose probably know each other quite well from that. It would be probably be quite weird for them to date after that lol

  • Charlie's World
    Charlie's World Month ago +84

    Haha Alex being uncomfortable again bless him. Greg just like HOLD IT.

  • iamdb1990
    iamdb1990 Month ago +6

    am I the only one questioning why she didn't turn away from the audience just in case anything was... y'know, on show?

    • Ruqayyah Qadri
      Ruqayyah Qadri Month ago +4

      @OriginalDan nah it's ok. He's an absolute Adonis himself so he's allowed to make such not blatantly repulsive comments.

    • OriginalDan
      OriginalDan Month ago +1

      Yes you are the only one questioning that.

    • OriginalDan
      OriginalDan Month ago +5

      Norman David Tidiman cavemen like you are still letting mankind down every day with comments like this. Sort yourself out.

    • Blueeyeslies
      Blueeyeslies Month ago +14

      Never has it been more obvious that a comment was written by a man than this one

    • Ruqayyah Qadri
      Ruqayyah Qadri Month ago +9

      @Norman David Tidiman lol, no she isn't...