Naughty CANbus odometer "interface". (Fakes mileage.)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • I was sent this device by a mechanic who found it behind the instrument panel of a car. When removed another 40,000km appeared on the clock. The unit appears to "massage" the data between the ECU and the display.
    The design of the circuitry is very functional. Basically two CAN (Controller Area Network) chips, a processor and some power supply components. The design is actually very neat.
    The real work will be done by the processor, and I'm not sure whether the unit passes all other data through untouched except the odometer data or if it buffers everything.
    From the type and spec of the processor I'd guess that this has been developed on an Arduino style platform, but I could be wrong. It just has that modular look to it. The Dupont style sockets and the way one has been hacked into a very robust plug is also a clue that this was a geeks personal project that escaped or evolved.
    The keywords to find these online are "can filter 18 in 1". Here's an eBay search link:-
    Keep in mind that their function is to reduce the apparent mileage of a vehicle, and this may be a criminal offence in some countries.
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  • Mark Quinlan
    Mark Quinlan 7 days ago

    It makes me wonder if you were to double two of them up would it take off twice the mileage

  • Aaron Hausken
    Aaron Hausken 8 days ago

    $76 for lot of 5 on AliExpress. Lol

  • sam getalong
    sam getalong 8 days ago

    Law should be mechanical device not computer generated.

  • kristian humphries
    kristian humphries 9 days ago

    It should be pretty easy here in the uk to find out when it was fitted due to the miles on the mot but no doubt car got mot'ed then sold with the new miles.

  • Bigstogger
    Bigstogger 9 days ago

    for anyone thats interested

  • Mike O'Dell
    Mike O'Dell 9 days ago


  • gb5uq
    gb5uq 10 days ago

    Be interesting to get a hex dump of the firmware. Probably no more than a couple of lines of read write code for the specific 8 byte PID function query.

  • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.

    Nearly nodded off..

  • FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.

    Easier than the old days of sticking a black and decca drillbit in the mileage clock and winding it back for ages.

  • DJ Aerodynamics
    DJ Aerodynamics 10 days ago


  • David Grisez
    David Grisez 11 days ago

    Some people are obviously trying to misrepresent the distance on the odometer of their car to a lower value. So now some people have figured out how to do this with electronic odometers. Back many years ago when cars had totally mechanical speedometers and odometers, people would disconnect the mechanical cable to the speedometer. Some people even used mechanical tools to flip the mileage dials backwards. Doing this is illegal in most places.

  • twixxor. com
    twixxor. com 11 days ago

    Interesting... You could possibly add 2 of them daisy chain them to shave 50k miles on the car.

  • Brian F
    Brian F 11 days ago

    It seems this device could be used for a final drive ratio swap as well, so as not to alert the TCM that something is amiss? If so, I'm taking the 2.65:1's out and putting some 3:06:1's in. ;)

    M1FAL DOM 11 days ago

    I've seen similar things used legitimately to convert Km clocks to read in miles on JDM imports, might be used for euro imports too.
    Always causes confusion as the odometer shows Kms up to the point of conversion and miles after, so to get the true 'mileage' you need to know what the odometer reading was when it was converted.
    I can see how this could be misunderstood or worse misused...

  • Naija_Bwoi
    Naija_Bwoi 11 days ago

    I know of these. When you change the miles on these vehicles for whatever reason (hopefully legal reasons), the vehicle accepts the new miles entered and displays it on the dash. However it cross references the info on the dash with the memory in another module (varies by make/manufacturer) and sends the actual numbers back to the dash.
    This unit interrupts that check.
    Fun fact: the actual miles will remain and continue to count and be accessible with a factory level scan tool.

  • John Stutz
    John Stutz 11 days ago

    Man in the middle.

  • MeMc
    MeMc 12 days ago

    Cutting mileage USA $10,000 per occurrence and minimum 1yr mandatory Fed Penitentiary. Cutting mileage is a FED ER RAL CRIME. Personally know of many in prison

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey 12 days ago

    ***You could always google it meaning what it does then add in the search with this type of chip in it/the details etc?***

  • total recall
    total recall 13 days ago

    I made my own by tracking the odometer input and then ran a wire with a switch and bingo low k's.

  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker 14 days ago

    People are so concerned with mileage instead of maintenance and condition. Id rather have a mint car with everything replaced than a low mileage car with everything ready to fail and zero maintenance

  • yves Touchette
    yves Touchette 15 days ago


  • Ethan M UK
    Ethan M UK 15 days ago

    25k won't shave much off the price,
    I can imagine the car was on about 120,000
    And then taken back to 95,000
    As PRE 100k cars are worth a bit more

    • Dankvis
      Dankvis 14 days ago

      More likely a lease that someone went far over their kms on, pretty common, go 90k on a 50k lease and roll it back a bit

  • Eathyn Brennan
    Eathyn Brennan 15 days ago

    Actually, most instrument clusters store their mileage on the board itself, the communication is only transmitted for adding to the mileage and or reading when service needs to be done etc.

