• Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • Premier League Predictions for the season 2019/20 all teams ranked 20-1 the winners, the relegated teams! IT'S AN OPINION! #PremierLeaguePredictions #PLPredictions #PremierLeague2020
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Comments • 1 316

  • Alan Ward
    Alan Ward Day ago

    I bet 10000 dollars that liverpool will win premier league

  • Reflex Stormz
    Reflex Stormz 18 days ago

    Southampton 13th they lost 0-9

  • Reflex Stormz
    Reflex Stormz 18 days ago

    Poch was sacked and Jose was put in spurs

  • Finny Bitch
    Finny Bitch Month ago

    I am gonna keep watching these videos until someone is nice to Brighton god damn it

  • A Ye
    A Ye 3 months ago

    Thats a good set of predictions

    LDC CLXWAZ 3 months ago +1

    Come on I love villa 😭

  • XXROXX 0
    XXROXX 0 3 months ago

    I think lfc 100% 1st

  • XXROXX 0
    XXROXX 0 3 months ago

    Can you do championship predictions

  • Opex
    Opex 3 months ago

    Norwich will win the premier league

  • Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues
    Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues 3 months ago +2

    My predictions.
    2 M CITY
    7 WOLVES
    10 WEST HAM
    11 WATFORD
    15 BURNLEY
    17 NORWICH

  • Dylan Traynor
    Dylan Traynor 3 months ago

    City 1st Liverpool 20th

  • Jay Richo
    Jay Richo 3 months ago

    Everton in 10th, is that a joke?

  • Fran Klindic
    Fran Klindic 4 months ago

    genius put 14 clubs in top 15...

  • The Koolaid man
    The Koolaid man 4 months ago

    I think Liverpool will win

  • No Racism
    No Racism 4 months ago

    Everton are way getting Europa we’ve got Moise Kean from Juventus.We have got Iwobi Richarlison and Kean running at any team defenders

  • Ethan Caines
    Ethan Caines 4 months ago

    We’re staying up not going down because we’re not doing a “Fulham” UTV

  • Sp Ap
    Sp Ap 4 months ago

    Y u screaming tho

  • Olley A-666
    Olley A-666 4 months ago

    Swap Liverpool and Man City and swap Sheffield and villa

  • IsakU 2121
    IsakU 2121 4 months ago

    What web site is this prediction thing?

  • Harry Baylis
    Harry Baylis 4 months ago

    4 arsenal
    3 Hottentot
    2 Manchester City
    1 Liverpool

  • Jamie Shipley
    Jamie Shipley 4 months ago

    Reev obviously doesn’t watch football. Villa will finish top 15 you sweaty knob

    • REEV
      REEV  4 months ago

      My reasoning was sound, they performed better over a season, you just had a good run at the end of it to take you up to the premier league. I'm pretty sure that's sound logic. But I do feel like you'll avoid relegation with the previous few transfers. Nice of you to put someone down based on their opinion though even after it's stated to be opinionated. Classy.

    • Jamie Shipley
      Jamie Shipley 4 months ago

      Your reasoning was because Sheffield finished above villa in the championship. Stick to working out big boy

    • REEV
      REEV  4 months ago

      Don’t watch football? They had made 1/3 of the transfers at the time of making this video you melon head

  • Master Yeet
    Master Yeet 4 months ago

    this is just my opinion:
    1. Man City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Tottenham
    4. Man United
    5. Arsenal
    6. Chelsea
    7. Wolves
    8. Leicester
    9. Everton
    10. West Ham
    11. Watford
    12. Bournemouth
    13. Crystal Palace
    14. Burnley
    15. Norwich
    16. Aston Villa
    17. Sheffield United
    18. Newcastle
    19. Southampton
    20. Brighton

  • Ricardo Patrick
    Ricardo Patrick 4 months ago +1

    2-man city
    4-man United
    10-West Ham
    13-Crystal Palace
    16-Aston Villa
    20-Sheffield United

  • McArdle 9
    McArdle 9 4 months ago


  • Hamish Vs Luke
    Hamish Vs Luke 4 months ago +1

    Coming from a Chelsea Fan

  • Hamish Vs Luke
    Hamish Vs Luke 4 months ago +1

    He has ridiculous Predictions

  • PhillySportspassion 85
    PhillySportspassion 85 4 months ago

    Isn’t it only top six that get Europe spots? Not top 7

  • Henry Dumbface
    Henry Dumbface 4 months ago

    Villa fan, but I'm not trying to be biast but with the amount of players we've signed that dean Smith has worked with, and the quality we've brought in, that us to finish 19th is bollocks imo

  • Quinn Wahl
    Quinn Wahl 4 months ago

    Switch Arsenal and Chelsea... Man u finishes 6 though. Pulisic is a very good player and could make up for Hazard partially.

