THIS is How Difficult the World's Best Goals Really are!!

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • How difficult are they really?
    So today I attempt to recreate some of the greatest goals ever scored.
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    Football soccer recreation challenge.
    Kieran Brown.
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    RIPPER_ACD 6 hours ago

    Whats the ñame of the song?

  • DylanPlayz
    DylanPlayz 13 hours ago

    Who else saw the dog in the background 4:02

  • xd Eclipse YTU _
    xd Eclipse YTU _ 13 hours ago

    I would just love to have a friend with patient like yours

  • indy tauwnaar
    indy tauwnaar 21 hour ago

    Ronaldo shoots the bal way harder and van persie dives more then you do you just val when you hit the bal with your head

  • Noah abrahamsen
    Noah abrahamsen Day ago

    0:25 that’s the right corner

  • Sports Arena
    Sports Arena Day ago

    Practice made a man as well as woman perfect I right?👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

  • Nick Tsougranis
    Nick Tsougranis Day ago

    the roberto carlos shot took 171 tries and the ronaldo took 83. then how is Ronaldos shot harder.

  • Aidan Ajami
    Aidan Ajami Day ago +1

    Did anyone els realise the dog running in the backroad of the Roberto Carlos shot like the comment if you saw

  • Aidan Ajami
    Aidan Ajami Day ago +2

    Wouldn’t it be annoying getting the soccer ball every time you miss unless you have a billion soccer ball’s

  • Dark Lightning
    Dark Lightning 2 days ago +1

    I’m swear I’m not lying but I did the third one twice in a row when I was in the 7th grade.

  • Mani Khan
    Mani Khan 2 days ago

    Such goals just scored By Luck. If someone Do again and again then we can say They are master of It...

  • Sohan Singh
    Sohan Singh 2 days ago

    Name of song??

  • Chugee
    Chugee 2 days ago

    whats the song at 4.55

  • Siambawi Xtar
    Siambawi Xtar 2 days ago

    Those professional Footballers also sometimes did it by luck which they doesn't meant to actually did that way. But accidentally it goes that way, which can't be attempt many times. It depends on luck except Ronaldo

  • Andrew Norton
    Andrew Norton 3 days ago

    Please try the dybala free kick with his left foot

  • Phoenix Footballer
    Phoenix Footballer 3 days ago

    Man Your the BEST!!!

  • falconmiester
    falconmiester 5 days ago

    You really have to have a youtube channel of 1.31M to try this

  • Altpoison 492
    Altpoison 492 6 days ago

    Bro the third one I was at school and I was on the corner nobody to pass too and I made it

  • Elliott Sloma
    Elliott Sloma 6 days ago

    You suck at Futbol, you look like a bird and sound like you may have slight downs

  • Lry Lorenzo
    Lry Lorenzo 6 days ago

    His legs are so thin , and he is bad at shooting .

  • Pikachu
    Pikachu 7 days ago +1

    If this doesn’t deserve a like and subscription, then idk what does

  • Elias O
    Elias O 7 days ago

    You actually suck bro...

  • Arun kumar
    Arun kumar 7 days ago

    Practice makes you better

  • Philadelphia Eagles
    Philadelphia Eagles 8 days ago

    Was I the only one starring at the animal at 4:00

  • Douglas Veronese
    Douglas Veronese 8 days ago

    How about the Roberto Carlos shot in 1997 against France? Try!

  • Piyoyo Khuzwayo
    Piyoyo Khuzwayo 8 days ago

    Dybala did the Roberto Carlos shot

  • Karan Mehta
    Karan Mehta 9 days ago

    4:01 did anyone see that dog!!

  • Charlie Nohner
    Charlie Nohner 9 days ago


  • Chai Always
    Chai Always 9 days ago

    Can shoot during bright and sunny day? Pfft

  • Hhaa Hhaa
    Hhaa Hhaa 10 days ago +1

    تستهل كل خير وسعادة وراحة 🌹💗👍👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Ammar 123
    Ammar 123 10 days ago

    Gust me or is there a bear in the background

  • Elena Morresi
    Elena Morresi 10 days ago


  • sonshinecity
    sonshinecity 10 days ago

    Not hard, when the balls have remote control technology.