  • Ken Peterman Sr
    Ken Peterman Sr 17 days ago

    This kind of crap should get 5 years in the slammer and 50,000 dollar fine for each incident. No... I take that judgment back....5 years of cleaning up homeless poop in San Francisco with a teaspoon. 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • Kenny M
    Kenny M 17 days ago

    I don't understand. This is an Arm chip. It has a completely different ISA than an atmel avr.
    I sincerely think you are mixing the Arduino with the blue pill or blackpill. Having just looked at these two uc I think you're mistaken. Not trying to sound smart. Just a friendly correction.

  • jeroen207
    jeroen207 17 days ago

    Do you know someone who can read the chip? It would be very interesting to know more about this.

  • Alexander Ewering
    Alexander Ewering 17 days ago

    Thanks to Canbus, an average vehicle now takes about 0.2 seconds to actually sound the horn when you push it, and that is interestingly not considered a safety hazard!

  • Cody Jv
    Cody Jv 17 days ago

    Hookup a few pins and pull the bin file

  • Zac Zoon
    Zac Zoon 18 days ago

    If anyone is curious, this is sold currently on AliExpress in 5 piece packs for 76 dollars. The title is "5pcs MB CAN Filter 18 in 1 For Benz for BMW" if you wanted to do research or what not. The seller sells a variety of car things, some more of them may also be illegal but I haven't looked into it.

  • Brandon Clark
    Brandon Clark 19 days ago +4

    Found this exact model on Aliexpress for ~ $18 USD. They come preprogrammed for MB, BMW, etc.

  • Blair S
    Blair S 19 days ago

    I wish i knew more about electronics. Anyone able to help with a begginers guide. Or where should I start

    • Robert F
      Robert F 14 days ago

      You're already there... TheXvid, the internet, @BigCliveDotCom , @ Adrian's Digital Basement , @Louis Rossmann , @kipkay , @LGR , @The 8 Bit Guy , @8 Bit Keys , @DEFCON Conference , @Black Hat , @JayzTwoCents , ("Linus-?" Who? Oh that fool, he don't jack-, deadmau5 knows more than him) I can only partially suggest @StrangeParts as he is a in progress person, @Tech Tangents By AkBkukU , @The Post Apocalyptic Inventor , @Make: (Makezine; Make Magazine) , @iPad Rehab , @Mr Carlson's Lab
      This can help some, too:
      Some other ones also neat looking at: @SmarterEveryDay , @colinfurze , @The King of Random , @This Old Tony , @Technology Connections , @Hand Tool Rescue , @styropyro , @NIghtHawkInLight

  • Jordan Specht
    Jordan Specht 20 days ago

    Buy one yourself...only $76.

  • Dean Mcclaughlin
    Dean Mcclaughlin 20 days ago

    they're actually used after changing the mileage in the cluster via an eeprom dump, it blocks CAN signals to stop the dash synchronizing with the EZS module and putting the mileage back to what it was before (info is stored in both and it will "correct" itself to whichever number is higher)

  • E-Man
    E-Man 20 days ago

    Appears the CAN Gateway v2.0 - 2800-072601 is made by Yanhua who specializes in those type of devices.

  • Ampdraw Repair
    Ampdraw Repair 20 days ago

    The jumper connections on the right side are for different vehicles, this board is jumped for W166 which is a Mercedes ML class, the W222 option would be used for Mercedes S class.

  • Ed Kummel
    Ed Kummel 20 days ago

    The W166 is a 3rd Gen Mercedes M-Class from 2012 to 2019. The S4 is obviously an Audi and the W222 is a W222S, which is the S-Class Mercedes from 2013 up.
    You can purchase this for $50:

  • bob often
    bob often 20 days ago

    The opening scene is priceless.

  • walter kersting
    walter kersting 21 day ago

    Fake mileage all you want it’s not going to cover up the looks of an interior with over 100,000 miles on it.

  • Nikola Rusty Tesla jr. III

    BlackBox Technology

  • DannyWilliamH
    DannyWilliamH 21 day ago

    Today I tried buying weed and received a bootleg scam-board lol

  • NickleJ
    NickleJ 22 days ago +6

    For sale: E36 BMW, runs great, cold AC, good tires, lots of extras.
    $10k. No lowballers, I kno wut I have!