  • Imran Ahmed
    Imran Ahmed 4 months ago

    1. Liverpool 🏆
    2. Manchester City
    3. Chelsea
    4. Arsenal
    5. Tottenham
    6. Manchester Utd
    7. Leicester
    8. Wolves
    9. West Ham
    10. Everton
    ( Top 10 predictions for 2019/20 )

  • 0151_dreams
    0151_dreams 4 months ago

    1 Liverpool
    2 Man City
    3 Chelsea
    4 Tottenham
    5 Wolves
    6 Everton
    7 Arsenal
    8 Man United
    9 Leicester
    10 West Ham
    11 Watford
    12 Bournemouth
    13 Southampton
    14 Villa
    15 Crystal Palace
    16 Newcastle
    17 Sheffield United
    18 Brighton
    19 Burnley
    20 Norwich

    • Carl Casper
      Carl Casper 4 months ago

      Utd for Wolves who will struggle with being in Europe.

  • Maximilian Ruzic
    Maximilian Ruzic 4 months ago

    Are you drunk?

  • Marcos Paulo
    Marcos Paulo 4 months ago +1

    Why New Castle relegated?

    • Carl Casper
      Carl Casper 4 months ago

      Shit manager and loss of key players.

  • v Auphixz
    v Auphixz 4 months ago

    wtf everton are getting europa league

  • GeneralTaco123
    GeneralTaco123 4 months ago

    Did u just put Spurs before manu😂lmao manu fineshes 1-3

    • Carl Casper
      Carl Casper 4 months ago

      Played shit off the back of last season. Need some magic to be worked to get 3rd.

  • Harry Fallis
    Harry Fallis 4 months ago


  • Man Sure Official
    Man Sure Official 4 months ago +1

    My Table.
    1. Man city
    2. Arsenal
    3. Liverpool
    4. Spurs
    5. Everton
    6. Man utd
    7. Leicester city
    8. Wolves
    9. Chelsea
    10. Aston Villa

    • Jürgen Klopp
      Jürgen Klopp 4 months ago

      Smithzy nah Liverpool fam all the way

    • lemon trader
      lemon trader 4 months ago

      @Jürgen Klopp are u a Chelsea fan

    • Jürgen Klopp
      Jürgen Klopp 4 months ago +2

      Smithzy I know probably a biast arsenal fan

    • lemon trader
      lemon trader 4 months ago +1

      Arsenal in 2nd, Chelsea in 9th? You make me laugh🤣

  • Jake fields Gaming
    Jake fields Gaming 4 months ago

    Welsheuro villa would stay up and Sheffield United would go dawn you should go dawn to the chamiship Instead the premier League you need to get a grip of yourself

  • Josh Donaldson
    Josh Donaldson 4 months ago

    I don't think Sheffield United will stay up because they dont have a strong enough team aston villa are a normal premier league team I think they'll have a great season

  • Josh Donaldson
    Josh Donaldson 4 months ago

    I don't think Sheffield United will stay up because they dont have a strong enough team aston villa are a normal premier league team I think they'll have a great season

  • Hrishiraj Rabha
    Hrishiraj Rabha 4 months ago

    City Tottenham Liverpool United Chelsea Wolves Everton Arsenal Leicester

  • James M
    James M 4 months ago +2

    My pl predictions
    1. Man C
    2. Liverpool
    3. Man U
    4. Tottenham
    5. Arsenal
    6. Wolves
    7. Chelsea
    8. Leicester
    9. West Ham
    10. Everton
    11. Crystal Palace
    12. Aston Villa
    13. Southampton
    14. Watford
    15. Bournemouth
    16. Norwich
    17. Newcastle
    18. Burnley
    19. Sheffield United
    20. Brighton

    • James M
      James M 4 months ago

      @EmoPlayz u bet on spurs and i will bet on man c lets see who wins

    • EmoPlayz
      EmoPlayz 4 months ago

      @James M well we did sign tanguy ndombele. We can't sign lo celso or sessegnon cos there's only 24 hours left. Either way, we are a strong side.

