Celebrate the Holidays in Minecraft!

  • Published on Dec 22, 2021
  • There is no wrong way to play Minecraft, and there are no wrong ways to celebrate the holidays. Whether you prefer a big party, a period of solitude, or a full month of exploring 1.18 - take a look at our festive guide and discover all the different ways that you can spend the holidays in Minecraft! From all of us at Mojang Studios - we wish you the happiest and blockiest of holidays, no matter how you choose to celebrate. (But please don’t dig straight down.)

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  • Fizzel gaming 4045

    Imagine if they added penguins and deer next Christmas, because we’ve never had a holiday update

  • KarimMC
    KarimMC  +954

    Happy holidays to everyone, and especially to the mojang team and everyone else that helps make minecraft what it is!!

  • Poplarino
    Poplarino  +415

    I love how they're never 100% serious about everything. Also, I loved when it showed a player getting every advancement and challenge as they showed up on screen.

  • S10ppy
    S10ppy  +69

    I was hoping for a Minecraft advent calendar like how they did a couple years ago. I hope they do it next December

  • ewSenpai
    ewSenpai  +710

    Happy Holidays! Don’t let the creepers creep you during Christmas…Unless they’re offering cookies and hot chocolate 🎁🎄🍪☕️

  • Allam A.
    Allam A.  +19

    On my Bedrock 1.18 world I got a fitting spawn for the time of year: a snowy tundra neighboring a snowy taiga biome, with tall hills and a frozen river valley. Meanwhile, I am building a holiday-themed village on my creative map in Java.

  • Gail Hillgoth

    Merry Christmas to MOJANG studios

  • Asher VanTassel

    this is actually funny, i love that this big company is actually considering what people rlly do with their game. awesome

  • CuBic
    CuBic  +279

    Incredible developers and community. Love to see Mojang care for the community. Who else is with me?

  • The Working Class of South Erubia

    The way they made the clips feels like the Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. clips. I love it! Keep up the awesomeness, Mojang!

  • Render Dragon

    Your game has brought so many people so much joy, and it will continue to, forever. Your work for the community and charity is outstanding! What a year its been!

  • SkyNight
    SkyNight  +13


  • *-Air_Vent-i-*


  • Satsugua
    Satsugua  +21

    Wow its amazing how much Minecraft has evolved from cursed Steves to this! happy Christmas to everyone! :))

  • DesertSoldier

    Thanks for everything Mojang. Hope you have a great Christmas

  • Halo _
    Halo _  +3

    Thank you Mojang for adding 1.18, hope to see the wild update next year! Cheers to everyone and remember, celebrate it however you like :D

  • WillysStuff

    Happy holidays everyone, continue being awesome!

  • Markuss Magone

    Whoever makes these animations and videos is super talented, happy holidays mojang!

  • Hawambo gani

    Merry Christmas to all Minecrafters & to everyone at Mojang Studios!! 🎁🎄 Thanks for making Minecraft much more blockier in every awesome experience! 😃

  • Мистер Огонёчек

    I always put up my Christmas tree in my server for Christmas and decorate it with glowstone