  • ATOMIC 1967
    ATOMIC 1967 10 days ago

    I think he is on the wrong side of the goal for the Roberto Carlos shot . But still good shots

    HARSHA CR7 10 days ago

    Ronaldo free kick challenge is not a knuckleball

  • spartanical
    spartanical 11 days ago

    uhh sorry, no credit for the Ronaldo kick. Your ball floated in. His ball was moving and dipping and going about 3-4 times as fast as yours. But nice shots anyway... especially the one from the goal line.

  • NiNjA Turtle
    NiNjA Turtle 11 days ago

    Had to give my thumb up on this one, good stuff

  • hard truth around
    hard truth around 11 days ago

    Did you mention how many times Ronaldo scored from a freekick.... 1 out of 45 or something like that....

  • Mohammed Wazeem
    Mohammed Wazeem 11 days ago +1

    In youtube your the one of the best freestyler I have seen

  • Dinesh D
    Dinesh D 11 days ago

    The song at 4:43 is 'Keep standing' by Origo.
    It was really difficult to find.

  • Hanan Falhan
    Hanan Falhan 11 days ago

    Imagine when its not recording

  • Tom Santer
    Tom Santer 12 days ago

    It's difficult because these are goals from worlds players and you are not good enough 😂🙌

  • BlaZe Clark
    BlaZe Clark 12 days ago

    What size goal is that

  • Emir Zafriey
    Emir Zafriey 12 days ago

    Practices make perfect

  • cotne eristavi
    cotne eristavi 12 days ago

    pff wors footballer ever :D you don't know how to play football man you are just youtuber! that's your maximum :(

  • Mark Andrew Challam
    Mark Andrew Challam 12 days ago

    You're a shite footballer

  • Yash Singh Bisht
    Yash Singh Bisht 12 days ago

    Does anyone know the song 5:14

  • ITZ R4V3N
    ITZ R4V3N 12 days ago

    Nice shot!

  • Franklin Brauning
    Franklin Brauning 13 days ago

    haha fun topic. Dont forget that most of those goals are done when the player is in the zone, body and mind in complete control

  • b l u e j a y
    b l u e j a y 13 days ago

    This maniac only brought 4 balls

  • Swish
    Swish 13 days ago

    Why am I watching this I’m a basketball player who watches no football lmao

  • A Lonely Potato
    A Lonely Potato 13 days ago +3

    "60th attempt and i think i finally crack the technique"
    still blast the ball to space

  • Grizzly Prod
    Grizzly Prod 13 days ago +1

    You’re ass

  • jc rahman
    jc rahman 13 days ago

    I last saw you on 600 k subscribers

  • ki civil
    ki civil 13 days ago

    That dummy are not jumping how can you compare

  • Deepali
    Deepali 13 days ago

    Who noticed the animal behind

  • Guha ZaZ
    Guha ZaZ 13 days ago

    5.03 idk why i'm missing pes 13 features,the song not match but the field,it just like the home screen at master league,it's nostalgic

  • Miky Mons
    Miky Mons 13 days ago

    High school player can kick the ball pretty well :/ and also can head a ball :3

  • Danie Müller
    Danie Müller 13 days ago

    Great video mate! Yeah we sit on our couches, come match day and scold the guys on the pitch! They have 1 shot at it, with the added pressure of the media, the crowd, internal team politics, etc. Yeah, it's their jobs and they do it full time etc. but it still takes skill and a bit of luck to slot it in past a keeper who also does this full time. Imagine how many shots they take in training, to "master" that same kick to implement it in a match!

  • Lyna J
    Lyna J 14 days ago +1

    Now you know why the famous football player has to been payed expensive by goverment.