    • James M
      James M 4 months ago

      @EmoPlayz well i dont think they have a good enough squad to top man c and liverpool, but they might get 3rd or even 2nd of theyre lucky, but they wont win

    • EmoPlayz
      EmoPlayz 4 months ago

      I dislike
      I think spurs win

  • James M
    James M 4 months ago

    Aston Villa relegated r u off ur rocker

    • James M
      James M 4 months ago

      REEV Ok

    • REEV
      REEV  4 months ago

      I'd change that now - this was done before the previous weeks worth of transfers

  • Shameema Bhyat
    Shameema Bhyat 4 months ago

    I hate you

  • Shameema Bhyat
    Shameema Bhyat 4 months ago

    I was really confident for my team until I saw this vid and and read the comments,

    and guys don’t laugh when replying to my comment because I’m not being sarcastic or joking I’m actually being serious right now everyone always writes off Chelsea EVERY season.

    when we’re victorious no one remembers, when we lose no one forgets...

    • Carl Casper
      Carl Casper 4 months ago

      Lampard is new, Hazard is gone. You’ll struggle imo.

  • Kyle Rowe
    Kyle Rowe 4 months ago

    I feel like United have made some great signings and going to edge it over arsenal this season

  • Dsh -
    Dsh - 4 months ago

    What's up with the drunk People putting Chelsea In 5th 6th and 7th i think they Will finish fourth one point behind Tottenham shitspurs and i think arsenal Will win the league with mustafi in attack😂

  • Brian theboss
    Brian theboss 4 months ago +2

    And I think Arsenal should have brought a defender instead of an attacker

  • Brian theboss
    Brian theboss 4 months ago +6

    1,Man City,2,Liverpool
    5,Man Utd,6,Chelsea
    9,Everton,10,Aston Villa, 11,Crystal Palace,12,Newcastle,
    13,Watford,14,West Ham, 15,Norwich,
    17,Sheffield Utd,Maybe
    18,Southampton, 19,Burnley,20,Brighton

    • Kaden Chan
      Kaden Chan 4 months ago +1

      im an arsenal fan and i still think that spurs is 3 and arsenal is 4

  • Joel_playz
    Joel_playz 4 months ago +2

    Are you drunk SHEFFIELD UNITED TO STAY UP???????!!!

  • zwebackshyper
    zwebackshyper 4 months ago +1


  • Epic driftz
    Epic driftz 4 months ago +1

    My pl 19/20 Predictions
    1st Man City
    2nd Liverpool
    3rd Tottenham
    4th Man Utd
    5th Arsenal
    6th Chelsea
    7th West Ham
    8th Everton
    9th wolves
    10th Crystal Palace
    11th Bournemouth
    12th Burnley
    13th Leicester
    14th Aston Villa
    15th Southampton
    16th Sheffield united
    17th Norwich
    18th Brighton
    19th Newcastle
    20th ???

    • L Pegg
      L Pegg 4 months ago

      Missed out watford

  • Danny Hudson
    Danny Hudson 4 months ago

    Villa will survive Sheffield Utd will go 👍🏾

  • Jack Obrien
    Jack Obrien 4 months ago

    Angleino came back from loan

  • Gold3n Pandss
    Gold3n Pandss 4 months ago

    arsenal wont get n4

  • Craig Robertson
    Craig Robertson 4 months ago

    I agree with this 100% also being a sheffield united i agree that we will just escape this season

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 4 months ago

    Aston Villa will not get relegated

  • Daniel Games
    Daniel Games 4 months ago

    Villa will stay up

  • Nineteen 86
    Nineteen 86 4 months ago

    Found it tough to find my bottom 3. Plenty of candidates but decided in the end... Check it out if you have time guys... Good vid mate 👍

  • osman Mbappe
    osman Mbappe 4 months ago

    spurs or united gonna win prem