  • Natively Born American

    Found it online.

  • compactc9
    compactc9 22 days ago

    W166 refers to the Mercedes platform the car was on, which also would determine the electronics in the car.

  • vid3o
    vid3o 22 days ago

    No one should ever do this, besides being illegal it's potentially dangerous because an experienced mechanic can get valuable information from knowing how many miles are on a transmission and engine when working on a vehicle.
    As a mechanic if I seen obvious(150k+) wear and tear with 10,000 on the ODO I'd flat out refuse to work on it, so would many mechanics I know. You'll fool someone you're trying to sell it to.. maybe, but not a decent mechanic.

  • Ray raycthree
    Ray raycthree 22 days ago

    Presumably there is a lot of data in a dashboard bus communication for guages, idiot lights, etc. The micro would decode each comunication, strip out the mileage, subtract 40km, reinsert the new mileage in the right position and then transmit the new data to the dashboard.

  • quadrant2005
    quadrant2005 23 days ago

    W222 W166 BMW link for this unit

  • ddemier ddemier
    ddemier ddemier 23 days ago

    Where can I get one?

  • hobbified
    hobbified 24 days ago

    Lots of async serial idles in the "1" state for whatever reason. Goes back at least to RS-232, and probably further back to electromechanical teletypes. Now it's just the done thing.

  • WineScrounger
    WineScrounger 24 days ago

    What happens if you put two in series? Does it take 80,000km off?

    MAD MODS 25 days ago

    In a world of lease and PCP cars these are very common. If you know you will do more than your allowance of mileage and only own the car 3 years then these make that lease a lot cheaper and you dont care about the service interval as you wont own the car long enough for the problems to show. Seen some of these almost half the original mileage.

  • megamanxero
    megamanxero 25 days ago

    The "s4 w222 w166 and BMW" refer to the vehicle it is going in. I think what they do is bridge the connection of the vehicle it's going in.

  • Thomas Heaven
    Thomas Heaven 25 days ago

    You should do more videos like this explaining the PSB circuits and how they work please.

  • AlexGoesNoob
    AlexGoesNoob 26 days ago

    I already saw devices to defeat the engine/airbag/break system control lights in older cars. They were simple enough, timed switching of some sort and a small relay so the lights went on with the ignition and cut the power to them after 3 to 5 seconds so it looked legit. Same with soldering resistors to the airbag wires so the car doesn't notice a missing airbag after the old one was removed due to an accident/faulty airbag. They then usually just glued the plastic cover of the dashboard/steering wheel back on. One of the tricks you could only identify by disassembling this stuff (or if you're lucky the horn didn't work or having a hollow sound where an airbag should be).
    This just seems to be the modern iteration of those old scam methods. I wonder if they also get those things to stop modern cars from displaying errors in those little LCD panels in the dash. After seeing this video I guess they are able to figure this stuff out too.

  • billy somerville
    billy somerville 27 days ago

    were can you purchase 1 of these asking for a friend !!!!!!!!!!

  • William Petefish
    William Petefish 28 days ago

    I found it on AliExpress:

  • Patrick Baptist
    Patrick Baptist 29 days ago

    Naughty indeed.....

  • Roxor128
    Roxor128 Month ago +1

    So, THIS is how Mr Wormwood cheats his customers these days!
    No more winding cables backwards with a drill with the advent of computers in the car, now you need an understanding of computer networks to wind back the odometer.

    • bob often
      bob often 20 days ago

      Kirk Russell
      Used Cars
      The opening scene is priceless.

  • 83554
    83554 Month ago

    yeah, codecard sells them, they're only for testing

    • 83554
      83554 29 days ago

      @Patrick Baptist on Mercedes, you know something is not right because your speedo is not working but on BMWs it's hard to tell because speedo works as normal

    • Patrick Baptist
      Patrick Baptist 29 days ago

      Testing yeah sure.... What is a person testing using such an thing? To see how many people they can cheat?

  • Kyle Fpv
    Kyle Fpv Month ago

    What is the actual point in this, when all vehicle history is now traceable online??

    • Nobody like me
      Nobody like me 29 days ago

      You plug it in before you take your car for repairs, services and mot so each time the mileage is recorded it will always be lower than the actual mileage.

  • Justin bustin
    Justin bustin Month ago

    I would think mileage comes from ECU due to traction control wants to know wheel speed ect. So maybe using OBD port to look at the ecu would give the actual mileage?

    • Justin bustin
      Justin bustin 29 days ago

      @Patrick Baptist indeed

    • Patrick Baptist
      Patrick Baptist 29 days ago +1

      Any vehicles I look at buying (OBDII) I always scan the ECM before wasting much time with them.